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The Legend Of Derrick Could Grow on Tuesday



Unless something drastic happens over the next two days, Frankie is done with BB16. Derrick and Cody have full intention on voting him out and are now trying to figure out whether to take Caleb or Victoria to the final 3.  Caleb has been Frankie’s biggest ally, especially considering the music connection, but that won’t matter unless Frankie can somehow flip Derrick or Cody to create a tie vote.  If either of them do flip and keep Frankie at this stage of the game, they should walk out of the door with Victoria and just accept being a terrible Big Brother player.

This is the move to make.  This is what should happen.  When you have a guy who has fairly decent relationships with the jury, won a crapton of competitions and has a very famous relative on the outside, you get them out asap. Why does the relative matter?  These are real people who likely don’t want to piss off a person with a combined 30 million instagram/twitter followers.  I’m not saying Ariana will tweet to make Derrick’s life hell, but her fans may take it upon themselves should Ariana express disappointment.  Let’s just hope Ariana understands the power she yields and recognizes it’s only a game.  Congratulate Frankie for making it as far as he did and offer to donate $500k to his charity in Africa.  No hard feelings.

If Ariana happens to read this on the off-chance she’s searching Big Brother news.  Please do that.  Frankie played a phenomenal game, but this Tuesday will likely be the end of his game.


Derrick is playing one of the best Big Brother games I have seen in a long time… even better than Dan Gheesling in BB14.  Dan played a great season, but he made the mistake Derrick is not doing.  He pissed off nearly everyone from the jury. Derrick, on the other hand, had a potential jury member stage a fight with him just so the rest of the house won’t think he had her vote in the final 2.   I will say this now.. win or lose, Derrick will go down as one of the all-time greats.

Anyway, I’m just whipping up this post because the last thread had so many comments. This should keep you guys busy until I can find time to get the next one up.  Have a good Sunday, everyone!  May your football teams all have good games (unless they’re the Vikings).

Note – fyi, I am a Patriots fan. I want them to beat the Vikings. My comment had nothing to do with Adrian Peterson, so I apologize if anyone took it that way.  And as a Patriots fan, I feel your pain losing a good player to off the field issues.


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    Im sorry but no hard feeling for Frankie? I really couldn’t care less about his intentions to use them money for charity with it self centered, spoiled little brat, thinking he’s famous attitude. The things he has said on the live feeds are sickening and his attitude and how its all about me me me makes me want him to have nothing to do with the kids in Africa. I feel bad they need to deal with a person as despicable as him. He should get the biggest Boos in BB history and if he doesn’t its because BB staged him to be a decent guy on the episodes but real BB fans will feeds know he is a horrible, sickening, self center asshole.

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    Im sorry but no hard feeling for Frankie? I really couldn’t care less about his intentions to use the money for charity with it self centered, spoiled little brat, thinking he’s famous attitude. The things he has said on the live feeds are sickening and his attitude and how its all about me me me makes me want him to have nothing to do with the kids in Africa. I feel bad they need to deal with a person as despicable as him. He should get the biggest Boos in BB history and if he doesn’t its because BB staged him to be a decent guy on the episodes but real BB fans with feeds know he is a horrible, sickening, self center asshole.

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    Vikings Fan Always (1 comments)

    Well I have enjoyed this website all season and have loved your feedback. Ive checked it daily. But after the Vikings football comment this site has been deleted from my computer. No reason to be ignorant after everything us fans have been through this weekend. Go Derrick! Go Vikings!

  4. Avatar

    I really have enjoyed watching Derrick’s game. I can’t wait to see the looks on the rest of their faces when they find out what he does for a living. I’d like to see him & Victoria make the final 2…..( ‘floater’ or not…) just because of the crap she’s had to put up with from the other house guests.

    • Avatar
      B-rizzle (79 comments)

      He’s playing like a mafia boss. As soon as people realize how dangerous he is, it’s already too late and they’re being sent out the doors. He’s playing chess in a house full of people playing checkers.

      • Avatar
        BB Bopper (20 comments)

        It’s funny that you use the analogy that Derrick is playing chess while everyone else is playing checkers because I have said that same thing many times 🙂

      • Avatar

        Are you for real I don’t think your looking at the same show as other people Derrick dangerous thats a joke and so what hes a cop big deal who gives a dam. Mafia Boss NEVER IN YOUR WILDESS DREAMS.

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    #DerrickBestBBHG (1 comments)


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    Victoria decided to tell Cody last night that Hayden cannot stand him [info she got from Nicole]. Derrick was beside himself saying “loose lips sink ships”. If she lets out that the fight with Derrick is fake this will get very interesting and Frankie may find a way through this week.

    • Avatar
      Jenny (383 comments)

      I should slap you for even SUGGESTING Frankie might stay. LOL
      Watching him pout on BBAD is so much fun. I know he’s practicing his speech and thinks he will be HILARIOUS. He was telling Victoria she should speak first because she won’t want to follow him.
      Man I wish the eviction were going to be live with actual real people in the audience.

  7. Avatar
    Amanda (1 comments)

    After enjoying you write for BB spoilers all season, ive personally deleted this page from my favorites and will no longer check this page. As a Vikings fan, no reason to pour salt on a wound when I only wanted to look at big brother updates. Time to find another BB page, sure it’ll be better than this one. Go Derrick! No need to post this on your page, I wanted to personally tell you you’ve lost a follower. Sure you dont care but neither do I.

    • Melinda Beans

      It’s only because they’re playing the Patriots today and he’s a Pats fan. It has nothing to do with Adrian Peterson.

    • Avatar

      Well, if you leave blogs due to things you find objectionable in tangential comments, sounds like you won’t be reading many blogs at all. This is the best site I’ve seen on Big Brother stuff, and Stevebeans’ predictions are right-on. If you want to miss out, that’s your call, but know that you’re missing out.

    • Ann

      It’s so sad that Steve and his wife Melinda are having to deal with this the day after their wedding when he only posted to open a new comment thread for us! Good riddance to bad rubbish as we used to say in the olden days.

    • Rita

      Buh Bye Amanda!

    • Avatar

      Pour salt on a wound?
      How’d SB pour salt? Because he wants his team to win?

      Maybe the Vikings and NFL in general should do a better job of selecting quality Intelligent and emotionally stable human beings for their teams…
      Then maybe your feelings won’t get hurt…

    • Avatar

      My god it had nothing to do with Adrian. He posted that. But even if it did how childish can you ppl be. It’s your loss not the sites. Are you chunking your tv and radio since it’s all over the news and never watching again? Take your ball and go home

      • Ann

        In fairness to Amanda and Vikings Fan Forever above, their comments were posted before Steve (felt compelled to) explained his comment.

      • Avatar

        But ann he didn’t say anything bad about Vikings or even hint about Adrian. When I read it I didn’t think a thing of it just thought he was plugging his team. I’m a big football fan but college of course no one could miss news in last few days but I could not have told you which team Adrian played on. Yesterday at end of one of my posts I said ROLL TIDE ROLL. How many did I offend?

      • Ann

        I was responding to your comment that he posted his comment had nothing to do with Adrian. He didn’t initially do that when they made their comments. That’s all. Just trying to be fair.

    • Avatar
      Shawn watson (38 comments)

      How can you even watch Big Brother when you’re offended by someone wanting their football team to win? Oh well, I’m sure we’ll all miss you Amanda

    • Avatar

      I think Vikings fan forever and Amanda are same person. And not using name they usually use on site unless they never comment. And if they never comment why do so now using alias?

    • Avatar

      why do people always tell you that they are going to delete your page? Just do it, but just remember that is what we call “cutting off your nose to spite your face”. I really enjoy Steve’s blog and I also realize that he is an individual and is allowed to have his own opinion.

  8. Avatar

    Enquiring minds want to know…how was the wedding? Beautiful I hope!

  9. Avatar

    Caleb to Derrick and Cody: I want to be the tie breaker that votes out Frankie… Yeah ok Beast Mode Fruit Loop Dingus good idea!

  10. Avatar
    heather (2 comments)

    i only wish that when frankie is voted out there would be an audience, i wanna hear the boo’s for this guy and for him to realize he’s not that liked on the outside.

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  12. Avatar

    Go Steelers. Go Panthers.
    Go Anyone But Pats.

    Pats are the worse team ever. Besides the Bills.
    Sorry SB. But good luck anyways…

  13. danmtruth

    As BB is just a game so are sports Die hard Bears, BlackHawk, Bulls, White Sox fan Soooooo what enjoy other fans from other teams Fun to give each other crap Yet at the end of the day still friends and have a good laugh If you say that I am not a true fan I say GET A LIFE!!!

    BB Game please don’t tell me that Victoria stupid comment is going to screw this up Cody stay forces Frankie is target this week

  14. Avatar

    I know I’ve said this a hundred times but is derrick really playing a great game or is he in a house with a bunch of dummies? I still think that Dan was a way better player.

    • Avatar
      Colby (426 comments)

      Annie, I think it is a little of both.
      I agree Derricks game couldn’t even touch Dan’s, even though Derrick thinks so.
      I didn’t care for Dan any more that I care for Derrick, but gotta give credit where credit is due.

    • Avatar

      I think a little of both. He lucked up in that he just lucked into a large alliance at very beginning of game. And most ppl in that alliance were not the brightest. That was just luck also The ones with more brains were not in alliance. They got knocked out early because they were not in alliance and had no numbers. Amber was smart so that got her out plus they worried about Caleb and Amber if Amber had won pov they were going to send Caleb which he still does not know. Frankie had lots of power at this time. So ppl not in alliance smart and figure Derrick out but it does them no good because they have no numbers and when they try and tell alliance they are so stupid they don’t believe and run tell Derrick. So they go because he had no power over them and know he’s running it by then. Even jacosta knew before she left. So how good is Derrick? We will never know. My opinion is put him in another season and he doesn’t get far with average intelligent HG. Just my opinion.

    • Avatar
      B-rizzle (79 comments)

      Annie, when has the Big Brother house been full of anything but dummies? They always cast 2 or 3 people with half a brain and the rest are complete idiots. I can’t think of a season where everybody was a decent game player other than season 2 (and season 3 had that one stupid girl but otherwise that was good too). Even the all-star seasons have had some stupid players who didn’t really have their heads in the game. I still give Derrick full credit.

  15. Avatar
    Jerseygurl (1 comments)

    Well I look forward to reading this everyday and I’m an Eagle fan!

  16. Avatar
    Celisa (1 comments)

    Love your blog

  17. Avatar
    Michael (1 comments)

    Derrick is not an all time great he has played a good game with the bad house filled with pussies. a pathetic house does not make a legend. Never better then Dan, and his funeral.

  18. Avatar
    Anita (178 comments)

    Trudy: “So how good is Derrick? We will never know. My opinion is put him in another season and he doesn’t get far with average intelligent HG. Just my opinion.” I agree, Trudy. Derrick got rid of most of the players who showed any signs of intelligence fairly early in the game, e.g., Brittany, Amber, Hayden, etc. I believe he kept Frankie because of his connections and his outgoing personality. Unlike Derrick, Frankie has blood on his hands because that’s how you play the game. Derrick wants everyone to believe that he was just going along to get along and that he had nothing to do with the evictions. He was happy when the blame was falling on Frankie as being the mastermind behind all those evictions. However, Donny, Hayden, Jocasta, Nicole and now Frankie know better. This would be a truly great season if the snake in the house didn’t end up winning the big prize.

    • Avatar
      B-rizzle (79 comments)

      “Frankie has blood on his hands because that’s how you play the game”. What makes you think there is one set way to play the game? That kind of mindset discourages innovation. Derrick is obviously playing a better game than Frankie seeing as how Frankie is leaving in 2 days. Have you ever seen a season of big brother or even survivor where EVERYBODY in the jury is aware that 1 player is dominating the house but everybody in the house is completely oblivious. Derrick’s timing has been impeccable. He was professionally trained to do this with his undercover work and he hasn’t disappointed.

      • Avatar

        Just remember Frankie wouldn’t be leaving next if it wasn’t for the rewind. No way to know how it would have played out if Vic left as was originally planned.

      • Avatar

        So true. And the best player does not always win

      • Avatar
        B-rizzle (79 comments)

        Derrick has a 1 in 3 shot of winning each of the next HOH’s. If he can successfully win both, he will be the only BB player in history to never be put on the block. Of course, that’s a big “if” but if he can do that, I’m putting him right up there with Will Kirby and Dan Gheesling.

      • Avatar

        “Right up there with Will Kirby and Dan Gheesling.” In Derrick’s dreams. As much as I disliked Dr. Will’s gameplay (and I disliked Boogie’s even more) Dr. Will used his intelligence and strategy to keep himself in the house. Low I.Q.s and the backbone of sheep (and I apologize for offending the sheep) are the only reasons Derrick is still in the house.

      • Avatar

        Don’t know if y’all watch survivor but several years ago man named Russell Hance was on. He by far outplayed everyone. He was abrasive and honest about what most ppl aren’t. Told ppl he was coming after them. Found all the idols. There was no doubt he won the game and it wasn’t even close. Jury didn’t vote for him ( that was very bitter jury). The person who won I can’t even remember who it was. That’s how insignificantthat person was in game. Can’t even remember if male or female. It was really pretty bad because although everyone hated him no one even came close to his game play. He went back another year and did well that year also but didn’t make it to end cause everyone knew how good he was. His relatives played in bb and nephew in survivor twice also but they were crazy.

      • Rita

        And his nephew was kicked out of BB for headbutting another HG.

      • Avatar

        I remember a season of Big Brother when the woman sitting next to a man who had won a lot of the competitions (I think his name was Colby or Cody) was awarded the big prize. I remember she was a nurse and, like Victoria, did nothing in the game but cling on to Colby who brought her with him to the final two. That decision of his cost him the big prize.

      • Avatar
        Colby (426 comments)

        His game was strictly ‘intimidation’. He was a nut and nobody respected him or his game play, they were just scared of him. I think that is why they didn’t vote for him.

      • Avatar
        Colby (426 comments)

        And he cried like a little baby when he got booted.

      • Avatar
        B-rizzle (79 comments)

        Yea, the girl’s name was Natalie. She was the “Robin” to Russell’s “Batman”. In other words, he made all the decisions and she just went along with him. Now, Russell was obviously the better player than Natalie and I don’t think she deserved to win but Russell was not the kind of player Derrick is. Derrick has made no real enemies in the jury. Unless they’re just angry about game moves, they have no reason not to vote for him whereas Russell was a straight up asshole and he had a brutally bad social game. He wasn’t playing the game 24/7 like Derrick is. Once he had the votes to send someone out, he considered them not to be his problem anymore so he didn’t take any extra time to secure a jury vote. Derrick has a few jury votes locked up though.

      • Avatar


    • Mello_One

      True…Derrick was blessed with a cast of HG that were weak minded, and easily manipulated. With Derrick being a Cop it also helped him weed out the independent thinkers in the game.

      If Derrick would have been cast in last seasons edition of BB15 he would not have lasted as long as he did on BB16, imvho.

      Its just my opinion, but I really dislike it when “everything” goes the way one HG wants his/her game to be played on Big Brother, it makes for a very boring season…Last season it was Amanda who was the puppet master, this season it is Derrick. If BB keeps this kind of Game play going, avid fans of the show are gonna “jump the shark.”

      • Avatar

        Now Frankie trying to tell Caleb that Derrick is manipulating him and Caleb does not believe. Poor Caleb. Don’t know what’s going to happen when he gets booted out and also doesn’t win AFP. He really thinks if he’s in final two with Derrick he wins. But even if he doesn’t he thinks he has AFP in the bag. Thinks big career awaiting him and he will be famous. I really do feel sorry for him and worried what he might do when he gets out and finds out entire truth. Being the way he is I think this is going to damage him greatly and don’t know if he can handle it. I really worry something bad might happen. I hope he wins pov next time and saves himself so he stays longer for his ego I want him in final 3 because it will make game more interesting

      • Lulu
        Lulu (45 comments)

        I agree, Trudy. I am also concerned for Caleb. He has such a false sense of grandeur that I almost am afraid he has an undiagnosed mental illness. I hope he has support outside the bb house to deal with it.

      • Avatar
        Lilly (644 comments)

        Trudy and Lulu I also think there’s something wrong with Caleb. I feel bad for him. Hopefully he’ll get help after the show.

      • Avatar

        I’ve been feeling the same way about Victoria, that she’s really going to need some help once she realizes how she was played/used by Derrick.

      • Avatar

        Not if she goes home with $55,000 plus stipend. She knows derricks power in game.

      • Mello_One

        I think Vic is going to be crushed by some of the smack that Derrick, and the other guys have said about her.

        But Vic keeps saying that “she is not dumb, and knows what is up. ” I wonder if she truly does know Derrick is playing her/Vic, why would she do all of this to give someone a half a million dollars?! Answer…Derrick promised Vic the F2!

  19. Avatar
    Abbey (19 comments)

    If Derrick and Cody don’t vote out Frankie, they are stupid.
    Frankie should have been gone weeks ago.
    Frankie may think he’s well liked, but he’ll be surprised that he’s actually disliked more. He and the BB crew have made this season very annoyed. All Frankie’s playing to the camera just turns you off.

  20. Avatar
    Colby (426 comments)

    Veto meeting over. Cody didn’t use it. No big surprise!

    • Avatar

      Great. Now the votes. Hope Cody and Derrick vote out Mango. And Mango gets booed.

      • Avatar

        why would he get booed, other than his lame lets put on a play instead of save Donny mission…for that he should be booed…..

      • Avatar

        Have you not been watching all season or following this blog at all? It would take more than just one post for any of us to explain why Frankie should be booed (even more than Christine.)

      • Avatar

        That had nothing to do with it. You must not watch bbad and know the real frankie

      • Avatar
        rachel (159 comments)

        Frankie will not get booed for a million reasons. He might be shit, but at least he made moves. Rachel was shit too, but she made moves. Derrik might win and even deserve it, but he was boring. The last boring win was season 6.

      • Avatar

        He won’t get bood because not live show. If it was the boos would bring down the house and have nothing to do with his game play

  21. Avatar
    2004 (77 comments)

    Did Frankie throw the POV? He did 2 1/2 mins in the first one, then completely blew a comp he was expecting? Curious.
    Then BB offers some 1/2assed TA reward (that Derrick will not take)to save him? Suspect.
    Based on his behaviour and (the antigay sentiment) maybe Hollyweird is getting him out before he’s otherwise unmarketable? (No gay/sex remarks plz)
    Cody was lotioning his privates but no eyebrows were raised.
    The House sentiment is it doesn’t matter what they did to the Jurors, “too bad” they still have to vote for one of them. They go as far as disrespecting the viewers because too bad they’ll have make some money regardless. Is there a way these particular people and their insults can be addressed?
    I sorely dislike everyone in that house. I would hope Frankie upends Derrick’s game on the way out but that would leave Cody or Caleb to win and they lease deserve it.
    Izzy or Victoria for the win in that order

    • Rita

      No, Frankie was just under 6 minutes the first time.

      • Avatar
        2004 (77 comments)

        Ok Thanks Rita. That 2 1/2 was Cody’s new score. My mistake.
        I still say Frankie threw the POV though, unless he (like me) honestly does badly under pressure. Sorry Frankie but like my mother tells me “… that’s when it really counts.”

    • Avatar

      What we think happened. They changed the faces on this completion and mixed them up. Cody went first and happened to finish in 2 min 22 sec. Then the second person who I’d Derrick comes out and he’s told there is timed game and they use Cody’s time. So whoever gets the most of the faces in that time wins veto. Derrick was second viv was 3rd Caleb 4 and Frankie last. No way franki threw it. It was his life on the line. The others studied hard but Frankie did not study as much.

    • Avatar

      Izzy or Victoria for the win. This made me smile.

  22. Avatar

    Frankie from the tower of power to the weakest player this week, wow. I think they would have voted out Victoria this week then it would have been cut throat island for the boys. Now just lame gameplay as the other players hand Derrick his 500K check. Not that he does not deserve it, he does, but I wanted to see some fireworks and the CBS twist did nothing at all as it played right in the hands of Derrick…of course CBS could not know this at the time. CBS should just open up after Frankie is gone and say we cut the season short, Derrick is the winner and spare us what we know will happen.

    • Avatar
      2004 (77 comments)

      I concur. They only excitement to be had after Frankie goes is which order Derrick wants to beat the rest. Unless BB throws these others a bone or they grow a brain and evict Derrick, then Victoria so we can see this “title fight” between Cody and Caleb” I’m hard pressed to imagine anything eventful left to happen. In that event I think the Jurors may choose Caleb, because they pity is idiocy and they should align Cody as Derrick’s instrument.
      Though I know the game is to reward the best player even if that person is the dirtiest player, I think life is already like that. I am probably being idealistic when I say, If this game is to be a reflection of real life then, I blew dollars and time watching crap I can live for free.

      • AIO_7

        I’ll take the boredom; I don’t want Mango any where near the money.

      • Avatar
        Colby (426 comments)

        Exactly! Why change it now?
        At least we get the pleasure of seeing Mango go!

      • Avatar

        The big problem I think most of us have with this season is no big moves everything predictable. Boring because of that. But don’t give up yet although looks hopeless but there is small chance that excitement could yet come. They are putting Caleb up next with Vic (she will never win hoh). If Caleb wins pov he takes himself off and one of boys goes up. They vote out Vic. Final 3. Now here’s where it gets boring again. No matter who wins final 3 comp they all take Derrick and he beats them. Only way this does not happen is if Caleb wins pov and he’s on block with Vic and takes himself off and Cody is hoh Derrick goes on block with Vic. Caleb at this time can make big move(don’t know if he will)and vote Derrick out. He’s only one who can vote. Then Derrick is gone and Cody Vic and Caleb final three. I think Derrick wants to take Vic to final three but no matter who he takes he wins. But at least that scenario brings some excitement

  23. Avatar
    Kristina Stark (12 comments)

    I hope Derrick and Cody take Victoria to the final 3 with them if possible. I am not the greatest fan of Caleb’s. But either way Congrat’s to them all. And finally they used their brains and put Frankie on the block. I would like to see Derrick win the $500,000 because he worked all summer playing this game. I think they should take Victoria with them because that will help Cody and Derrick make it to the final 2 more than likely unless surprisingly Victoria wins a competition. I do like her though but it is what it is. And Derrick and Cody in the beginning make a promise to take each other to the end. So that would work out great. It would be harder to do that in the final 3 if Caleb was still in the picture because he is better at competition’s then Victoria.

  24. Avatar
    Abbey (19 comments)

    If and when it comes down to Derrick and Cody (or whoever) the jury house will give it to Derrick. They will give credit to Derrick on how he outplayed them all without alienating anyone. Derrick does the win.

  25. ShoeLover
    ShoeLover (734 comments)

    I can’t quite figure out exactly who Derrick really wants to take to the Final 2. Victoria because it’s the easiest way, or Cody, cause he likes him enough so Cody can take second $50,000?

    I wish I could ask him.

    • Avatar
      Lilly (644 comments)

      I want to know the same thing ShoeLover. He hasn’t said in DR who he really wants to take to final 2.

    • Avatar
      Colby (426 comments)

      I never have liked Victoria but would rather Derrick take her to F2 than Cody.
      I would like to see Cody get evicted and get his share of boo’s for his part in the whole Christine /Cody disgrace. Just because he is a guy, and it was more her responsibility to control it, he doesn’t get a free pass on that from me!

      • Avatar
        sask girl (27 comments)

        Do you really think she got boo’d because of the Cody thing? or was it just her nasty personality combined with Cody, (I think if there wasnt a Cody thing then she still would have gotten boo’d)

      • Avatar

        I agree, I didn’t like Christine because she was a nasty person. She was also very annoying. It had nothing to do with the Cody thing, they are both adults and I feel she’s the one that has to deal with the consequences of her actions. I really think she would have been booed anyway. Just like Frankie will be booed when he leaves, if it’s a live audience and not all of his family and friends or production is ask to fill the seats. He will soon realize America doesn’t much care him.

      • Avatar

        Christine embarrassed her family and I think Cody realized he was wrong.
        No one picked her shirt for PoV and she was eliminated first.
        No one’s forgiven her. Jury must be awful having her there. At least last year those girls fought it out!

      • Avatar

        It was the Cody thing because she was married

      • Avatar
        rachel (159 comments)

        Christine just sucked. As a human and a bb player. Even without cody, she sucked.

      • Avatar
        Jenny (383 comments)

        I think the way she back-stabbed Nichole had a lot to do with it, too. And throwing that comp with Donny where he still ended up winning. At least when Caleb tried to throw a comp he was honest about it. Stupid, but honest.

    • Avatar

      There is no honor or loyalty in Derrick. His decision to force Frankie out this week and not honor the four man alliance is evidence of that. He will cut Cody loose before taking him to the final 2. He’s been counting the $500,000 since his first week in the house and he figures going up against Victoria makes the win for him even easier.

  26. Avatar
    a2dg (25 comments)


    Between best of all time???


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  28. Avatar
    #Team Derrick (1 comments)

    I so agree with all of your comments about how Derrick is a genius and truly one of the best players I’ve seen in a few years. How classic would it be, if and when Frankie is evicted, they would sing, “I’ve got one less problem with out ya'” in a true Ariana Grande style?

  29. Avatar

    I wonder how many comps Derrick threw. His goal was to be appear weak and not so smart, and we know that’s not the case. He used everybody else’s powers to get his way. I agree that Derrick is probably the best BB player to date.

  30. Avatar

    Quick question – with Steve being away and all, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to share some of the tweets and a video clip from a BB twitter account that posts about what’s happening on the live feeds. I just noticed that someone game me a thumbs-down for every post I made with that shared info, and am not sure why. 🙁 Is it against the rules for me to do that? (I did credit the twitter account that I shared the info from.)


    • danmtruth

      Diane don’t take it to heart I got thumbs down for bad grammar and miss spellings Enjoy and learn from the positive and negative comments many different views I have mention other sites and I have seen people giving links to other sites So no I know of no rule against it

      • Avatar

        Thanks, danmtruth. Being still fairly new here, I wasn’t sure, and was just trying to help out. I found another great tidbit to share from that same Twitter account, but will post it separately.

      • Rita

        Don’t let the thumbs down bother you. Some people will do it on even the nicest posts. Just some very unhappy people out there I guess.

    • Avatar

      I loved your tweets. Everyone puts links here don’t look at thumbs as some just do that. For some reason I am unable to do the thumbs up & down so everyone it’s never me!

      • Avatar

        For the longest time, I couldn’t do the thumbs-up or thumbs-down thing either, and couldn’t figure out why! Then I realized you have to be logged-in to the site to do that, LOL.

      • Avatar

        Gosh I never log in!! Is that why my postings are not bold like most ppls? Duh. What a dummy. I would fit right in with the house. Thanks

      • Avatar
        rachel (159 comments)

        Maybe ppl give thumbs down because they disagree with your opinion. Dont be a crybaby and dont take it personally. They give thumbs down because they disagree, not cuz they hate you. Jeez!

      • Avatar

        I don’t have a problem with folk disagreeing with my opinion – that’s what the thumbs-up/thumbs-down are there for, I’m guessing. The content of these particular posts were not my opinion, though. They were those of the HGs (taken from BB fan Twitter accounts covering the Live Feed.)

        It’s why I was initially confused as to the thumbs-down and thought it was because maybe we weren’t allowed to share posts from other sites.
        (That, apparently, isn’t the case.)

      • Ann

        Hahaha! I couldn’t figure out either why my name wasn’t dark. And yup, I most definitely don’t have what it takes to be in the house.

      • Avatar

        We can go in as a team

  31. danmtruth

    So Sunday night we get end of HoH. Than noms. See the jury back for the lame luxury comp that Frankie can’t stop crying about. Than the start of POV to draw us in to watch Tue night for the tape of Frankie walking out with any luck to end the show Does anyone know if this is what CBS has planed?

    • Avatar

      Was really upset they cut out his fit he threw and bad things he said about jacosta. On jokers recaps Derrick still going on about how jacosta avoided hugging him when jury came back for comp. they talk about a bitter jury but they are the bitter ones I think jury having a good time

  32. Avatar

    Okay, if it’s okay with everyone else, here’s a few more recent Twitter updates from the BB live feeds for those, like myself, who don’t have access to them.

    For whoever gave me the thumbs-down on my previous posts like these, it’s not like I’m the one making these comments, lol, I’m just sharing what was posted on these different BB Twitter accounts of what was actually said by the players themselves or things that have taken place in the BB house.

    (From @BBSpoil)

    Caleb- I can bank on winning America’s Favorite player.

    Caleb to camera- Vote for one of us two to win America’s Favorite. Whoever isn’t in final 2. (to Frankie)- It’s definitely between us.

    Cody to Derrick- Caleb just doesn’t get it. He’s so clueless about this game. It’s frustrated me that we brought him this far.

    *rolls her eyes*

    (From @BB_Updates)

    Derrick to Caleb- I trust him (Cody), I trust you. I dont trust Frankie. I think Frankie would slice us in a heartbeat.

    Cody tells Frankie that Ariana could offer concert tickets if people vote for him to win America’s Favorite. Frankie says she wont.

    Frankie- I think Caleb has an excellent shot at America’s Favorite. Cody- I dont. Dont think he stands a chance against Donny or Zach.

    Caleb to Cody/Derrick- You (Frankie) are the one that was adamant about pushing the button. There you go, tough guy.

    Derrick, Cody and Caleb agree that as of right now the plan is to tell Frankie that he is going home the night before the eviction

    Derrick- If I win I’m definitely having another kid. Victoria- Yay!

    Frankie to the camera- If I end up walking out this door, I walk out knowing that I played a killer killer game but I am not done yet. Still got some tricks up my sleeve. Either way…super happy, super proud.

    Derrick to Caleb- My biggest fear is making it to jury (Final 2) and getting smoked.

  33. g8trgirl
    g8trgirl (1048 comments)

    Tonight’s show doesn’t start until 8:30 EST. Can CBS make any more changes?

  34. Avatar
    Walter (1 comments)

    Well I just want to let you all know, don’t drive by the house and yell what is happening. We drove by today, you can not even get that close. There is the LA water duct between you and the house but there are also 3-6 crew members staged through out the aptartment complex and one on the roof of the big brother house watching all angles. I decided to yell out my thoughts on the game and share my support for a certain house guest and well the hubby and I got a very nice escort out of the area. Not by the cops or anything but just a ok, move it along or else. Then they walked and drove scooters behind us till we exited the area. Being a huge fan it was sureal to see all the discarded junk from the challenges and the back side of the yard. I wanted I scale the fence, LOL.

  35. Avatar

    Skankie Frankie will be booed so bad when he is evicted, he’ll go down as the biggest most hated hg in big brother history.
    Just think about when he goes back to watch how much of ass he was and still is. XD

    • Rita

      As much as I personally don’t care for Frankie I have caught myself worrying about him when he gets out of the house.
      He is VERY concerned about being liked. I know he has a lot of fans and followers (every HG does, even Devin, eww) but it seems BB fans mostly dislike him.
      I hope he is strong enough to handle the critics.

    • Avatar
      Colby (426 comments)

      He is the most hated this season in all the polls and he will hate that. Unfortunately for us, he will probably not be booed like he should because it will be a taped show, with a controlled audience made up mostly of his friends and family. He may get some boo’s, but it will probably be edited in his favor.

    • Avatar

      No, he won’t because it isn’t a ‘live’ show.

  36. Avatar

    Did they gave the veto meeting yet?

  37. Avatar
    Teresa (9 comments)

    I really wish they would air some of the crap Frankie has been doing so those who are not following blogs or the live feeds can see how he’s behaving. Maybe it has something to do with the mess from last season but when I talk to friends who don’t have these accesses they have no idea. It’s frustrating.

  38. Rita

    The staged fight between Derrick and Victoria is epic. Victoria did a great job acting and all the HGs fell for it. I thought it was a stupid plan but it really has been paying off for Derrick.

  39. Avatar
    chuckster (7 comments)

    Caleb made the most stupid mistake of the whole season. Unless he wins the next POV he is gone….plain and simple.

    • Avatar

      What mistake? I don’t understand

      • Avatar
        rachel (159 comments)

        For caleb and his game, putting franki up was stupid. For me and the rest of bb fans, yaaayyy, frankie is going woo! But caleb shouldve not put frankie up cuz frankie was taking caleb and derik to final 3, no? I dunno I dont watch bb anymore, too boring

      • Avatar

        Agreed. I also want Frankie gone, but if someone actually likes Caleb or cares about Caleb’s game, he’s making another dumb move (his worst moves seem to always involve Frankie). For him to take out Frankie and not see that Frankie’s his closest ally shows how duped he’s been into doing Derrick’s dirty work. Caleb’s next to go as a direct result. Derrick makes final 2 no matter how you slice it (Victoria won’t take Cody; Cody won’t take Victoria; Derrick will seem troubled to decide between the two but then likely go with Victoria.) I do hope to be wrong here. Please let me be wrong. This potential ending is as painfully obvious as the rest of the season… 🙂

      • Avatar

        Don’t think Frankie would have been loyal to Caleb after this week

  40. Rita

    So Christine was the one who scratched off Victoria’s name on the bathroom door. It looked like she tucked something under her shirt coming out of the stall and BB made sure they aired it. She really is a bitch.

  41. Avatar

    I love Caleb!!! I want to move to texas from toronto canada
    And marry him lol …

  42. Avatar
    Allison (3 comments)

    The stars at night, are big and bright……

  43. Avatar

    So would it be better if mango got boooed or if there were crickets? I know it is taped so it will be family and so forth which is BS on CBS’s part since they love him. But I think it would be classic if he were to leave the house and then nothing. No cheers or boos. It would really be a slap in his face and show him that no one really cares for him.

  44. Avatar

    I was just perusing another Big Brother site and came across this tidbit concerning Victoria: “3:48PM BBT: Victoria has changed into a new outfit. She calls Derrick into the photo booth. Victoria has a knife and is pretending to hold it to Derrick’s head in the photo booth. Cody yells at her to bring the knife back and not do it. Victoria takes a few more shots sitting on Derrick’s lap. BB yells at her to “stop that” with the knife.” Big Brother yelled at her to “stop it”? I think most of us remember a season of Big Brother where a houseguest was immediately evicted because he jokingly put a knife to another houseguest’s throat. So, Victoria just gets told to “stop it”? Seems like Big Brother enjoys making their policy fit certain players.

    • Avatar

      Putting a knife to another houseguest’s throat, even if in jest, should be grounds for immediate eviction. If, in fact, Big Brother had followed their own prior rules, Victoria would have been evicted and Caleb would have been forced to put either Derrick or Cody up next to Frankie. We know Big Brother wasn’t about to allow that to happen. So, I’ll say it again, the fix is definitely in.

  45. Avatar
    Angela (26 comments)

    Annette, Caleb lives in Kentucky..lol, and to the poster who said they can’t wait till Derek reveals hes a cop-I don’t know about the Jury but the remaining HG’s know-Frankie revealed it on a you tube video called “We’re secretly married” Derek actually admits it and no one believed him-which makes it even more amazing that he is in the house-and to the person who posted about Derek’s legend continues-don’t get me wrong-I’m team Derrick but the fact that Frankie is leaving was actually Cody’s idea and he should get credit-he has been wanting him out for a long time..Also I liked Caleb initially but I really don’t think it his fault that he has this false sense of grandeur-remember that frankie has been working him for a very long time with things like if Caleb puts him on the block evicts him, etc that the Ariana Army is going to come after him, which has made Caleb not want to evict him. and who knows what else Frankie has been feeding his ego with….what is stupid on his part is that there is no way that Frankie is going to hook him up with anything after the show..I also find it funny that Caleb is scared that Frankie is going to come after him for putting him on the block-um Derek wants Cody and Victoria in F3-I really hope that Derrick wins the next HOH to solidify that or maybe Cody-and the longer that Cody is in the game- the more I’m really starting to like him..I don’t think that away from the others he talks crap-in the very beginning he said something catty like if Nicole would just clean her face up she would be soo hot…which in a way is an underhanded compliment, and I think he called Caleb an ass clown when he kept going back to Frankie and revealing their plans….oh also I feel a teeny teeny bit bad for Christine-yeah I know she kind of brought all the hate on herself-but imagine being in Christine’s place-she is a HUGE fan of big brother she gets a once in lifetime opportunity to actually be on the show…an alliance of all the popular people ring her in to their alliance-(she must have been on cloud nine) and then she has to make the choice between her best friend in the house or doing her other alliance’s dirty work-and then to come out to boos worse than Amanda’s or the other girl who used the n…word-I don’t agree that she deserved the boos she got. I don’t watch after dark or the live feeds but I don’t think her and Cody ever kissed or had sex…just cuddled, I just don’t get it….I really think Caleb is the next to go unless he can somehow pull off the HH win or Power of Veto next week-gosh I’d be excited if both Frankie and or Caleb or Victoria gets evicted next week..if all goes the way I want it to go Frankie and Caleb, then Vic too leave without Derek ever being on the block-hope Cody wins the Final 3 HOH and then takes Derek to F2-and then Derek wins the 500k-been team Derek since he stepped into the big brother house-him being a cop-and him seeing just the 500k and wanting to lay low until he could feel out the others-he didn’t really comment on the others initally or talk alliances from the get go-all he saw was that money-nothing has swayed him from that-and those saying that he hasn’t had adversity-he has had a teeny bit-it was the week that someone told Vic that he had another alliance I don’t remember who…he could have been in alot of trouble that week-with his other alliances-but he was able to calm her down and convince her he didn’t…and that was in front of alot of the houseguests. C’mon Derrick and Cody for F2..
    Team Derrick

    • Rita

      Frankie should be going to jury this week.

    • Avatar
      BB Bopper (20 comments)


      I’m confused, how did the remaining HG’s find out that Derrick is a cop? When did they find out? Nobody acts like they know and Derrick has said more than once that there are things about him they don’t know (maybe only to Victoria) and that he’ll reveal it after the show is over? Are you sure they know?

      • Avatar

        At one point [4 or 5 weeks ago] Frankie said something along the lines of “I think you are a cop.” Derrick played it off with a “yeah right,” and then to further misdirect the house he made a joke out of it to Christine, Cody and Caleb with a “hey guess what, Frankie thinks I am a cop hahaha.” Everyone laughed it off and none know he is really a cop. Just last night Derrick came close to telling Victoria but stopped himself. He talked about it to the camera when he was alone.

      • Avatar
        BB Bopper (20 comments)

        Thx DanDaMan for clearing that up for me. I was hoping it wasn’t true and that Derrick being a cop was still under wraps.

    • leafhopper
      leafhopper (187 comments)

      The way Christine acted with Cody was inappropriate. She is married. It doesn’t matter if she never had sex with him or never kissed him. Would you want your husband or wife acting that way with another person? I am not letting Cody off of the hook either. He knew that he was messing around with someone who should have had boundaries, he should have enough respect for someones marriage even though she didn’t have enough respect for herself and her own vows. Someone who disrespects a marriage from the outside is just as bad as the person who destroys it from the inside.

  46. Avatar

    I just saw this on jokers. Vic drinking win and derricks response. Is this the real Derrick?dont like the way he’s treating her at all

    8:39 PM Victoria drinking wine. Derrick “Don’t drink too much wine. You’ll start spurting off at the mouth. Slow down. You’re done withthe wine. You’re done.

    • Avatar

      Well if Victoria runs her mouth and exposes the lie of “Victoria’s Funeral” she could be going out next instead of Frankie, Derrick doesn’t want that to happen, I don’t think Victoria wants that either and I know all sorts of people around here will be whining mightily if that happens. She should probably heed his advice.

  47. Avatar
    Angela (26 comments)

    oh, I forgot to add for anyone who is still Anti Derick getting the win..he has worked very hard to make sure Vic, Cody and him were F3-at this point i think he has a great shot on taking home the money-right now if Vic has the vote on who to take to F2, she is taking Derrick-if Cody gets the vote it will be Derick-and Caleb is a bit of a wild card so not sure if he will take Derick-I think think Derick will be able to convince him to take him-not bad odds 2 people for sure give you f2 and 50 50 shot with the other..not sure about the jury vote-as long as Derick can avoid fall out with Cody-he has his vote in jury-he for sure has Vic-not really sure where Caleb is at…


    Caleb not sure
    Vic-One vote
    Cody-one vote as long as Derrick can avoid fall out
    Hayden-one vote
    Christine one vote
    Nicole-one vote
    Zach-one vote
    Donny-will not vote for Derek due to Team America fall out
    Jocasta-not sure
    Frankie-will not vote for Derick out of spite

    I think that is all the jury-so as long as Dericks get to the F2-he is taking home the money-where does everyone else think the votes will fall?

  48. Avatar
    Angela (26 comments)

    Trudy-Derrick has treated her that way all along and she still follows him around like a puppy-he has been a jerk to her all season-I can’t really blame him though-it’s pretty obvious she is in love with him-I’m sure Derrick knows it-and you know how people are if he is nice-people might see it the wrong way..

    • Avatar

      I think Derrick has been very patient and good to her all season he’s babied her and let her cry aa over him and he’s protected her even tho because it helps him. Never heard him talk to her like that. I would be pissed if he said that to me. Who is he to tell her “you’re done with the wine you’re done”

  49. Rita

    Trudy and Angela….

    Derrick is Victoria’s number one fan in the house. He has been her best friend and protected her several times, game wise and personally (when Zack was picking on her and calling her names). He has treated her like the sister he never wanted (in the BB house).

    He is playing a game and he may say some things to throw off the others in the house but he has never been malicious or mean to her.

    As far as the wine tonight… She was completely crazy last time she had wine and has been sharing a little too much information sober so I can see why he’s watching out for her (and himself) now.

    It Is A Game.

  50. Avatar

    Vic is drink Wine and getting tipsy. Derrick is telling her no more wine. He is worrying that she will say something so guys know that their fight was stage.

  51. Avatar

    Do y’all think the activity they are talking about and getting up early for is for taping the eviction. Well HG know about eviction before Tuesday I guess feeds etc go down when that happens and when would they come up agin Tuesday after show and we learn about eviction. then we see eviction on Tuesday and hoh ?or Wednesday pov and eviction? So when we see eviction Tuesday will evicted HG have actually left Monday? Or would they tape Tuesdays show Tuesday during day? Anyone know?

    • Avatar
      Colby (426 comments)

      The houseguests were told to look good tomorrow.
      They are speculating why, but most think the are getting a surprise visitor, and trying to guess who it might be.
      Guess they are going to surprise them (as much as possible) that it is actually going to be the eviction show.
      Yes Trudy, I’m almost positive they will tape it tomorrow to have time to edit it, etc. for Tuesday. And the feeds will be down from then until after the show on Tuesday.
      Who knows how the will handle HOH or POV for Wednesday. Maybe done all in one show like on DE’s.?
      Guess we will see.

  52. Avatar

    I thought SB said feeds would go down Monday and not come back up until Tuesday after the show. I am not sure if they come back after the ET or PT zones. I will see if i can find post.

  53. Avatar

    I wonder if Celab and Cody are starting to wonder about the jury votes for Derrick. they had this conversation. I got it from jokers.

    Cody & Caleb in HOH. Caleb saying Frankie threw it out there that he doesn’t think the jury hates Derr. Derr keeps throwing it outthere but he doesn’t think it’s true. Cody says nothing. Caleb “I still think we’ll beat him (derr) because of how we’ve played this game… won comps & have been nice to everyone”

    Derr walks in
    Cody saying they are talking about when to tell Frankie.

  54. Avatar

    All HG are in bed. They know they have to get up early tomorrow but don’t know why. They were planning on telling Frankie before the eviction that he is going. If they do the evic first thing in the morning…no time to tell him. Blindsided. Production may do the eviction Monday AM so that they have time to edit the episode for Tuesday. Guess we’ll know if this is the case if feeds go out and don’t come back until Tuesday after the show.

  55. Avatar
    Abbey (19 comments)

    Glad that Frankie will be evicted. Enough is enough of him. I’ve noticed on several occasions that Derrick was not comfortable with Frankie hugging. Other guys seem to put up with it. It will be interesting to see how Frankie acts once in the jury house and also how the other hgs react to him.

  56. Avatar
    James (25 comments)

    “Caleb to Derrick and Cody: I want to be the tie breaker that votes out Frankie…”

    I was thinking when he said that, he might flip and save Frankie. Derrick quickly shot down that idea.

    • Avatar
      2004 (77 comments)

      I thought that too.
      then I remembered this was the same guy that giddily set up and voted out Amber (who he professed to wish to marry). He’s cruel (with manic delusions) and his only foremost thoughts are (when possible) ensure “victims” know its him dealing them a death blow. If I needed aid, He’s THAT kind of GI I don’t want holding my relief package.

    • Avatar

      Sounds like he just might.

  57. Avatar
    2004 (77 comments)

    My argument for keeping Frankie is ….
    These players act like Jury members HAVE to ONLY opt them as winners based on they’re manipulative game. Derrick tried to play the good guy and the man behind the curtain simultaneously. Wouldn’t he know by now that the Jury is aware of his strategy. (Obviously not an issue in his game)
    When he goes to F2 and the Jury declares he has the bloodiest hands, they might very well opt for whoever else is standing next to Derrick
    I am not a Frankie Fan by any stretch of the imagination, but he does look good in that scenario tho.
    If I was a spiteful Juror, looking to award the 500k to anybody else other than Derrick (who was not Derrick) I’d think to myself, any of the other 3 (that might show up beside Derrick) whatever they did, were just a part of his plan. Aside from his Comp wins, Frankie might point out that in fact aside from Zach and Donny (that I know of, in the Jury) Frankie is less bloodier than Derrick.(maybe derrick knows that Frankie will play on that) But since Likeability doesn’t matter, Derrick can say, “… look people, you’re all here because I put you here and that counts for everything, its the only thing, and most of you didn’t tag me to it till somebody else clued you in (not that you guys are stupid, it’s just I’m that good)”
    So unless likeability is not a factor in choosing the winner, off to Jury you go Frankie, to poison the Jury even more against Derrick, because you guys WILL, MUST, HAVE TO, pick him to win. Tell ’em about TA if Donny hasn’t already, so Derrick really doesn’t need the dollars.
    Good plan Derrick, good plan.

  58. Avatar

    Cody is another A-hole-ic psycho, Frankly, I’d pick Caleb over him because I know what I’m getting, so I wouldn’t take him too seriously, But Cody has acted for Derrick as Executioner happily. This guy has skated by being an unprincipled $20 hoe, and allowing everybody else to take the heat alone for his more than equally contributed actions AKA Christine and Frankie. He didn’t bat an eye to help Amber, who liked, he voted her out.

    Now I remember why I didn’t watch these shows to begin with, My own delusions of rainbows and unicorns and good people who deserve a break winning, never come realized. After my chronic OCD is satiated, To hell with these people, I have my own bills to pay.

    I am not bitching cause Frankie’s going home, to hell with him.I am bitching that based on this season of BB, all that free money they gave away free for doing nothing. I could have done that and beat these dopes in spades. Jealous much? Only sometimes. Like now.

  59. Avatar
    Karen (13 comments)

    I wish someone could explain why the hg think they need to give a nominee a heads up as to their eviction ahead of the vote and the entire house voting together. I always enjoyed the game when everyone voted their own game and stirring up the house so no one feels safe. Here is to hoping next season is better than the last few years!

  60. danmtruth

    Karen my daughter said it right At this point of the game they know the evicted person goes to the jury house. So they don’t want to make them look bad. Hoping to get them to vote for them.Giving them a heads up they feel is the honorable thing to do. Not sure if the evicted person feels that way

  61. Avatar
    Sandra ftsm (1137 comments)

    I haven’t been on for a coupla days. Sorry I wasn’t here for the huge put down and slam I got for wishing franko would get better soon. Oh an the slam SteveBeans got for talking about football on his own blog. It seems to me since it is his blog he should be able to say whatever he wants. Don’t like it? Ok its simple you just click off this site and go find another one. Also I’m tired of being called a homophobe just because I detest Frankie. I’ll say it again as I have stated before ” it has nothing to do with being gay”. Seems to me that there’s only one person who keeps shouting homophobe. You know who you are, you ever heard the old joke ” whoever smelt it dealt it?” It seems to apply here also. I will continue to offer Franko my good wishes ( and I do franko ) and I will still congratulate SteveBeans on his marriage. There plenty of other blogs, if this one doesn’t suit you move on. I don’t care to hear rubbish spewed from people like you either. Color me red.

    • Avatar

      Well said. I completely agree.

    • danmtruth

      Way to stand tall! Well said nothing worse than being ridiculed for your beliefs . People forget if you disagree no need to get personal with your attracts of there positions Keep posting Sandra

      • Avatar
        Sandra ftsm (1137 comments)

        Thank you. I had no idea all this occured until I caught back up with the blog this morning. Some people evidently find it necessary to slam other people when there’s nothing going on in the house. It’s just common courtesy.

      • Jannie

        I am still reading this blog, and am hesitant to comment but I just wanted to let Sandra know that I had wished her the best for the rest of the season. I was not ridiculing you for any well wishing. Not calling anyone a homophobe – if I did please tell me where I used that word – personally I don’t like it. Just stating an opinion that I come here to escape problems – not be caught up in more. I want to talk BB here. I think that is the purpose of the blog. Please read my earlier comments again, you may see them differently.
        I also have wished you the best a few weeks ago as you raise a child with special needs – I know what that it like and it’s not easy. It is why I tried to choose my words carefully, like “sorry” and “Not want to offend.” My kids are socially challenged and it sets up for some bullying – I don’t want to bully people.
        I guess I am just a little shocked that you are coming at me with such venom for trying to express an opinion – I thought that’s what we do here. I have apologized to Franko for naming him specifically in my initial post, and he and I are cool. I have always enjoyed hearing your opinions on the game and most of the time agreed with you.
        “I don’t care to hear rubbish spewed from people like you either.” Who exactly are “people like me?” WOW – that’s harsh. Take a look at what people said to me after my comment. I know we all got caught up in the heat of the moment, and I have seen some back off and we all cooled down. I would like to think that, as grown adult we can settle differences without resorting to name calling.

        Danmtruth – yes, nothing is worse than being ridiculed for your beliefs.”

    • Avatar

      I would think someone’s finger might be tired by now from all the “thumbs down” she (or he) has been giving to my and anyone else’s posts who dare to defend some of Frankie’s actions during this season. I’m also curious as to why you, Sandra, think the term “homophobe” was applied to you directly. But, since we’re tossing around expressions, “if the shoe fits…”. I also think what really applies here is “Thou dost protest too much.”

      • Avatar

        My name was mentioned in that post so I’m definetly going to think that everything that’s said in that post applies to me. I think that’s just common sense.

    • Avatar

      Welcome back. Thought you had gotten lost

      • Jannie

        Thank you – it means a lot. Although I am not sure of that was meant for me or Sandra.
        Sounds like the feeds are going to be down for the Mango eviction tonight?? And not coming back until after Tuesdays episode?? I guess that means no BBAD tonight…

    • Avatar
      franko (692 comments)

      Sandra ftsm,
      Just thought I’d try to catch up. I have not left but one comment in the last couple of days, I think. I have jumped on the blog a couple of times but I haven’t made it any comments because too much was going on with me. I also have kind of wanted to stay away from making comments that were too much off topic. I have missed being on here and hearing from the people on here but I was actually trying to rest. I did not feel like arguing with people on this blog, at least a couple of them. I am ok with them making their comments because they are entitled and don’t want anybody to put them down. I haven’t been angry with anyone but a couple of the comments really did hurt my feelings. however, it is all good and I’m still around and enjoying reading comments made.
      for those who has asked, I am much better than I was a week ago. I came home from the hospital late last night. I was very tired when I finally got home and I crashed for a while.
      I don’t have much else to say at the moment. I May try to catch up with very kind people on here a little later.

      Btw, where’s mom?? Hope SHE is ok. Oh no, there I go getting OFF TOPIC. Hahahehe


  62. Avatar

    Anybody got any idea how many hollars Derrick got so far?

  63. Avatar

    well the feeds are down, according to Joker’s. So here’s hoping Frankie actually does get voted out today!!! As an aside, who was/is more disgusting: Frankie or Amanda.

  64. Avatar

    What’s sad is that if Derrick takes Victoria to the finale, that’s
    Not right because she hasn’t done anything. I know that’s how the game
    Works but the third person in line should at least
    Get something as well. I’ll be pissed off is Victoria gets
    50k and Caleb/ Cody goes home with nothing.
    That’s bullshit. I know it’s a risk to take them over Victoria but
    Imagine Derrick took Victoria and then the jury get
    Really pissed at Derrick for dragging a dead weight
    To the final two to be really greedy to get the 500k and they
    All vote for Victoria to just spite him LOL OMG that
    Would be soooo bad!!!!!

    • Avatar
      TangoTango (152 comments)

      the only positive way to look at it is that Derrick was not only able to get himself to final 2 without being on the block (atleast to this point) but he also brought dead weight that was a sitting target all season. She did nothing and he controlled enough people throughout the whole game that he was actually able to be the BEST BB Player in history and bring along the WORST BB Player in history! Ironic, don’t ya think???

      • Avatar
        Zach DJfreakyZ (1 comments)

        I could not agree more!!! It takes an amazing player to not only get himself to the end, but a horrible player to the end too!

    • Avatar
      Uchiha (42 comments)

      Derrick will not take Victoria to final 2..he understands that..

    • Avatar

      He plans to take Cody but likes Vic a lot as a person. Says she’s the only one he has person feelings for

  65. Avatar

    If that happened, I think big brother would
    Officially be over in the US lol

  66. Avatar

    The jury members are very bitter. They may just
    In fact vote for Victoria!

    • Avatar

      They are always bitter but I don’t think this will jury will realistically vote for Victoria. I don’t think they’d vote for Victoria over even Frankie if it had come down that way. I know I wouldn’t.

    • Avatar
      Abbey (19 comments)

      If the jury gave Vic the win, then they just killed any future Big Brother shows. Tho, they may be upset or whatever, I think they’re a smart enough group to realize Derrick is the winner and that he played his game well and outplayed all the houseguests. That’s a true winner of the game,like it or not.

      • Avatar

        I agree I really don’t think they are that bitter except maybe Christine many are big bb fans usually jury votes for best player. Like him or not and I have not really liked him from beginning he played best game. I don’t thinly never going on block is not that big a deal in voting but jury knows who leader has been and he also sucked up to everyone who went to jury to get their vote.

  67. Avatar

    All I have to say is finally someone had the balls to put up Frankie … now I’m praying that he doesn’t win the veto! Please no.

  68. Avatar

    Just curious how other thing the others will place. Here is what i see:

    Winner: Derrick
    2nd : Cody
    3rd : Vick
    4th : Cody

  69. danmtruth

    So no feeds for the rest of the day? The first time something interesting will happen. We will be seeing from a production filtered version ? This sucks !! The moment we all wanted the look on Frankie face when he gets evicted.

  70. Avatar
    Sandra ftsm (1137 comments)

    I don’t think I used any names when I made my statement like some others did. I didn’t look at who it was nor would’ve it mattered. We have free speech in our country, that’s what makes it great. I made a general comment about some people slamming others because their human beings and they care about other people. When I was talking to Franko the last time I was on if you looked at the time stamp it was 4:30 to 5:00am. No one else was commenting so we didn’t hurt anyone there. People slamming SteveBeans because he dared to have an opinion about sports. It’s his blog if that’s what he wants to say I don’t care. I don’t even watch sports but I will stand up for his right to do so. Makes no difference to me. I’ll just move on down the blog and find someone else commenting about something I do care about. It’s a blog. No use in people getting so fired up because someone voices an opinion. I voiced mine.

    • Avatar

      It was more boring than usual in house and Franko in hospital and Steve getting married so talk turned personal as there was nothing to talk about in house. That’s nature of blog. We were all on computer looking for news and there was none so we just socialized.

    • Jannie

      You were the one who got fired up Sandra ftsm. That was pretty rude. To late to act innocent now. We all saw the real you and it’s not very nice.

  71. Avatar

    Franko honey come on back to the blogs. You know most of the people on here care about you. If others don’t that’s their problem. I care and would like an update. SteveBeans I hope you had a wonderful wedding and honeymoon. I’m also sending out prayers to your parents, franko, and for some people who just need to know that there are people that care for others. If someone sees this comment and you get nothing from it move along to the next post maybe you’ll find what you need there.

    • kneeless

      I’ve not been here much over the weekend. Did someone offend my friend Franko? How dare they. Some folks take these blogs, postings, responses, etc WAY too seriously. If somebody doesn’t care for another person’s opinion, move along…quietly.

      Franko, my friend, how are you doing? I’m thinking about you & saying prayers!
      To the newlyweds, congrats, hope you had a fun wedding day & are enjoying your time together.
      To Steve & his parents, I pray for all of you & hope when Steve is celebrating 1 yr of marriage next yr at this time, that Mom & Dad are celebrating having a yr of health issues behind them.
      To the rest of my BB friends, thanks for a fun summer! I’ll miss all of you but hope we’re all back together next year. Hopefully, the next HG’s won’t be sooooo boring!

    • Avatar
      Colby (426 comments)

      Yes, Franko. Please let us know how you are doing.
      The feeds are off and so no game to talk about, so I don’t think anyone could possibly be bothered by it.
      And even if there was game going on, who cares what they think. Many of us care and want to know about how you are doing.

    • Avatar

      I think he posted something last night around midnight. .
      Hope he’s ok.

      • danmtruth

        I enjoy are little community here it’s nice to see people can care about each other It’s all Derrick fault for playing such a boring game. We have no game play to talk about . No no that’s no true get away from that thumbs down button. So we are forced to go cold Turkys tonight on BB . Thanks damamma for the Caleb Amber link very funny . Our boy Caleb haven’t learned much has he
        Looking forward to hearing from people

      • Avatar

        How many ppl will we run off from sb blog?

      • Jannie

        Jannie was just trying to give an opinion. Maybe too bold, but whatever. Y’all went after her like a pack of hungry wolves. If I was Franco I would stay away because you are not as nice as y’all think you are

  72. Avatar

    Caleb & Amber — The Stalkermance — Big Brother 16

    …thought I would share this video, maybe give us something to chat about…it is a little over an hour long

  73. Avatar
    Emily Star (17 comments)

    How much longer now, I can’t take it anymore with this down time. I feel like I’m having big brother withdrawal already. Yikes!! This is the time that I really want that fly on the wall to tell me something…anything!

  74. Avatar

    Ok I’ve been thinking cause there is nothing else to do. We were thinking that Ariana and followers would probably be in non live audience when Frankie leaves and production, therefore no booing. We were all mad well, Ariana and co can’t be in audience because eviction today. In fact eviction probably over now but they can’t be there because nobody but cbs can know about eviction until show tomorrow night security has to be high cause they don’t want any tweeting, talking, FB etc. probably now they are doing hoh for Wednesdays show. Maybe filming the scheming and planning now against Caleb and getting him out and what if he wins pov. Hate we r missing that part. So any audience has to be only trusted ppl with cbs to keep secret. They can’t afford secret to get out. Also, Frankie does not get warned before hand because if they told him it was going to be Tuesday night. But they sounded as if they were not going to tell him at all. So is wed eviction taped or live? Seems like again like Tuesdays show there is not time to do live show. When eviction happened today hg have to know another coming wed because they were all expecting double eviction. What do ppl think will happen when Caleb goes up? Will he still think Vic will go and he’s in final 3. Even if he does we know he will do his best to win pov cause that’s how he is. Let’s talk cause I’m going thru withdrawal.

  75. Avatar

    I believe Celab thinks it will still be the guys in F3. I also thinks he believes he can beat anyone that is left in the HOH or POV challenges.

    • Avatar

      I know that’s what he thinks but we know he will be going up wed. If he wins pov what does he do. He will be only vote and it will be Derrick or Derrick vs Vic. Does he smarten up and send male?

      • Avatar

        I don’t think he smartens up. I know yesterday he was wondering if Derrick was being honest when he keeps saying he has no votes in the jury. I think it might depend if he decides Derrick has votes or not. Do you think Derrick can win a HOH comp. against Cody?

      • Avatar

        I think they all have pretty even shot depending on comp. Derrick gets edge on mental and Cody on physical I think.

      • Avatar

        Meant to say Derrick/ Cody against victoria

  76. Avatar

    The HGs were told there’d be an early wake-up call today, BB told them they have activities today, they think they’re getting a guest today, but it’s really an eviction day. BB Will be taping tomorrow’s eviction episode today, so the HGs have to do goodbye messages, pack, clean… everything. Once the eviction process begins the feeds will go off and remain off until after the show airs tomorrow. Tonight’s Big Brother After Dark will be pre-recorded of the events taking place in the morning.

    …this from mortys …so bbad will be new, just not live

  77. Avatar

    I’m so bored I think I will put on a play to entertain all of you!

    • Avatar
      Jenny (383 comments)

      lol Can’t believe Frankie was so sure America would want to see him with lots of makeup being rude and nasty. I still love that moment when Julie told him it was an OVERWHELMING NO. Ahhhh good stuff.
      Can’t believe Derrick went along with that.

      • Avatar
        Colby (426 comments)

        Yeah, they should not only have not won the $5K for that, they should have gotten $5K taken away from them.

      • Avatar

        Colby – I must have had my head in the sand – but I can’t remember if we were told by prduction if TA won 5k each for Frankie’s debacle of a play – could you please clarify. TY

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  79. danmtruth

    Just sad that no matter who gets evicted during the blackout( if it’s not Fankie time to storm the studio like the French stomping the Bastille ! ) they will miss out on the crowd reaction to them coming out . How about they evict them tonight Sercreter them Than show the tape and have the evicted person come out to meet the audience Yes I want and need Frankie to hear the boo’s

  80. Avatar
    Donna (12 comments)

    I wonder if BBAD will be shut down too…and for those that paid for the live feeds how do they make that up to ya?

  81. Avatar
    chuckster (7 comments)

    Caleb can’t win HoH next week, but wins PoV. He saves himself and Vic or Cody get the boot (Frankie goes this week) because the brainwashed pair (Cody and Vic) don’t have the sense to put Derrick on the block. Caleb wins Hoh the following week and puts up Derrick and whoever is left. One of them wins PoV…..leaving Caleb and either Derrick, Cody or Vic. Doesn’t matter, the jury is BITTER over Derrick’s deceptions and lies….Caleb gets the 500k.

  82. Avatar
    Donna (12 comments)

    Someone on twitter said “they” heard that Frankie talked his way out of going and Vic the boot! Im sooo hoping this is wrong……I dont know how anyone would know right now with everything shut down…

    • Avatar
      Jenny (383 comments)

      I think Frankie THINKS he has talked his way out of it. Would be very surprised if Derrick allows that to happen. He would have to have both Cody and Caleb on his side. Then again I only have last night’s BBAD to go by.

    • Avatar
      Colby (426 comments)

      If Frankie is still there, I would say production pulled something to give him a chance to save himself. That possibility has actually been on my mind all day. What was the whole tie-dye thing? Was that just to throw them off of what was about to happen, or what? Feeds went down pretty early.

    • Avatar

      No way. Caleb can’t vote Derrick and Cody won’t change minds

  83. ShoeLover
    ShoeLover (734 comments)

    Good googly moogly!! 300something comments!! I was only gone for a second, man are my eyes gonna be sore and mad at me.

    Hi everybody, hope this finds yall well in BBJ land! Now off to the comment threads for the BB gossip and every day gossip too!

  84. Avatar
    2004 (77 comments)

    For Derrick, his choice, is taking his pawn (Victoria)or his muscle (Cody)?

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