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Live Eviction And HoH Competition – BBOTT

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I think the good part about the eviction time for BBOTT is that if there is something going on (like the debate), I can watch that and still catch the eviction live. While I did miss most of the recap show, that’s ok, I watch the feeds. Speaking of which, you should too.

Alright, now that I’m coming down from my high of talking to Paul (I seriously thought I would be much cooler when dealing with a celeb), it’s time to shift gears back to BBOTT. Tonight, the showmance will be broken up, and I’m about 99.5% sure it will be Shane walking out the door. How will that impact the game moving forward? It’s hard to tell. Apparently, there is a feeling that Morgan feels like she is abusing the America’s Vote system by not voting out America’s Nom so they’ll be voted in the future, but I think it’s smart.

Anyway, I have to jump right in because the eviction is happening…


  • 8:05pm – Damn, running late. Doing speeches now
    • Wow, Shane calls out the plastics and says he knows his real BB family
    • He starts getting worked up and says if he leaves, Alex or Shelby won’t win because they messed with the wrong person
    • Scott sits him down with “Yes, Monte said the same thing”  Ouch
  • Votes:
    • Alex – Shane
    • Whitney – Shane
    • Kryssie – Danielle (with some fake tears)
    • Justin – Danielle
    • Morgan – Shane
    • Jason – Danielle
    • Shelby – Shane
    • 4-3, waiting on America’s vote
    • Tie vote – Scott breaks it
    • Shane tries to stop him, Scott tells him he has to give a small speech.
    • Scott evicts Shane
  • 8:15pm – Shane is gone, Kryssie is giving Scott some hell.  She is telling him he doesn’t need to pretend to be friends.
    • kryssie-scott
    • Kryssie is mad because Scott offered to give her a hug and she doesn’t play that fake crap (unless she is around the girls, then she is fake)
  • If anyone is wondering, the comp tonight is the one where they roll the ball down that curved platform. The one where they can practice unlimited times until they feel comfortable with it (Paul won it, which is why he’s hosting)
  • 8:30pm – Kitchen in complete silence while Kryssie is in the Tokyo room talking to herself. We need that doorbell from Paul asap
  • 8:35pm – The LNC finally leaves the kitchen and the girls are shocked how angry Kryssie was for the backdoor.
  • 8:40pm – Doorbell!
    • paul-pablo
    • He tells the house that he’s in the house and he’s part of the twist.
    • After walking around for a bit, he leads them outside for the comp (feeds cut for about 10 minutes while they explain rules, etc)
  • 9:00pm – This is similar to the rolling ball competition
    • hohcomp3
    • Unlike Paul’s season, balls will drop from the sky with tokens.  When they turn in the tokens to Paul, they can take shot. First person to get the ball all the way down wins
    • finding-tokens
  • 9:20pm – Justin hands Paul 3 tokens
    • All 3 missed
    • Danielle gets 5
    • All 5 missed
    • Morgan 5
    • All 5 misses.
    • Neeley 4
    • Misses
    • Whitney 5
    • Misses
    • Kryssie 6
    • Almost got one, but missed
    • Morgan is back again.  Alex is giving her the balls since she can’t roll
    • Going to stop with these updates and just update this every 5 mins or so
  • 9:30pm – Still nothing, but Dani coming closest. She can roll it down nearly every time
  • 9:35pm – Justin coming close now
  • 9:36pm – And just like that, Kryssie wins HoH. Tables have turned in the house

Remember, vote on the week 4 popularity poll! 

Ok, so what did we learn tonight?  Ballsmashers handle defeat much better than the LNJ does.  The LNJ handles winning much worse than the Ballsmashers while complaining about it.



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BB24 Michael Bruner
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