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How To Kill A Prank By Adam Poch (in pictures)

Houseguests waiting in HoH room

There have been quite a few pranks happening in the past 24 hours, which is probably a good thing considering the extreme tension in the house.   Tonight, however, they decided to try and play a prank on Adam while he was sleeping in the have-not room.    They put a piece of tape over his face, and hid up in the HoH room and waited for him to get up, this is where I tuned in and saw the prank unfold. Here is my recap in photos…

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(warning image heavy)

Adam smoking
Adam not caring the house is empty
adam laying down he decides to take a nap
cassi and dominic plan
Cassi and Dominic need to come up with something
cassi taping adam's pic
So she puts the tape back up
cassi turning on the water
then turns on the water to get his attention
After some time, the water starts to boil
adam not caring
And Adam showing how much he cares
So They turn off the lights to get the message going again
adam smoking
Yet he is still unfazed
houseguests getting bored
The houseguests are now getting bored
cassi checking on adam
So Cassi checks on Adam
adam sitting there
But he's enjoying the quiet
Adam finally gets up and removes tape again
Then he turns off the water
daniele sleeping big brother
Daniele is really having fun
Adam cooking in peace
While Adam is happy cooking in peace
houseguests sleeping
And The houseguests are mostly sleeping now
Adam wins the battle

Adam Poch
Not a single fuck was given that day

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