Michael: I think terrance has recently shown he can perform under pressure, but Alyssa may have an advantage with mental comps moving forward.

3 months ago

Turner: I consider myself closer to Alyssa
Michael: I consider Alyssa more likely to win comps
Turner: I’m fine with Alyssa then. I just hope she doesn’t win the veto
Michael: it doesn’t matter to me as long as the 6 of us are on the same page. You’re opinion should hold more weight this week

Michael and Turner

3 months ago

Turner: they think they’re fine, but my allegiance is still to the LO. I don’t want any pawns. I’m just going to throw them both up (T and Alyssa)

Im LO until I die. I definitely promised safety, but I was just trying to survive. I don’t want anyone to think my allegiance is anywhere but the LO.

Seems like Michael can see through this. He’s asking questions about exactly how it happened with Joseph.

I am going to waste two jury votes this week if we could all appreciate this to get to the final 6

3 months ago

Monte: if covers their ass, it covers Kyle’s and he has more time to win over Alyssa to satisfy them (Michael/Brittany).

Turner: it’s the pound until I fucking die bro

Turner: I had to put my life on the line out there

3 months ago

Turner: two directions. Two of them go up or we try to cover it up. Or do we try to take Alyssa out now.
Monte: I think if terrance is here one more week, but he could put anyone up.
Turner:I know terrance wants Michael and Taylor but I don’t know about you.
Monte: if we play into their hand this week (Michael/Brittany), they can take out terrance this week. That way next week, we let Michael take out alyssa and we have a better chance of winning when it’s 3vs3

Turner: I know that’s what happened inside because that’s what happened outside.

3 months ago

I would hate to take a shot at people outside that I’m now close with when the people inside were planning against me.

Monte: I can tell after this week, Michael and Brittany are playing both sides. They said one thing to me but weren’t really upfront with how they felt (referring to Kyle and Alyssa)

Monte comes into the HOH

3 months ago

Turner says his week last week was very messy. Joseph was falling apart outside. Turner says the pound comes first.
He says joseph told the outside about the final four with Monte,Taylor, Michael, Brittany. He asks if that’s true.

Monte: when Taylor was HOH everyone (Joseph and Taylor) were getting a sense Kyle didn’t want to use the veto to back door Alyssa. They weren’t direct with Kyle on how they felt. Kyle said exactly how he felt. I was the only one who spoke up. Immediately after, they all came up and said Kyle didn’t want to do it. They said they didn’t speak up because they didn’t want Kyle to feel bullied. This week the three of them sat down and told me the same thing.

Monte says when they get down to 7 the inside group wanted to target Kyle and Turner first. They’re thought was to go after them first if anything shady happened

Turner says the outside people don’t have a real alliance. (He may be trying to back door Michael)

3 months ago

Turner asks Brittany if he keeps the LO safe this week if that will keep him safe moving forward

3 months ago

He says Michael and Brittany shouldn’t have any problem. He says terrance and Alyssa will go up because he doesn’t want any pawn (I’ll have to see him talk to the after party)

We have a new HoH. If this new alliance remains true, going to be an interesting week

3 months ago

Turner is the HOH

Animal feeds. I’m out for the night so I can function properly tomorrow for all the nom talk

3 months ago

Assuming there is any left after what is probably a long night ahead

Michael to Taylor and Brit

3 months ago

So I’m guessing he wanted Kyle. ( Alyssa made it seem like a back door for Kyle)
Taylor: at least it can stay Alyssa and terrance and we can go from there… (referring to noms)

Michael: Alyssa was the first one that I saw.
Taylor: it’s just sad he had a final four waiting for him

They call Michael and terrance to the DR

Monte and Turner whispering

3 months ago

Monte: we thought Kyle and joe would go up first and the you (Turner) would win the veto. He (terrance) did the smartest thing for himself. I mean we move forward.

Monte tells turner about the sit down with Jasmine. He says “I actually found out a lot about Jasmine” They talk about how the girls girls didn’t want Taylor from day 1. She was playing a pretty crazy game, she was saying I was in 5 swatters. She wouldn’t talk shit about Alyssa at all- she swore on everything she didn’t have a final two with her.

Feeds switch

Turner: is Taylor emotionally ok?

3 months ago

Turner and Monte at the dining table

3 months ago

Turner: I know I didn’t say anything about the left overs. You’ll have to ask Kyle. I feel like Joseph was trying to pooch himself at the end. I feel like Jospeh was going nuts at the end.
Monte: your vote made the most sense. If you had made a tie, it would’ve looked weird. How did Alyssa do in that comp? This week is a matter of who in the leftover we would put up
Turner: it’s so easy it doesn’t even matter. I think everyone is still on board (with the LO)
Monte: Were you surprised when he put you up?

Feeds cut

Taylor joins in the bedroom.

3 months ago

Alyssa asks taylor how she is doing.
Taylor says the hard part she didn’t get to say goodbye.
Alyssa: well he left happy

Alyssa says he didn’t know yes or no before he left

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