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Let’s Find Out Who Is Going Home Next; Live Updates



I am typing this at 11:30pm (est) hoping that the feeds really do come back at midnight, otherwise this will be a waste of an article because I won’t have any answers to give.  People are wondering what happened after Paul won HoH… well, I don’t know.  The feeds are saying 1am, but I heard midnight. I guess we’ll see.

Anyway, the rumors were right. Paul did pull off his HoH win which guarantees him to play in the endurance competition tomorrow night.  If he wins that comp, he has a really good shot at making the final 2 because of the way the last HoH competition is set up.  It is 3 rounds, and goes like this:

  • Round 1 – All 3 compete
  • Round 2 – The two losers of round 1 compete
  • Final Round – The winners of R1 and R2 compete for HoH

So, if Paul wins Round 1, he skips right to the 3rd, which is almost always a competition similar to the one you watched tonight. It’s usually a trivia question, but I believe it’s more about educated guesses rather than memory (like tonight). They typically ask someone in jury a question, and the two have to pick what they think the jury member would answer.  Many would say it’s pure luck, but it’s not entirely.  Living in the house with the same people for so long, you tend to learn how they’ll react to certain questions, and I believe Paul is more aware of that than anyone else. His best case scenario will be facing James because James literally couldn’t even remember what Natalie told him the night she was evicted.  Unless he was throwing it (once again), he is terrible at 99% of competitions.


About the episode – Paul’s eviction speech… brilliant. Able to make fun of both Natalie and Michelle, while roasting the rest of the house in the process. Victor’s was also pretty good, but the only thing he missed was to mock Nicole’s “Coooorrrreeyyyyy” that he was doing a week or so ago.  If he turned to Paul and said “Pppaaauulllllll” I would have lost it right there. Sad Victor had to go, but only one person can win the season.

Time for some updates… when they’ll actually begin will be either at 9pm or 10pm pst

  • 8:45pm – 15 minutes until the rumored comeback of the feeds. However, the actual scrolling message in the feed area says 10pm, so that is probably more accurate.  Who knows, maybe they’ll surprise us
  • 9:30pm – Damn, I was watching Narcos, and the feeds did come back early.  Let’s see now…
    • Corey is asking James if he is voting him out. He says Paul is throwing him (James) a lifeline, so he has to do what Paul wants
    • Paul won PoV. Nicole and Corey nominated.
    • Paul basically told James that he has to vote his way, or Paul will use the veto
    • james-prankster
    • Nicole is basically freaking out and paranoid.  Corey is making her feel bad by saying ‘go final 3. You want your family to come, etc’
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    • Now we get to listen to Nicole pout and sigh for the next 20 hours.  Nicole, this is the best case scenario for you.  If you pout for the next week, you suck.
    • Nicole about James – “I just can’t believe he is doing what someone else wants at this point in the game” hahahahhaa… this is James she is talking about. James
    • And the weird part is, she wants him to make some move after the PoV meeting, but wtf is she wanting? To go to jury?
  • 9:40pm – Another loud sigh
  • 10:10pm – I was pretty far behind, so I went live. Nicole is talking to Paul in the HoH room.
    • He is telling about her post-Corey BB life.  Nicole says she wants to forfeit her game because Corey is crying
    • paul-nicole2
    • Paul tells her she is going to look back at this and call herself an idiot for throwing the game (if she does)
    • Paul is honest with her and says he would like to take them to the final 3, but beating her and Corey back to back is nearly impossible.  He says they have to be split up because there is 0 chance either of them take him to the f2
    • Nicole “He can’t hate me for staying in this game”  (wtf??)
    • Paul tells her this isn’t a dating show. Corey would be pissed at Nicole if she threw her game, even if he goes.
    • Paul is telling her that he wants to bring Nicole to the final 2. He doesn’t want to bring James, but he is going to act like it
  • 10:16pm – He has to keep reminder her that one of those two (her or Corey) are going. She has to accept it and get her head in the game so they can pull each other to the final 2.
    • Paul says there is no way he is bringing James to the final 2 because both Paul and Nicole had to fight their way through the game, while James coasted
    • He tells Nicole that in the final 2, it’s going to be a coin toss with them … snake, or asshole.  This is pretty much backs up what I said where the jury will feel like they need to just vote for the lesser of two evils (kind of like our choice in November, am I right?? zing)
    • Paul – “Do you know how mad I am that I have to keep this piece of shit safe?” (referring to James)
    • He says he’d rather win $50k and lose to Nicole rather than James
  • 10:20pm – Corey enters the HoH room and Nicole leaves to go pretend be super upset near James
    • Paul is being honest with him and telling him he respects him, likes him, hates the situation, but it is what it is
    • Paul wishes that they stuck with the final 4 plan because he’d feel ok with any of that 3 winning, but now he has to prevent James from winning
  • 10:35pm – Paul is still chatting with Corey and making plans after. I have a feeling all these plans Paul is making won’t go through.
  • 10:45pm – Corey is retelling his conversation with Paul
    • nicole-corey4
    • Nicole tells Corey that she’s not taking Paul to the f2. She is taking her (alleged) pre-game f2 partner to the finals if she can
  • 11:25pm – Corey and Paul playing cards now

Sounds like most of the week is already covered.  Summary – Paul has the power this week. He is sending Corey to jury. He made a final 2 deal with Nicole who doesn’t plan to honor it, as she’ll take James to the final 2 if she wins final HoH.  Also, by typing that, I just freakin realized that for the past day, I’ve been writing that Paul won the final HoH. While the next competition is technically the HoH, Paul’s win was the last real one where they enjoy the room, etc.

Alright, post tomorrow. Not sure it will be much going on in the house, but I’ll keep a thread open


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  1. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Feeds are back up, and Nicole and Corey are in bed discussing whether they should “ask James” because they’d like to know beforehand… Sounds like either James or Paul won POV! Which means that either Corey or Nicole is going home!!!

  2. Avatar

    Omgeeeee!!!! Looks like James got veto!! Could Nicorey really, finally be split up?!? Let’s hope!

  3. Avatar

    I am pulling for Paul for sure. His head has been in the game this whole season, so I think he deserves to win. My only complaint about him is that he has had such a foul mouth. Not necessary! I’ve enjoyed most of his game play, truly Big Brother! And his secret agent bit was the funniest. He’s very young, so I’ll give him a break on his mouth!!!!

    • Mell

      I’ve really enjoyed him except that brief period before Vic left (1st time) when he was running around like an idiot transferring info to both sides of the house. He was sooooo over the top and loud about it that I thought he was gone for sure. He calmed that part of his game and then I think he’s been great ever since.

    • Avatar

      Ditto. I cannot believe he cannot say one sentence without the “f” bomb. The all swear but nothing like Paul. I am certainly not a prude but he is ridiculous.

      • Avatar

        If Paul drops one every sentence, then f’n Paulie f’n said f–k every other f’n word. WTF was that f’n about?? F–K!!!

  4. Mell

    Nicole and Corey are saying that James should tell them now because they kind of told him. (When Natalie left) It was funny because Corey said ” we did?” (Oh no they didnt.) He’s probably dense enough to tell them too so they can better prepare for the final comps.

  5. Helen

    I am soooooooo happy!!! Either Snacole or Goat Boy is going to jury!! Now they think they should be told which one???? LMAO.

  6. Avatar

    Ok, Nicorey and James are talking and Corey said he doesn’t think “he’s” gonna use veto, somim assuming Paul also got veto…

  7. Avatar

    I was typing fast, sorry. Should have said looks like Not James but Paul got veto.

  8. Mell

    James is a wimp of he tells them early just because they want to know. They didn’t tell James and Natalie.

  9. Avatar

    Paul is still pissed at Corey for his speech (mama didn’t raise no bitch) when he put him & Vic on the block. That & Corey lying & putting them up is reason enough for Paul to want revenge. Im still hoping he sends Nicole home though.

  10. Alda

    So sorry.I went by the leak that James won POV.But,it was Paul.I’m going to bed.Clear my brain.Again sorry.

  11. Mell

    James needs to be choosing between who he could beat, not crap about their personal connections. James is not built for this kind of pressure. I’m dying watching Nicole want to lay it out there but can’t because Corey’s there.!

  12. Avatar

    It’s sooo good watching Nicole & Corey squirm for once. I’m so glad she got a taste of what it’s like to sit on the block & be scared & worry not knowing which one of them will be walking out the door tomorrow night. Nicole is probably more worried about Corey being in the jury house with other women.

  13. Mell

    I guess that stuff like getting bummed out and stressed Natalie and james did wont happen tonight. Nicole/Corey said they would be never act like that. Looks like it’s already starting a little bit. They also didn’t understand why vic and Paul shouldn’t be excited because one gets to go to jury now. Guess it’s not as much fun when it’s you huh?

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      Exactly Mell. Last week Nicole was so incredulous at Vic for being upset, and not understanding that it’s all “just a gaaaaaaame-ahhhh”. Now, just as I predicted, when the shoe is on the other foot I don’t see Nicole practicing what she preached.

      • Avatar

        Every single time Nicole has had a hand in putting anyone on the block, she expresses dismay/disgust when whomever it is: Big Meech, Vic, I forget who else – expresses that they aren’t happy getting put on the block. Like they should be more concerned about her feelings, and they’re just mean for making her feel bad. It’s all about her, I guess. So glad she’s getting a taste of her own meds.

  14. Helen

    This is too funny!! Omg how great it is when you get to see the karma train in action!!!

  15. Avatar

    Antone else add up twice times for hoh final question? I did. With the board for veto comp it’s 7024 seconds which means Nicole should have won hoh. Not paul. Hmm thinking they rigged this so Paul would win.

  16. Avatar

    Who do they think they are making comments about James not saying who he is voting out!!! Btw Paul won POV so like James said over & over he will be doing what Paul asks him too since Paul saved him, they WOULD DO THE SAME & basically have when they were in chare what Hippocrates!!! I would Love to see Ratcole go home & either James or Corey Win bc I as a Woman Cannot & Will Not forgive a man & I use that term lightly who calls a woman the most DISGUSTING name She could EVER be called “C” word!!! In My opinion anyone especially a Woman who can just for the sake of a game.., for shame for shame!!! Go Corey!!! Go James!!!

    • Avatar

      OMG Angel get a grip, she totally deserved it…. lucky I wasn’t in the house ida said way worse. People who flip over the “C” word are such simple little people. Get over yourself, I can guarantee you’ve done far worse in your life than calling someone a name. Cant handle it? don’t watch a show based around confrontation and deception.

  17. Jannie

    Jokers has Bunyan winning the veto and the Black Widow and Blinky on the block.

    Couldn’t get any better!

    I’m hoping for a Bunyan/Lamsey final. Right now I’d like to see Bunyan win…Lamsey was pitiful in that comic book comp and just doesn’t deserve it.

    Waiting for a female to win, but not Nicole.

  18. Avatar

    WTF is Paul doing? Is he really falling for Nicole’s bull, is he really taking her to the end?

    • Avatar

      Ann, someone said that Paul’s just making sure that if she wins next HoH, she picks him. Paul probably realizes that despite her real life friendship w/James, she is a disloyal snake who won’t pick James b/c she knows jury likes him better. She’s been too far up Snorey’s bottom to know that jury likes EVERYone more than her. Smart, Paul! Just gotta survive one more hurdle for f2, is that correct?

  19. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Paul just told Nicole that she is staying (as long as Lames doesn’t flip and keep Corey), and now Paul is trying to make a final 2 deal with Nicole. He’s telling Nicole that he doesn’t want Lames in the finals because Lames has played a horrible game (true) doesn’t deserve it. I hope Paul is just covering his bases, because I think taking Nicole to F2 would be a huge mistake.

    • Helen

      I think Paul is making a HUGE mistake with the snake. If she wins two of the final 3 comps she will take James to F2. That has been their deal going into the game….nothing has changed. Paul is going to do her dirty work for her and get rid of her boy toy……….Paul best be on his A game for the next three comps……….

      • Avatar

        I think Paul is betting on snakes fangs to bite James, thinking she can’t beat James w/jury. Meanwhile, she doesn’t realize jury likes Paul, too, better than her. ?? my guess that’s what Paul is hoping.

  20. Jannie

    Sure enough, Blinky is crying and BW(black widow) is talking about self evicting.
    She sure had some giggles while everyone else was being nominated and shown the door.

    Oh, and she is also promising Bunyan a final two deal, but I still think she and Lamsey had something cooked up before BB even started.

  21. Avatar

    I’d love to Nicole go but we have to be honest, Corey could strongly beat out Paul and James. Strategically it’s best for Corey to get the boot at this point! I think Paul may win BB too!! Rooting for him and James to be F2.

    • Avatar

      I just don’t think Corey can win if the endurance comp is hanging on something while suspended in the air because he’s so big. It would really depend on what kind of endurance comp it is. His muscles would tighten up on him & he would drop in no time & his chances of winning a mental comp are slim to none.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        That’s a good point Ann. And Nicole will definitely be tougher to beat in that third round mental comp than Corey would have been. For some reason, I’m spacing on what the second round comp usually is. Does anyone know?

      • Avatar

        @ Gerardo, I can’t remember what it was for sure. Was it the one where Vanessa, the twin & Steve were sitting on a wrecking ball type thing over water?

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        @ann, I had to go into my CBS account and flip through the final episode of BB17 to remember what the hell that 2nd comp was (shows you how underwhelmed I was with that season). The 2nd round comp was a “wall puzzle” similar to the one Victor won against Tiffany in the Battle Back. I’m not sure who will have the advantage on that type of comp this year, but Paul needs to fight hard to win the 1st round just to be safe.

      • Avatar

        I was thinking the same thing! If it wasn’t this late in the game then yeah, boot Corey. There are only a few comps left. Corey will not last in any endurance comp, I don’t care what it is. He isn’t gonna win the mental comps because he’s paid no attention to anything and maybe just barely participates in studying. I think Corey would be a lot easier to beat in these next few comps. Time is all they have in there, haven’t they thought about this?!?

      • Avatar

        @Gerardo, do you think that Paul is really going to keep the Snake? I’m scared that he just might do it & pissed because he just might do it.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        I really hope not @ann. But either Paul is a PHENOMENAL actor, or he was being sincere tonight with Nicole. If he does win this last HOH and then clips Nicole, I think he should be nominated for a Primetime Emmy for that performance. He definitely has me worried that he’s planning to bring Nicole to the finals.

      • Avatar

        Here it is 4:00am & I can’t go to sleep for fear of Paul doing something stupid like taking Nicole to the end. Why would he do such a dumb thing? Why did I start watching again?

      • Avatar

        Idk. While most of the time, I think of him as a slab of drywall, there have been a couple of instances where’s he’s killed it in mental comps. ADD people often appear quite dumb and blinky but are actually bright especially when they’ve had their Adderall. DR will prob give him a dose if he survives tonight. lol! If they meddle as much as people say, maybe DR gave him a dose at specific times when he HAD to win.

      • caRyn

        I have heard that people that do not have ADD or ADHD take Adderall for exams. Taking Adderall before a comp could help Corey quite a bit.

  22. Avatar

    CBS BS. make Vic look pissy and aggressive so the Barbie Jen couple come out baby clean. F that! We all know Vic walked out that room hugging it out. I hate CBS Execs. Russian spies!!!!

    • Renee

      Last week CBS editors made it look like Corey was the only one that cleaned the house and showed a patch of greasy dark hair attached to the stairs and then panned the camera to Vic. Any one who watches the feeds know that Vic was the main person to clean the disgusting house the entire season. He was grossed out by everyone being so filthy. Vic or Paul should be voted America’s Favorite Player because they are the only 2 that actually realized they were playing BB the whole season. But, thanks to poor editing, Corey will get it. I just don’t understand what their fascination is with Corey. He was the least interesting person in the house.

      • Avatar

        I don’t see what the fascination is with Paul.. Not that I like Corey. But,I must of the time muted when he was on his mouth is awful…. He is rude with his comments…. Omg if James, Corey are even Pauline would of called any of the females the C word y’all would of blowed up these postings

      • Alda

        They have Nat in #1 place for AFP as of now???

  23. Avatar

    James referenced honoring the end of game deal again the other night to Corey and Nicole. The feeds then cut right to fish. I believe that’s where the give each other $5,000 each if one wins. How can James nor get removed from the show when he has already been reminded that this is against the rules??? I am relieved J/C/N are not the final three. I know this is a dirty game but there are some game rules that CBS should enforce.

  24. Avatar

    Not too mention Paul freely did this name calling of many more degrading & mean attacks on women including the “C” word on National TV for all of America to hear & Not Caring 1 single bit about his verbage bc he feels he is above most all women. Go back & listen to his blatant verbal attacks on women & how much he sooo enjoys himself being this way & gleefully plans on doing more. He called almost every women a f…ing b..ch several times whenever a negative point was trying to be made when trying to convince someone of who to vote out!!! Remember back when he was clearly & truthfully labeled a massaganistic a..hole!!! He was just flat out MEAN & clearly enjoys being that way.., Bad Form Paul Bad Form!!! Yet now Now all of a sudden he deserves $500,000??? I didn’t know a Women’s Pride had/has a price tag??? That worrd Will get one Fired from most Companies around the U.S. KUDOS to those Companies who clearly have Pride in their female employees!!!

    • Avatar

      The girls have been just as vicious the way they talk about the men..chill out.

    • Jenny M

      I don’t even.

    • Bonnie

      I personally believe dousing a harmless goat with lighter fluid and finding it funny as the goat freaked out in fear to be more reprehensible than calling the mean girl C u next Tuesday. Your outrage is definitely misplaced. Jmho

    • caRyn

      Hard to believe you are so caught up on the words Paul uses. He doesn’t give the words the credit that you do. That is obvious. He throws the words around because they mean nothing to him. One word is not superior to another. They are just words to him. If you don’t like him for that, don’t like him. NEVER cared.

    • Avatar

      Honestly. The women have all been f#cking bitc#es or emotional basket cases. Don’t have a problem with it at all.

      Words only have the power or effect you allow them to have. They are just words. In this case it must be because it’s Paul’s words and Paul’s words bother and affect you.

    • Avatar

      Girl you done stepped in it now….. Everyone else on the show is nasty,rude,lazy,etc but,Paul is the BEST…… Don’t matter what he does, you forgot he called Nat a piece of shit….

    • Avatar

      Women women women women women BLAHHH last I checked it was a game between HUMANS. Unless u are openly admitting to being less than a man u should probably cut the shit about him being mean to the women and how that’s unacceptable but not being as outraged for what hes said to men. Ive never read a post that makes me cringe more than your attempt to cut down your own gender. You need to get a better grasp of life unless because your allowed to be like this because your a woman and that’s why u feel men should hold u to a higher standard than they hold other men. U want equality? Then be prepared to be insulted when your a P.O.S. just like a man would. I for one have strong women in my life that would be embarrassed by someone like you, the women I know aren’t asking for equality and then shaming a man for giving it. They are living a life of equality and their self respect allows them the insight to understand they cant ask for special treatment while in the same breath demanding equality. Paul shits on everyone and its great, if it wasn’t for him this season would have been the most boring they’ve had in YEARS. Thank you CBS for casting atleast one allstar (two if you count vic) in such a horrible cast.

    • caRyn

      Angel…You made the same comment earlier in this update (dated 9-13-16 @ 11:55 pm) above. Repeating it twice doesn’t convince me that I should dislike Paul. Why don’t you turn what you see as a negative into a positive and get yourself a swear jar. Every time Paul says a cuss word put a nickel in it and then buy yourself something with your coins and say I have this item thanks to Paul. Or get yourself a massage with it since Paul stressed you out with his language. Win, win.

    • Avatar

      He threw that word out there to get a reaction out of Meech. It hit home and got her to stop attacking. He should not have used it. Didn’t he apologize later?
      The first thing I thought of was the childhood rhyme “Sticks and Stones”

  25. Avatar


  26. Avatar

    Paul just blew it..Snakehole has already told Corey she lied to Paul and is taking James to final two…

  27. Jannie

    Haha…I knew it!

    BW is already telling Blinky all about the F2 deal with Bunyan and how there’s no way she is going to honor it. She is taking Lamsey to the F2

    Wow, she is going to try and screw Bunyan over AGAIN!!!
    But then again, Bunyan is pretty dumb to trust her again, she’s bitten him, like twice now?

    • Avatar

      Paul is starting to piss me off. If he’s really trusting Nicole AGAIN, then he deserves to get burned for the 3rd time. I was hoping he was bull-shitting her & lying to her like she did to him. I hope Paul doesn’t prove me wrong in thinking he’s smarter than that. He should’ve caught on when Nicole was telling him that there’s no way she could beat him in the end. Of course she’s going to say that because she’s trying to get him to take her to F2.

      • Helen

        Yeah. Personally I think he is stupid for not getting Nicole out now but hey some people have to learn the hard way. Guess seeing his friend getting kicked to the curb and stabbed in the back for the THIRD time wasn’t good enough for him…..
        I mean what is that crap …….
        Seriously Paul?

      • Avatar

        Ann, I just remembered: I believe part of Paul’s strategy is to be sure Nic gets/stays emotional or upset enough that it hurts her in the last comp. The other part of his game – jury likes Nic least of all.

  28. Avatar

    Paul is telling Nicole and James that he would take them to final 2. (I watched it on live feeds) Paul did great winning HOH and then Veto. Vic will be proud when Corey shows up. I still think that Nicole and James have a deal to take each other to final 2.

  29. Avatar

    I agree Paul has a filthy mouth and has said terrible comments about woman. But it could be argued he is joking alot of the time. Corey has admitted to not having feeling for Nicole while totally leading her on and having her release his sexual tension on feeds with her family able to see her gushing about how he the greatest guy to everyone. If I was going to complain about one of the final 4 not having respect for woman Paul would not be my main target.

    • Jannie

      Yeah, no way he is going to have anything to to with Nicole when this is over. And he knows how she feels…that’s pretty crappy. Paulie did the same thing with Zzzzzz. Way worse than Bunyan and his colorful language.

      Looks like Nicorey was discussing who to vote for if it came down to Lamsey and Bunyan. Both agreed they would give Bunyan the money.

    • Avatar

      Corey couldn’t do no more than what Nicole let him do

    • Avatar

      Amen to that, Kay! Borey is such a Do Bag! Yeh, I said words!!! :O
      Deanne, D-Sacks like Snorey take advantage of (seemingly) sweet young girls like Nicole who don’t have much experience. It’s an easy little game for them, playing love to get sex. “Tale as Old as Time…” :/ Even though Nicole is farrrrrrrrrr from my favorite person, no one should be used like that. It’s despicable. Calling someone a word is nothing, NOTHING compared to literally using someone for financial or social gain or for getting one’s dooshy rox off… Ugh, I’m sorry! I could stay on this soapbox all day. Just had to get that out of my system; it’s so upsetting to me.

    • caRyn

      Nicole and Zakiyah are similar when it comes to guys.

  30. Helen

    Can anyone tell me where I need to go to vote for Vic AFP?

  31. Avatar

    I am glad either Nicole or Corey will be going out the door. I am unhappy that James will make it to F3 because he has done nothing! Though I recognize that floating is legitimate game play, personally I would not vote for a player that did it. If James cast the vote the next eviction, he will still talk about getting blood on his hands, even at this point in the game. Going forward, it is about control. Hope Paul pulls it out. Of those left, he has played the best game!

  32. Avatar

    I am curious, does Paul know ANY words that dont begin with the letter “F”?! His verbiage is enough to make me not desire to watch this show! F, F, F! Get yourself educated to the extent that you no longer need to resort to this word!

    • Helen

      In language, “f##k” falls into many grammatical categories. It can be used as a verb, both transitive (John f##ked Mary) and intransitive (Mary was f##ked by John). It can be an action verb (John really gives a f##k), a passive verb (Mary really doesn’t give a f##k), an adverb (Mary is f##king interested in John), or as a noun (Mary is a terrific f##k).

      It can also be used as an adjective (Mary is f##king beautiful) or an interjection (F##k! I’m late for my date with Mary). It can even be used as a conjunction (Mary is easy, f##k she’s also stupid). As you can see, there are very few words with the overall versatility of the word “f##k”..

      • Renee

        At my work place the F bomb is no more than a comma in a sentence. I’m immune to it and if I let someone’s language bother me that much, I wouldn’t survive at work. Corey admits he and his friends tried to set a goat on fire and he brags about using a showmance with Nicole to get through. He doesn’t care about her.

      • AIO_7

        Helen, thank you grammar learning/lesson. Anyone who would neg. such an informative post should be ashamed. (though Paul should curb his expletives)

      • AIO_7

        ….thank you *for the*….

      • Helen

        It’s just a word. A versatile one yes. Heck by sound alone it can express happiness,sadness,pain,pleasure….
        And yes I do have a college degree and a very extensive vocabulary.
        I personally don’t like the word “moist”. It just sounds nasty!!! LOL

    • Avatar

      Maybe I should get my hearing checked. How do we get an idea of a person’s intelligence? Often it’s the vocabulary one uses. He may swear a lot, but Paul speaks like an educated person. MUCH more so than most of the other HG’s. PAULIE, on the other hand, f-bombed every 2nd or 3rd word and came across as having borderline mental retardation by the 4th week or so. And Snorey? I believe he knows 7 or 8 words, one of which is “brah,” – so, def M.R. diagnosis for Mr Nicore –pffft — I mean, Mr Corey, baller and bar co-owner w/his brahs!

  33. Avatar

    Seriously?! Only 2 f words in Paul’s vocabulary?! Is it possible to get a thesauraus to him in the house? Would it be possible to get a person or 2 in the house for the next BB series?! Doubtful at best.

  34. Shivani33

    It’s reasonable to ask – who wouldn’t want to be in Final Two with James? Paul would rather try to beat Nicole than Corey. Either Paul or Nicole would probably keep James to increase their odds of winning at the end. Even our cat would like a Final Two with James. Our cat can use the remote, plays the piano, works a keyboard and growls at the doorbell. That alone is more than James has done all Season.

  35. Avatar


    You’ve ‘bounced checks’ with false HOH wins by assuring immunity to Frank and Bridgette if she dropped. You used two different opportunities (ACP and Vote tie breaker) to get rid of Paulie and Victor, threats to your Love interest Natalie (through jealosuly of course). You even made the biggest mistake of all by handing Nicole the HOH which effectively ended your showmance with Natalie (OOOPS) and survived that.

    As crazy as it is, not only are you still in the game past this week, you are yet again currently in a position of power to make a MAJOR move in the house, a Half a Million Dollar move in fact.

    Here is an opportunity to
    1) Avenge the loss of your lady love (Nat) by evicting the person who was most responsible for her demise after you put your girl in that position.
    2) Get rid of the lone contestant who remains in the house that you will have the least chance of winning (I could be wrong) against in the final 2.
    3) Further bolster your claim to the grand prize to the jury by telling them you evicted one of the better competitors (and most hated) of this season.

    Play the game, smile and lie your a$$ to Paul on keeping your word as a man to get rid of Corey, at least until right after the POV meeting. Dont defer your decision to others, and play it off as if you have no choice. You have the ONLY CHOICE this week.

    NOW is the time to STRIKE, GET NICOLE OUT while you can!!!!

    • Helen

      Oh Quincy…
      This is James you are talking about. He can’t make a decision without someone’s elses approval. Not even for the girl he supposedly “loves”.

      • Avatar

        He must love Nicole, then, because he hurt Natalie a couple of times for Nicole’s benefit. Remember – fell so Nic got HoH. Then kept those 2 bedbugs safe, which led to Nat getting evicted. Unbelievable – smh lots at him this season!! He has such a sweet heart but great potential is still. just. potential. James is going to find that if he doesn’t start keeping the *right *people *first, he’s never going to win Life.

  36. Mell

    I’ve been saying for weeks that it’s obvious that Paul doesn’t like James at all. Paul has played a good game so I hope his personal feelings for James isn’t going to cause him to keep Nicole. This will be an interesting final 3 even if it isn’t the one I wanted. I don’t think it’s that clear with this jury.

    Does Nicole vote for James especially if Paul evict her?
    Does James vote for Paul if Nicole evict him?
    Does Paul vote Nicole even if she evict him?
    Vic- votes Paul but I think votes Nicole if she’s up against James
    Corey- votes Nicole but if James/Paul final- not sure
    Natalie- votes James but if Paul-Nicole- toss up, she doesn’t like either (has said she would vote for girl)
    Michelle- Votes James but Paul/ Nicole-she hates both
    But I think gives it to Paul
    Paulie-votes Nicole but Paul/James- not sure
    Zakiyah-Nicole over both guys, Paul over James
    Bridgette-She’s a hard one. She doesn’t like Nicole but like the girl power, she made up with James but doesn’t like him, she likes Paul but was upset at c**t comment
    DaVonne-May give to Nicole for her game play, may give to James just because she cares about him, may give to Paul because vets stabbed her in the back.
    It should be interesting.

  37. caRyn

    I am waking up to some great news reading these comments. I just wish Nicole and Corey were OTB longer together. Just ’cause.

  38. Helen

    The really sad part of this game is the way that the final 3 comps are set up, James does not HAVE to win ANY at this point. He has a final 2 deal with Snake, Paul I also believe will send out Nicole to be final jury member. He is gonna slide right on in to one of those seats I’m afraid.I just can’t decide who is the worst…I actually don’t like either snake or him for totally different reasons. I guess at this point I don’t care as long as Paul wins the 500k.

  39. Avatar

    Loving that Paul won Hoh and pov. Hoping Nicole goes but believe Cory will. Paul could easily beat Cory on the wall puzzle and the quiz but probably not Nicole.

  40. Avatar

    I wonder if Corey is going to scream WOO Let’s Go! When he is evicted tonight?

  41. Avatar

    It amazes me how everyone thinks Paul has played a good game BUT Nicole is a snake. Really – to be fair both have played a good game.
    Paul played everyone like a fiddle letting Paulie do his dirty work, lied and bullied when he didn’t get his way. Remember how he yelled and screamed at Meech when she put him on the block??? Some friend he is to Vic – he keeps quiet while VIC voices his hurt feelings and they were simply hurt feelinigs. Oh but wait he is only playing the game……
    Nicole who is a veteran and played this game before obviously learned from her mistakes the first time around and let everyone do the dirty work. She stayed off the block and found a shomance (good for her) in the process. But in the end she did not let the shomance ruin her game. She had her cake and ate it too!!

    SOS – boy can let others do is dirty work, when things don’t go his way he is a bully and yells – he’s played a good game.
    Girl works behind the scenes, let’s others do her dirty work and she is a SNAKE. And when Meech is on the block she called Nicole a snake, but did not mentioned Paul after he screamed and bullied her when she put him up.
    And the only reason why Paul is still there is because Vic was the bigger threat….not because those 3 like him better. And if Nicole had won HOH she would have put the same 2 people on the block as Corey did. If Paul or Vic had won who do you think would have been put on the block????
    Both Nicole and Paul played the game and it shows because they are in final 3.
    James is the only one who doesn’t deserve to be in the finals.
    I am mostly dismayed at the female comments – why aren’t we supporting our girl.
    She has played just as hard but in a different way otherwise she wouldn’t be in the final 3.

    Pheew do I feel better – thanks for letting me get that off my chest! LOL

    • Mell

      I have to disagree with you. Paul did yell at Michelle because she deserved it. Instead of being honest, she called him an atheist and said he lied to her. He thought her speech would be aired on tv and it pissed him off.
      He was a friend to Vic and suggested that Vic not burn any bridges just yet and Vic basically said he didn’t care.
      I do agree they have both played good games but Nicole being called a snake shows his was better. They both back stabbed but he has been able to hide it better at times. It also help him that he will own it and call himself an a**hole. Nicole tries too hard to seem totally innocent and doing that makes her look worse when the truth comes out.
      You’re entitled to want Nicole for the win. I respect that but please, don’t refer to her as “our girl.” It makes me a little queasy.

    • Avatar

      I like several of the girls just not Nicole. She doesn’t seem like a girls’ girl. I never hear her mention GFs, but she’s besties w/her mom, which is OK! Just noticeable considering everything else. She was always trying to evict the other girls, then was happy as a lark when it was just her and her guy friends giving her all their attention. She seems to be spoiled and self-centered, yet she’s extremely insecure. Feigns confidence and fun initially then will drive her partner up the wall fishing for compliments. If she gets you to attach, then she uses moods to control you. In other words, she’s manipulative, yet she’s too young and inexperienced to even know what she wants. Let me guess. I bet she thinks she wants to marry Corey and be a stay-at-home mom to their own little baseball team. All boys, of course! She’d probably carry any baby girls out into the woods..hehe JK!!

      • caRyn

        Nicole does have a female best friend – Miriah (spelling ?). I don’t know what the best friend looks like but I am assuming she isn’t attractive to the BB hg because they didn’t seem impressed with a photo of her when Nicole was HOH.
        Nicole has self esteem issues like Zakiyah. Instead of Nicole asking herself why Corey is with her, she should be saying why wouldn’t Corey be with me.
        Nicole probably does have mostly guy friends. Nicole also probably only has female friends that she believes are not as attractive as she is so that she gets the attention. Makes her feel better about herself.

  42. Avatar

    I know most people here hate on Corey, but does anyone this its a little unfair that in his 2 stints as HOH he got to spend a total of 3 days in the HOH room, as both of his runs were cut short?

  43. Avatar

    First, Paul, is going to keep the Nominations the same so either Corey or Nicolle will be going home. This means James will be making the decision on who that person will be, regardless of whether he says he’s agreeing to do whatever Paul tells him to do. Personally, I believe James is a man of his word, though, and he’ll agree to take out Corey (the person Paul is gunning for), so the Final three will be Paul, Nicolle, and James, with all three having a chance at the next HoH.

    While both Paul and Nicolle have said they plan on taking each other to the end, I personally believe they both plan on taking James as they think they have a better chance of winning against him. The question is, who would James take if HE wins, Paul or Nicolle? James has been loyal to Nicolle all season, and she has back-stabbed most of the members of the Jury, so that’s probably his best choice in my opinion, especially the way Paul has closed out the Season so strong in comps.

    Does James actually have a chance at winning if he makes the Final Two? I think so because he can tell the Jury that he remained loyal throughout the entire game. He can also tell the Jury his game strategy was to be friendly with everyone and not make himself a threat, as well as to not put himself in the position of having to put any of THEM on the block so they’d have to be voted out because he didn’t want to be responsible for them losing their chance to win the money. It wasn’t “floating” but strategy because he could have won comps – they saw that when he gave Nicolle that HoH on the endurance competition.

    Personally, I think this could be a good argument for the win if he worded it well as Jamesreally seemed to have a great relationship with everyone.

  44. Avatar

    The HOH room was his too whenever Nicole won so doesn’t really matter. Them making a guy his size sleep in a bumper car seemed wrong. Bumper car punishment would only punish tall or heavy houseguests. BB shouldn’t do it again.

    • Jenny M

      remember a few years ago when the have not room had hard twisted “beds” that slanted at an odd angle? Some people had back problems from those. I get making them uncomfortable but not to the point of injury.

  45. Avatar

    Did you see clip of Paulie arguing w Day in jury house? I won’t jump to conclusions about who was wrong or right but I am surprised Paulie still acting aggressive on camera w woman. Fixing his image for both his and Cory’s benefit should be his focus right now. I would have expected his family to have an image consultant on that already.

    • Jenny M

      Paulie has no idea he has an image problem. Anybody who doesn’t worship him is pathetic and worthless!

      • Avatar

        LMBO Jenny M!! So funny but so sad b/c that is the TRUTH! That’s why I think it would have to be his real “brah” Cody and their dad who did an intervention! =)

    • Mell

      Something must have really got him heated because I noticed that Da was the one woman he actually didn’t mess with. She didn’t like him and he knew it. Maybe Z is pregnant and Da wants him to step up to the plate.

      • Avatar

        Looked like Z was wanting to get up and run from that couch, didn’t it? And Meech was just laughing! I love those girls. (But, Z! Come, on, now! He AIN’T that cute; and his character makes him hideous looking to me. RUN!)

    • Avatar

      IKR, Kay?!! Is the outside world permitted to communicate w/the jury members? B/c if Paulie were part of my family, I’d have yanked a knot in his non-Brazilian booty & told him: “Embarrass me again & you’re disowned lil brah!” <–might have to put the F word 8 times into that threat so he'd understand it. 🙂

  46. Alda

    Well,I finally went to bed around one am feeling pretty good.Then,I watch BBAD this morning and see the snake is at it again.Paul honestly wants to keep Snake? He wants to go to final 2 with her?They have a long discussion and shake on the deal{just like the F4 alliance-hahaha}.Nicole goes right to Corey’s bed tells him everything they talked about.She says she is going to F2 with James. Screwing Paul’s deal with her again!! She is a snake! Boy,I wish she was going to jury tonight!!!!

    • Jenny M

      Why doesn’t Corey go tell Paul that James and Nicole have a final 2 deal? I would if I were him. Of course I could never be him because I don’t think animal torture is funny.

  47. pkcable

    This end game MIGHT actually be semi interesting! I kinda like the idea of it coming down to Paul or Nicole. I think Paul wins it, BUT I think Nicole CAN make a case. Bitter jury won’t go for it most likely, plus Paul probably DID play a slightly better game. But being totally honest, especially in the last few weeks even the Nicole haters have to admit she has played a good game. This ain’t kumbaya, it’s Big Brother!

  48. Helen

    At this point by keeping Nicole I think the only way Paul will make it to F2 is for him to win that last HOH. James won’t win it for sure, and Nicole will take James to F2. Paul is being delusional if he thinks any kind of deal he makes with Nicole is even worth the breath he has wasted in making it. Michelle was right,she is a snake. It’s her character that makes her a snake,not her gameplay. How she treats people makes me sick. She told everyone one day that how she is in the big brother house is how she is at home too…..she seems to really enjoy putting others down and by the smirk on her face when someone she dislikes is evicted (which by the way has pretty much been the whole house) enjoys others discomfort. She hooks up with a psycho who finds enjoyment in the participation in torturing defenseless animals (nope, I’m not gonna let that one go).
    Yup that ol Nicole is one sweet girl……NOT…….send her on back to Ubly

  49. Helen

    Great!!! So glad you got it!!!!
    I don’t believe I am being a jerk to her but that’s your opinion which you have every right to just like I mine.

  50. Avatar

    It will be endurance. Feeds are down now.
    Last year it was the candy apples that lasted over 3
    Hours when Vanessa won it. And there will be another HOH. Always has been. They’re will just be HOH for literally minutes and not a whole week.
    Paul may or may not be final 2 ..we don’t know yet.
    Also after James talked to Paul, James told Corey and Nicole to pick who goes and sleep on it bc he didn’t want to. Then a few min later Nicole went up to the HOH room, talked to Paul then left so Corey could. The real truth is Corey was ohh and put Paul and Vic on the block so the truth there is that Paul is getting him out for that reason too other then the fluffy stuff he’s telling him …

  51. caRyn

    If James is voting the way Natalie wants him to vote, Nicole will leave. If James keeps Nicole over Corey, Natalie may not even be friends with James after the show.

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