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Live Eviction And HoH Thread BBOTT

November 3, 2016 | 169 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans


Just like that, we’ll be down to 8 in a few hours. It seems odd because this season has felt about as long as it has been (a month+), but unlike summer Big Brother, we’ll have 5 evictions by the end of the night.  Typically during the summer season they take about 2 weeks for the first eviction, then there is a buyback or two and a few more houseguests to start. To put it in perspective, today is day 36, and there will be 8 people in the house tonight. On day 36 for BB18, there was still 13 houseguests (although Tiffany got evicted a day later, so 12ish remaining around this time). It wasn’t until day 58 until BB18 had 8 players remaining.

The big question tonight will be who will win HoH. Danielle is obviously out of the running, so that leaves 7 eligible players. 3 from each side, and the one wildcard Whitney. That leads me to this question:

[polldaddy poll=9569257]

Alright, it’s 7:00pm and the recap episode has just begun. I am watching this and the World Series at the same time, but I will be covering the eviction in 45-60 minutes (depending on how long the recap episode is)


  • 7:00pm – Recap episode time
    • Scott is talking all tough in the DR about how people have wronged him, but it’s embarrassing looking back considering he did absolutely nothing this week. He promised us that he’d make Danielle’s life a hell and didn’t deliver.
  • 7:15pm – This is wild. During the actual live HoH competition, it was some dude in production asking questions. During this recap episode, they had Julie talk and make it seem like she was the one asking questions.
  • 7:23pm – They show a clip of Danielle talking, and they fade out the sound and show Justin walking away to do a random dance in the kitchen before coming back
    • If you’re not watching, the dance had 0 to do with the conversation, and it wasn’t to disrespect Danielle, it was because Justin is a weird dude and just felt the need to walk away from the conversation and dance.  Hard to not like Justin. I thought Jason was a guaranteed win because of his pre-built fans, but I think Justin can beat him in the finals
  • 7:56pm – Live eviction time!
    • danielle-eviction
    • Speeches – All generic. Nothing major like the last few weeks
    • Shelby eliminates Jason, Justin, and Kryssie’s votes
  • Votes…
    • Alex – Scott
    • Whitney – Scott
    • Results – Scott evicted (regardless of America)
    • For the record, America voted for Scott
    • Probably an hour until the HoH competition. Going back to the Cubs game
  • 9:00pm – Rain delay. What a crazy game.  We’re still waiting for the HoH competition in the BB house
    • This is a ‘one at a time’ competition where each player goes in the backyard and solo plays it.
  • 9:15pm – This may be a long one. Still waiting for Whitney to go. It’s the face morph competition.
  • 9:21pm – Ok, here we go. Whitney is up.
    • whitney-hoh
    • Whitney is a bit slow with this one, but I thought Morgan was slow during her PoV win. We’ll see how others do
    • Whitney is confused. Just staring at the wall of people, and keeps getting them wrong
    • whitney-hoh2
  • 9:52pm – And Whitney reaches the 30 minute mark. She’s out
  • 10:12 – Alex’s turn
  • She finishes in 27 minutes
  • 10:50 – Kryssie’s turn
  • 11:19pm – Kryssie fail
    • kryssie-crying2
  • 11:27pm – Shelby is up now
    • Shelby absolutely CRUSHED the competition. 3:42. She got it first attempt
    • shelby-crushedit
  • 11:45pm – Morgan’s turn
  • 11:51pm – Morgan fail
  • 12:00am – Jason time
  • 12:04am – Jason fail
  • 12:15pm – Justin is up and doesn’t understand the rules.  He is putting one name on each person and the girls are cracking up. Poor guy
    • reaction-justin

Check back for updates

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