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Live Eviction And HoH Competition – BBOTT



I think the good part about the eviction time for BBOTT is that if there is something going on (like the debate), I can watch that and still catch the eviction live. While I did miss most of the recap show, that’s ok, I watch the feeds. Speaking of which, you should too.

Alright, now that I’m coming down from my high of talking to Paul (I seriously thought I would be much cooler when dealing with a celeb), it’s time to shift gears back to BBOTT. Tonight, the showmance will be broken up, and I’m about 99.5% sure it will be Shane walking out the door. How will that impact the game moving forward? It’s hard to tell. Apparently, there is a feeling that Morgan feels like she is abusing the America’s Vote system by not voting out America’s Nom so they’ll be voted in the future, but I think it’s smart.

Anyway, I have to jump right in because the eviction is happening…



  • 8:05pm – Damn, running late. Doing speeches now
    • Wow, Shane calls out the plastics and says he knows his real BB family
    • He starts getting worked up and says if he leaves, Alex or Shelby won’t win because they messed with the wrong person
    • Scott sits him down with “Yes, Monte said the same thing”  Ouch
  • Votes:
    • Alex – Shane
    • Whitney – Shane
    • Kryssie – Danielle (with some fake tears)
    • Justin – Danielle
    • Morgan – Shane
    • Jason – Danielle
    • Shelby – Shane
    • 4-3, waiting on America’s vote
    • Tie vote – Scott breaks it
    • Shane tries to stop him, Scott tells him he has to give a small speech.
    • Scott evicts Shane
  • 8:15pm – Shane is gone, Kryssie is giving Scott some hell.  She is telling him he doesn’t need to pretend to be friends.
    • kryssie-scott
    • Kryssie is mad because Scott offered to give her a hug and she doesn’t play that fake crap (unless she is around the girls, then she is fake)
  • If anyone is wondering, the comp tonight is the one where they roll the ball down that curved platform. The one where they can practice unlimited times until they feel comfortable with it (Paul won it, which is why he’s hosting)
  • 8:30pm – Kitchen in complete silence while Kryssie is in the Tokyo room talking to herself. We need that doorbell from Paul asap
  • 8:35pm – The LNC finally leaves the kitchen and the girls are shocked how angry Kryssie was for the backdoor.
  • 8:40pm – Doorbell!
    • paul-pablo
    • He tells the house that he’s in the house and he’s part of the twist.
    • After walking around for a bit, he leads them outside for the comp (feeds cut for about 10 minutes while they explain rules, etc)
  • 9:00pm – This is similar to the rolling ball competition
    • hohcomp3
    • Unlike Paul’s season, balls will drop from the sky with tokens.  When they turn in the tokens to Paul, they can take shot. First person to get the ball all the way down wins
    • finding-tokens
  • 9:20pm – Justin hands Paul 3 tokens
    • All 3 missed
    • Danielle gets 5
    • All 5 missed
    • Morgan 5
    • All 5 misses.
    • Neeley 4
    • Misses
    • Whitney 5
    • Misses
    • Kryssie 6
    • Almost got one, but missed
    • Morgan is back again.  Alex is giving her the balls since she can’t roll
    • Going to stop with these updates and just update this every 5 mins or so
  • 9:30pm – Still nothing, but Dani coming closest. She can roll it down nearly every time
  • 9:35pm – Justin coming close now
  • 9:36pm – And just like that, Kryssie wins HoH. Tables have turned in the house

Remember, vote on the week 4 popularity poll! 

Ok, so what did we learn tonight?  Ballsmashers handle defeat much better than the LNJ does.  The LNJ handles winning much worse than the Ballsmashers while complaining about it.


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  1. LindsayB

    Time for the late night cry babies to rant and rave and how unfair life is.

  2. Avatar

    Finally a LNC member is gone.

  3. Avatar

    The moment when Scott defends himself, too give a small speech , yesss Scott !!! Don’t let them steam roll you (:

  4. LindsayB

    I love how Krusti is acting like the other side doesn’t know how it feels to watch a friend get voted out. Did she miss the first two evictions? She has got to be one of the most hypocritical, self centered people I’ve ever seen.

  5. Avatar

    OMG Kryspie and bawling that Shane was a human being…what was Monte and Cornbread you crappy old biotch???? I think Scott is gonna wish he would have voted Danielle instead but thats my opinion

  6. caRyn

    Kryssie was pissed that Shane wasn’t able to play in the Veto comp. Ya dig?

  7. Avatar

    Danielle has to be thinking “Everybody in my alliance voted for me to leave!”………I personally love it.

  8. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Scott, you really gained some respect points this week (even though I REALLY wanted Danielle out this week). You had one goal in mind as HOH and you never wavered no matter what anyone said or did . You didn’t even flinch when Shane tried to “shush” him during his tie-breaking vote. I respect that you have your own mind and are willing to stand by your decisions. Bravo.

    Shane, bye boy. As much as I wanted Danielle evicted this week, all that weak ass crap you pulled tonight was not even necessary. You lied to Monte’s face last week and he still hugged you on his way out the door. You and most of your “real BB Family” are amongst the most immature, hypocritical, and self-absorbed contestants this show has seen in a long time. You are this season’s “Nerd Herd” if you ask me (Season 6 reference for those long-time Junkies like me). And the fact that you actually seem to have feelings for Danielle just further shows how weak and dumb you truly are.

    Krustie: you are one of the most unbearably self-righteous jerks this show has seen since the original Nerd Herd from season 6 (remember how they felt entitled to win because they were “good people” and couldn’t understand why America kept voting to give things to Janelle?). I think Krustie has officially taken Danielle’s place as my least favorite HG and she will be receiving all of my HN and nominee votes this week.

    Neeley…girl…that wig? Really? But congrats on staying in the house.

    • Helen

      Krustie,Jason and Neely are my choices for have nots this week…….

      • LindsayB

        I concur.

      • Avatar

        Helen you can not do keyssie for have nots she is HOH now sucks but lets vote for jason neely justin and america nominee DANIELLE GET HER OUT !!!!!!!!!!! AND I AM VOTEING FOR ALEX FOR THE CARE PACKAGE THAT WILL KEEP HER SAFE BECAUSE krustie is going to put on the block scott and alex lets all talk about it and get on the same page on are nominees and voteing have a good night talk to you tomorrow

      • Mell

        Danielle can’t be the nominee this week.

    • Avatar

      Now Neeley, girl already look like a damn gargoyle & that wig, that flippin wig made her look like a damn gremlin. Her old ass was a hot mess trying to flirt with Paul calling him daddy. He was ignoring her. He didn’t want that gargoyle/gremlin with her dilapidated ass. She’s in hog heaven with that fart, burping friend of hers. Now lets see who Krusty puts on the block.

      • Avatar

        Wow! That’s harsh! Not Friendship.

      • Avatar

        It wasn’t intended to be friendship, I can’t stand her.

      • Avatar

        That was very disrespectful. i am voting for the plastics for Have Nots and for nominee. i am voting for Danielle to get the care package.

      • Avatar


      • Bastosko

        Psssst Glenda, don’t yell, ty

      • Avatar

        Kristy, to each his own & I cant stand the gargoyle/gremlin nor Krutie Krispie. We havee different opinions & that’s mine. I DON’T LIKE NEELEY nor Kryspie. You don’t have to read my comments or any others if you so choose because I’ve got news for you. We speak our minds on this site & its anybodys prerogative to like or dislike, read it or not read it.

      • Avatar

        Glenda, I’d like to save Alex too.

      • Avatar

        Alex for care package, Neeley for 3rd nom!

    • Avatar

      Everything you said. Times a billion.

  9. Avatar

    Wow finally, although I would have preferred Danielle be gone I’m so happy the grossmance is DEAD! Go Scott, stand tall to these a-holes it’s awesome. Seeing Kryssie bitch and moan is worth it all, she is so friggin clueless. Loved her comment about the fact she knows what it’s like to have a back door since she has been two weeks in a row. Again showing her Vast knowledge of all things BB, wow still clueless about what a back door is!

    • Helen

      Lol. Yes. Krustie Scott could have put Shane up and if he’d won veto put you up as a replacement. Would that have made you happier?

    • Avatar

      Thank you, exactly. Neeley as well kept saying Krustie kept getting back doored. Shouldnt jason explain the meaning? Neeley was so beyond upset that shelby did a little dance in the bathroom after the veto. She danced and shook her bootie a couple of times. Way more than shelby did. Mostly her and jason. She said she didnt respect scott or his game plan using pawns. The first thing krustie said is she was going to put up morgan and either whitney or shelby. America would put up scott, then she would back door alex. Neeley lost my respect this past week. I have seen her on several occasions chiming in with the rest of the lnj calling the other side of the house names, making fun of them etc. justin is friendly with the other side of the house, then turns around and talks about them with the lnj. He is starting to lose my respect as well.

      • Mell

        You would be surprised how many players don’t understand when that term is used wrong.

      • Avatar

        The gargoyle would know that using pawns is part of the game. It’s good strategy for some & not so good for others, she’s lucky it worked out in her favor. Did she not know the game before she came to be on it? You can’t avoid going on the block by parking your ass on that couch hiding under the cover behind those huge dark shades with her head tied up.

      • Avatar

        I thought the same thing, Lotus!. Why is Jason not explaining this stuff to them! I love Justin as a person, but not as a player. At first his cluelessness was cute but now, he’s making bad moves and messing with others peoples games and don’t even know it. Just another reason I hate for them to cast people who don’t know BB.

    • Avatar

      I seen that Raider! She said something about them backdoor ing her twice! I was like WTF!!! She thinks she knows everything. Then last night her and Dani were saying how they were gonna handle this HOH like it should be handeled and they were gonna show the girls what they were supposed to be doing with the first 2 hoh’s. Saying that Scott and the BS don’t know how to play the game! I thought ok, is this real life right now? Am I dreaming this? What idiots! I would love nothing more at this point than for Neeley to be the 3rd nom and go out on Krustys HOH!!!!

  10. LindsayB

    Krusti was a total bitch to Paul. Pissed!!

  11. caRyn

    Seeing Paul and Pablo in BB house – LoVe.

  12. Avatar

    Wow! Some people on here are more evil than The Plastics.

    • caRyn

      I wouldn’t say evil, but agree the comments can be harsh.

    • Avatar

      That is true a few weeks ago the comments were more game and strategy related. Now the insults and foul language is a major down grade to this site. Wish @stevebeans filtered some of the junk maybe add a charter limit. But like the post from true bbfans that are about the game and not attacking people they don’t really know.

      • LindsayB

        Oh my god people get over yourselves. Have you watched any of the feeds? None of the HG are perfect but the LNC have been vile. How can you be so offended by our opinions of them but be ok with the crap they’ve said?? Double standard much? If you’re offended so easily, maybe Big Brother isn’t for you…. Sesame Street may be more your speed.

      • Mell

        Steve, if you do a character limit, you know I’m in trouble! Lol

      • Avatar

        Lol @Mell some of your post are long but they have substance and not random insults. I like reading what you write

      • Avatar

        I don’t understand why some of these posters have to use personal insults to complain about the players. It just doesn’t make sense to me. I read comments to get a feel on how others are thinking so I can decide how to vote. I understand that the players are sometimes cruel and insensitive but they are stuck in a house with nothing to do and no outlet for their frustrations. I can overlook some of the things they say but posters have a life. I don’t see a reason for their hatred. Maybe I am just too old to understand all of this.

      • Avatar

        My thoughts, exactly! The personal attacks is ridiculous.

    • Avatar

      Exactly why I stopped commenting here, it’s disgusting! Everyone acting as if the plastics are saints and don’t talk crap!

  13. Avatar

    Holy Crap, I miss Friendship so much! He’s been more entertaining in a half an hour than these stiffs have been all season. Ya Dig!

  14. Avatar

    Krusty Krispie for 3rd nom!!!!

  15. LindsayB

    Morgan to Paul “I like balls” with the flirty wink. Love it!! Friendship!!

  16. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    For some reason, Neeley continually calling Paul “daddy” is making me a bit uncomfortable… Maybe because she’s old enough to be his “mama”.

  17. caRyn

    Neeley showing my boy Paul some friendship.

  18. Shivani33

    Shelby said “nice try” to Whitney, and Paulmsaid, “is supportive.”

  19. Avatar

    After that little fiasco Shane and Kryssie have gone far below Dani for me now. Least favorite HG’s as of now. Its amazing how ignorant they are to the game and how rude LNC is. Its childish and FAKE. They want there to be a divide in the house. They keep making fun of the “other side” calling them what they should be calling themselves. Sorry guys if this sounds really harsh. Shane and Kryssie are just not my people.

  20. Avatar

    F*CK Me running! Only other one worse than her winning would have been Danielle.

  21. Avatar

    Oh noooo Not Kryssie. No Friendship

  22. Helen

    Pissed!! Now I can’t vote her as have not or for eviction!! Can’t do Danielle either!! This blows!!

  23. Shivani33

    Who will she nominate? Scott and Morgan?

  24. Avatar

    Safety servant care package Alex! She has so much hate out there that if she’s not nominated by Kryssie America will probably put her up. So please vote safety to ALEX!

  25. Avatar

    Well looks like we can say good bye to Alex

  26. Avatar

    My vote for safety is for Alex

  27. Avatar

    Kryssise talking about backdoor Alex when she just call Scott a coward and scared because he back door shane. The LNC is always saying things and doing the oppisite like Neely screaming from the Bathroom for everyone to hear. Well Neely have my vote for third nominate

    • Mell

      Ryn, I am too. I wish it wasn’t Krissi tho.

      • caRyn

        I know and agree. It was time for that side of the house to win. Just because they won doesn’t mean Kryssie’s nom will leave. America can still have a say just like week one and two.

      • Mell

        Yes. I don’t like Krissi but I really like Justin so it’s a temporary price to pay. I don’t want two sisters and their alliance winning every comp.

    • Avatar

      The hatred for the LNJ is ridiculous. But I’m glad they won too. I’m rooting for them all the way! Justin and Jason are my favs…those two are so entertaining.

      • caRyn

        I don’t know what this fall season would be like without those two (Jason and Justin) with entertaining us. Without trying they are fun to watch and listen to. My favorite male is Justin and my favorite female is Shelby. I even love Shelby’s facial expressions.

      • Avatar

        @Caryn, yes her facial expressions are so pronounced. I wonder what she is thinking at times. I hope when has her first few clients as an attorney, she has a better poker face.

  28. Avatar

    Omgosh. Worst case happened. Krusty Krissies head will not be able to fit thru that HOH door. Once she gets in there, she won’t roll outta that bed for a week. Ugh. I can’t watch her stupidity and little knowledge of the game this whole week. I mean, last week her lucky number was 72, this week, she claims she is a ski ball champion. She goes in her live DRs saying Jason is her ride or die because she thinks we want to hear that. I can see thru her like glass. I may have to take a week off. She seriously makes me sick.

  29. Shivani33

    A lot of people like Alex for being a gamer. I think she has a good shot at being kept safe. Certainly, I’ll support this. Also, Krustie doesn’t like Morgan at all, for more personal reasons, and she wants vengeance on Scott. I’d like to see Jason be a have-not, but with women from the other side so that he can investigate and try to make some other friends. This HoH is only one week, and the tides can turn again. I’d still like to see him and Alex get together and become allies. Maybe it’s just a silly dream.

  30. caRyn

    Should we give Shelby the Care Package?

  31. Avatar

    Ok so correct me if I’m wrong. If krusty puts up 2 BS and America puts up a LNC, America would be tie breaker vote right? We should put Neeley up for 3rd nom if we can’t do Dani….

  32. Avatar

    I think Jason, Neely and Whitney for slop. Alex for Care package and Neely for eviction. But next week both barrels will be aimed at Krustie on my end and putting Danielles butt back on slop.

  33. Avatar

    Yes Angie! Neeley for 3rd nom! We can get her out and keep the BS safe!

  34. Avatar

    Then we can terrorize Krusty next week!

  35. caRyn

    Whitney just said Kryssie won’t put Morgan and Whitney OTB. Those are the exact two Kryssie said she would put OTB.

  36. Mell

    Long evening with recap and hoh comp.

    *The recap should have shown Justin taking off for a bathroom during the bar code hoh comp. (Only because it must be a 1st)
    *I’ve waited 3 weeks for Neeley to break out the bad ass wigs she said she brought and thats what I got. What the hell was on her head during eviction?
    *Glad Morgan gave up the 2005 prom hair like she rocked during the last eviction.
    *If the Plastics/BS don’t want to be associated with Monte, maybe they should stop giving him shout outs every 5 minutes. (can’t have it both ways ladies)
    *Alex was doing too much damage control after Shane’s speech and eviction because she’s paranoid over that very thing. (Being seen as HBIC)
    *I’ve liked Scotts actions and strategy all week. He is NOT going to be walked all over, that’s for sure.
    *If I was on this season, I would just wear old sweats to the evictions. It’s not live TV.
    *I don’t approve of the armpit wiping on the pillows but if they insist on it, instead of Krissi doing it (she did it right after Shane left) Danielle should have. Did you see the pit stains on her dress tonight? Not judging but wow, maybe she was at least somewhat worried she may be leaving.
    *I know Neeley was sad to lose a fried but holy cow, she knows they didn’t kill him whrn he walked out right?
    *Loved seeing Paul.
    *Paul making Scott get all the balls was great for some reason.

    • Shivani33

      Mell, Neeley’s wig! WTH was that? She seems to want some romance from someone, somehow, anywhere. Monte, Paul, whoever.Not gonna happen with that thing on her head. Also, I noticed that shortly after Kryssie won the comp, Paul got down on the ground and said, “gonna vomit.”

      • Mell

        Maybe that why she cried tonight! Do you remember how she was eyeballing Shane the first day in the house.?

  37. Mell

    I know we don’t like Krissi but we just got rid of the shomance. Why arnt we trying to break up the sisters next? I’m not trying to help Jamboree stay together but I’m not trying to propel sisters to final 2 either.

    • LindsayB

      I don’t feel like we are propelling anyone right now. For me, it’s about who’s playing the game versus who’s sitting around complaining about the game being against them. IMO we need to trim the fat a bit (no Krusti, that wasn’t a dignagainst you) and get the floaters out. Once we have all game players I think it will be fun watching them strategize and outplay each other.

      • Mell

        LindsayB, I can see your point on doing that. I always like good game above all else. There has definitely been a lot of complaining but I guess I don’t see any of them as really floating. I like that about this season. Everyone knows where everyone stands. Justin and Whitney are very friendly with both sides but it’s apparent who their loyal to. I also think almost everyone in the house is really trying to win comps… almost everyone.

  38. Avatar

    So Justin and Jason just flipped on the alliance they started with Alex and Scott already out the door??? Neely and her tacky happy dance. Yes the girls do their happy dance but it didnt last for 15 mins like Neely’s did.

    • Helen

      He did early this morning mainly because Scott was so inflexible with voting Shane over Danielle! Jason had very valid reasons and Scott was hearing none of it!!!

      • Avatar

        Ahhh I missed that I was in bed dying from a coughing fit. This was the first time I had really heard them going against Alex and Scott. But I felt the same way about Scott not using his brain instead of his anger that the initial alliance didn’t work out.

  39. Avatar

    I just want to say thanks for this site. I’m not sure I can stomach this up coming week of late night crybabies in power so I appreciate you taking one for the team and keeping us up to date. Not all heroes wear capes.

  40. Avatar

    Neely been acting worse and worse as the game continues and I can’t vote Danielle this week than I’m voting for Neely

      • Avatar

        Damn, can you imagine what kind of wig she’ll be wearing for next week’s eviction if she’s OTB? She was a gremlin last night, what will she transform into next week? Oh, did I mention that I told you guys there was something about Neeley that just didn’t sit right with me???

      • Avatar

        I feel the same way, Ann! Let’s get her out of here!

      • Mell

        Ann, you did. You’ve been saying it a while. I just hope the next wig doesn’t look like it’s made from doll hair. My granddaughter has some cheap dolls from Walmart with way better hair than that.

      • Avatar

        The gargoyle will most definitely be getting all of my votes. She was all kinds of wrong for puttin that thing on her head. Maybe she’ll piss one of the hg off & they will tell her how ridiculous she looked with the hooker wig on.

  41. caRyn

    It was time for a power shift in the house. It keeps the game interesting. I am pulling for The Plastics and LNJ. I still would like Danielle out – the sooner the better.

    • Mell

      Me too. I kept trying to get people to pick Shane this week but my following is very small. Those 5 people who follow me on Twitter weren’t enough I guess! Lol
      It just seemed like a wasted vote because the only thing we were going to accomplish was Scott not breaking a tie. Shane was gone either way. Now we’re stuck with her longer.

  42. caRyn

    Care Package (PT):
    Thurs 10 am – Fri 10 am

  43. Shivani33

    It was gross and funny when Krustie pulled her balls out of her bra and handed them to Paul and he said something about her giving him her balls wet with boob sweat. Schweaty Balls!

  44. Avatar

    We have to vote Neeley for 3rd nom this week! Please, I can’t take anymore of her!

    • Mell

      I feel your pain but I can’t pick a third nom until I see who goes otb. I’m not picking somebody on Jamboree side tho since they just lost one. I think I may need a sister out first for game reasons. Neeley is turning into a nut job tho!

      • Helen

        Yes but if we put up Neely and care package to Alex Neely will not get voted out….I would assume everyone would vote out Morgan rather than Neely,who is one of their own..that way we get a sister out! Just my opinion……it’s not gonna happen though. I am already seeing a large percentage of people wanting Scott to be americas vote…

      • Helen

        I started out liking Neely but it turns out she is just as nasty and hateful as the rest of em!! Maybe it’s the company she’s keeping? IDK. I just know she’s got my votes this week for everything except the care package which will go to either Alex or Shelby. Hate to do it to either one of them but those are the two who need safety the most this week!!!

      • Mell

        It would have wasted a vote because I know there wouldn’t be enough votes I thought it would have been funny to give Danielle the care package. It would have been worthless to Danielle since she’s already safe this week, would prevent her from getting another one and Krissi would have to listen to Danielle complain the whole time.

    • Helen

      I am going to vote Neely for nom and have not

  45. Mell

    Have you guys noticed in the DR and a few other times, Alex looks just like a mouse or a rat? It’s when she scrunches up her face when she starts to talk cocky. I don’t notice it in the house but I think it’s because she doesn’t talk like that around everyone else. I keep seeing it. I just want to know if anyone else does.

  46. Mell

    I can’t decide between Alex and Scott for care pkg. Scott as Krissi’s servant could be pretty funny but Alex can’t stand her either. I really wanted Jason and Shelby to be hoh winner and servant this week so badly!

  47. caRyn

    LNJ have been talking about how to win gracefully and they have actually put hg in a box. Saying this is the way they should act and this is the way they should behave. They have put boundaries and rules on the hg. I don’t recall a season like this where it has been so structured. Parent/child relationships. LNJ – do as I say and not as I do.

  48. Mell

    In voting for Shelby for the care pkg. Krissi hates her so it should be interesting.

  49. Shivani33

    Shelby just said it’d be nice if someone “they know” like Frankie Grande would come host. No, Shelby, no! Jason has told some heavy stories about Frankie for anyone who was listening to hear. This wouldn’t be a happy reunion. More than enough of him and his comebacks have happened already.

  50. Helen

    Care package this week is a difficult choice!! The thought of making anybody Krusties personal servant makes me want to vomit!!!

  51. Avatar

    sucks Kryssie won hoh ….vote all 3 have nots to her groupies…and the 3rd nominee !!!! Btw..Shelby needs to piss in her shampoo!!!

  52. Helen

    I have a dream……..Scott goes up as americas vote…..Krustie picks Whitney and Morgan for noms…Shelby gets care package (I’m so very sorry Shelby,I do love ya), Alex gets picked and wins veto and pulls Whitney or Morgan down and Krustie is pretty much forced into putting Danielle OTB as replacement nom! I never said I wasn’t delusional…hey it’s just a dream. Lol

  53. Avatar

    Helen, that’s a great plan lol! If we can get a LNC nominated, we can evict them. America will be the tie breaker vote.

  54. Avatar

    Did y’all see Krusty yelling at Scott for offering her a hug after the eviction? She sounded so stupid. She was telling Scott he just evicted someone and that was her friend, why did he do that and blah blah blah. He was like yeah, that’s how you play the game, it was strategy. Like what did she think she was coming to do? I absolutely can not stand when people are cast that don’t know the game. It gets on my nerves so bad. The BS are very strategic and are playing the game. The LNC are all in their emotions and are playing very personal games based on emotion. They need to get a hold of theirselves and remember what they came to do. It’s killing me! NEELEY FOR 3rd nom!!

    • Mell

      He handled it so level headed too. He only spoke the truth…she can’t handle the truth.

      • Avatar

        He did! He handeled all,of last night so well. Shanes speech, then Shane trying to stop his speech, then Krusty, Scott was great last night. I’m not ready for him to go just yet

      • Mell

        I’m not either. If chatter translates into votes, he could be in trouble this week. I think that’s the biggest problem. If Alex is safe with the care package, Scott’s in more danger but I don’t want either one of them in danger this week. I also don’t want Justin to lose someone who’s very loyal to him this week because I’m still intrigued as to how his game will develop. This season makes you think especially when you like individuals on both sides of house!

      • LindsayB

        I’ve been surprisingly impressed by him. I’m still not 100% sold on his game play necessarily because I’m not quite sure what it is yet. What I admire about him is his ability to stick to his guns without stooping to other people’s levels. I think if he does end up playing a game I don’t agree with I will still be able to respect him. We’ll see.

  55. caRyn

    10:24 pm (PT) Last night, Justin and Jason were talking in the bathroom and Jason said we will just make it look like we want Alex OTB. Justin and Jason may still try to save Alex and Scott.

  56. caRyn

    Last night, Scott made a comment about it is every man for themselves and now Alex is worried that Scott will throw The Plastics UTB. We will see. Scott could flip again.

  57. caRyn

    Alex, Morgan and Shelby want Scott to be the target this week. Alex said she doesn’t want to throw Scott UTB but she can tell Kryssie how Scott has been throwing her (Kryssie) UTB. The Plastics want to talk to Kryssie into back-dooring Scott. Alex even threw out talking to Neeley as well.

  58. caRyn

    Danielle said she is going to talk less this week and practice her listening skills. I don’t think that will last 24 hours. Js.

  59. Avatar

    America needs to nominate neeley for 3rd nominee! !!! If Alex, Scott and the plastics vote her out America would be the tie breaker!!!!!!!!

  60. Mell

    The plastics/BS get on my nerves too. They are trying too hard to be the “nice” ones to America. Most of the Jamboree are a$$holes but they are who they are. (cleanup in aisle 5 is definitely needed though and what’s spilled there are double standards, hypocritical attitudes, bad wigs and some really big fake flowers) Jason, could you get on that please. You work in a grocery store!

    Alex and Whitney wouldn’t admit they were mad over their side losing the HOH comp. Why not admit it? There’s nothing wrong with it. Alex specifically said she wasn’t mad over Krrissi winning the comp, she was mad that Shane was calling her a puppet master. (that hit too close for comfort) Whitney said she was only mad because Neeley was rolling her eyes. First it was someone sticking out their tongue and now it’s eye rolling. I don’t know how she hangs out with Shelby if she has such a strange aversion two facial gestures. They only “think” Scott will throw them utb so they have “planned” to throw Scott utb. I’m tired of listening to them try to justify everything they do with a fake reason. You don’t want to go home and tossing Scott to LNJ like he’s a hotwing on Superbowl Sunday isnt a bad idea. If Alex isn’t careful Scott will realize she’s more with the BS than she is ASS alliance. (Alex Shelby Scott)

    I can’t wait to see Danielle practice her listening skills as she has planned this week but I won’t hold my breath.

    If Alex gets the safety care pkg, I wonder if it will quietly push Jason towards her more. He may see it as America wanting him to work with her. He can try to steer Krissi a little but not push her so she doesn’t get suspicious. I don’t think there’s any way Jason can get the Jamboree not to Target Scott & Alex.

    It looks like so far the care package is very much between Alex and Shelby an early chatter for the third nom has Neeley and Scott topping people’s wish list.

    • caRyn

      Care Package decision is difficult. If it is used on Alex now she won’t be able to receive one later. I think she will always be a target. Maybe this week is a good week for her to have it. It’s a gamble on when America should save her.

      • Mell

        I agree. I was scratching my head on this one. I think Alex is playing a good game even with being seen as such a threat. My only reason for not giving it to her was in case she got in a bind later on. I realized that’s a problem for later and if she gets evicted it wouldn’t matter anyway. I think I have a mixed bag of voting this week because unless I change my mind I’m voting for her sister as the third nom.

      • Helen

        I voted Shelby because I think maybe Justin and Jason are still there in the background for Alex and will try to protect her…no one will for shelby

      • Helen

        I’m voting Neely 3rd nom. Level the playing field and let America choose who should go

      • LindsayB

        I agree with you Helen.

    • Avatar

      I don’t think the BS are “trying” to be nice, it looks to me like that’s just their personalities. Just like the LNC all have rude and obnoxious personalities. They are filmed 24/7 with us watching. If they were nasty, we would have seen by now. There are still nice, mature people in the world who know when a game is a game and real life is real life.

      • Mell

        AmberB, I have seen them be nasty and snarky. They just don’t cuss as much. I don’t think they’re terrible people and I’ve said on earlier threads that I’m enjoying watching a group of young women try to run this house and be doing a pretty good job of it. We don’t usually get to see that. I was only saying they make comments to America suggesting they never do anything wrong and it’s always the other side but I listen to some of the crappy things they say. I guess I don’t see much difference in calling someone a bitch vs making remarks about them being unattractive. For exampleKrissi and Danielle Lied and tried to blame Scott for some of the Monte gossip but Morgan did the same thing with the bathroom incident and Justin. I just don’t see the difference. I think everyone in the house takes low blows at different times and I’m sure it’s a way to vent when your in a house with a bunch of people you don’t like. I think it’s to be expected. I’m not trying to put a negative spin on anything based on who I like or don’t like because honestly it’s a very mixed bag for me. I like Alex,Shelby, Scott, Justin and Jason. I like them in the game but I don’t like every quality that they all have.

      • Avatar

        Mell, people will envision what they want to see. The plastics are just as sneaky and scheme too. They make sly comments all the time. It’s annoying how their die hard fans put them on a high pedestal.

      • Avatar

        I’m not “envisioning” anything. I watch the feeds and I see what reality is. The BS aren’t even close to being as nasty and mean as the LNC. That’s a FACT.

      • Avatar

        I have the live feeds too, dear! Your opinion is not a fact, now that’s a fact! People will interpret what they will and that’s your opinion, nothing factual. And if you actually watch the feeds, both sides have stated some unkindly words. Another fact!!

  61. Renee

    When this season started, I was so glad that there was “normal, everyday people” inside. I really wanted to like Kryssie because she physically reminds me of a very good friend of mine. However, she is classless and delusional. I do not understand how she thinks we would love seeing her fart on peoples pillows. I know she is not the only one doing vile things to others property, but she is the one who believes we love her. I also know that there were previous houseguests that did vile things and people rallied behind them and were amused by them (Evil Dick comes to mind). Is anyone aware of Kryssie having fans from this forum or other forums they read that are supportive of her antics? Just curious.

    • Shivani33

      @Renee She has just about no support and close to nonexistent positive comments. Lots of people wish that Jason would break free of being lumped with her. The same criticisms of her which are mentioned at Junkies are stated across all boards and often much more brutally. In fact, lots of commenters say that they’re taking a break from watching because of her being HoH.

      I intend to watch despite whoever is in the cat bird seat. But Kryssie is what I call “under the mask.” She makes drama and freaks out at other players but doesn’t apply her so-called standards to herself, in my opinion. Gosh, I hope she gets evicted soon. It’s not easy to be patient about it.

      • Shivani33

        Sorry for the same comment of mine getting posted twice! I hit some kind of Internet log jam and there’s no edit or delete button here. With my limited typing/posting skills, those kind of choices are sorely missed.

    • caRyn

      I like Kryssie. I do not like what happened with Monte/Scott regarding the racism because that can harm hg outside the BB house. Anything that can hurt BB hg outside the BB house I am against. Other than that she doesn’t bother me. I don’t agree with this or that from the hg but I have the option to switch up and change which camera I watch.

  62. Avatar

    Half you people on here are just sad… your biased yet claim its strategic. My opinion the only floater this year is Shelby. Plastics are losing a member this week that is all.

  63. Shivani33

    @Renee She has just about no support and close to nonexistent positive comments. Lots of people wish that Jason would break free of being lumped with her. The same criticisms of her which are mentioned at Junkies are stated across all boards and often much more brutally. In fact, lots of commenters say that they’re taking a break from watching because of her being HoH.

    I intend to watch despite whoever is in the cat bird seat. But Kryssie is what I call “under the mask.” She makes drama and freaks out at other players but doesn’t apply her so-called standards to herself, in my opinion. Gosh, I hope she gets evicted soon. It’s not easy to be patient about it.

  64. Helen

    I honestly feel bad giving Alex this care package!! She is going to be earning every minute of her “safe” this week being that critters personal servant!!!

    • Avatar

      At least Alex wouldn’t have to worry about giving her a sponge bath 1 We all know Kryssie doesn’t care. One of the more gross things I have heard her say, is when I’m getting ready to go to work (serving food) and I stink I just use a baby wipe on my pits, my pu##y, and my ass if they need it too!

  65. Helen

    All you Jason fans better be thinking of putting Neely up or Jason’s days are numbered. Anyone who listened to his early morning camera talk a day or two ago should realize he hit the nail on the head when he said that right now the girls don’t like Danielle but that could change. It already is!!

    • Mell

      Who likes Danielle now?

    • Shivani33

      Well, Danielle is softening some of her edges and has more room to let others in now that Shane left. One thing to her credit is that she has come to play – and is a pretty good thinker. I confess to having a soft spot for her and appreciate that she’s willing to look at herself and to learn. She can be quite a tigress, tough outside but softer inside and trying to keep that vulnerability concealed. I can relate to her in that way. And wish her well!

      • caRyn

        Danielle is an excellent game player. Best in the game so far. Danielle was a liability with not being able to withhold her tongue by instigating things which had a lot to do with the divide in the BB house. I don’t mind the trash talk from any hg or pranks. Never cared. Walking into BB trash talking and pranks are to be expected. I didn’t like how Danielle and Kryssie were pinning racial stuff on Monte. If Danielle does pick up what America put down for her I wouldn’t mind her staying in the BB house. Time will tell.

      • caRyn

        When I said best in the game so far – I meant this fall season. I might should clarify for others reading this.

    • Avatar

      Is Danielle not allowed to redeem herself? I rather waste this cp on a plastic who isn’t a target this week and save the more useful future cp’s for other players.

  66. caRyn

    My Care Package votes went to Alex.

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