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Live Eviction Episode Plus A Juror Returns

My face when I hear another player is returning

It was a surprisingly busy afternoon in the Big Brother house when James approached Paul at the kitchen table to ask if he had mentioned his name about being paranoid.  This blew up into this huge argument with Paul calling Michelle a c*nt, and saying she is mean to everyone then cries about it because she’s worried about America hating her. One thing that annoyed me, and has annoyed me this season was this stupid “If you put my name in your mouth….” saying. James uses it a lot. Da’Vonne said it a bunch of times. Everyone freaks out if they hear someone else in the house mentioned them in a conversation. What do they expect? Of course they’re going to hear their name coming from other players mouths. That happens in games like this. Drives me crazy.


Also, I loved how James threw out the major veteran card during the argument. “This isn’t my first rodeo, I’ve been in this house 150 (or some shit) days. I’ve played with some of the best players and hung out with some of the best”.  A little note to James – First, you haven’t played with the best players. BB17 had a horrible cast when it came to strategy. The best player couldn’t even win the entire season, and the winner was a weaker version of the overrated Ian (note – Ian is a good player, but some newer players act like he was one of the best ever. He wasn’t even the best that season, he just had a bitter jury to help him win).  Secondly, at this point, everyone in the house are considered veterans. James may have logged more hours, but 75% of those hours were spent up the combined asses of Meg and Natalie, so do they really even count?

Sorry for the rant, but James playing that is the celebrity version of “do you know who I am??” when they get in trouble. Drives me nuts.  Also, I didn’t mean to gloss over the comments by Paul to Michelle.  She really has been a mean girl this season, but throwing the c-word around was dumb. Paul loses some BB Points for that remark. Michelle also loses some points for making an ass out of herself by butting into that argument in the first place. It was funny when she did it to Paulie, even though her arguments were equally awful, but now that act is just getting repetitive  (I seriously should keep a BB points tracker and add/subtract arbitrarily, like they do in Harry Potter).

Ok, wrapping up, time for the live updates:

  • 9:00pm – Here we go!
    • Doing some quick flashbacks
    • They had a preview of the jury house with Zakiyah going off on Paulie.  Ohh, looks fun
    • Now it’s time for the Mon-Wed highlights. Was a pretty boring week, wonder what they’ll come up with
    • They’re showing Paul’s fairly decent plan about looking like he’s working with Paul and Nicole.  It actually worked pretty much on Natalie and Michelle, but James wasn’t swayed
  • 9:10pm – Commercial break, then some jury clips
    • Jury house – everyone getting along… enter Paulie
    • Paulie wearing back to the future shoes coming in the house
    • Z doesn’t look very happy to see him
    • Da’ says Paulie still has the short mans complex
    • The girls are cheering on Paulie’s eviction episode in front of him. They are trashing him
    • He keeps calling the girls catty, but they keep trashing him.
    • Bridgette tells him he wasn’t winning anyway with all of them in the jury house
    • Da’ tells Z to ask why he didn’t use the veto on her. I love how blunt Da’ is
    • Z calls him a bitch a few times.  I’m so glad she got her reality check from Da’Vonne before he entered.
  • 9:22pm – Wow, heated jury house.  Commercial break time
    • Ok, we’re back. Quick talk to the nominees. Let’s hear the statements…
    • Victor – Shoutouts, I’m loyal, I’ll eat slop, blah, blah
    • Corey – “Julie, looking great as always, blah blah blah
    • Votes –
    • Nicole – Victor
    • Paul – Corey
    • James – Victor
    • Like expected, we’ll see Victor back in the HoH competition. Let’s hope he gets back in the house
    • Michelle notes it’s only 6:27, and wonders why. (a normal week, he’d be evicted later)
    • Julie asks who Victor wants the next person evicted, he says resentment, probably James
    • Goodbye messages –
    • Michelle says Paul was target, she feels bad
    • James says it is a game move and not personal
    • Natalie said her target was Paul and she’s happy he returned
    • She tells him that he’s back in a competition. He is pumped
  • 6:35pm – Commercial break.  Very strange they’re doing this all this early
    • We’re back. Showing the jury house again
    • The tension is gone, but it doesn’t sound like Paulie is hooking up with Z again yet
    • They give the house a basket with a card explaining the re-entry attempt
    • They ask who you think it will be… Z says ‘NO VICTOR’
    • The four jurors stand on stage when Julie introduces Victor as the 5th juror.
    • Julie tells the house about the latest twist.  They all looked a bit shocked
    • The jurors re-enter the house. Paulie seeks out his buddy Corey.
  • 9:45pm – Commercial break then the HoH competition is revealed
    • If this is the wall, it’s James’ HoH to lose.
    • And it’s the wall

This competition is going to finish on the feeds, so be sure to sign up!  It’s a free week

Time to run and get a coffee, and start a new thread about this competition.


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  1. Avatar

    Just caught up on the house drama …YAY…this episode is going to be SO exciting.

  2. Avatar

    Paul is basically alone and now he is being very dumb to go around calling others’ nasty names. I don’t have a problem with him confronting others, like Nicole, about past comments or behaviors. Being a jerk and senseless with his conversation will get him on the bus to the jury house next week.

  3. Avatar

    TGF just got owned …by “3 catty”girls

  4. Avatar

    My local station is playing the Cowboys game. Thankful for these updates! 🙂

  5. Avatar

    YALL!!!!!!!!! I am SO excited to see Vic battle his way back in! That interview with Julienwas adorable and made me love him even more! I am now officially #teamvictor!!! Go Vic Go!!!!!

  6. danmtruth

    Better get some adult depends for James He will shit himself when he hears about the buyback
    Was that jury house reunion just perfect But to me Paulie knows about the buyback

  7. Avatar

    Paulie is such horrible person and if he is not he does a great impression of one. The males they have selected (aside from James And Glenn) seem like insecure woman haters who do everything from try to light live animals on fire (corey and the goat) to calling names because they are too stupid to think of a rational argument. The women (minus a few) throw their games away for some d*€k. Its like a bad cheap frat house. CBS has a horrible process of picking players. They pick a couple of minorities–a gay–an old person. Otherwise its just young 20something white people. I miss when they had more diversity. Does CBS use the same picker as the bachelor.

  8. Avatar

    Im so glad to know that Zakiyah was strong enough to stay the hell away from that hellhound scumbag Paulie.

    • Jannie

      I don’t know…give her a few more days and she’ll probably be right back in his bed if neither one makes it back.
      I think she’s just being tough in front of Day. After she was evicted she said still wanted to be with him.

  9. Avatar

    I just hope Vic wins the buyback and the care package because if he doesn’t win HOH his game is hosed. I might split the votes between Paul and Vic

  10. caRyn

    Everyone is in the comp except Michelle and Natalie. If a jury member is the last won standing that person goes back into the house and is HOH.

  11. Helen

    Yup. Figures. I predict Paulie is coming back….(barf)
    Last two standing…Paulie and Corey….which one has CBS written the check to?

  12. Jannie

    C’mon Vic!!!
    I’m nervous because Lamsey is good at endurance comps.

  13. Shivani33

    I’m pleased that Zakiyah saw the light and had two friends to help her past Paulie. This is a moment when I feel proud of her because she has lived and learned.

  14. Avatar

    Is Paulie wearing Zs shorts???

  15. Avatar

    Just seeing the “oh shit, I’m f**ked…” look on Lames’ dumb face when Julie told them that a juror was coming back was enough for me! And watching Paulie get his ass handed to him by the girls in the jury house…what is this, Christmas?? Best BB episode all season, hands down!!!

  16. Avatar

    And yet for some reason, Victor or Paul was never America’s choice for a care package. This site and it’s writer(s) are biased and one sided but then again so am I. Other than that it thrives at serving its purpose.

  17. Avatar

    Care Package vote is very limited launches at 12am Eastern Time and only goes to 6:59am Eastern Time so make sure you get votes in.

  18. Mel

    I sure wish Vic had been eating Steak and eggs this week instead of slop and pie!

    • Avatar

      ^ I know Mell, because he said that he felt in a Weaken State….I hope Vic goes in for the 3rd time!

    • Avatar

      I don’t understand the people on here that love Victor. He wasn’t a good person his first time around. Or have you forgotten how the boys group would talk about the girls in the house? Bro’s before Ho’s remember. Then he throws the beads at Nat and Michelle. Which he has never apologized for. Don’t get me started on Paul. Just the c..t comment to Michelle was enough. I need not go any further with him but I could. But yet a person who’s played as up front as he can and never says deragotory things to the women or behind there backs. If you ever noticed it when all the good old boys alliance got together and started saying filthy things about the women house guests he’d leave the room. So someone please explain to me this great hatred for James this season. I’m really serious I just don’t get it. Just because he likes Nat? Well Nicole likes Corey and Pauli liked Z. So what who cares. If James ends up getting hurt then it’s his problem not the worlds and he shouldn’t be ran into the ground for it. Just don’t get you people.

  19. Avatar

    James is a Cowardly Lion from the Wizard of Oz! James likes to talk a Tough Game, “This isn’t My 1st Rodeo,” “I have Played with some of the Greatest Players,” but he is Disgustedly Awful!

    Come on Victor Win yourself back into the house for the 3rd time!!!

    • Avatar

      Why is James a coward? Because he doesn’t go around screaming at everyone when things didn’t go as he planned? I know of one person this season that acted that way and he blew his game up and is sitting in jury. There’s something that can be said about being nice. But most people on her love Vic or Paul. Just because you think they’re cute doesn’t make it a good reason to keep them in the house.

  20. NKogNeeTow

    TGF bitchin and whining to Vic about how the girls ragged on him in the Jury House

  21. Ingodog

    Paulie’s shorts what’s up with that……..looks like something from a Pride Parade

    • Avatar

      Way to go. You realize you just insulted the gay community. You should think next time.

      • ingodog

        I have nothing against gay people, but there are some pretty outrageous outfits on the floats. And Paulie’s shorts just reminded me of them. Some of my good friends are gay, and I would never hurt them.

  22. Avatar

    I swear…If Victor goes back in that House today, he deserves to win the Whole Damn Game! And I hope he puts up James & Corey/Nicole!

  23. NKogNeeTow

    Live Feed cut to Jeff and dumb re-runs.

  24. Avatar
    Bertha Karakosta

    Come on psulie win this comp and take out psul

  25. Avatar

    Half these people have already fallen off. Come on people, it’s only been 30 mins! Wonder what they would have done back in the days of 14 hour endurance comps?!? Wimps.

  26. Avatar

    Any body but Paul that dude is really turning into a real prick

  27. NKogNeeTow

    Vic’s out but he’s back in the house!

  28. NKogNeeTow

    Jellyfish James, Nurse RATchet and Paul still on the wall.

    Gnat sucking up to Vic.

  29. NKogNeeTow

    James was trash talking but he’s getting tired so he’s stopped now. He keeps watching Paul.

    Gnat keeps chatting Vic up while they sit on the sidelines. Keeps telling him she’s proud of him and knew he was coming back.

  30. NKogNeeTow

    If Paul falls, next week will be an instant replay of next week. Nurse RATchet and Jellyfish James can’t WAIT to put him and Vic back on the block 🙁

  31. NKogNeeTow

    Nurse RATchet and Jellyfish are squatting and whispering…..Could a deal be in the making???

  32. NKogNeeTow

    James trying to talk Nurse RATchet into dropping.

  33. NKogNeeTow

    Jellyfish tells Nurse RATchet that he won’t put them up plus he needs them for DE next week. She says she’s doing it for her Mom and wants to hear from her. She refuses to drop.

  34. NKogNeeTow

    Jellyfish is getting pissed because she won’t drop. He keeps telling her how he had Gnat keep them safe last week. RATchet says, let her return the favor. Jellyfish looks REALLY annoyed.

  35. NKogNeeTow

    Nurse RATchet is so silly. She tells Jellyfish that he can have the title, she just wants the letter. He tells her that he can’t get the title unless he wins.

  36. NKogNeeTow

    They keep trying to make a deal with each other. He was the one who told her that if she squatted, it would be easier to hold on. Guess he created his own monster. Funny Little James.

  37. NKogNeeTow

    Jellyfish says he wants to be the King of Endurance….wants to win 4 in a row. Nurse RATchet tells him if he gives it to her, she will owe him everything forever.

    He is shaking….combination of being tired and the water is cold.

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