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Let’s See If Sleeping Beauty Can Survive Tomorrow Night; Wed Night Feeds

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Sorry for the late start on the feed updates tonight. I had a few things to do this afternoon to prepare for my trip, but I’m also trying to figure out just what the hell is going on in the house.

After my last post, I did a flashback to like 6am or somewhere around that time, and saw the crew informing Paul on the whole situation. He seemed very receptive to the idea that Paulie is playing the house, but Paul is also a huge liar, so it was hard to really judge until I hear him talk alone with Paul or Victor later. Jellyfish James still seems a bit unsure about what to do with the 2 votes, but he repeated multiple times how America clearly wants him to make a big move, so that’s why they gave him that power (not entirely true. I think they just voted for him because they like him).

What I do know is that James did run to Paulie and tell him everything Natalie told him in private. He did say he was going to confront Paulie about the situation, so it’s not a huge shock, but it was clearly eating away at James, so he had to do it. Whether or not that makes a difference in the end is yet to be determined.

Anyway, I’m not going to ramble on like I did earlier. This is an update thread, and that is what I’ll deliver!



  • 4:00pm – Bridgette is with Victor in the HoH room.
    • He asks what’s going on, and she says it’s not her place to tell him. He said he kept her safe, he deserves something…
    • That didn’t take much convincing. She tells him how she is working with Michelle, Paul, James, and Natalie.  She also tells him to have a convo with Paul about it
    • Victor asks who James is going to block.  She says probably Paul and Corey.  He doesn’t know why if Paul is working with them, but she said he’ll explain
    • Vic seems down with the plan, which doesn’t surprise me.
    • She mentions something she heard that was hurtful, and he says just let that shit go (good advice)
    • He asks if James actually made a decision, or is he going with the house.  She says he made a decision.. Victor is like ‘finally.. finally’  (I am still not sold on Jellyfish)
  • 4:45pm – That conversation breaks up and Paul eventually joins the HoH room

    • Paul begins by saying ‘You and I have been getting boned’
    • Paul tells Victor about all the minor alliances that were floating around the house
    • Victor says “so Paulie is the new Frank”, and Paul says “yes, that’s what they all said last night”
    • Paul thinks he was tight with Paulie, but it sounds like all the stories coming together actually triggered with Paul
    • He realizes that Paulie is pretending to be buddy buddy with everyone but he actually wants to take Corey to the finals (which makes sense, he’d win)
    • Paul says after Z is gone, the two of them (He and Vic) can sit between the two sides
    • Paul mentions how Natalie is the one who put it all together and she’s not dumb.  That is actually something I pointed out about week 2 when she was one of the only people who saw how weird things were in the house
  • 5:10pm – Paul makes his way to the bedroom to talk to James and Michelle.
    • They are going to come up with some seriously devious shit, and I love it.
    • When they get Z all worked up, the girls are going to pull her into the safari room to calm her down and close the door
    • After the vote tomorrow, Paulie is going to wonder wtf happened, and the girls are going to lie and say Nicole flipped, and there will be nobody to deny it other than Nicole
  • 5:15pm – Time to take a quick CBS Big Brother break
  • 6:25pm – Back from the episode. Pretty uneventful. But, it’s time to skip ahead for a Nat/Z conversation…

    • She tells Z about Paulie’s comments to her.  She explains how the reason she constantly talks about them getting married is to see is reaction
    • Nat mentions how Paulie comments about Z’s jealousy often, and then talked about the making out comment
    • She keeps revealing stuff like it is likely Paulie that is the reason Z is on the block this week
    • Nat says that Paulie walks around making it sound like he’s in the game alone and he wants nothing to do with Z
    • Natalie confirms Z’s theory that Paulie waited for her to fall from the HoH competition before he did.  She keeps thanking her for the honesty
    • Z starts crying
  • 7:00pm – Nat and Z are still having their long talk.  Nat is trying to boost Z’s confidence and stuff because she is pretty crushed about the whole thing
    • They talk for a little while longer about how sorry Nat is blah blah blah, how stupid Z feels….
  • 7:45pm – Z runs to Nicole to retell the whole conversation. I almost started feeling sorry for Z… almost
    • z-nicole
    • 5 minutes after they talk, Paulie walks by and notices Z crying
    • Paulie tells Z she can talk to him if she needs, but until then he is going to go to Nat and say “You’re next on my list”… please do, Paulie. That will guarantee James grows a spine
    • They tell him not to, and he says “I know how to handle Jersey Girls”… I’m not even from that area, but that is kind of an insulting statement. Is it?
  • 8:00pm – Z pulls Paulie into the safari room to spill everything Natalie said.  Paulie of course is denying everything, and he keeps threatening to leave to tell off Nat
    • Note – Z said ‘whatever’ about 25x in a few minutes. Shows a lot of doubt in what she’s saying
    • Corey joins and ‘bros’ it up with Paulie telling him he’ll back him up when Paulie tells off Nat
    • Paulie says he wants to say she’s as fake as her eyelashes and her tits
    • Nicole mentions how Natalie told her in private when she is out with her friends, she gets loaded, dances on tables and makes out with random guys. This is all an act because she’s on camera right now
    • Keep in mind, everyone, Paulie was bred for this (or so he says)
    • paulie-bredforit
  • 9:00pm – Finally jumped to lie.  Paulie is still guarding his territory in the safari room.. but he finally leaves to go talk to James
    • It appears James is sleeping, so Paulie is walking around the house while all the girls are in the bathroom waxing Natalie’s armpit.
    • Paulie goes upstairs to retell a bunch of stuff to Victor. I need to stretch my legs. Be back shortly
  • 9:45pm – Back from my break.  Corey has James in the HN room chatting
    • Corey is defending Paulie and saying “no way is he like that” (probably referencing the flirting?)
    • Corey says Paulie goofs off with Paul, but Paul is way too immature and level headed.  He also thinks Vic can’t make a decision to save his life
    • Paulie enters the room and tells James how his girl messed up by going off on Z
  • 10:05pm – Paulie is still hammering the loyalty point home with James.  If I had to bet, I’d bet Jellyfish James shows up tomorrow night


  • 12:00am – Well, here is the situation right now in the house. Everyone is hammering James.  If you’re a James fan and you voted for him to get that care package this week, congrats because you probably aged him 5 years.
    • James literally has all the power as he can nullify two votes.  He plans on using them on Corey and Paul, which is floater status. This is so he can ‘use one on each side’ rather than stir the pot. He wants to remain cool with the guys and have his little girlfriend in the house as long as possible until the guys eventually cut him loose around 5th-7th place. So, at best he can increase his position from last season a few spots.
    • Now, even if James plays the fence, Michelle can still stay, but he’ll have to vote for her. I don’t think he will. I think he’s going to pull a “Julie, I regretfully vote to eliminate Michelle”. The votes will be 3-2 in favor of Z (Paulie, Nicole, and James) and this will set the tone for the rest of the season.
    • To play devil’s advocate, what happens if James lays down his cards and takes a side?  He nullifies Paulie and Nicole’s vote. With their votes gone, Paul most certainly jumps to James and the vote will be 4-1 for Michelle to stay. This puts Nicole, Corey and Paulie on one side, and Michelle, Bridgette, Natalie and James on the other with Paul and Victor as the swing votes.
    • What is better for James’ game right now?  To be the 5th wheel with NiCorey and Zauly, or potentially have a final 6 with his ‘ride or die’, her best game friend, and Michelle/Paul/Victor. What would you do in James’ shoes?

Overnight in the morning


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BB24 Michael Bruner
BB24 Michael Bruner
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