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Kalia Intimidated Into Making Poor Decisions

August 10, 2011 | 3 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Tonight while watching the CBS version of Big Brother 13, I instantly thought I was going to be watching a continuation of The Crying Game from Sunday night. Even Jeff commented about all the crying in the house recently, trust me Jeff, it’s not much more pleasant watching it.  Luckily it stopped pretty much after it started and the show continued on..


On a related note though, can Rachel (and people talking to her about him) stop acting like Brendon died.  She is constantly talking about the situation like Daniele killed him on night in his sleep. I’d be cringing if I were Brendon and watching that, but he’s not.  He’s in sequester right now waiting to see if he’ll be competing against (Lawon?) tomorrow night to re-enter the house and ruin my summer.  No, not because I dislike Brendon, because I will have to see more of this shit:

If I wanted to watch this, I’d go rent shit like Eat, Pray, Love.

Another thing that’s on my head.  This is to Jeff. He’s usually a pretty bright guy, but his intimidation tactics are clouding his brain a bit.  I get it, Kalia is weak minded and easy to manipulate, but don’t sit in the diary room and pull that shit with us too.   When you say that you and Rachel are the strongest in the house so it’s stupid to put you up together, that’s just dumb.  It’s smart to put the strongest up and get them the hell out of the house.   If you have a chance to put them up together, you’re stupid not to.   You can convince Kalia that it’s dumb all you want, but don’t sit in the diary room and try the same to us, we don’t fall for it!  Do we?

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Falling for it is just what Kalia did.  It was embarrassing to watch her tonight.  I catch a lot of the live feeds, but when you put the week together in an hour long show, you can really notice just how horrible a person is playing.  I touched on it the other day that Lawon was making a foolish move, but to watch Kalia stop short of getting on her knees and servicing Jeff in the middle of the veto challenge was pathetic.  (btw, I loved Jordan’s face when she said Adam had more balls, she’s great.. so innocent and sweet).


Now, a small open letter to Kalia…

Dear Kalia, take advice from the guy who is clearly terrifying you this season.  You were listening to the door when he was talking about battle lines and shit.  Learn from that.  You and Daniele were sitting around with Lawon and Porsche but honestly decided Lawon’s idea of nominating himself was a good one?  Are you nuts?  Jeff hates you already, that’s not going to change.  The guy is a man of his word and he said if you nominate him, he’s coming after you.  So instead of cowering in a corner and trying to make things better, bunker up and try to defend it.  Accept that you made an ‘enemy’ in the house and instead turn it on him.  Tell him that he’s going to be your target for trying to intimidate you.  You’re the freakin head of household right now, dammit.

Because he made it very clear that battle lines were drawn and that’s not going to change, you should have looked at him in the face while nominating his girlfriend.   This way it’ll be You, Daniele, Porsche, and Lawon against Shelly, Adam, Jeff and whoever remains from Rachel/Jordan.   Draw some of your own fucking battle lines and stop being a wimp.   Failure to do so is the reason why an ally is likely going home tomorrow, and there is a strong chance his replacement will be another foe in Brendon (based on last minute surge for him).   When you are sitting next to Daniele on the nomination couch in the very near future, and you see Jeff smiling, just remember that this is nobody’s fault but your own.



Note, I’m not rooting for or against Kalia, Jeff or anyone really.  I am not taking sides.  As a blog owner I just want drama because that equals hits which equal live feed sales and that allows me to pay for the site.   This open letter isn’t really to Kalia because I know she’ll never read it.  It’s hopefully to some Big Brother 14 contestant reading this right now not even knowing they’ll be in the house next summer.

My advice, don’t let someone force you to make moves because you’re scared of upsetting them.  You will find yourself quickly out a chance to win $500k

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