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Live Eviction and HoH Thread. Bye Bye Bronte?



It appears Bronte’s run as the Good Will Hunting of the house is about to end, much sooner than she was expecting. Let me re-phrase that… slightly sooner than she was expecting. She’s part of the crew who would have been happy ‘just to make jury’, but she won’t even get that far. Or will she?  No, she won’t.  Julie Chen isn’t going to have them whip out calculators for the ‘Battle Back’ competition, so don’t expect to see much of her after tonight.


Am I being harsh? Maybe, but the house brought it on themselves. Not counting the people who were pulled from the block, there have been 9 names up for elimination through the first 4 weeks, and about a grand total of 30 minutes of campaigning to stay by any of them. I think Glenn did more to save himself than Jozea, Victor or Bronte combined, and he was in the house for like 5 minutes. The thing I’m waiting for is to see Gidget’s reaction when it settles in that her alliance member went home under her time as HoH… and her close ally was the one who nominated her. I know there is little she thinks she could have done to save Bronte, but how different would tonight be if say Nicole and James were up there next to Bronte. You think the house is going to pass up an opportunity to knock out a vet like that?  Well, knowing this crew, probably. So, rest easy Gidget, there was probably nothing you could have done differently.

  • 9:00pm – Thoughts go out to everyone in France tonight. Tragic
  • On to Big Brother..
    • Julie opens with a split shot of Frank and Da’Vonne. Trying to build the drama there
    • Now we have like 5 minutes of highlights
    • They’re going through pretty much everything I posted in my previous thread
  • 9:15pm – Back from commercial break. Franke in the audience. Guess I’m glad I am not going this year
    • Note – The other live blog plugin isn’t active this week, but I’ll probably have it back for next
  • 9:25pm – Long highlight reel. Commercial break then elimination
    • Speeches – Paul gives a weird speech and finishes with ‘Friendship’
    • Tiffany gives a speech about dictators. Says she is going after Frank
    • Bronte gives a vanilla speech while everyone is still a bit shocked by Tiffany
    • Votes:
    • Frank – Tiffany
    • Natalie – Tiffany
    • James – Tiffany
    • Michelle – Bronte
    • Nicole – Bronte
    • Zaki – Bronte
    • Corey – Bronte
    • Paulie – Tiffany
    • Da’Vonne – Bronte (Bronte evicted)
    • Frank and Gidget look shocked. Gidget moreso because Frank probably expected something shady
  • 6:40pm – Bronte has a chat with Julie, and finally sounds aware of what was going on in the house. Too late
    • Julie tells Bronte about the ‘Battle Back’ and she said she’s happy she wasn’t snooty on the way out
    • Next up, HoH
  • 6:45pm – HoH comp time…
    • It is a round by round memory elimination.
    • Round 1 – James, Corey, Natalie, Zaki, Paul out
    • Round 2 – Nobody out
    • Round 3 – Tiffany, Michelle, Da’Vonne
    • Round 4 – Paulie wins HoH

Check back for updates!


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  1. Avatar

    Bronte for the love of God start campaigning

  2. Jenny M

    Funny how I HATED Paul at first, but once his buddies Jossiah and Vic-not-gonna-be-a-soap-star were out, he became so much more tolerable. Still hate his haircut, his tattoo and his beard, and he still uses the f-word way too much, and that whole “friendship” thing is stupid.. but I don’t want to punch him in the face anymore. I don’t care if Tiffany or Bronte goes – one cries all the time and the other talks like a toddler. Not a fan of either.

    • Elaine

      Not a fan of Paul, but I never watch him on feeds cause I can’t take the cursing all the time. Although he has an acceptable f-word now (“friendship”), even that is annoying. He seems to be mixing and mingling with the houseguests so he is solid for now. Since Tiff will be granted this chance to stay in the house due to the others’ disdain for Frank, she better start showing some competent gameplay.

  3. Shivani33

    Corey is nervous about getting Frank mad. He’s trying to arrange for Nicole to take the heat and deflect it from him. She said her response to any Frank confrontation will be to deny, deny, deny. Corey doesn’t seem to feel either more secure or satisfied by that. Nicole could try waking up and reading between the lines coming from Corey. He just wants to have his cake and eat it too – no matter what happens. In a pinch, he wants to be able to stay on Frank’s good side.

  4. Avatar

    Can we please have the self updating live feed??? Just forgive shows!!!

  5. Avatar

    I wonder if Gidget feels like crap for snuggling with Frank and telling him it was ok that he put up Bronte? Lol. Goofy little girl.

  6. Jannie

    Paulie wins the HOH. Crap! That means Snakey Frank and Bridgidiot are safe again…

    • Avatar

      For this, I hate the teams. The road kill is very important this HOH.

      Team Day and Michelle right now. They really did come through with that blind and restored my faith in this season. That was the best episode thus far. Tiffany’s speech was GREAT.

    • Jenny M

      yeah I forgot who was on his team and then DAMMIT, Frank is safe! Ooooops. Actually I am interested to see what happens now that Tiffanessa has declared war on Frank, and Frank is safe for the next week.

  7. g8trgrl4life

    Frank must have 9 lives. He’s never going to get voted out. Now what are they going to do? Vote out Natalie so they can waste another week waiting for Frank to be eligible to be voted out?

  8. Jenny M

    Michelle’s over-acting was hilarious… how she stomped through the bathroom to make sure they all saw how MAD she was that Bronte went home. Wonder if any of them fell for it.
    I’m so glad they aren’t all “voting with the house” this year. I like not being 100% sure who is going home for a change!

  9. Avatar

    Okay this team twist thing is aggravating. Three weeks in a row Category 4 has been safe and that only increases their chances of winning while the other teams shrink. Hopefully after battle back the teams twist will be over and they’ll be able to get rid of Frank.

  10. Avatar

    I can’t remember the last time a vote was so close. It was nice to see Frank sweat a little wondering who flipped!

  11. Avatar

    The only good is that if Frank isn’t evicted this week he won’t be one of the five to compete to return. Which he’d probably have won, especially as the last person only has to compete once. So when they do get him out he’s really gone. The teams had better end next week or his team is going to be there until the end. I will give Frank credit though for getting the others to throw it in th beginning. Took them awhile to figure out he was never losing anyone.

  12. g8trgrl4life

    Anybody catch what Frank was grilling Nicole about at the end?

  13. jimbo

    Same mistake as last year. They send out a harmless piece of fluff like Bronte to keep Tiffany (Vanessa)! They had a WHOLE house aligning against Frank, with countless numbers willing to take him out next week — but they HAD to keep Tiffany to do it?! NOW, Frank, instead of being clueless, has to be clued-in to what’s coming, and the whole thing gets mesier and more dangerous, which will probably allow Tiff?Van to float by. STUPID is back, on Big Brother. They can rest safely now, though, that the BIG BAD Bronte (shudder) is not around.

  14. Elaine

    Ah good, the “Get Frank Out” Take 2 has now become Take 3. I actually want Frank to stay in as long as possible because it brings some excitement. Once he is gone, *yawn*. The disdain that Day, Z, Tiff have for him is good fodder for BB game play. And now he will be onto the plan to get him out. Good for Paulie, to not throw the comp and to vote out who he wanted to. He brought up good reasons to get out Tiff now, rather than later. Am glad Frank won’t be part of the battle back…..stay in the house for now, and work your magic. The others will be sweating.

    • Avatar

      Bingo. And with Frank having so many people dislike him now, he’s getting into territory where someone will decide to “save him” and keep him around cause he couldn’t possibly get any votes in the end. Meanwhile Frank will keep winning comps and solidifying his case as to why he should win, even if they don’t like him.

  15. danmtruth

    First thing welcome to the show Michelle This might be the first DR ofhers they showed.

    Why have teams and the whole team is safe when you have an individual comp? Just like last week with the bounce the ball lucky shot. If you are going to let the team be safe they should compeat as a team

    So hope Paul has kept his deposit on that seat on the block The next person should be Tif I dont see him putting Natural Nat because of James The choices arenot their. Lets see if Frank tries a power grab Challenge Paulie to show his loyalty and put Nichole or Day up . Dont think everyone is not worried about the roadkill in the back of there minds . We all know Franks record

  16. Avatar

    The team thing sucks right now.

    The only people left to nominate are:

    Day – making people nervous – this might be a potential backdoor if they let Frank in their heads. I think secretly a lot of people want her out.


    Z – in a showmance with HOH – Safe unless Road Kill puts her up…unlikely

    Paul – most likely to be put up again as a pawn to backdoor someone

    James – in a showmance – Safe

    Natalie – in a showmance – may be in trouble by association with evicted folks

    Corey – in a showmance – Safe especially because he’s in a foursome and he has a penis. Penis’ are a minority right now. Most importantly, Corey is Paulie’s Cody.

    Nicole – in a showmance – Safe by way of foursome

    Tiffany – Paulie is not feeling homegirl at all. He has a strong aversion to her lack of control and high emotional state of paranoia. Most likely to go up.

  17. Avatar

    So no one wants to call out Tiffany for the uncalled for and bullying comment about Bridge being a cabbage patch kid? Who the &$?, is she to call out anyone on their looks? She’s just like her sister, ragging on everyone else but gets defensive when it turns on her. What a piece of garbage!!

    • Jenny M

      Her whole speech was stupid. I had read that she had told people she was going to say something like that about Frank but was surprised she actually DID. And that cabbage patch kid line was just .. as you said, uncalled for. I just don’t like Tiffany or the way she is playing.

  18. Avatar

    Paul will nominate Tiffany and Nate. He is aligned with everyone else in the house or they are on his team. If either win veto he will put up Paul as a pawn.
    Road Kill is super important this week.

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