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Last Live Eviction Night Before The Finale!

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Here we are, down to our last week of the season. It’s kind of a good thing because I am running out of material!

Let’s just jump right into tonight. Nicole and Corey are nominated, and Paul has the veto. Paul told James to vote the way he (Paul) wants, otherwise he’ll use the veto and put James up. It’s not like it matters because I’m pretty sure James would vote out Corey anyway, but James agreed to it anyway so he can remain safe and Victoria himself by another week (yes, I used Victoria as a verb)

In a not so surprising turn of events, a veteran will end up in the final 2. This has happened in every season that I have blogged (since BB13) which featured returning players. It happens all the time on Survivor as well. One of these days, newbies will realize that people with experience are dangerous in these type of shows. Well, I should say returning BB players because Jeff & Jackie had reality show experience, but didn’t do very well.

Anyway, let’s get to some updates!

  • 8:00pm – It just dawned on me that Paulie has been in the jury house with all girls this entire time.  Julie said there was some drama, which we will see tonight. Who wants to guess Natalie is involved?
    • Based on the preview, looks like Da’Vonne and Paulie
    • Now showing clips after Paul won HoH
    • Nicole says ‘literally, my life is on the line with the veto comp’… I don’t think she knows the word literal
    • It appears Paul spent some time after HoH breaking down with emotions
  • 8:05pm – Not much buildup. Nominations already
    • Corey and Nicole
    • James comments how that is her first time being nominated
  • 8:15pm – Site back up, jury time!
    • Michelle is painting ‘Snicole’  (snake nicole)
    • Natalie says that she really would have used the veto on James (you can drop the act)
    • The argument between Da’Vonne and Paulie happened because he accused Bridgette and Da’ of ignoring Z since she started talking to Paulie again
    • Da’ and Paulie get in each other’s faces and it got really, really heated.   He mentions something about her being a bad role model for her daughter, and she loses it.  Someone in production had to pull her off him
    • She starts yelling at Z, and the two start yelling back and forth. .Really, really intense.  Not sure why Bridgette had to chime in
  • 8:20pm – We go to commercial and we’re back to the jury house
    • Things have cooled down and they are talking about who is coming in. They all say they wanted Victor to make it to the end.  He was a guaranteed winner if they took him
    • Victor walks in and everyone is disappointed.
    • Michelle was shocked that Corey said ‘momma didn’t raise no bitch’
  • 8:30pm – Need to pause the updates for a few minutes while we pick up the daughter at dance. Horrible timing for dance. Don’t they know we have a show to watch?  lol. Shouldn’t be long
    • Da’Vonne talks to the camera and says she knows she is giving her the money and she’s not happy about it
    • Ok, now for the veto comp.
    • It is a baseball theme (first Christmas, now baseball? Love Corey, don’t they?)
    • It is the days competition where they remember what days things happened
    • James out first – shocker
    • Nicole out second.  It’s funny watching Corey in this comp. He just needs to take like 1 step
    • Paul wins veto 
  • 8:45pm – Ok, here we go with eviction time.
    • Veto first. Paul won’t use it
    • Corey gives Nicole a kiss and says he reached first base
    • Nicole gives the speech she practiced all day, and screws it up
  • Vote
    • James: Corey evicted

Looks like they’re not leading right into the HoH comp.  That will probably happen tonight or tomorrow and then air on Friday night.  I’ll keep the feeds open to monitor the comps.



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BB24 Michael Bruner
BB24 Michael Bruner
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