This is a pretty big week in the BBOTT house.  The balance of power will be shifted tremendously regardless of who gets voted out.  If the Late Night Jamboree loses Neeley, they will be down to 4 people compared to the Plastics’ 5 (including Scott). That said, this week may be coming down to who wins the care package. The care package this week will be the ability to eliminate 3 votes, which at the time it didn’t sound like a lot, but with such a divided house, this is huge. It’s basically the power to evict someone. Easily the strongest care package of the season.

So now that I think about it, the eviction tonight is pretty huge, but America can still sway that power right back next week with a simple care package vote.



  • 7:20pm – The clips are on for the week.  It’s funny re-watching the Kryssie meltdown
  • 7:50pm – So far this episode has been really good. They did a fantastic job with the editing of the clips. Like Justin’s pizza song, and Kryssie’s ‘cut to fish’ moment.
  • 7:55pm – Eviction time!
    • Scott – Thanks for the love… one love.  (ok?)
    • Neeley goes on a ramble about how Scott doesn’t deserve to be in the house
    • eviction
    • She accuses Scott of terrorizing people to gain more TV time
    • Neeley says Scott applauded Kryssie’s injury (Kryssie assumes he applauded that)
  • Votes:
    • Jason – Scott
    • Morgan – Neeley
    • Danielle – Scott
    • Alex – Neeley 
    • Justin – Scott
    • Shelby – Neeley
    • America – ??
    • With a vote of 4-3, Neeley has been evicted. Scott gives a huge clap
  • 8:05pm – Now there is a lot of drama.  Kryssie is lecturing the girls for breaking the agreement
    • Alex points out that Scott has been bullied throughout the game. Both sides are at fault and at this point, it was strategic.
    • Shelby says Neeley was mean to her
    • kryssie-upset
  • 8:15pm – The guys are in the storage room. Scott is explaining that he clapped because he was angry over the lie Neeley said about him clapping over the injury
  • 8:40pm – Kryssie crying about being bullied by Scott this season.
    • kryssie-crying
    • Scott and Jason are back to arguing in the kitchen about Scott’s comment regarding bullying Dani
    • Shelby came into the kitchen and Jason starts in on her
    • Jason mentions how he is a sexual abuse victim and thinks it’s not cool for Scott to threaten to bully Dani (???)
    • Of course Jason forgets how he was going off on a rant to his group (and the feeds) calling Shelby a hooker and saying she blew an entire state
  • 9:00pm – Ugh, my website was down for some reason.
    • So, where do I begin?  As Jason was ranting to Scott and going back and forth, Dani comes out of the other room and begins absolutely screaming at Scott.  She is upset because she was bullied as a kid, got beat up, etc.
    • dani-screaming
    • Unfortunately, the feeds cut at that point to prepare for the HOH comp, and by the time they returned, people were semi-calmed down.
    • Now, they’re studying the memory wall for the upcoming competition
    • studying
  • 9:12pm – HoH time!
    • They’re having technical difficulties
  • 9:18pm – Ok, it’s time
    • hohtime
  • Round by round
    • Round 1 – Shelby, Alex, Scott out
    • Round 2 – Morgan out
    • Round 3 – Nobody out
    • Round 4 – Jason, Justin out
    • Round 5 – Nobody out
    • Round 6 – Dani wins HoH
  • dani-wins
  • 9:35pm – Jason is upset because they heard production say “Noo Whitney” during the comp when she locked in the wrong answer.  He thinks production favors her now.
    • You can hear it around 9:24.  They groan before being told to shut the f up by someone else. Pretty funny to listen to production tonight


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