Before his haircut that I’m sure CBS will love

Good evening, everyone! We’re closing in on a milestone in the Big Brother house, and that is the ‘buyback’ (or in this case, Battle Back) competition. Pretty much every season they have someone come back, and with the extra elaborate backyard setup this week (backyard has been closed since Tuesday), they’re speculating in the house that this year it will be pre-jury. Unfortunately this time, we don’t have someone we can roll our eyes at when they volunteer to be evicted so they can play in it (second Lawon reference today!).  Anyway, this will probably be the last big twist of the summer, and from here on out, we’ll have routine weeks with the occasional luxury comp or pandora’s box mixed in.

As I’m fully expecting, Tiffany should be playing in that competition, and it would be hilarious if she is back in the house by the end of the night.  Of course, we won’t actually see that until tomorrow as it sounds more and more likely the feeds will be off until tomorrow at 9pm pst. I’ll make a post reminding you guys tomorrow when you come here looking to find out who won the Battle Back competition. This is one of those times you’ll know when I do (unless production messes up and lets it slip).


Also, the plugin I bought for the live stream sucks. It is what crashed my site last week and nearly did it again when I tried to use it this week. So, sticking to the typical format the rest of the season.

Since this is a live night, let me get some plugs in!

Ok, here are the updates..

  • 9:00pm – Julie hypes it up with a ‘mortal enemies have banded together’
    • But first, showmance highlights.  Puke
    • Great, we get to hear from Cody and Vanessa tonight.
    • Paulie is showing off his Paul hair.  Seriously. Paul hair.  And he’s working on a Paul beard
    • Julie Chen said “Da’Vonne is throwing shade”… So hip.
    • “Throwing shade” is still less awkward than Paulie constantly saying “Momma Day”
  • 9:10pm – Highlights of the week of Tiffany spilling secrets
    • Showing Da’Vonne putting a target on herself by telling a guy in a showmance that she needs to go after showmances (James)
  • 9:20pm – Commercial break then it’s Vanessa and Cody talking about their siblings
    • Aww showing clips of Cody reminds me how much less annoying he was than Paulie
    • Cody thinks Paulie should align himself with James
    • Vanessa points out how there is a double standard with Paulie. (there is)
    • Everyone keeps comparing Tiff to Vanessa while nobody mentions Paulie/Cody any more
    • She thinks the deal with Frank is a good thing for both of their games
  • 9:25pm – Live vote after commercial break
    • Speeches….
    • Da’Vonne thanks god and misses her kids, etc, etc.
    • Natalie is excited to be here (nominated?).
    • Tiffany says it’s a wild ride, and she’s been playing a loyal game
    • Votes:
    • Michelle – Tiffany
    • Zaki – Tiffany
    • James – Tiffany
    • === commercial break ===
  • 9:35pm – Back, votes continue.  It’s 3-0-0 to evict Tiff right now
    • Nicole – Tiffany
    • Frank – Tiffany
    • Corey – Tiffany
    • Bridgette – Tiffany
    • Paul – Tiffany  8-0 Tiffany is evicted
  • Interview time
    • Julie asks why Tiff made the decision to go against her allies
    • She says because Da’Vonne betrayed her and she couldn’t trust her any more
    • Frank’s goodbye message was working the votes but failed
    • Nicole says she knows she’s telling the truth but can’t do it
    • Paulie says you would be loyal to Frank not him
    • Da’Vonne rubs it in
  • 9:45pm – Julie says roadkill and teams will be changing (going away) tonight
    • Clips of the evicted houseguests and how they feel.
    • Jozea wants to go after Da’Vonne if he returns
    • It looks like the evicted houseguests were put in some pretty sweet houses for sequester. CBS execs?
  • 9:53pm – Julie tells the house the teams are over. And the roadkill.
    • Only two houseguests nominated like normal.
    • She drops a hint that there is another secret.  No HoH comp
    • I wonder if the returning player wins HoH. That would be a game changer

Feeds down until tomorrow, but I will make a post tomorrow afternoon anyway.  Time for a much needed day off to catch up on TV and relax.