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Last Live Eviction Night Before The Finale!



Here we are, down to our last week of the season. It’s kind of a good thing because I am running out of material!

Let’s just jump right into tonight. Nicole and Corey are nominated, and Paul has the veto. Paul told James to vote the way he (Paul) wants, otherwise he’ll use the veto and put James up. It’s not like it matters because I’m pretty sure James would vote out Corey anyway, but James agreed to it anyway so he can remain safe and Victoria himself by another week (yes, I used Victoria as a verb)

In a not so surprising turn of events, a veteran will end up in the final 2. This has happened in every season that I have blogged (since BB13) which featured returning players. It happens all the time on Survivor as well. One of these days, newbies will realize that people with experience are dangerous in these type of shows. Well, I should say returning BB players because Jeff & Jackie had reality show experience, but didn’t do very well.


Anyway, let’s get to some updates!

  • 8:00pm – It just dawned on me that Paulie has been in the jury house with all girls this entire time.  Julie said there was some drama, which we will see tonight. Who wants to guess Natalie is involved?
    • Based on the preview, looks like Da’Vonne and Paulie
    • Now showing clips after Paul won HoH
    • Nicole says ‘literally, my life is on the line with the veto comp’… I don’t think she knows the word literal
    • It appears Paul spent some time after HoH breaking down with emotions
  • 8:05pm – Not much buildup. Nominations already
    • Corey and Nicole
    • James comments how that is her first time being nominated
  • 8:15pm – Site back up, jury time!
    • Michelle is painting ‘Snicole’  (snake nicole)
    • Natalie says that she really would have used the veto on James (you can drop the act)
    • The argument between Da’Vonne and Paulie happened because he accused Bridgette and Da’ of ignoring Z since she started talking to Paulie again
    • Da’ and Paulie get in each other’s faces and it got really, really heated.   He mentions something about her being a bad role model for her daughter, and she loses it.  Someone in production had to pull her off him
    • She starts yelling at Z, and the two start yelling back and forth. .Really, really intense.  Not sure why Bridgette had to chime in
  • 8:20pm – We go to commercial and we’re back to the jury house
    • Things have cooled down and they are talking about who is coming in. They all say they wanted Victor to make it to the end.  He was a guaranteed winner if they took him
    • Victor walks in and everyone is disappointed.
    • Michelle was shocked that Corey said ‘momma didn’t raise no bitch’
  • 8:30pm – Need to pause the updates for a few minutes while we pick up the daughter at dance. Horrible timing for dance. Don’t they know we have a show to watch?  lol. Shouldn’t be long
    • Da’Vonne talks to the camera and says she knows she is giving her the money and she’s not happy about it
    • Ok, now for the veto comp.
    • It is a baseball theme (first Christmas, now baseball? Love Corey, don’t they?)
    • It is the days competition where they remember what days things happened
    • James out first – shocker
    • Nicole out second.  It’s funny watching Corey in this comp. He just needs to take like 1 step
    • Paul wins veto 
  • 8:45pm – Ok, here we go with eviction time.
    • Veto first. Paul won’t use it
    • Corey gives Nicole a kiss and says he reached first base
    • Nicole gives the speech she practiced all day, and screws it up
  • Vote
    • James: Corey evicted

Looks like they’re not leading right into the HoH comp.  That will probably happen tonight or tomorrow and then air on Friday night.  I’ll keep the feeds open to monitor the comps.


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  1. g8trgrl4life
    g8trgrl4life (1008 comments)

    OH. MY. GOSH! WTH was that all about? What started that? Never seen a jury house like that!

  2. Ingodog
    Ingodog (119 comments)

    Wow!!!!!!! Paulie really is a prick and Z’s really is a dumb bimbo…………Then he was trying to bring Bridgette into WoW

    • Avatar

      Yeah Paulie is a prick and adick and Z well she is dum dum idiot but to be fair and ONLY because of this Reason it all started when Da and Bridgette started to ignore Z over they becoming a couple again so that what happened and yeah Paulie shouldn’t have brought up Da’s daughter in this conversation and he is a asshole for that but Paulie was trying to protect his now gf again (yeah it’s stupid)so maybe he should of done something different that what we saw come of his idiotic mouth so yeah I don’t like them but they are couple again still hate Paulie and Z so I guess that’s the reason they deserve each other and I bet Da and Z are no longer friends anymore so hopefully Da gets some sort of respect out the house and apulie and z well just leave them be or things will get bad like internet stuff

    • Avatar

      Typo was no adick but idiot instead

  3. g8trgrl4life
    g8trgrl4life (1008 comments)

    He’ll of a lot more interesting than the BB house.

    • g8trgrl4life
      g8trgrl4life (1008 comments)


    • NKogNeeTow

      It sure was! Did you notice he had the same demeanor he had in the Paris Room with Zzzit? Smug and arrogant. I don’t usually like physical violence but when he dragged her daughter into it, I kind of wanted her to knock the sh!t out of him. Hell, who cares if they sent her home at that point. She’s not eligible for the $500K or $50,000 anyway. It might even have secured her the AFP vote. Most of the world would love to see someone knock his block off….and by a woman…..PRICELESS!

  4. Avatar

    I want to know how Paulie family could sit there and say that big betrayed him him badly made him look the way like a****** plain and simple this Apple sold just showed that . Good job Paulie looking like an a******

  5. caRyn

    Victor is the first BB man to enter the jury house.

  6. Avatar
    mindyboo (379 comments)

    WOW!!!! Get him Da!

  7. Avatar

    I can’t believe Z still wants to hang out with Paulie after seeing what he thought of her on the show. She must have Stockholm syndrome or something.

    • Colby

      She hasn’t seen everything he said after she left, or even before she left. They only get clips of the comps in the jury house.
      But somehow I don’t think it will matter to her.
      Maybe her Mama can jerk a knot in her eyelashes, make her put some clothes on (she is the only one always in swimwear), and get some self respect.
      Then again, maybe the women in her family think putting up with an abusive guy is normal.

      • Avatar

        I don’t think Z does care about what anybody about her and douchebag Paulie she needs to have a conversation with her family or maybe she will still continue dating Paulie I don’t understand why though the guy doesn’t and hasn’t been doing anything for her including when they were a showmance but I think girls like her are into bad boys giving them this hard look and disrespect from him listen bad boys are OK ONLY if they give a damn about you but I’m just a guy so i had a bad boy thing going on in high school lol cause me and my gf were tight and she knew what kind of a guy I was and I was never like Paulie and she wasn’t like Z I mean I did say and talked about this when people said Frank was a douche but he wasn’t at all but Paulie is so like I hope Z does get a wake up call but I don’t see it happening so I don’t care about Z and Paulie

    • NKogNeeTow

      I’m wondering if anyone told her how he bragged that he bagged her all over the house? Wonder if that would be a deal breaker with her…..probably not….

      • Renee

        That is the only reason he is being nice to her in the jury house. He can “bag” or “bone” her 24/7. She’s too insecure to realize she is being used.

      • caRyn

        I think Zakiyah was told, NKogNeeTow. She knows but doesn’t want to believe it. I also agree that Paulie and Zakiyah are together in the jury house because Zakiyah is easy. Watching Zakiyah just sit beside Paulie and not saying anything – she plays the kept woman really well. The only time Zakiyah spoke up was against Da’Vonne. And you know Zakiyah will vote however Paulie wants her to vote.

      • Jenny M
        Jenny M (1321 comments)

        Poor girl wants so desperately to believe he really cares about her. I feel so bad for her because part of her has to know the truth but she just doesn’t want to accept it.

  8. caRyn

    On BBAD James and Paul were talking about how Corey was questioning production on everything during the veto comp.

  9. Avatar
    yasmeen (9 comments)

    oh noo I’m on the west coast…will wait with baited breath!

  10. Jenny M
    Jenny M (1321 comments)

    Wow Natalie walked into the jury house dressed like a high priced hooker.

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  12. Avatar
    mindyboo (379 comments)

    Oh ya Julie I will hang on to Snacole as long as she wins that money. Yuck bug eyes!!!!

  13. Alda
    Alda (1849 comments)

    How sketch was Corey’s interview with Julie? He knew he was going.On BBAD Paul and James discussed it with him yesterday.So,I guess Production told him to say he was surprised on air.Typical for this season!! So scripted!

    • caRyn

      Julie looked surprised that Corey was surprised he got evicted. And to say to Julie he will be best friends with Nicole and when asked about a relationship with Nicole he said possibly. Hmmm.

      • Colby

        He is hoping for AFP. It wouldn’t look good if he said he planned on dumping her.

      • caRyn

        I get it, but it is a generic answer. So was Natalie’s. Showmances know they will be asked that question so they should have better answers.

      • NKogNeeTow

        @Ryn: They kept their answers generic because they didn’t want to be bound to anything on national TV…lol

      • Renee

        I think they also keep it generic because they do not know how the viewers feel about the showmance. They always worry about their image with the viewers so they are still a possibility for AFP.

      • caRyn

        The reply could be – You know Julie, I found friendship with Nicole day one. We became immediate teammates day one also and played the game together since. There may be potential for us to have a relationship outside of the BB house – be it best friends or more, I am not sure.
        That is a legit mature reply and he wouldn’t seem to be caught off guard by the question. It also wouldn’t hurt his chances at AFP.

  14. Avatar
    Ella (78 comments)

    Bridgitte and Day are just stupid to keep going after Paulie. They have told him numerous times how they feel about him….we get it, you don’t like him. Be adult and move along. If Zakiyah wants to hang out with him, she can do that. Not sure who made Bridgette and Day rulers of the Jury Kingdom.

    • Mell
      Mell (4667 comments)

      It’s probably a misguided attempt to get Z to wake up. I don’t even think it’s about Paulie anymore. They are frustrated seeing a woman do this to herself. During the arguement, Da wasn’t saying to Z that Paulie is a jerk. She was saying that Z was letting him make a fool of her on tv. I would imagine it’s hard to see that and just let it go imo.

    • caRyn

      Didn’t Paulie start it with a comment? They all knew they were being recorded for the show. If they let Paulie’s comment slide they would be no better than Zakiyah. Should they just sit there and take it? When they are not being recorded they are not in the same area together. Da’Vonne said that Paulie and Zakiyah isolate themselves.

      • Avatar
        DCrunnergal (224 comments)

        No, actually someone else started it. After Natalie said “I really would have used the veto on James” someone (maybe Z, I couldn’t tell who it was) said “that’s more than Paulie did”. Then Paulie said something about that being passive aggressive toward Z because she was talking to him again and that’s what started the whole thing.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Ella, they didn’t go after him. They said that they (P/Z) had distanced themselves from the group so they weren’t going to bother with them (in so many words). TGF made the statement that he didn’t like the way Da and Bridgette were ignoring Z. He said something to them about it and that’s when the argument ensued. If Da and Bridge chose not to talk to Z, they had every right to do so. He should have just left it alone. He said he didn’t like the way they were disrespecting her. This coming for the man who told the remaining HG after she was evicted, that he “boned” her in over half the rooms in the house. Some knight in shining armor *rolling eyes*. Who made him the ruler of the Jury Kingdom?

  15. Avatar

    Just did my daily votes for Vic as AFP.

  16. Avatar

    If DaVonne attacked Paulie she is my AFP! Go Da! Love it!

  17. Mell
    Mell (4667 comments)

    My episode rant: (sorry guys)
    *Corey knew he was leaving but wanted to act like James surprised him. The only one caught off guard tonight was Nicole with that awkward kiss. In her defense, I don’t think she’s had one this year when she was vertical. That may have felt strange to her. She also has a hard time when she’s wearing those ugly white shoes. (They look like putting a toddlers shoe on a wedge.) We got to see the other white ones tonight too that are flat and those really are toddler shoes. (my 4 yr old granddaughter has a pair)

    * Did Coreys eyes and head bob and shake more while he was with Julie than they normally do? He could have doubled for one of those old bobble dolls on a car dashboard.

    *Don’t be surprised if Corey wins AFP. Baseball comp-reindeer team-1 question about Christmas theme comp-another question about when Cory won HOH on DE. (I do think the diary clip of Corey talking about loving the reindeer team/baseball theme is what he was referring to last night. He complained to Nicole that he wasn’t reading his lines the way they wanted and to do it over. I’m sure he wasn’t excited enough about Christmas stuff. He had to put his comp uniform back on when he went to diary and that’s what he was wearing.)

    *Paulie flipping DaVonne’s dress up was worse BS than his usual. (I thought it was an accident at first but I rewound it and it wasn’t) He didn’t have to engage her but she is right. He enjoys talking down to women. I’m guessing if Bridgette and Da have distanced themselves from Z, it’s because they arn’t willing to be a part of what Z us doing to herself. As a women, Da and Bridgette have been bothered by this for a while. Z got upset with Da that night (when they were still in the game) she was running around during BBAD hours in her panties. Da told her nicely but firmly that she need to put some pants on. She told her she would regret doing stuff like that. If Michelle has been in the house for a week, I think the odds are descent that Z knows Paulie spilled about the sex to everyone also.

    *Don’t forget to vote for AFP! Go Victor!

    *Watch during the jury question comp to see if Corey gives 1 serious and 1 joking answer. He and Nicole figured out a way for her to have an advantage earlier today.

    • g8trgrl4life
      g8trgrl4life (1008 comments)

      I noticed Boring’s eyes bouncing around more than usual when talking to Julie. Just figured they upped his Adderall dosage for the day.

    • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

      Paulie is a complete loser and douchebag, and I’m so glad Day put him in his sorry ass place. I would’ve gotten kicked out of that jury house if I were her, because I would’ve uppercut his ass if he brought my child up in that conversation.

      But you know who REALLY pisses me off? That freaking moron Zakiyah. God I cannot STAND that stupid ass woman. I wish there could be a camera at her house when she gets out so we can all see her face when she gets home and gets to see firsthand how much of a damn fool she made of herself this season.

      • NKogNeeTow

        I just said the same thing in an earlier post Gerardo. She should have just knocked the crap out of him and let them escort her off the premises. Not that I’m promoting violence, bringing her child into the argument was a low blow, even for him. He purposely did that to push her buttons, and push them he did. He tried to use that same condescending tactic on her that he used in the Paris room. But he should have known that Da wouldn’t roll over like Zzzit did. Da is a scrapper, who doesn’t take crap off of anybody. Zzzit is a pathetic robot, programmed and controlled by Paulie. I think he realized with Da, he bit off more than he could chew.

        Another thing I liked was when she called him out about only attacking women. She told him he didn’t have the guts to jump at a man like that. I think she was right!

      • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

        Absolutely NK, he would NEVER try that with a guy like Victor. His rebuttal to Day calling him out was that he DID confront a guy once…. LAMES! I can’t decide who I despise more, Paulie or Zakiyah. In my opinion, they deserve each other and Day and Bridgette are too good to be friends with someone as trashy and stupid as Z.

    • NKogNeeTow

      I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t give each other signals during the Jury questions. They are both annoying losers. But I wouldn’t count on it to much. Bambi couldn’t even read the que cards right in the DR and told her that they kept making him do it over. With that, I doubt that he will remember what he’s suppose to ask her during questioning…lol

  18. Avatar
    mindyboo (379 comments)

    Da did indeed rip him a new one. I’m sure it had no effect but when he gets back in the real world and sees how hated he is that may have an effect.

    • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

      That scene had my blood BOILING. I think I was just as angry as Day was. And did you hear Paulie’s comeback when Day confronted him about only talking down to women? He said “you weren’t in the room when I was at James’ throat”. Really bro? You’re bragging about getting confrontational with the weakest guy in the house?? Get the F outta here loser! You would never try that with someone like Victor.

  19. Shivani33

    Nicole’s live pre-eviction speech was addressed first to her family, with a brief greeting. Almost the rest of her speech was directed exclusively to Corey, full of sugar-coated references about her infatuation with him. Did she mention playing the Big Brother game even once? Rather stunningly strange behavior for a so-called veteran player, almost as if the game itself didn’t exist. Then she didn’t bother to campaign to stay or give Paul one iota of attention, although she knew that he has made it possible for her to still be competing.

    So here she is, possibly on her way to $500,000 on top of her vet stipend, and she doesn’t acknowledge Paul or Big Brother. Simply amazing. Where did she learn her horrible manners and to be so completely oblivious?

    • Mell
      Mell (4667 comments)

      Worse, she rehearsed that speech last night and today. She got frustrated with herself a couple times when she forgot and left out something great she wanted to say about him. I’m on board with it being too many years since a woman has won. This is NOT the woman I want to win though.

  20. Alda
    Alda (1849 comments)

    Nicole wanted Corey to leave knowing how much she cared about him in case one of the girls in jury caught his eye in this last week! This is going to be a hard week for her worrying about Corey.I hope he finds the jury house .Oh that’s right,he has a driver.He’ll be ok.

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