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Let The Season Begin! Big Brother 21 Live Blogging

Alright, I’m going to be honest with this post. There is likely little I can contribute other than the occasional snarky remark. This is just the episode where they get the keys and pretend to all love each other until tomorrow when whatever competition they’re in finishes.


But, seeing as it’s the first episode, I had to get something up because I’m excited!  The start of Big Brother is the unofficial start of summer so let’s just hope that it’s a fun and wild 90-100 days.

Note – I am likely going to screw up names early on so ignore any errors like that (in addition to my spelling and grammatical errors you’ll likely see)

Let’s roll!

  • So Jackson’s face doesn’t look so much like a box and he’s also a big fan of the show
  • Kemi is a reformed mean girl. Mean girls always show their true colors inside the house
  • They reference Jason Mamoa for Jack’s intro. He says he gets mistaken for him all the time
  • First in the house
    • Ovi
    • Nicole
    • Kemi
    • Aqua
    • Jackson
    • Kathryn
    • Holly
    • Tommy
  • The first one officially inside the house – Tommy!
  • Kathryn calls Jackson a ken doll. Tommy is into Jack
  • Julie mentions how two people may already know each other (we knew this already)
  • Time for more intros
  • Jackson and Aqua form a bromance already of course
  • Tommy and Christie are apparently not part of a twist, though I really didn’t think they were (other than an Alex and Morgan thing)
  • So let’s see… Kathryn likes Jackson who likes Analyse who likes Aquaman (as does every other girl and Tommy)
  • Ok, Julie speaks to the house –
    • Everyone will be electing a ‘camp director’.  They will be safe for the first week, impact the HoH comp, and could put their game in jeopardy
    • Jackson, David, Cliff, and Jessica volunteer for camp director
  • Of course a day 1 all-girl alliance forms
  • Jackson and Aqua bond up some more
  • Jess and Jackson are doing heavy campaigning. Cliff and David have fallen off the cliff
  • Ok, time to elect the camp director: (votes. anyone not listed got 0)
    • Jackson – 10
    • Jessica – 4
    • Jack – 1
    • Nick – 1
  • Camp director powers:
    • Safe from eviction
    • Banish 4 houseguests, these 4 will then battle for their BB lives
  • Judging from the feeds today, I am guessing it will be David.

That’s all for tonight, folks!



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  1. danmtruth

    Ok Jullie like good age appropriate

  2. g8trgirl


  3. AIO_7

    Screw chores!

    You would think that they would have done away with the phony finding of the keys by now.

  4. g8trgirl

    Where’s NK???

    • AIO_7

      I think NiK usually likes to pipe up a day or two later. Probably waiting for BBAD.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Nope, she’s right here! Was just trying to get some things out of the way before signing on.

        -Does it bother anyone else besides me that they start off with these stupid twist?

        -Why does everyone consider themselves super fans?

        -Why do they automatically start alliances on the first day?

        -Why don’t they save the old people some time and just create a Big Brother
        Senior Addition?

        -Why does everyone automatically assume they have the best strategy? Have
        they not watched this game before?

        On another note: WELCOME BACK EVERYBODY!

      • HappyHippo

        Welcome back NK! Great questions lol!

      • AIO_7

        “Why don’t they save the old people some time and just create a Big Brother
        Senior Addition?”

        Love that idea!

    • g8trgirl

      There she is! Our version of Katie Couric asking all the right questions. Nice to see you back!

      • NKogNeeTow

        Hey Sweetie, good to see you too! Now I just have to reprogram myself so I can stay awake. I picked up a new habit over the winter. It’s called SLEEP!!! LOL

  5. danmtruth

    Just something about someone being proud to be considered a mean girl Auquaman is not long for the game Nichole is Rockstar mini-me

  6. Painter1

    Hey all, so ready for the ride.

  7. g8trgirl


  8. danmtruth

    Christie is Kaitlyn with common sence if there is such thing
    Key thing is so overrated

  9. Alda

    So ready for this new season of Big Brother.Told my family I’ll see them in three months.

  10. AIO_7

    If we nick name someone Squarehead or Boxhead, who do you think that would be?

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  12. AIO_7

    The Austin wannabe is starting to get on my nerves.

  13. danmtruth

    Jackson = Marshmallow/ Lego head / max Headroom they just keep flowing
    His bromance Jack = auquaman to easy

  14. g8trgirl

    Of course, the old guy steps up. As if he doesn’t already have enough issues.

  15. danmtruth

    As twist go nicely done production
    The Austin wannabe good call

  16. HappyHippo

    I’m still just excited to see no returners!

  17. danmtruth

    Interesting that they add a couch to the kitchen island Odd but just another spot people usually hangout any way But a couch ?

  18. Colby

    I don’t think I am going to like Jackson. He seems just way too impressed with himself.

  19. g8trgirl

    These people see a guy with a square head and will follow him any where? Oh brother.

  20. danmtruth

    Coming on strong g fast there is always one Girls start out girl power and than ,,,,,,, oh he is so strong he can protect me

  21. AIO_7

    Weird, but the thumbs up isn’t showing up on my Firefox or Chrome browser, but is showing up on the Edge browser. No biggie, I’ll just use Edge.

  22. AIO_7

    Pretty colors.

  23. Painter1

    Big badda BOOM!!!!!! LOL That was some pressure there.

  24. danmtruth

    Well Jesica saw just how fast the girl power thing worked

  25. Mr. Beardo

    Woohoo! Bring on some BB!

  26. AIO_7

    Boxhead = Monte = Barf.

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  28. danmtruth

    NK great to see you back I like this twist it shows plans need to be ready to change
    When do the live feeds start

  29. Kari

    I wrote this in the last log accidentally so, to hell with it, here I am again. Hello everybody! Let the summer fun begin!

    I’m thinking about getting the feeds this year but after hearing all the talk of how bad they were last year I’m going to wait a little while and see what people’s opinions are first.

  30. danmtruth

    Every year people look at big physical being as having strength

  31. hogwild

    And that is why you don’t want to be the one with the advantage right off the bat he is going to have three pissed off people gunning for him right off.

  32. Kari

    camp counselor okay I get that because of the theme of the house but banished? Is it basically the same thing is evicted or is there something else I have to wait to find out LOL

  33. g8trgirl

    Having seen the personalities, my pick for the winner: Christie. She SEEMS pretty level headed and knows when let others talk and when she should be heard.
    And with that, I’m out early tonight.
    Waiting on Ann to check in.
    Ready for another summer of escapism.

  34. ingodog

    Mr. Cube Head, thinks he’s really something.

  35. Alda

    Any thoughts on the 4 he’ll put up?

  36. AIO_7

    ….”who likes Aquaman (as does every other girl and Tommy)”

    Is Tommy the token gay guy this year? He will go far, they always do.

    • danmtruth

      First impression of Tommy just as hyper as Frankie without all the glitter

    • Melinda Beans

      I used to do community theater and Tommy doesn’t really remind me of Frankie. Tommy reminds me of a typical theater guy (most were over the top). Frankie was just something else…and that’s putting it mildly lol.

      • mm22

        Well tommys random leg kicks are getting pretty annoying already.
        I’m sure everyone knows by
        now he’s a dancer. It’s like
        he has a spasm and up goes the leg.

      • NKogNeeTow

        I still cringe and change the channel whenever Frankie’s face pops up. I don’t care whose brother he’s still annoying as hell. Not to mention he drops Ariana’s name every chance he gets. Sorry Frankie, claiming kin to someone famous doesn’t make YOU famous. UGH!

      • danmtruth

        He is just filling that slot I’m sure his production handlers told him to play it up to get screen time After a screen time is the only thing some come on for

  37. NKogNeeTow

    I’m taking advantage of my last night to sleep. Goodnight everybody, and have a GREAT day tomorrow!

  38. hogwild

    When you realize you have banish four houseguest on day one.

  39. ElaineB

    Hi everyone!! So good to be back with you all at our Junkies Summer Camp. Thanks early, and often, to our Camp Director, Steve. (Hope there will be no banishments. hee hee). I like the décor, especially the treehouse. I certainly can relate more to camp, than I could to the tech theme of last summer. I like that there was a twist, right off the bat, rather than just the stupid bios and ‘get to know you’ event.

  40. LO1004

    Two things. I’m not getting good feels from this Jackson character. And evictions in the first 24 hours are just cruel. But..glad to be back!

  41. Avatar

    Hi everyone, happy to see everyone again. Here is to a fun summer!

    I’m reserving my opinions on the players until a least a couple of shows. BBAD will be welcome.

  42. Kari

    Trying to remember if we’ve ever had a plus-size contestant before? And I can’t remember who the guy is but the child psychologist? That’s a pretty cool job! 🙂

  43. Avatar

    Whoooo finally we’re back to some good ol big brother action. Ive missed all you guys lol sooo after episode one im gonna pick my 2 favorite guys and my two favorite girls who i feel have the best chance of winning right now.
    For guys im going with Ovi and Nick. I just feel like theyre playing more lowkey at the moment and they barely appeared in episode 1
    And for girls im going with Analyse and Isabella just because to me they seem the most threatening out of the females.
    All of this is speculation at the moment tho…and I’m gonna have to see more before i can really get an idea of whos gonna win.

  44. Ann

    Reall guys, wth…yall start the season off & nobody bothered to tell me. I just flipping through the channels & happened up on Big Brother already 40 minutes into the show so I pretty much missed tonight’s episode. I wanted to cry. Now I don’t know who I like & who I don’t like except for maybe the guy that’s camp director. The guy is full of himself & reminds me of cry baby Paulie who was tryibg to win the money for his Aunt Grandma who had cancer.
    Anyway, Hi guys, I missed you all so much & I’m so glad to be back with everyone. I hope you all have been healthy, happy, safe & blessed.

  45. Avatar

    Banishment in the first 24 hours without a vote is BS. That’s not Big Brother. I know they’ve done it before, and I did t like it then, either.

  46. Melinda Beans

    So, first of all, Steve was up late last night trying to figure out how to get the comment counter back. Success! Yay, Steve!

    Second of all, I was thinking about last night’s episode on the way to work this morning (I have a long commute, so that’s a lot of thinking) and I realized that not one single person stands out to me. I know it has only been one episode, but I usually have a few people I can’t stand by now. They all seem very…boring. Fingers crossed that changes! I’m hoping to watch the feeds more and do some blogging myself when Steve is unable to. Might be difficult between work and school, but I want to find the personalities in these people and I will do what it takes haha.

    Mrs. Beans

    • ElaineB

      Hi Mrs. Beans~ Thanks to you and your hubby, for providing a place for us Junkies to land, and have a good time with our BB summer fix!

      • Melinda Beans

        Thank you! It’s more him than me though lol. I do the “back end” stuff, such as proofreading his posts (I’m an English major, I can’t help it) and approving comments.

      • ElaineB

        The ‘behind the scenes’ is an important role, and I know you make a good team!

    • NKogNeeTow

      Agreed again Melinda. So far I don’t see any that I like or dislike after only one show. But who knows, that can all change tonight. None of their personalities or lack of, grab me so far.

      • Melinda Beans

        Maybe they’re on their best behavior for now. When watching the live feeds, I can usually decide pretty quickly who I like or dislike. The only thing I miss is when they had the darts and tomatoes on the feeds! I miss throwing darts at the houseguests I couldn’t stand.

    • danmtruth

      Thanks for a great safe place to enjoy our summer fun
      My daughter and I had the same feeling about no one stepping up as being someone to watch Agree Ovi seems a good choice also the wine safari girl as for the rest Nichole seems like a strange medical spawn of Nichole+Bronte +Rockstar Cliff was locked in a room with tapes of Kevin Jack the looks of Aquaman/Kahl Drogo with the brains and personality of Austin Let see what the others have

  47. allie

    Finally after years of lurking the comments and loving the live feed updates in the comments (thanks guys) I made an account!

  48. mm22

    I think they showed christie with her shocked
    look mouth open way to much last night.
    She kinda resembles a younger kirstie alley.

  49. ShoeLover

    Good morning BBJ Family!!!! My summer has officially begun and I am ready for some Big Brother!!!! Glad to see there are no returning house guests and the Paul tortures are over!!!!! I need to sit back and rewatch last night’s episode to see what personalities are going to be ones to watch and ones to blow off!!! See all yall soon!!!!!

  50. LynnD

    Good Morning BB Fam! I just wanted to say how happy I am to see my long lost Family has returned! 🙂 I’m looking forward to the awesome nightly updates from NK, all day updates (and funny perspectives) from Ann, of course our daily blog from Steve (who none of us would be here without him). I also can’t wait to read all the smart ass comments from the crazy cousins (you know who you are), So thank you again Steve for bringing the Family back together again for a 3 month reunion. I also wanted to say Thank you to Melinda for sharing her husband with us every summer.

    On that note I enjoyed reading everyones opinion so far. I have not yet been able to watch the episode. I didn’t get home from my 2nd job last night until after 1 & had to get up at 6. Hope to do a full catch up tonight.

    Happy Wednesday to all <3

  51. mckay

    So happy I get to spend the summer with y’all again. I can’t wait to get to work and read what NK said happened over night. I just hope there is as much action as we had last year. The evictions were fun.

  52. AIO_7

    Just got my feeds. Seven hours and change …


  53. g8trgirl

    The thumbs down bandit is back and…
    M E L ??? Where are you our original helmet head?

  54. TeeJay

    Hi Yall, I’m starting at the beginning this year! Happy to see so many familiar names.
    Only two campers stand out to me so far, Aqua man because I’m old not blind. And Jessica is annoying.

  55. danmtruth

    So they have been careful to say banished not evicted I’m I reading more into that ? Now we will see more personality show up Plus feeds return Sorry NK no sleep for you

  56. caRyn

    I haven’t read any comments yet because I’m only 10 minutes into watching today’s episode. Two things so far – Jackson said he didn’t sign up for this – picking 4 people. Umm, yes, you did. And second, Cliff offering to be a spy for Jackson. What!? Why a spy of all things!?

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