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Last Full Day In The CBB House


Can you believe we’re already at the last full day of the season mark?  I’ve never watched Celebrity Big Brother UK versions, is it similar to this where it’s basically Big Brother but a very accelerated version using super D-Listers? For some reason, I expected this weird environment where they were all super pampered and even got to leave the house whenever they wanted. I have no idea why I thought that because I don’t think even the UK CBB can do that. Maybe it was a dream?

Anyway, the feeds finally returned last night shortly after midnight to see that a new HoH was indeed crowned!

Ross won the HOH in an endurance challenge


This validates Ross and his decision to side with Marissa even more because we all know James almost certainly would have won any endurance challenges moving forward. The person the move didn’t work for was the person who actually got James out of the house, and that is Omarosa. Had James remained and won that HoH, there is a high chance he was going to go after Marissa, Ross, and/or Ari over Oma.

Even though Omarosa was concerned that James never really wanted to officially work with her, she was probably more safe with him than the Ross crew, and Ross immediately proved that once the feeds returned. Ross let it be known that he is likely going to nominate Omarosa with Ariadna today with Marissa as the potential replacement. He is telling people that Mark isn’t an option because he cut a deal with him during the HoH challenge, but Ross probably wasn’t going to target Mark anyway. Mark is playing a killer social game as he anticipated he would due to his experience in dealing with a wide variety of personalities while touring.

This means I’m about 90% sure Ross and Mark will be two of the final four.

The PoV is likely going to be held today, so we’ll know for certain who the guaranteed second person in the final four will be (unless Ross wins it), but I’ll likely update this thread rather than creating a new one just to post that winner. Stick around and I hope everyone has a great Saturday!

Super late reply but was out all day:

  • Ari and Omarosa were nominated
  • Ross won the PoV
  • Ross didn’t use the PoV
  • Ariadna or Omarosa will be the next person evicted

This means Mark, Ross, and Marissa are guaranteed in the final 4


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  1. Shivani33

    I woke up at four in the morning, due to sleeping crunched up on a sofa, and checked to see what was happening on CBB. Mark said that he could have stayed in that comp forever, but he and Ross cut a deal. Ross and Marissa, acting all co-HoH, were telling Ariadna that she’d be a nom but that Omarosa would be too and for Ariadna not to worry unless Omarosa wins the Veto. Ariadna was looking sad and quiet. Ross was being pretty forthright and honest, though and not so much as if he was still doing an apology tour. It was obvious that everyone, meaning Ross, Marissa and Mark were in agreement about the Omarosa target. Ross told Ariadna that he’s hoping that she’ll be in the final four and that then it will be “every man for himself.”

    I’m still hoping that ANYTHING can happen.

  2. Shivani33

    Oops. I meant to say that it’d be fine with me if anyone of the group wins, with the exception of Motormouth.

  3. Mel

    I hope Ari wins veto but surprisingly, I hate to lose Omarosa. I wish Mouth could have somehow been in jeopardy but she isn’t, oh well. 8 don’t think Omarosa messed up by going after Ross and then taking out James as a 2nd option. James had made it clear to us that he trusted Ross and Marissa even after Mark tried to warn him. He only realized he should have worked with her after Ross evicted him. If James stayed, Omarosa would have been his target. She was going to be alone either way except for the partial way Ari is working with her. I wish they were doing an eviction tonight and another tomorrow instead of letting one hoh evict 2 people. Oh well on that one too. I’ve still really liked this BB and think I’ll be missing it this summer while we’re watching new but the same carbon copy hg’s look for boyfriends and Instagram followers.

  4. Alda

    I so hope Omarosa goes first.She has had enough notoriey to last a lifetime.

  5. AIO_7

    Feeds are back, not much going on…..


  6. Seattle Kari

    I liked Amorosa a whole lot more than I expected to. The Persona she puts out to the general public really isn’t who she is I inside I don’t believe. She is very intelligent and she does seem to have a heart.

    I truly wanted to like Marissa. Maybe it’s because she’s a fellow fat chick? Maybe it’s because her son was so excited to see her on the show. But yeah she did tend to grate on nerves.

    I really like Ariadna as well. She seems to be pretty down-to-earth and sweet.

    I think I like Ross better than I thought I would as well. He seems to be pretty funny and easy to get along with. I will have no problem if he wins.

    Mark? I don’t know there’s just something about him that rubs me the wrong way. My daughter said he reminds her of the “evil”Jack Frost in a movie but can’t remember the name of which, lol..

    I guess my pic for top two would be Ross and Ariadna? *shrug*

  7. AIO_7

    Ross announces the final veto competition.


    • AIO_7

      It was strange, and I’m sure we weren’t supposed to be seeing (hearing) it, but Production was giving them instructions for about three minutes before they cut to the animal shelter.
      The veto will be played individually; each contestant pulled a number for the order it will be played.
      Ross first, then Ari, then Oma., then MM, then Mark. It will be interesting if they show it back in that order in tomorrow nights show.


  8. Avatar

    I know a lot of people haven’t enjoyed this season of BB but I enjoyed the different people in the house. Something different than the young annoying houseguests they usually have in the summer. This cast was at the very least polite and easy for production to work with. No one was hollering at the people in the DR. The people in the summer have a habit of being rude to production. Plus their cleaning habits are usually filthy. There were things I didn’t like. The easy as pie comps being one of them but all in all a nice distraction for the boring winter shows thar are in reruns anyway.

  9. Shivani33

    I’ve been wondering how come production went through Marissa’s bag(s) when she was nominated. Marissa objected to it, saying that she was the least sneaky person ever. However, apparently Marissa told people that Shannon had stolen things from her. This was before Shannon was evicted. Later, cameras caught Marissa taking her “stolen things” out of her own bag, putting the stuff on top of a dresser and summoning other houseguests in to see the stuff, claiming that it had “mysteriously reappeared” just as Shannon was leaving. Wow.

    Someone over at Jokers said that she had posted the video of Marissa taking the things which she claimed that Shannon had stolen out of her own bag and putting it on the dresser, etc. Other posters chimed in, writing that they’d seen it, too. People were disgusted that Marissa tried to make out that Shannon was a thief to the rest of the house, and they were glad that Marissa got busted on camera. People are sure that Shannon knows about all of this, too.

    Maybe this explains how come Marissa’s bag was gone through when she was on the block. Ironically, Marissa is the one who drew my attention to that having happened at all, because of her vocalizing about it.

    • AIO_7

      Excuse my language, please…..what a fucking hog!

      • Ann

        Now that pisses me all the way off. I wish BB would’ve really made a huge deal about it & called her fast talking ass out on it. She called herself Shannon’s friend. Well damn, with ffriends like that you don’t need enemies.

    • LO1004

      Do you have a time stamp where we can watch this go down?

      • Shivani33

        @LO1004. Jokers comments move fast, but right now it’s showing on page 4 of Big Brother U.S.A. Discussion.

        2/24/18 2:54pm. ” I posted video of her [Marissa] pulling what she told everyone shannon stole, out of her own bag, placing it on the dresser then alerting the whole house how it mysteriously reappeared the night of shan leaving.”

        2/24/18 3:06pm. “I saw it and i’m no fan of Marissa since that stunt had nothing to do with game play….”

        2/24/18 2:58pm. “Yes Marissa is a thief and liar. If she did that with cameras on her imagine what she steals when no one’s looking….”

        I’m not going to include the commenters’ names.

  10. kneeless

    What I enjoyed the most, of this abbreviated season, was watching more mature houseguests. A LOT fewer f bombs than last summer! As I said last season, I am not about having a potty mouth but every other word is too excessive & unimaginative!

  11. Alda

    Ross won the POV! I’m sure noms will stay the same.

  12. Shivani33

    Ariadna just said that Omarosa is being mean to her now. Then she told Marissa that O. is using her (Ariadna.) Oh well. Omarosa is feeling the heat.

  13. Mel

    Almost over. What I liked and didn’t:
    *Older cast
    *Cleaner cast
    *Adult humor but every word didn’t have to be nasty potty mouths.
    *Hg’s otb were only isolated from game talk, not complete isolation.
    *Comprehension of BBAD and wanting to entertain people.
    *Brandi vs James
    *Brandi in general
    *Ross and Omarosa’s game play
    *Julie’s interviews
    *Getting to know Ariadna
    *Lots of gaming, people who wanted to win, even floaters did it as a strategy
    *Omarosa only talking about WH mostly when she was asked about it
    *For once, last night’s recap show
    *More funny feed conversation than I could possibly list here
    *More $ for each eviction they survive

    Didn’t like:
    *Marissa’s nonstop talking
    *White house talk that felt forced for clips
    *Voting for veto twist
    *Final hoh voting out 2 people

    It’s been a fun few weeks and I REALLY liked it. It will make it even harder to go back to the sheep casts we usually get who only want to make it to jury. This has been a fun bonus.

  14. Alda

    Does anyone know what these “celeb” houseguests are getting paid to be here? Just curious.I read that Omarosa is getting way more than the others in the house.

    • Shivani33

      The only player whose pay has gotten big rumors going is Omarosa. Before the game even began, her pay was stated to have been negotiated at $1.3 million. Plus the additional tempting carrot of a future talk show. Who knows if this is true, though?! Part of the rumor is that after Omarosa got “escorted” out of the White House, there were a huge amount of reality and talk shows trying to bring her on board, and she chose CBB. The other night she mentioned on the feeds that she had gone in to see production and had signed a contractual overrule. She said that her huzzband and her doctor have advised her NOT to appear on any future Big Brothers, and she signed the overrule accordingly. This might kill her dangling carrot of a future talkshow. But if she really got $1.3 million, she can go sit on a big, comfy throne and write her book.

      • Colby

        I think the signing of the overrule was about coming back in the house against medical advice (AMA) after she had her asthma attack, not about future seasons.

        2:15 PM Sat Feb 24 by Scott3325
        2:12 PM Omarosa tells Mark that she had to sign something to overrule that she not return to the show. The doctor had talked with her husband and they agreed she should not return.

    • Colby

      From Jokers:
      12:05 AM Sun Feb 25 by silverspoons
      Marissa says an extra 25k , she explains to Ariadna it is by eviction so another 2 5k’s tommorrow. Marissa trying to figure out how much money she will have.

      But I would guess that some of them may have negotiated different amounts. And may have gotten a flat fee with the stipend on top of that.

  15. Shivani33

    Here are the very recent results of a “Who Do You Want to Win CBB poll.

    Ross: 67.1%
    Ariadna: 15.68%
    Mark: 7.71%
    Omarosa: 7.46%
    Marissa: 2.05%

  16. Shivani33

    Sorry for punctuation screw-ups. We’re making 12 dozen cookies here. But the speculated pay for everyone not named Omarosa is around $150,000 to $200,000. Again, who really knows?

  17. Ann

    I don’t know if I’m going to watch the whole show tonight, I’ll probably record it & watch it later tonight because The Walking Dead starts tonight & I can’t miss that.

  18. Shivani33

    One of my favorite things about this Season has been no showmances. Never intended to watch at all but Brandi and Omarosa were too much of a curiosity to withstand. Speaking of showmances, Victor Arroyo and Sneakhole Franzel are still mating.

  19. AIO_7

    This is a right funny Youtube clip from CBB….”It smells like eggs, oatmeal and Hell.”


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