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Live Eviction Thread!

Before his haircut that I’m sure CBS will love

Good evening, everyone! We’re closing in on a milestone in the Big Brother house, and that is the ‘buyback’ (or in this case, Battle Back) competition. Pretty much every season they have someone come back, and with the extra elaborate backyard setup this week (backyard has been closed since Tuesday), they’re speculating in the house that this year it will be pre-jury. Unfortunately this time, we don’t have someone we can roll our eyes at when they volunteer to be evicted so they can play in it (second Lawon reference today!).  Anyway, this will probably be the last big twist of the summer, and from here on out, we’ll have routine weeks with the occasional luxury comp or pandora’s box mixed in.


As I’m fully expecting, Tiffany should be playing in that competition, and it would be hilarious if she is back in the house by the end of the night.  Of course, we won’t actually see that until tomorrow as it sounds more and more likely the feeds will be off until tomorrow at 9pm pst. I’ll make a post reminding you guys tomorrow when you come here looking to find out who won the Battle Back competition. This is one of those times you’ll know when I do (unless production messes up and lets it slip).

Also, the plugin I bought for the live stream sucks. It is what crashed my site last week and nearly did it again when I tried to use it this week. So, sticking to the typical format the rest of the season.

Since this is a live night, let me get some plugs in!


Ok, here are the updates..

  • 9:00pm – Julie hypes it up with a ‘mortal enemies have banded together’
    • But first, showmance highlights.  Puke
    • Great, we get to hear from Cody and Vanessa tonight.
    • Paulie is showing off his Paul hair.  Seriously. Paul hair.  And he’s working on a Paul beard
    • Julie Chen said “Da’Vonne is throwing shade”… So hip.
    • “Throwing shade” is still less awkward than Paulie constantly saying “Momma Day”
  • 9:10pm – Highlights of the week of Tiffany spilling secrets
    • Showing Da’Vonne putting a target on herself by telling a guy in a showmance that she needs to go after showmances (James)
  • 9:20pm – Commercial break then it’s Vanessa and Cody talking about their siblings
    • Aww showing clips of Cody reminds me how much less annoying he was than Paulie
    • Cody thinks Paulie should align himself with James
    • Vanessa points out how there is a double standard with Paulie. (there is)
    • Everyone keeps comparing Tiff to Vanessa while nobody mentions Paulie/Cody any more
    • She thinks the deal with Frank is a good thing for both of their games
  • 9:25pm – Live vote after commercial break
    • Speeches….
    • Da’Vonne thanks god and misses her kids, etc, etc.
    • Natalie is excited to be here (nominated?).
    • Tiffany says it’s a wild ride, and she’s been playing a loyal game
    • Votes:
    • Michelle – Tiffany
    • Zaki – Tiffany
    • James – Tiffany
    • === commercial break ===
  • 9:35pm – Back, votes continue.  It’s 3-0-0 to evict Tiff right now
    • Nicole – Tiffany
    • Frank – Tiffany
    • Corey – Tiffany
    • Bridgette – Tiffany
    • Paul – Tiffany  8-0 Tiffany is evicted
  • Interview time
    • Julie asks why Tiff made the decision to go against her allies
    • She says because Da’Vonne betrayed her and she couldn’t trust her any more
    • Frank’s goodbye message was working the votes but failed
    • Nicole says she knows she’s telling the truth but can’t do it
    • Paulie says you would be loyal to Frank not him
    • Da’Vonne rubs it in
  • 9:45pm – Julie says roadkill and teams will be changing (going away) tonight
    • Clips of the evicted houseguests and how they feel.
    • Jozea wants to go after Da’Vonne if he returns
    • It looks like the evicted houseguests were put in some pretty sweet houses for sequester. CBS execs?
  • 9:53pm – Julie tells the house the teams are over. And the roadkill.
    • Only two houseguests nominated like normal.
    • She drops a hint that there is another secret.  No HoH comp
    • I wonder if the returning player wins HoH. That would be a game changer

Feeds down until tomorrow, but I will make a post tomorrow afternoon anyway.  Time for a much needed day off to catch up on TV and relax.


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  1. Avatar
    kristine (207 comments)

    Yay no more teams and no more roadkill.

    • Elaine
      Elaine (2449 comments)

      I agree Kristine! Now some of the folks safe by others will have to finally get in the game. The RK was an interesting concept, but it became stupid when the winner didn’t keep it secret. What we needed was more mystery, not more blabbing to everyone in the house lol.

  2. g8trgrl4life
    g8trgrl4life (1010 comments)

    Paulie’s hair = ick

    • Elaine
      Elaine (2449 comments)

      Paulie is getting increasingly ick!

    • Colby

      I can’t believe he let that idiot Paul do that to his hair. Can they not see that he is just a blow hard little weasel that is the only one that thinks he’s all that?

    • Mello_One

      I read on Jokers that Zakiyah felt that she should have been consulted about the hair cut before Paul cut Paulie’s hair?! Like Z is his wife, or something, LOL…Apparently she was very upset about the haircut! I’m on the West Coast, so I haven’t seen the show as of yet.

      • Amberchelly

        Well James came in and said “you know this is something you normally consult the lady about.” Then Z said something to the effect of her opinion isn’t relevant. So the comment was prompted by James.

      • nkogneetow
        nkogneetow (8572 comments)

        First thing she’s said that is right. Her opinion isn’t relevant.

      • g8trgrl4life
        g8trgrl4life (1010 comments)

        Oh puleezzeee…sheesh. In another 10 weeks he won’t remember her name.

  3. Painter1
    Painter1 (599 comments)

    Day telling James “We need to get rid of the couples” is she for real? My brother says she might as well have said we need to eliminate the Asian people where James would say Um I’m Asian Day would say no your a hillbilly. I thought it was funny.

    • Avatar
      MB2 (59 comments)

      I thought it was a joke that Day said that and got to stay. I can only hope she gets to break some of those guys up. Part of winning Hoh is using your power to build relationships Paulie gained nothing by keeping day. He was wrong when he said tiff would have looked to Frank, v2 would have been in Paulies pocket if he wanted just like Paul is.

      • Mello_One

        @[email protected]
        Paulie found out that Frank did not want Day in Jury, therefore making the Jury more friendly to Frank. Frank believes that Day would persuade the other Jurors not to vote Frank.

        Paulie also knew if he evicted Day, it would make Frank’s side of the House stronger. Paulie knows that Day doesn’t like Frank, & would vote for his side of the House more so.

    • Mello_One

      AGREE!!! Plus James has an F-2 With Paulie, James is also a part of a Showmance, and James is down with the ALL BOYS ALLIANCE! Day is playing a very, very Dumb Game…

      And STILL putting a very large Target on her Back! James is going to run directly back to Nicole, Corey, Paulie, and Z and tell them what Day has said. My Gawd, how can Day play such a dumb Game???

      • nkogneetow
        nkogneetow (8572 comments)

        James met with The Godfather in the Storage room and told him what Da said. That’s when Paulie decided that Da definately has to go, but V2 was at the top of his list tonight.

    • Avatar

      Da is stuck on stupid. Unless she gets really, really, really lucky, her ass will be walking right on out the BB doors soon. I am so over her.

  4. Avatar
    jacks765 (78 comments)

    I hope the evicted HG coming back in becomes HOH and I hope it’s Tiff. Would be nice to see Paulie and Day squirm.

    • Jenny M
      Jenny M (1323 comments)

      I don’t like her (the crying, puh-lease!) but that would be HILARIOUS.
      Glenn is the only evicted HG that I would like to see come back – especially since he was never actually voted out. Can’t stand Jossiah or Victor – their egos make me gag. I guess if Glenn doesn’t get back in I’d be rooting for Bronte. She’s not that bad when she isn’t talking…. ha

      • Avatar
        kristine (207 comments)

        Your kinda right. Glenn and Bronte don’t stand much of a chance of coming back, V2 would make frank and day squirm maybe even Paulie since he targeted her, Jozea and Victor have a good chance to come back however unless they get HoH(hopefully that’s the case so we have at least one week with the returnee) and more than likely will reactivate with Paul to maybe target Frank or other veterans.

      • Avatar
        jacks765 (78 comments)

        I can’t stand her either, but I want to shake up the house! I don’t see Glenn coming back, and Jozea is worse than Tiff. Victor is an idiot, and Bronte is just as annoying as Tiff. Really I would be happy if none of them came back at the point!

      • nkogneetow
        nkogneetow (8572 comments)

        Jack, I’d give you 2 thumbs up if I could…lol

      • VMSLAZ
        VMSLAZ (48 comments)

        Tiff gets back in shes targeting Day, Paulie, Michelle… not Frank, he and Bridgette are all she had.

    • Avatar

      Yesss! I would love to see Tiff come back! Surely she can win one comp! Come on Tiff! I would love to see all their faces when she walks in!

  5. CLangley

    I thought Julie said they’d play the battle back Friday then play for HOH on Sunday. I could’ve heard wrong considering I had 2 dogs, a cat, a 4 yr old and a husband running wild at the time. Lol

  6. CLangley

    Oh and enjoy your time off!!!! 🙂

  7. Shivani33

    When the 4 Battle back people spoke, Glenn blamed his team for his eviction, kind of true. Jozea and Bronte both blamed others, too. Victor just blamed himself and said he’d be seeking vengeance on Paulie if he gets back in the game. Victor could be just the one to line up with Frank and change the game. That could be a wild ride.

    • Avatar
      kristine (207 comments)

      True I’m honestly thinking it will be Tiffany or Victor returning. If Tiffany returns it will be get frank out strategy and then Paulie. If Victor comes back Paulie then wildcard. Either way it will be interesting for however long they last because unless either of them win HoH they’re not safe so it’s a lot of pressure first battle back into the game and then compete for HoH more than likely an endurance comp because usually after the comp to resurrect someone into the game is an endurance HoH comp. Heck even week 6 in the cycle is an endurance comp. And they are due for an endurance comp now that teams are dissolved.

    • nkogneetow
      nkogneetow (8572 comments)

      Jozea said he’d go after Da; Victor said he’d go after Paulie; and I think V2 will go after either Da or Paulie. Da, because of her nasty farewell message, and Paulie because he put her up. I think she felt that Frank really did all he could. She knew he wouldn’t want to lose her because she was a number for him.

    • Avatar
      Julia (487 comments)

      I really don’t care which one comes back but Bridgette has got to go!

  8. Shivani33

    At our house, during the nominees pre-vote speeches, Da’Vonne was mentioning God for at least the second time when instantaneously and completely abruptly, a car ad cut her off. We didn’t even see Natalie’s speech. BB came back on air while Tiffany was already speaking. I imagine that Natalie was cheery and bland(?) But it was weirdly funny having Da’Vonne’s preachy speech go *zap*. Later, when Da’Vonne’s goodbye message to Tiffany was played, the group of viewers at our house found it unnecessarily nasty.

    • CLangley

      Day is gonna find eating crow hard if she’s the one going out next. She has got nasty lately turning on everybody and packing lies in wherever she can them.

    • nkogneetow
      nkogneetow (8572 comments)

      It was unnecessarily nasty. I really like Da but I was so disappointed with her bad sportsmanship. If V2 or anyone else had said that to her, she’d be boo-hooing all over the place. The only thing worse than a sore loser is a sour winner. As bad as I hate to say it, I think she pretty much put the nail in her coffin this week. Since NO ONE trust her anymore, I hope she realizes that the only reason she’s still there this week is because everyone wanted to correct the mistake SHE made last week in convincing them to keep V2. I expect to see her either sitting next to Frank next week, or backdoored. Either way, I give her 2 weeks TOPS.

  9. Mello_One

    I was reading Jokers, and it looks like JOZEA won the Buy Back, & HOH!!! Yikes…..

  10. CLangley

    I just read that thread on jokers too but also seen a disclaimer that said remember this is just a rumor site. Someone could be making stuff up just to get people to like their twitter page or get people to follow them so idk if it’s true or not that Jozea won.

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  12. CLangley

    The only one I’d care to see back is Glenn only bc he was sent home on a technicality and wasn’t actually voted out. His video from tonight though, saying he’s going after vets cracked me up. Only bc he hasn’t even been in the house yet thinks he can target people without even knowing who’s already teamed up with whom. If he gets back in he should lay low, observe everyone, see who he connects with then go from there.

  13. nkogneetow
    nkogneetow (8572 comments)

    One thing I forgot to mention last night. Did anyone else notice the look on “certain” house guest faces (Zzz. Meech, Gidget, Nat, Nic/Corey) when Julie announced the teams would end? They knew it was coming but I think the reality just hit them that now they would have to actually PLAY FOR THEMSELVES, instead of being protected by their teams. PRICELESS! The only reason I threw in Nic’s name is because she’s more worried about Corey than she is herself….He remains clueless as to what this means.

    Zzz, Gidget, Nat and Corey can no longer hide behind The Godfather, Svengali, James and Nicole. And Meech, well, she’s just blowing in the wind like she always has. James and Nic will be sad that they can no longer shield their “loved ones”. Paulie and Frank are probably glad they are free. Da doesn’t mind playing on her own because she knows she can’t depend on anybody else. And Paul Bunyon, well let’s just say “ya boy” will have to come up with a new gimmick.

    I predict a lot of tears in the upcoming weeks, as quite a few of the Newbies will be quaking in their boots. And for us, nothing could be better. Now we finally get to see what some of them are really made of. We’ll finally get to see some real game play (from some of them at least). All that bad ass talk that has been going on will be put to the test. Let’s see who will measure up.


    • Avatar
      BBLove (220 comments)

      That is such a good point. There has been a lot of complacency among a majority of the house. Only a few have had to truly fight and play.

      • Amberchelly

        I really think Nicole and Frank should regain forces and keep it secret but solid F2.

      • nkogneetow
        nkogneetow (8572 comments)

        Sorry Amber, but I don’t want to see Nicole win diddly. I’d rather Svengali Frank win and I’m not especially in love with him at the moment. Nic is so in love/lust and so lackluster this season, I equate her with the rest of the floaters. She is getting sickening with her mothering of Corey (“Coreeeey, drink your waaaater, you need to stay hyyyydrated”. “Coreeeey, you need your sleeeep. You need to be fresh for next coooomp”.) She and Meech’s whines are almost interchangeable. I’m over her.

      • Amberchelly

        Lol Nkog. I just want her to snap out of it! But I agree with the whining.

      • Elaine
        Elaine (2449 comments)

        When I watched the episode the other night and Nic was boo-hooing in the DR about not wanting to go on the block. Suck it up buttercup! You are a vet, yet acting like you have never played the game. Unless she turns it around, Nic can go sooner rather than later.

    • Mello_One

      Good take on the HG faces….LOL! Julie’s announcement put a Big Wrench in all of their Plans to get Frank, & Day out! No more Teams, or Road Kill…. I am Loving it! Everyone is a Free Agent now!

  14. Avatar
    BBLove (220 comments)

    I purposely waited to watch the episodes from Sun, Wed and Thurs all in one sitting last night.

    It was GREAT tv.

    I hope Da’Vonne, Frank, Paulie and Paul stay as long as possible. I love the gameplay and house flipping.
    Without them, this game would be a house with Bridgette, Zzz, Corey, Michelle still left. BORING.

    Paul might make it to the end because everyone else is taking each other out.
    I love James and Nat for their cute factor but as for gameplay, its “meh”.

    I am rooting for Day because she is scrappy. She needs to learn how to campaign and rebuild trust.

    I am actually surprised that I am rooting for Frank. I like his hustle. Even though the entire house is against him or afraid of him, he keeps his cool most of the time.

    As for Nicole, I just cant seem to root for her.

    • Avatar

      I have no respect for Da. She uses her daughter and God for excuses and has no morals. IMO she is a mean nasty bit**. Da can dish it out and be real nasty but if any comes back her way she did nothing wrong. Give me a break!

  15. Ingodog
    Ingodog (119 comments)

    I wish James had stayed away from Natalie, he seems like a nice guy and I think she’s using him. I can’t see her being with him after the game. Nicole’s voice drives me insane, and the way she chases after Corey you think she was 16. I’m not sure who I want to win yet. I

    • Avatar
      BrettW (267 comments)

      Natalie seems like a genuine person to me and her interest in James seems genuine. He’s probably different then most of the guys she is used to dating. I don’t think she is using him.

      • Elaine
        Elaine (2449 comments)

        Nat acts like she is at cheerleading summer camp, practicing those high kicks, rather than playing BB. She met James attending a camp across the stream and they enjoying spending time at the watering hole together.

      • Colby

        Nat has said all along she doesn’t care about winning and just wants to make it to jury. She can’t wait to get out of that house to jury house and be on paid vacation.
        I think / hope James isn’t willing to give up his game to go with her.

      • Amberchelly

        Colby I think that will actually help James’ game. She’s ok with leaving great use that if she’s ok going at that point. Then let him stay focused and work on the game.

      • Avatar

        I really hope Nat is sincere about how she feels about James because I don’t want him to get hurt. If she’s not romantically interested in him & breaks his heart she’ll most certainly get it back 10 fold because what goes around most definitely comes around. James is going to make some woman a good husband.

  16. Avatar
    Kristen (2 comments)

    I would love to see whoever returns as the automatic HOH!! That would most def change the game and shake the houseguests up. Cant wait to see who comes back. Also cant wait until Frank and Bridgette are evicted, she is absolutely annoying to watch…

  17. Alda
    Alda (1952 comments)

    Wouldn’t it be a hoot if Glenn came back in and won HOH too.They would all be sticking to him like flies!He was a retired cop,wasn’t he?Maybe he’d have a good read on these houseguests.

  18. Avatar
    Cassidy (14 comments)

    I can’t wait for people like Michelle to I ally have to go up on the block because the teams are gone, people will start to show their true colors. I also think it would be interesting if all 3 couples teamed up and just dominated the house .

  19. Avatar

    Can someone please tell me why in the hell did Paulie let Paul f**k up his hair like that???

  20. Avatar

    If I hear Paul call himself “your boy” one more time I am gonna climb through the TV and shave his stupid glittery beard off!! Him, Mean girl and Zika virus are the ultimate floaters this year. I am rooting for Glenn to come back into the house. He is the only one that does not annoy me! Well to be fair Glenn wasn’t in the house long enough for me to be annoyed by him.

  21. Shivani33

    Only a few hours to wait for Battle Back. There’s an interview about it in the H’wood Reporter : “Big Brother 18 Boss Previews Shows First Ever ‘Battle Back’ Episode” with Allison Grodner, for anyone jones-ing for BB nuggets. There are some rumors about there being a second Battle Back later in the game, and wow! – I’d love that to happen.

  22. CLangley

    Thank goodness the show will be on in 1 hr and 9 min here. I was soooooooooo bored without BBAD and no live feeds for updates. I’m going to eat my supper, smoke a bunch of cigarettes, drink a bunch of tea, pee a lot from the tea then it’ll be on!!! 🙂
    P.S. kids smoking is bad for you, don’t smoke a bunch of cigarettes, I was totally kidding. I’ll only smoke maybe 1 bc I’m a lightweight. Hahaha

  23. Colby

    So, if they have been taping the battle back comps the last few days, do you think maybe a past player may be hosting them? If so:
    PLEASE, PLEASE, don’t ruin this show for me by having it be Frankie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Avatar

    Oh my damn ya’ll,,, if Jozea gets back in the BB House, somebody better get me a straight jacket & leg shackles ready cause I cant take it. That arrogant little bastard has not learned a thing about how he acted that got him evicted. He had better know he is nott Joe Messiah.

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