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Can Jordan Be The First Two-Time Winner?

Aside from Adam doing his nightly rambling to the cameras sounding like someone who has been in the house way too long, the house is and has been very quiet. Kalia is barking up the wrong tree by constantly pestering Adam to use the power of veto, instead of taking my advice and trying to bully Rachel.


Kalia, Adam is done with you.  Accept it.  You voted for him to leave just a few days ago, do you really think he’s going to save you or your alliance?  Sure, Porsche may shave his back, and those two get along well, but Adam has been in the pocket of the veterans all season long.  You had him for a few days, but sealed his return to the vets when  you said his name in the diary room.  It’s over, move on.

That brings me to the point of this thread.  Tomorrow, the game will likely be 3 against 1 (Adam, Jordan, Rachel versus either Kalia or Porsche), and it will take a miracle by one of the two remaining “newbies” to see the final 2.  Can it happen?  Sure.. but when you’re outmatched on nearly every level competitively by Rachel, it’s probably not going to.

Rachel has been pretty adamant about taking “America’s Sweetheart” and Big Brother 11 winner – Jordan – to the final 2 with her if she has the choice.  Is that the right move for her?  Can Jordan actually win this season?  For arguments sake, let’s say Rachel and Jordan are in the final 2, who really has the votes?


For Jordan:  Jeff, Shelly
For Rachel: Brendon
Wildcards: Daniele, Kalia, Porsche, Adam

Shelly will undoubtedly vote for Jordan simply because she’s trying to keep friends with the pair. She feels terrible for betraying them, and will kiss their ass regardless of who Jordan opposes.

Will Rachel's wins be enough?

Let’s break down the current competitions (including the remaining players to compare)

HoH wins:  Rachel (3), Kalia (2), Jordan (1), Porsche (1), Adam (0)
Veto wins: Rachel (2), Adam (2), Porsche (1), Kalia (0), Jordan (0)
Total wins: Rachel (5), Adam (2), Porsche (2), Kalia (2), Jordan (1)


All things equal, Rachel wins hands down.  However, this is Big Brother, things are not always equal.  Despite being worse competitively than the newbies Jordan complains about, she has a huge figure sitting in the jury for her, Jeff.   Jeff was the single most intimidating guy in the housethis season and has completely altered some players decisions for his own gain.  He had the head of household (Kalia) cheering for him in the veto competition after he threatened that he was going to be coming after her hard.  We haven’t seen that type of manipulation since players like Dick and Will were in the house.

Because he is sitting in the jury doing his thing, here is how I see the votes breaking down in a Rachel vs Jordan situation for the “wildcard” votes listed above.

Daniele:   She has more respect in the game of Big Brother than she does in Rachel, but she knows Rachel and Jordan would not in the finals without Rachel carrying the load.    Vote: Rachel

Adam: He is a tough vote. Like Shelly, he has been in the pocket of Jeff all season except for a few brief moments.  He has regretted swaying, and feels like he has to make it up to Jeff for the rest of his life to convince him they’re still buddies.  However, Adam also has a lot of respect in the game, and this will tear him up inside.  Vote: Jordan


Porsche: She shared some type of friendship with Rachel through the game and will probably be easily convinced by Daniele for this vote.  Vote: Rachel

Kalia: It will be kind of ironic that the girl who was bashed pretty hard by both Jordan and Rachel will be the vote to determine who gets the extra zero on their check.   In the end, I bet Jeff will convince her that voting her Jordan is like voting for him, and that may be the determining factor.  Vote: Jordan

As it stands today, it is very possible that Jordan will become the first two-time winner of Big Brother.  Will she deserve it?  Will she really get the votes?  What do you guys think.. comment below!


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  1. Avatar
    kerri (1 comments)

    i think ur breakdown is pretty accurate… but u left out the part where no matter what jeff says to ppl… they will be bitter to give another 500gs to jordan… they all know shes already won, and they all know rachel has carried jordan since the guys left and i think that will play into their decision and just cuz jeff is pretty persuasive… so is danielle… and no matter who is in the final two danni will be going for the better competitor and she will not be quiet about her views either… i really think rachel will take it this year… she deserves it (in my humble opinion, then again ive been a rachel fan since last year when she was kind of obnoxious) and if she doesnt win i do think she has a really good chance at americas fav player for the sole reason that so many ppl have changed their minds about her this year…
    go radan! final 2… rachel to win!!

  2. Avatar

    I hope Rachel wins BB. First, I was not a fan of Rachel, whining was too much but she has really proven herself. I like Jordan but she is not a competitor compared to Rachel. Jordan is a FLOATER! From the beginning Rachel has played this game with hard work and true game play! Coming this far and still be in the game and was put on the BLOCK many times! You have to fight to stay in the house and she has been doing that all along! Rachel DEFINITELY deserves to win hands down! The F2 should be Porsche and Rachel. Rachel would get the votes for sure, while all season Porsche was sleeping and just woke to ACTUALLY start playing BB! Jordon NO WAY to the F2! TEAM RACHEL ALL THE WAY!!

  3. Avatar

    I don’t think the the final 2 will be JR.

    If Adam and JR are the final three, if Adam wins he will take Jordan and if Jordan wins, it will be Adam with her on the final…

    Your analysis s/b Adam or Jordan 🙂

  4. Avatar
    Rachel (6 comments)

    As much as I love Jordan for the cutie she is, she should not win this year. At least the last time she played she had to make the decision to put her eggs in the Jeff basket on her own not knowing him at all. Wise decision as it turned out. This time until the day she screamed at Shelly she might as well have slept next to Kalia.

  5. Avatar
    Donna (4 comments)

    I never liked Rachel until the last half of this season. So I hope she wins. I watch BB after dark and they have been talking for weeks about someone stealing chess pieces? Can you tell me who and when this happen. Thanks

  6. Avatar
    Misty (2 comments)

    ZG a floater is someone who floats from power to power. Jordan has been loyal to the vets she isn’t a floater Adam is. Jordan is a social player she is very good at the social part of the game. That is why Jeff and Jordan make a great team. He’s the competitor and she does the social stuff (although Jeff is ok at the social stuff but Jordan is much better.)

    • Avatar
      Misty (2 comments)

      BTW just to let everyone know I am team racheal at this point

    • Avatar
      Anita (178 comments)

      I disagree that Jordan was loyal to the veterans. She went along with Jeff when he decided it was better to vote Brendon out in favor of keeping Shelly, which was one of the BIGGEST mistakes this season. Jordan may not have wanted to do that; but she didn’t go against what her boyfriend wanted her to do. She’s clinging on to Rachel now only because she knows that Rachel is strong enough to protect her. If anyone deserves points for being loyal, it is Rachel.

      • Avatar
        Team Jordan (1 comments)

        Excuse me……have you missed how many times Rachel tried to backstab Jeff and Jordan….Rachel is a snake and I hope Jordan takes the season…she didn’t screw anyone over…if it wasn’t for people like Rachel screwing over their “friends” at every turn….our kids wouldn’t see it, and maybe just maybe when a teenager gets screwed over the first thought wouldnt be get a gun and handle it that way…We don’t have enough kind and genuine role models like Jordan around anymore…GO JORDAN!!!!!

  7. Avatar
    Miss Pegge (1 comments)

    Not positive, but I think Danni might have, really just a guess. I agree with everyone that Rachael deserves to win. I was a fan of her last BB season and stayed one this BB season. She can be a little abrasive and self-centered, but I really believe she has a good heart. As a matter of fact Rachael is the first one to laugh at herself concerning her past antics. She will level out when she matures more and gains more internal self-confidence. I don’t know how many caught it, but the housemate that hated her the most last season, Reagan, is now on of her closet friends and supporters, go figure. I’m worried about the tag line that is posted at the screen bottom during “Big Brother After Dark” saying something about a secret something that is supposed to happen on Wednesday. Any spoilers available on what that might be about. Or is that about the guest appearance of Tori Spelling??? Go team Radan…

  8. Avatar
    Tyler (3 comments)

    If Jordan makes it to the final two, she deserves to win. If anybody is crazy enough to take her to the finals again knowing that people will vote for her simply because she is such a sweetheart, then the person who chose to take her to the finals deserves to lose. Don’t get me wrong, I am probably Jordan’s #1 fan (but not one of the crazies that doesn’t have a life and sends people death threats because of a silly TV show), but I would not put her at the top of my list to win solely based on game. If she wins again of course I will be ecstatic. Everybody’s best game move at this point is to take Adam to the end because he sucks SO MUCH at this game. And from my viewpoint, it’s looking like a Jordan/Adam or Jordan/Rachel final two. Jordan would only be evicted at F4 at Porsche’s hands because Rachel will try to throw Jordan under the bus if need be. In a J/R/A F3, Jordan and Rachel take each other, and Adam takes Jordan. Jordan wins both scenarios. Jordan would get votes from Jeff, Shelly, Daniele, and Kalia against either Adam or Rachel. She gets Adam’s if against Rachel. She wins unanimously or 6-1 against Adam, possibly only losing Porsche’s vote.

    • Avatar
      Christina (1276 comments)

      Great points. The only thing I question is the votes. I can’t say that Jordan would get Dani’s vote. I believe Dani really did want to see someone who was great at the competitions win, which would mean she would have to vote for Rach. If it was Adam and Jordan it would be harder, Jordan was loyal to her side the entire game, and would have been loyal to Dani if she hadn’t tried to backdoor Jeff. Adam, well he’s been mostly loyal to the vets when it came to votes and such, but he did float to whomever was in power.
      I think it will be a toss up on votes. If people really want to see the “strongest game players” win, Rachel wins handsdown against anyone. If they are all bitter, then she might not get the votes. Plus, until after the last comps, and seeing if anyone amps up their resume, it’s a hard call. For all we know, Adam, Porsche or Jordan could rack up more (or some) HOH and veto wins, making it a bit closer with Rachel.
      I just hate that the feeds will be down for so long so we can’t keep up on what’s going on. But I bet the ratings for tonight and tomorrows shows will be up due to it.

    • Avatar
      Anita (178 comments)

      Rachel doesn’t need to throw Jordan “under a bus” where Porsche is concerned and I doubt that she would. No one wants to be sitting next to Jordan in the finals apart from Rachel and that is purely out of loyalty on Rachel’s part. Jordan was well liked in the house; Porsche proved to be devious and Adam floated. The latter two would probably lose out to Jordan. Rachel could also lose to Jordan but she would at least get the second prize money.

      • Avatar
        Tyler (3 comments)

        If Rachel and Jordan are nominated together and Porsche is the sole eviction vote, Rachel will pull the “we were together in the beginning, let’s finish it out together” and “evicting Jordan would be best because nobody can beat her and it will be closer for all of us” cards to save her own butt. That’s my problem with Rachel, she is almost a semi-floater. I say semi because she is good at competitions, but as soon as Rachel doesn’t have power, she will say and do whatever it takes to anybody, whether they are in her alliance or not, in order to keep herself safe. She’s made deals with everybody, yet nobody has called her out on it.

      • Avatar
        Tyler (3 comments)

        Well…I won’t say I told you so…but I told you so. Rachel didn’t necessarily throw Jordan under the bus, because in all honesty she didn’t really need to, but Porsche’s reasoning for evicting Jordan was a lot different than I expected. She won before? Really that’s what you use? Porsche is the most idiotic houseguest this season, and Adam is the most useless. Team Rachel all the way!

  9. Avatar

    Nice girls really do finish first. TWICE. Jordan wins again because she is loyal. Loyalty works, try it sometime.

  10. Avatar
    bandar singh (154 comments)

    i am sooooo done with this season. it’s been nothing but a farce skewed for the fab 4 to come out on top. i’ll see you next season

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  12. Avatar
    Apple (1 comments)

    Jordan isn’t a floater she is a coat tail rider. She needs stronger people to take her to the end.

    She lucked out with Natalie but I don’t think this motley crew would hand her another check to buy another house for her mom.

    But with todays news..not gonna say it. But I think someone has really emerged from the shadows and has a real shot at going from zero to hero and win it all.

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