Brittany: all I know is Kyle and Turner went against our agreement that we’ve had since jasmines HOH

3 months ago

Brittany crying saying she’s sorry. Alyssa said she is processing

Alyssa acts surprised and says Turner still isn’t giving her anything

3 months ago

Brittany downstairs cracking OPEN to Alyssa

3 months ago

She’s crying saying her back was against the wall.
They both say they don’t have anyone in this game.
Brittany says whatever “that” was it clearly ended today. She says Michael needs to win veto, and Taylor or monte will go. She gives Alyssa all the scenarios.

Brittany: I’ll just say it. That way if I go home it is what it is. I don’t know what else to say other than it’s everybody and that includes Kyle and Turner too. But there must be more to it because we didn’t make it to final 7

Michael: Joseph told her more than she’s letting on. She keeps saying “you should just tell me the truth” very obviously showing she already knows

3 months ago

Michael says he’s concerned for Kyle (but Kyle is literally not reacting at all).

Alyssa is such a weak player. She can’t even keep a secret for two days

Kyle: should we just tell her (alyssa)?

3 months ago

Michael: They know. They just don’t know the name.
Kyle: why would joseph really lie if he felt like he was going home.
Michael: I just don’t want Brittany to take the hit if she needs just one vote.

Michael barges into the HOH with turner and Kyle

3 months ago

Is there any chance Joseph filled in alyssa on everything? Alyssa is asking Brittany a ton of pointed questions. And Brittany is down there lying. I don’t want this to be a reason Brittany goes down if she is just protecting the rest of us.

Kyle: who knows? He probably leaked stuff. She hasn’t told me. It could be

Turner: I’ll talk to her and see if she’ll tell me. Idk why she is doing that if it’s so early in the week. That is wild.

Turner and Kyle literally BARELY react. I hope Michael sees through it

Kyle: I think that was one of the biggest moves, to get Joseph out.

3 months ago

Kyle to Turner: we need to get terrance to tell monte everything that happened last week.

3 months ago

They’re going to tell her tonight. I don’t want him (terrance) to be left out again. I just want me, you, alyssa, monte, terrance all on the same page

Alyssa well let’s just relax and enjoy ZingBot.

3 months ago

Brittany: well I hope I can enjoy it.

Ok send her home. At least taylor is in the bathroom whispering with monte trying to move forward. Not a pity party. Michael sitting in the same room watching Brittany talk her game to death

Brittany doubles down: we never had any overlap. I swear. He told me about the 5 swatters that’s all

3 months ago

Alyssa: really? Because if you’re genially telling me the truth then that’s what matters to me. He truly made it seem like you had a good connection and you guys were working together.

Brittany needs an attorney. Leave the room. Michael do something lol

Alyssa is posing questions to Michael and Brittany to try and catch them

3 months ago

Do you know who Joseph worked with?
He always acted like he found out about votes the day of, but you guys don’t know anything?
Well, he said he’d be loyal to his people, but you guys don’t know who is people are?
He told me everybody wanted me out on Taylor’s HOH, was it really everybody?
Alyssa: He never directly told me anything (Joseph)

Brittany says she never worked with Joseph. Brittany says she never had anything official. Alyssa literally calls out Michael for an answer. Michael said he’d be lying if there weren’t overlapping alliances but nothing huge.

Alyssa thinks she is the bees knees with her one piece of information. It’s like day fifty something. This is more annoying than doormat Alyssa.

Brittany rehashing the whole “I wish I had actually done something” “Taylor had really spearheaded it” to Alyssa in the bedroom

3 months ago

She needs to chill. Seriously. She’s been talking about being on the block and how she’s lonely and gathering votes. Chill

Brittany asks if he (Kyle) knew before. Kyle said he had an idea

3 months ago

Brittany is literally already trying to collect votes.

3 months ago


Michael: so does he want Taylor? Kyle: oh I would assume but he hasn’t said anything to me

3 months ago

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