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Lazy Afternoon In The Big Brother House

daniele big brother 13It’s a lazy day in the house right now.  Daniele is lazying next to Kalia talking about their periods (for the record, Daniele is having hers, Kalia is close, and Porsche mentioned a few days ago she started hers.   I know way too much about the girls bodily functions so far this season.

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Daniele did mention Rachel said she was going to get rid of twitter and all that shit when she leaves the house… they don’t believe her, neither do I.  She loves attention too much.   I bet she will delete it all, but re-active it less than a month later.

Anyway, keep checking this thread for any interesting updates that may happen today!

1:47 PM – Daniele: “How many followers do you have”
Porsche: “About 150”
Daniele: “Not any more”

Added Sunday’s Ratings
Ratings down 4% from last week, but they were up 17% from the week higher and Big Brother had to compete with the Teen Choice Awards this week, so overall not bad, but it was a pretty bad episode so I hope that doesn’t impact future Sunday’s.

2:11 PM – The girls laying around talking about teen crushes.  The younger girls are talking about kids from Home Improvement, Shelly comes out with Dan Marino and Joe Montana.  A little age gap there.  Of course when Daniele she liked Joseph Gordon-Levitt because he was a nerd, Rachel has to come out and say “My fiancee is a huge nerd!”


Ahh, I feel better now.   I’m sure I’ll get complaints from people who say they care about their marriage now though.

3:30 PM – Houseguests playing a guessing game.  Rachel came up with a show on WB, main character blonde, has a special talent, lasted 5+ seasons,  revolves around 6 people roughly, and the show’s name is the character’s name.  Any guesses?

Rachel revealed the answer and not surprisingly a few clues were wrong. Mrs Beans got it right first guess despite the bad clues.    Leave some comments and give guesses…..


And the winner comes from Kelly in my facebook page.  The answer:

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    My guess is Buffy, but it was on more then 5 seasons (I believe 7), and it was based roughly around 7.

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