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Live Eviction – Who Will Go Home? Jozea or Paulie?

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I know I should include Bridgette in the title, but let’s be real, she’s not even close to going home. Even people in the house have said they almost forgot she was even nominated, and I feel the same way. Tonight’s episode is down to two people: Paulie vs Jozea’s Ego. Who will go home? I already posted my predictions earlier, but it should be pretty obvious by now.

I’m going to try the new Live Blog tool I got for tonight. It didn’t go over so well for the live feeds, but this tool makes it much easier to post/tweet my random thoughts throughout the hour long episode. Keep in mind that I will continue to go back to the traditional format during the live feed updates.

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Ok, here are the updates:

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  1. Jenny M

    For those who missed it…. this is effing hilarious:

    Meanwhile I have been driving my co-workers nuts today trying to explain how excited I am to see this bat-sh*t crazy guy get sent home. None of them care. Thank you my fellow BB fans, and bloggers, for giving me someone to talk to about this silly show.
    Ann’s comment about how his cheese has slid off his cracker is still one of the funniest things I have read about Jossiah.
    Can’t wait to see everybody’s comments after tonight’s eviction!

  2. Jenny M


    one of my favorites: Siri’s voice will be replaced by Jozea and to ask a question you must start by saying “gurl…”

  3. g8trgirl

    Oh no! They can get back in after they’ve been evicted? Say it isn’t so.

  4. Avatar

    IF he comes back the goodbye messages will be important… I hope they don’t get to nasty, or informative.

  5. Colby

    Frank said earlier that if there is a commercial during voting that the HOH comp will be a long one, not finished during the show. Guess we will see if he is right.

  6. Avatar

    Ugh. No shock here. The only shock is no tears?

    I like the live broadcast thing! It’s working well for me.

  7. Elaine

    The live broadcast thread is working…you get the show an hour before me. So I tend to be on BBJ before I watch the show. (I am weird in that I like to know ahead of time…but no, I don’t read the end of a book first).

  8. Jenny M

    “some people in the house are weak-minded and they let gotthip get the best of them”

  9. Bbbonbon62

    Battle Back seems very much like Top Chef’s last chance kitchen.

  10. Jenny M

    OMG OMG OMG Glenn could come back!!!!yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    let’s just hope Jossiah the Pantless Wonder doesn’t.

    seriously, dude, put on some damn pants!

  11. Elaine

    Well if Jozea does come back, supply him with pants, hopefully he will check his ego at the door and have eaten some humble pie.

    • Renee

      Unfortunately if he does get to go back, he will twist it into believing that the fans wanted him back because he is just that great. This BB fan does not want him back in!!

  12. Avatar

    Y’all, I went to the other room for just a min and missed the goodbye messages!! Ughhh!!! Someone please tell me what they said!!!!

    • Jenny M

      nothing too interesting. Day said he lost her when he called himself the Messiah. Nicole said she went after him when he told her he was going after her. Paulie said he should have played a better social game like his bro Cody… and Paul said if he was seeing this that one of them had effed up bigtime. I think that was all of them. Guessing since he might come back they didn’t show him how anybody really felt about him.

    • Avatar

      Nicole told him for future reference not to tell the HOH he is coming after her.

      Pauly talked a bunch of crap basically rubbing it in.

      Davonne was nice about it saying she really liked him and sorry things had to be the way they were.

    • Avatar

      Thanks Jenny M and Lynnie! Yeah since he could possibly come back, they were probably careful. That whole week of build up to the eviction kinda wasn’t worth it. He came down a whole bunch of knotches real quick and didn’t say a word! Haha!

  13. Avatar

    Please reveal who is the new HOH since Jozea got voted off! By the way.


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