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Lawon Makes A Terrible Decision, Volunteers For Nomination

August 8, 2011 | 0 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

lawon volunteers for nominationSo last night I posted about Shelly getting into Kalia’s head, and taking control of the HoH decisions, well a lot unfolded overnight.  Apparently the discussions continued after I went to bed, and as Porsche, Dani and Lawon spoke about it, Lawon got the bright idea that he’ll volunteer to be the pawn against Rachel.

He suddenly decides that the person who is going home this week will be spun around to get back in the game and instantly HoH, and considering he couldn’t win a challenge if his life depended on it, he’d sneak into the HoH room this way.  Great move Lawon, too bad you don’t really know what’s going on, and it’s really stupid to ever want to be the pawn, and want to be evicted because of some twist you think will happen.

I can’t wait to see his face when he has to compete with Cassi or Dominic to get back in the house.   Right now it’s favoring Cassi which could make for a very interesting return on Thursday night with Rachel still in the house and Cassi back.  Those two are oil and water, and the feeds literally may blow up next week with Rachel dealing with both Cassi and Daniele.

I’m going to try and do some live blogging in this thread, but the feeds are all messed up right now, and every time you choose a feed you get to see Jordan and Rachel either working out or hanging out talking in the Have Not room.. yes, based on the feeds they’re in two places at once.   I’ll update when their working properly, until there here is a shot what you’re missing looping over and over right now..

big brother 13 jordan's butt12:54 PM – Feeds working again, Jordan chatting with Shelly outside about their plan.  They’re pretty upset they are giving Rachel a second life but she’s still running around campaigning and talking.  They’re wishing she would walk around the rest of the week with duct tape on her mouth.

1:00 PM – It’s always surreal hearing them wonder about things that have happened a few weeks ago, like the Casey Anthony trial.  Kind of reminds you how cut off from the world they are.

1:00 PM – Rachel talking with Lawon and reassuring each other that if they go home this week they’re coming back.   What I don’t understand is how Lawon is saying how pissed he is, but he was volunteering.  Maybe he’s acting?

1:04 PM – Rachel tells Lawon she heard he volunteered to be a pawn, and asks him if true.  He says “hell no, that aint in my style!”.   Shelly is going to be really pissed when she finds out Rachel still won’t stop talking about it.

1:14 PM – Adam doesn’t sound like he looks any more.  Now he just sounds like a normal guy who has a smoking problem worse than Shelly.

(note: I’m so freakin jealous they got a grill.. who wants to buy me a foreman so I can pretend I’m in the Big Brother house?  I’ll add to wishlist if you want to!!!)

1:17 PM – Kalia pulls Lawon aside and talks about his plan for being nominated.  She is telling him to act like he knew there was a chance, but still act like he didn’t know it would actually happen.

Kalia is now in the bedroom talking with Porsche and Daniele about the situation.  Porsche is explaining how the others knew Lawon was volunteering, I think this is all going to come back to Shelly sooner rather than later.   Feeds may blow up tonight…. hopefully

1:26 PM – Kalia and Daniele talking things over in the HoH room about the whole situation.

Note: I set up a wish list, Buy me a George Foreman Grill!!!

Kalia tells Daniele that Rachel came upstairs, thanked her for putting up Lawon and hugged her clearly showing she knows what’s going on.   There is a lot of confusion over this pawn thing, it could get interesting.

Now they’re talking about how Jordan has been a bit mopey this season, like a rain cloud is always following her.  Someone mentioned this on facebook yesterday, but I guess it’s not lost on the houseguests either.

1:46 PM – Daniele and Kalia still talking in the HoH room and they’re pretty convinced that Rachel is coming back this Thursday even if she’s getting voted out.  Lawon is walking around with a little erection because he thinks he’s getting votes and will suddenly be the HoH.   Wow, this Thursday’s live show and post-feeds is going to be extremely entertaining.

1:52 PM – It’s almost comical listening to the two try and come up with potential deals they can offer Rachel so they can keep her in the house.   Rachel hates Daniele, like hates hates.  You’d think Daniele slept with Brendon before stabbing him in his heart then kicking him out of the house the way Rachel is acting, and they honestly want to try and cut deals because they’re terrified of the twist this week.  Kalia is scared of Jeff, scared of the twist.. horrible week for her to have power.

Meeting of the minds is over, Daniele is going to look for a heating pack, Kalia is going to rest that beautiful brain of hers that stopped working when she entered the house.

1:59 PM – Shelly all worked up over the pieces that have gone missing around the house.  She thinks someone is swiping them to possibly make money when they leave the house.  Ok, Shelly.  I’m sure that’s why they’re going missing.  It has nothing to do with the show preparing them for a future competition, or someone playing jokes….

2:38 PM – Red Sox / Yankees conversation going on.  Shelly is saying Go Red Sox, I suddenly like her more.  Adam, Yankees fan, I might have to root against him!

2:46 PM – Gross to listen to stories about Shelly’s daughter throwing up, but an interesting thing was that she had the H1N1 virus.  Glad she made it through.   Shelly also talked about how she fought with her husband when she was on Skype, I was expecting to hear a Brendon mention come in.. it didn’t.. blah.

Going to step out for a bit and go food shopping.  Things have died down right now in the house so it’s a good time for a break.  I may start another thread later if things flare up again. Thanks for reading!   Get those live feeds now!

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