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Jody Is Expecting!

Big Brother 19 was a shit season pretty much from start to finish. They brought a player back nobody wanted. There were far too many showmances going on at once. Paul got a super advantage to start the game. Christmas called in her vote from the hospital and possibly got a spoiler she wasn’t supposed to get as a result.


It was all just bullshit and to top it off, one of the last people who deserved to win ended up winning. I know there have been big upsets in the past, BB18 comes to mind, but at least in that situation, Nicole wasn’t just a puppet who acted like an asshole most of the season. Dan got robbed, but Ian also played a solid game and definitely was deserving of a win. Josh? Forget it. The only person worse would have been Christmas and she was in the final 3 as well. Needless to say, it was a shit ending to a shit season.

However, something good actually came of it! Well, two things. First, we got introduced to Kevin who is truly a unique person and someone I’m proud to say is from my city and the second was Jessica and Cody who seemed like decent people on the show ending up hooking up.

They went on to compete – and win – on The Amazing Race which made the taunts of the bullies inside the house that much sweeter. Josh, Christmas, and the others mocked Cody for ‘throwing away his game’ over Jessica and saying she was a $500,000 date. This was completely dumb to begin with seeing as neither of them actually had a shot to win once Paul brainwashed the house, but also made them look stupid when the couple went on a different show and won double that amount.


I know this post is full of snark and bitchiness rather than talking more about the pregnancy, but man did BB19 really put a bad taste in my mouth.  They finally found a cast worse than BB13 (and no, I didn’t forget BB15. As awful as they were, they weren’t as bad as 13 or 19).

Back to the couple – This is a rare moment to actually see Cody smile, so you can tell he’s actually happy which is great for the two! I’m guessing their return trip to the Big Brother house this summer got them feeling a little frisky. Either way, congrats to them!


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  1. mm22

    *Back to the couple – This is a rare moment to actually see Cody smile,
    so you can tell he’s actually happy which is great for the two!* idk steve
    part of Cody’s heads cut off in the pic- are we sure it’s
    really him..lol

    • Houseguest Doug

      Cody smiled a few times on the show and after the show. Cody didn’t like people trying to bully Jessica and the useless attempt to try and bully him.

      What ticked a lot of people off about Cody is he has a daughter that the Summer is the only time he gets to spend with her and he spent the entire summer chasing Jessica tush instead of spending time with his daughter. So that painted him with a little bit of a douche brush.

      He came off as likable and when it was explained that the Mother of his child was being very uncooperative towards him in regards to seeing his little girl and he was hoping to win some money to give her a better life than he switched back to likeable.

      The Amazing Race did a lot for Jessica and Cody to seem likeable.

      • feltso gudinya

        cody was just fine the first week….then paul, with all his privileges, sailed into the house….cody hated him immediately and rightly so…….but, cody couldn’t get over it or learn how to use this anger to help his game……it was all downhill from there……..

  2. Seattle Kari

    I watched them on The Amazing Race and actually got to like them as a couple. They’ve obviously proven all the doubters wrong. The real deal here.

    I wish her a happy healthy pregnancy and may they be blessed! You got to admit this baby is going to be really pretty! 🙂

  3. hogwild

    Congrats to them I had never watched Amazing Race unti they were on it they clearly do better when they don’t have to depend on alliances to get by. Thought they would have waited till after the wedding to have the baby which is suppossed to be next month oh well happy ending either way.

  4. CY aka FW

    Great news! Great mini-recap of 19/18! This week just keeps getting better and better! Put yo hands in the air! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGXzlRoNtHU

  5. LynnD

    YAY! I’m super excited for them. Congratulations. I think I was one of the few that actually did like them. You could see his feelings for Jessica were real because she was able to bring out in him things that you could tell he never wanted to show. If it was even possible I enjoyed them even more on AR than on BB. I think this is great news <3

  6. GL

    Dropped in on the three why are they saying they are going to the hotel tomorrow?

  7. leafhopper

    That was one thing about this season, and the F3, that really stood out, the lack of personal attacks. I think maybe a couple of tantrums became personal from one HG to another but the majority of them kept everything pretty civil. F3 got there without personally attacking someone else. There may have been some promises broken, and a lie here and there but it was never meant to really hurt someone. Just to move ahead in the game.

    • CY aka FW

      You don’t count JC’s unremitting ragging about Angela now that she’s not there to be personally aromatically – and otherwise – harassed because she didn’t make F3? Yeah, he’s a veritable pip.

  8. LO1004

    Genuinely happy for them. And she’s going to be a beautiful bride next month.

  9. LO1004

    Are they done w the backyard? Seems like they’re getting screwed this year. I remember F3 last year having the backyard. If I had to go a week w out fresh air I’d have to curse Bob out and rip shit off the walls.

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  11. mm22

    REALvegas4sure backup #bb20
    Update of AFP:

    Tyler still double digit % lead.
    Brett’s 24 hrs biggest % jump, now 2nd. Kaycee 3rd lost lead.
    Haleigh and Sam now 4/5. Hayleigh big jump too. Sam dropped bunch+ Angela same as tracked. Angela < 1% from 5th.

    Rest still very distant. Small changes up.

  12. NKogNeeTow


    Nothing much going on. They are just sitting around talking. They are tired. *It’s hard doing nothing all day*

    JC is being a brat again, refusing to put on his mic despite the numerous warnings by Production.

    KC and Tyler are talking about how L6 is going to be a shock to JC and they dread telling him. She thinks he’ll get over it. *I’m not so sure about that but I hope so*

    KC tells Tyler she thinks they might be the first ones to have a F2 in this game. He says she’s the only one he clicked with day 2. *I have noticed over the last few days that they both keep reiterating that they’ve had a F2 since day 2. Like they are reminding each other*

    Tyler wonders what Brett is thinking. He said he didn’t seem super pissed when he left. He says that it was probably because everything happened so fast, he didn’t have time.

    They talk about how Rachel was so blindsided she just stormed out. They think she will be so pissed. KC says she hopes she doesn’t hate her. Tyler says she probably won’t.

    KC says that they get to see everyone in 2 days. They briefly mention Steve. She says that Swaggy made him feel safe and he trusted the wrong person. She says she’s sure he doesn’t hold a grudge.

    Tyler asks her who do they think will hold the biggest grudge. JC comes in and says Fessy. Tyler says only to him (JC). KC thinks maybe Bay, but Tyler said that Scottie said she was pretty calm in the JH. They wonder if maybe Winston.

    JC says he definitely thinks that Fessy will be super bitter. Tyler asks him how can he be bitter to everybody. Tyler says RS will be bitter as f*ck. JC says that he thinks that because they’ve had time in the JH, they have calmed down.

    Tyler says that he thinks Hay may not be as bitter. KC says that Rachel is probably bitter. KC asks who do they think may be bitter and not hang out with them after the show. JC says definitely Kait. JC really thinks that Scottie really hated his guts and he doesn’t know why.

    JC says that when Scottie came back in, when they had a conversation, Scottie would never look at him. Tyler says it’s because Fessy told him to look out for him (JC). JC says Hay didn’t really want Tyler put OTB, he said it was Scottie. He said that he asked Scottie why he hated him (J) so much.

    JC says Scottie probably hates him even more now because Fessy has probably told him that it was JC’s idea to put him OTB.

    JC doesn’t think Angela will be bitter. He said she left with so much class and that was the first time he felt like he wanted to cry. He said she took it so well. *This might be the nicest thing he’s said about her so far*

    JC asks if they think Bay will be bitter. KC says a little. JC says that Brett hung out with him in the end but in the beginning who was he hanging out with? He says that Brett always said this is just a game so he shouldn’t be bitter.

    KC says tomorrow is their last full day in the house and they have lots to do. She says they have to pack, she has to wash her hair, they have to climb the wall, play Jenga, it’s a lot. She then says “Can we please have wine please”. *Another thing I’ve noticed is that this group aren’t as alcohol driven as past HG. If they don’t get it, they don’t go all stir-crazy like recovering alcoholics. Not many smokers either*

    JC says tomorrow is going to be crazy and he heard them working a lot outside. He gets a warning from Production.

    KC asks JC if he’s tired. He says he gets tired just walking around. They get called to the SR. Pop has given them Origami. JC says “F*cking Pop”, then thanks them.

    Tyler says he wants to go to bed. JC says he’s going to brush his teeth and go to bed. They decide to save the Origami for tomorrow. JC says he’s hungry and asks Bob for Sushi.

    Tyler says he needs to get like way to much sleep tonight. JC asks him why. He says why not. KC comes in the and says she’s going to bed. JC asks her why. She says that the faster she goes to sleep, the faster tomorrow will come.

    She says that normally she never has trouble sleeping but she does there. JC says he has trouble sleeping when he has a lot of things on his mind. KC yells that she’ll see them in bed and don’t be up to late, then leaves for bed.

    Tyler comes out of the bathroom and JC tells him he looks shiny. JC starts to sing “You Are So Beautiful To Me” and gets a warning.

    JC tells Tyler that maybe they will get beer. Tyler tells him not to say that because when he does, they never give it to them. Tyler asks him wouldn’t he rather wait until finale night to get wasted?

    JC tells Tyler to come sit and have tea time. Tyler tells him he’s tired and he’s going to bed. JC tells him FU.

    Tyler goes into the bedroom, gets into bed and fist pumps KC. She asks Production to turn off the light. They don’t.

    JC finishes his tea then goes to the bathroom and brushes his teeth, uses the toilet. goes to get a drink of water then to the pink bedroom. He goes into the blue room and tells them “It’s morning, wakey, wakey”. They are TRYING to sleep.

    He keeps trying to engage them in conversation but they want to sleep. He says he’s not sleepy right now. Tyler tells him to go to sleep. JC says it’s only 10:15, then says they should give them something to do. Bob says “SORRY”. Tyler tells him to go to sleep.

    JC says he wishes they had Angela’s titties there to play with. They laugh then get quiet. JC says “HELLO”. Tyler laughs and says they’re not going to entertain him. Tyler asks Bob to turn off the light. JC says they won’t because he’s still up.

    KC asks Bob if he could turn off the lights throughout the whole house. She said that would be cool.

    Tyler is trying to sleep but JC is laying across Sam’s bed messing with him. Tyler gets a warning to put on his mic. JC laughs and says he wasn’t even talking.

    JC says he’s hungry and asks Production if they could get him some food, preferably Sushi. He then engages KC in conversation. They talks about Sushi.

    KC tells them she will take them on a date. JC says that after, they can walk on the beach and Tyler can tell him how much he loves him. They laugh. JC sings and get a warning. He sings again and gets a “WHAT PART OF STOP SINGING DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND?”. JC see tells Bob he’s not f*cking sleepy. Bob tells him “Sorry”.

    Tyler asks again for the lights to be turned off. They aren’t. He tries to go to sleep anyway, but JC starts calling him and asking him to look at something. Tyler ignores him. JC tells him he put lotion on everywhere but his legs and tells Tyler he has ashy ass legs.

    KC laughs and apologize to Tyler and says JC is so obsessed with him. JC says he wants to play a game about things that Kaitlyn would say to him. Tyler doesn’t want to play. JC starts talking in a mock female voice that’s supposed to be Kait. He calls him Tay-Tay.

    JC gets up cursing and saying he’s not sleeping and he has no one else to talk to. KC asks Production if they can bring JC some friends. JC says bring back RS. He goes into the pink room. KC tells him maybe if he lays down he will get sleepy.

    JC gets mad and says they had a chance to entertain them and they get f*cking Origami. Bob says “Sorry”. JC lays on his bed and gives Bob he wants him to run out and get him an order of sushi and tempura. Bob says no, JC says to wake him up when he gets back with the order.

    JC lays there and makes a scratching noise and Bob tells him that’s really annoying. JC get up on his headboard and talks to KC and Tyler over the

  13. Mello_One

    Congrats to Jess & Cody! It seems like our little guilty pleasure of the Summer is becoming 1st the Showmance, then the Boyfriend, & Girlfriend Relationship, then the Marriage, & then finally the Babies Show?!

  14. NKogNeeTow

    *Correction: JC gets on his knees and talks to KC and Tyler over the headboard*

    KC and Tyler don’t respond so JC curses then lays down in his bed and curses Production and says that he is never coming back there again, not for BB 21 or 22 or anything. He says they will never see him again.

    He tells Bob that if he doesn’t turn out the lights in 3 minutes, that it means they are going to get him sushi. Bob says “No”.

    He’s quiet for about a minute, then says “Hello?” No one answers. He gets quiet again. The lights go out and all are in their beds. *It’s not even 11 yet, and yes, this is our life for at least one more night*

    One more hour to go before the end of BBAD and they’re all in bed. I’ll hang in for the last hour, just in case JC decides to wreck havoc and gets back up.

  15. Seattle Kari

    11 p.m. Seattle time and I’m just getting back here. It’s been one heck of an afternoon and evening. I just wanted to thank the people that reached out to me about my depression. Like I mentioned in one of the letters it’s been a lifelong thing but I push through it. I have good days and bad days. Sadly I do not have the money to go to a doctor because we are very low income in and do not have insurance. We cannot even afford the bronze plan and work just over the income level to get 100% help. Crazy this middle area. It anyway I’m okay. Thanks again for checking on me.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Kari, check with some of your state government agencies, maybe they can refer you to some free programs or help. You might also like to try some of the colleges in your area that have mental health or psychology programs. Sometimes they do studies or can direct you somewhere. Here’s hoping you find the help that you need. 🙂

      • Seattle Kari

        Believe me I’ve tried. Most of them are sliding scale clinics and because my husband makes $15 an hour we are just over the amount to save more than just 20%. At $15 an hour half of his income goes to our rent and we’re still paying less than the average person here. I probably going to end up going to a church counseling program. Although I am a believer I didn’t really want to go that route because I wanted it to be a little bit more neutral. But God knows I need something or some place to vent.

        Thanks for checking in I’ll figure it out I always do. There’s just a lot of things happening at the same time right now they’re making it difficult for me.

        Tonight I ended up driving my daughter at about an hour south of Seattle almost to Olympia, to visit her friends. She’s going to be gone until Thursday and I think I’m going to enjoy the peace and serenity.. I love her but she drives me absolutely insane.

  16. Seattle Kari

    I just saw the carpenter song. 🙂 Damn it Fuk/Cherry you’re starting to make me like you. LOL I guess everybody has some redeeming qualities hahaha! Teasing Grin..

    The Carpenters were one of my favorite groups growing up and I can remember standing on my bed pretending like I had a microphone singing “I’m on the top of the world looking down on creation!” at top volume, LOL. When she died it was the most heartbreaking thing. Second only to John Denver who I had a huge crush on as a little girl

  17. NKogNeeTow

    Both JC and Tyler each got up, used the bathroom then back to bed. And with that, that’s a wrap!

    Have a GREAT day tomorrow! 🙂

  18. FW aka CY

    Thanks, KneeToe. Whenever I need to find some distraction after mignight, you always have what I need just waiting.

    So, will you, or someone, be doing play-by-play of the post finale after party? And will there be a Wednesday Recap to look for Thursday morn?

    A song for you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T00eJSQimIk

  19. jimbo

    I defended Cody from the beginning in these blogs — and boy did I get shit for it! But no matter, that’s how I roll. I said the stupidest thing was Cody’s so-called alliance flipping out over what would have been the smartest move in years — targeting and ousting Cult Leader Paul. Instead, Cult Leader Paul brainwashed them, and they went on a destroy-Cody (and Jess) rampage. SOOOOOO, I loved that he won America’s Favorite (vindicating me, thank you) and then the Amazing Race!

  20. Avatar

    Congrats to Cody & Jess! I always liked them & respected them for standing up to Paul. Liked him on 18, not 19 tho. Totally over him, hope he NEVER returns!

    I’m so sad to see this season come to an end! IMO it’s been one of the best seasons in several years and it’s been so refreshing. My first year commenting on this blog and you all are amazing! MeL, Steve, NK: You guys do a tremendous job keeping us updated & I greatly appreciate you guys!

  21. Houseguest Doug

    BB19 was in fact not only the worst season of BB but the worst season for any Reality TV program.

    BB19 opened pandora’s box they exposed how much manipulation Production has over the show and also ruined the illusion that this was reality TV instead it showed it pretty much a scripted show with amateur actors who are guided to do what Production wants to get ratings and advertising dollars.

    It also opened people eyes to the fact maybe this not the only “Reality Show” that is fixed for the lack of a better Term.

    BB19 I will call the make up for Paul losing to Michelle season. They gave him more advantages and tried to manipulate the show all geared for him to win or at least stay to F2. Why the cast was lame and Paul was popular on BB18 and they needed the ratings. Paul equaled eyes on screen.

    I was not a fan of Paul at the start of BB18 but he grew on me and I was disappointed he lost to Nicole. However, in BB19 he came off as a total douche. I hated CBS / Production was going out of their way to make him likeable and give him all the power to win. In the end they forgot the game is played by people who have emotions and Paul plays the game well but he has no clue about Jury Management. He forgot the people he screwed over became Jury Members who get the say as to who wins the show. No one likes to be embarrassed especially on National TV. So Paul was brides maid yet again.

    BB19 disgusted me to the point I stop watching the show and I left this group. I stayed away until more than 1/2 the year was over. I didn’t bother to watch the farce known as BB – Celebrity version. Celeb’s? What Celeb’s? All D and E listers. People know one gives a rats backside about.

    Just thinking and typing about BB19 gets me fired up and pissed off again.

    BB20 was masterfully played by L6. However, I will admit the last 6 weeks have been an utter bore. I didn’t even have to read the blog on here. Just see who won HOH and POV and I knew exactly what was going to happen and who was going home.

    Like tomorrow we all know Tyler and KC won stage 1 and 2. Both are foolishly loyal and JC will be sent to be the final member of the Jury and will have to take a seat on stage with the rest of Loser House.

    KC will win the show since she has pissed off less people than Tyler despite Tyler maybe playing a better game. But great game play doesn’t equal pay day.

    When it come time to ask questions of the F2. We will hear Bayliegh bitch and moan and ask a question in a bitchy and resentful tone. Same with Blockstar. Faysal will be nice but bitter. Scottie annoying squeaky voice will chime out something that no one really cares about. Brett will try to be funny and steal the moment and will fail. Angela will handle herself with class and dignity as she always does. JC will be bitter with Tyler and say something in English that know one will understand. Sam will sit there stunned with a look of her face of “I have no idea of what is going on or why I am here or what I am supposed to say or do.

    Then they will bring on the losers that got voted out before Jury House. Steve won’t have too much to say which is fine as I am sure we will hear the phrase “Swaggy C this and Swaggy C that to make up for it”. I wish Swaggy C would just go away with Bayliegh and be the last we hear of his ass. Kaitlyn will have some stupid vision which know one will care.

    KC will get her money. Tyler will get his $50K + $25K for America’s Favorite Player. He and Angela will be asked about their relationship before Hayliegh and Faysal which will get Hay’s nose out of joint. Look for Tyler & Angela to be on the Amazing Race next season. I see them as the “New” Jeff & Jordan.

    I give Faysal and Hayliegh 1 month max before the realize that what they had in the house is not real.

    Swaggy C and Bayliegh will be together up until she bitches him to death and he says “Swaggy C is gone”.

    The rest of the cast except for KC, who the hell cares.

  22. Shivani33

    Jessica opens Cody up like he was a rosebud unawares until he saw her. And he is her rock. Love and happiness, babies! Maybe the only thing we have in common, Cody and I, is that both loved Jessica at first sight. But I didn’t stand up for her as a commenter. That has taught me a lesson.

  23. Avatar

    Cody a decent person? He was and is a douchebag, exaggerated his military career (most of his “medals” we’re basically b”participation trophies”), has all of the sign of a sociopath…

    NO ONE deserved to win BB 19.. and the fact that Josh won proves the Kay Fabe nature of the show… Just suspend disbelief and enjoy it as an improvisational soap opera.

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