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Live HoH Competition Results



Back from a quick coffee run. Feeds on, time to start the updates…

Here is a quick list of the wall….

Updated (11:41est / 8:41pst)


Victor – back in the house!

Nicole * Winner

  • 7:09pm – A minute after I turn on the feeds, Z and Da’Vonne pull a Thelma & Louise. They grab each other’s hand and jump.  Wow
    • They are discussing the jump. Trying to figure out why they didn’t want to come back in the house.
    • Paulie and Victor talking about how Paulie was slammed in the jury house
  • 7:15pm – Paul asks if someone can explain the friendship suicide that just happened 10 minutes ago (Z and Da’).  Asked if planned, and Bridgette said it wasn’t.
    • Corey falls. Never had a chance
    • I fixed the wrong strikethrough name. I had to put that all together quickly when they decided to quit.  I am boggled by that. Everyone is.
    • Cooorreeyyyyyy.... why did you falllllllll?
      Cooorreeyyyyyy…. why did you falllllllll?
    • James to Nicole – “Hang tight. Big guys fall first. Their muscles get tired quick”
  • 7:25pm – Bridgette out
    • Natalie is getting annoyed at James because he’s not taking it serious and showing off (I hope he falls off because of that. Hate showoffs)
    • They get sprayed over and over .. Paul “First girl I have sex with, this is what it’s going to feel like for her”
    • Out of the jury, Paulie is struggling, and Vic is either stable or has a good poker face.
    • endurance2
  • 7:35pm – Feeds were down for about 5 minutes, but they returned and everyone still up on the wall.  No changes
  • 7:40pm – Paulie down – Victor back in the house!
    • paulie-out
    • Victor falls shortly after Paulie. Definitely a poker face he had because as soon as Paulie left, Victor talked about how tired he was
  • 7:45pm – Turned off profiles, site is too slow. Still slow, but less slow.  Sorry guys, doing the best I can
    • Natalie tells Victor that he’s going to win the game.  He says he thinks he’ll be talking to Julie again soon
    • Should be interesting that this is a repeat of this week with a completely different HoH – yet likely the same results.  Got that?  Unless of course James doesn’t win
    • Nicole said she understands why zingbot said she isn’t winning because the jury essentially ignored her and forced hugs with her
  • 8:00pm – The three still remain on the wall
  • 8:10pm – Nicole is struggling every time the wall angles down. Paul is not looking good, either
  • 8:15pm – Nicole has adopted the James method.  This is basically 2 v 1 at this point. If/when Paul drops, the comp will end shortly after
    • nicole-james-paul
    • Michelle tells Victor she fell in the toilet because he didn’t put the seat down in the port-o-potty. Random info
    • Tech guy came through and boosted the speed of the site. We can go all night now. Got my coffee, got my feeds, ready to go
  • 8:27pm – Paul down. Time for Nicole and James to make a deal and end this
    • paul-out
  • 8:35pm – They’re trying to work out deals. James wants the win for his endurance competition streak.
    • Nicole is upset because she wants to see her family, so she’s a bit shocked he is sticking around just for the win
    • Everyone is quiet now. This is an uncomfortable awkwardness because everyone basically knows they should cut a deal but James is being stubborn and Nicole is being a Natalie (begging)
  • 8:45pm – Victor, Natalie and Michelle are talking about the Loch Ness monster. Natalie doesn’t know what it is. Michelle thinks it’s real. Victor thought it was in the US
    • Meanwhile, James is strongly considering dropping
    • Michelle doesn’t help as in the background I hear her say “It’s crazy how James won 2 endurance comps in his comp and 2 this year” (something like that).  He wants that legacy, but Nicole wants family
  • 8:55pm – James says he’s going to drop so Nicole can see her family
    • I put Nicole as a winner, but I’m going to put an asterisk next to it. If/when people ask why, it is because James gave it up.

Here is a history of Nicole’s HoH wins….

  • BB16 – Week 3. Lost Battle of the block, did not remain
  • BB16 – Week 6. Won Botb
  • BB16 – Week 7. Lost Botb  (she competed in back to back weeks because week 6 was a double, so she never had the room to herself)
  • BB18 – Week 2. Given to her by her team because they lost all the challenges, and they had to face off against each other to stay in the house.
  • BB18 – Week 10. Given to her by James as he won all 3 wall endurance competitions, and poised to easily win again.

So to put it in perspective, Natalie has actually earned more time in the HoH room than Nicole.  (Earning meaning winning an HoH comp without it being thrown to her)

I’ll be doing an overnight recap thread in the morningish. Get an idea who will be nominated, etc.  Everyone is going to sit around waiting for her to get her room for awhile, etc, etc.


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  1. Avatar

    Steve you crossed the wrong name off your list you crossed off Bridget not Z.

  2. Avatar

    Wait?!? Da’ and Z jumped or Da’ and Bridgette? Your post says Z but you have B crossed off not Z

  3. Avatar

    Thanks for the updates! Watching the Seahawks instead of Big Brother tonight.. 😉

  4. Avatar

    The girls in the Jury House are plain Witches who complain about everything !! Its a game Girls…..glad you won’t be winning anything but the chance to show everyone how ignorant you are !!

  5. Avatar

    As someone who would love to be in the BB house, it pisses me off that Z and Day just did that. In positive news, I want Bridge or Victoria back in the house, so that just increased their chances. Also, Corey is absolutely horrible at comps.

    • Avatar

      Victor. auto correct doesn’t know what season it is..lol

    • Avatar

      I thought that was weird too @jacks765, especially coming from Day (Z never really seemed to have a desire to play BB in the first place). Maybe they realized they were in over their heads in this comp? I guess if they knew they didn’t have a chance in hell at winning (neither of them have ever won a comp before), maybe they figured there was no point prolonging their misery.

  6. Avatar

    Why is Nicole crying? Da jumped….Dangit! There goes some excitement.

  7. Avatar

    I want Victor to be the first house guest evicted twice and win Big Brother.

  8. Avatar

    Well that is big let down from the girls. Evidently Paul is feeling his oats.

  9. Avatar

    So Paul said that about sex not Paulie? SMH

  10. Avatar

    I don’t think you needed a coffee, SteveBeans! Half These people can’t even last 30 minutes! It won’t take long for this to be over. They would have died back in the 14 hour comp days!

  11. Avatar

    Vic has got this.

  12. Avatar

    I hope Victor comes back and not Paulie! He is an ass. But I NWA’s James to when HOH. I want him to win the whole thing!!!

  13. Avatar

    Fall Paulie then Vic so James actually wins:P

  14. Jannie

    Did anyone else notice that when Vic came onstage and hugged everyone, Paulie was grabbing his neck and pulling on him? I swear he was trying to injure him for the comp.
    I knew Zzz wouldn’t last, but that was pretty pitiful on Day’s part.
    Go Vic and Bunyan!!
    I hope James falls doing something stupid, too. I want him on the block next to Nicole.

  15. Avatar

    ARGH…Stupid cowboy game came on and I don’t get to watch tonight. So thankful for Steve and these updates or I would be going crazy.
    I hope Paul wins HOH and turns the house upside down again! I don’t want to shomances to make it to the final 4. UGH.
    Thanks for the updates!

  16. Avatar

    Wow, Vic is back in the house already??? I knew Vic was gonna win and I’m really happy for him, but I thought the other jurors would put up more of a fight.

  17. Avatar

    Thank god it was Vic!!! Come on James when the HOH!!!

  18. Avatar


  19. Jannie

    Now win that HOH, Vic!
    He said to Julie that he wants Lames out next…go get him!!!!

  20. Avatar

    Yay Vic!!!!!!! So excited for him!!!!! I hope he goes all the way! He deserves it so much!

  21. Avatar

    They need to give Victor the damn money right now! He has fought tooth and nail not once but TWICE!

  22. Avatar

    Well Vic’s down. Come on Paul!!!!

  23. Avatar

    All I could think of when Julie told the jurors that one of them had a shot at winning the half million dollar grand prize, was Zakiyah thinking to herself “There is a half million dollar grand prize?” lol. I rolled my eyes when I heard her say I didn’t come for no boy. She did nothing else! Glad she jumped.

  24. Avatar

    Yes yes yes I am so happy Paulie out

  25. Patrick Hermey

    Don’t worry about the slow site. They can click on your link to get the live feeds.

  26. Jenny M

    wooooooooooooooooooooooooohooooooooooooooooooooooooooo so happy Vic is back!!!! I hope Paul gets HOH and puts James and Nicole up.

  27. Avatar

    Ah Nicole the constant whiner. The jury didn’t like me boo hoo.

  28. Avatar

    I want Paul to win hoh and get the acp. Hopefully he can take a shot at these NOmances. Did you see Paulie and Corey hugging!? I thought they were going to cry and start making out.

  29. Jenny M

    Love how the women put Paulie in his place when he showed up in the jury house. Glad Z had Day there to remind her she deserves better than that tool. LOL’d when Day said he still has short man syndrome. I would have been happy to see anybody other than Paulie win but am super super happy that Vic is back.

  30. Avatar

    Paul is really gonna have to dig deep tonight and stay on that wall. If either of the other two remaining HGs (Nicole or James) wins, he’s in big trouble and he knows it. If Paul can somehow pull this off, it’s a whole new game.

    • Avatar

      That is what I keep saying….Paul needs to win to shake up the house one more time. TEAM PAUL! I just don’t want Lames to win…or Nicole. Come on Paul!!!!! Dig deep! Your BB life depends on it!

  31. Pkcable

    No worries about the slowness Steve, at least you are up, at least 1 other spoilers site is down right now, lol!

    • Avatar

      no two days of voting on the care package closes 6:59am Friday here on the east coast and it doesn’t even start til 3am here. Glad I have an alarm set for 6:30am if I don’t keep awake til 3am

  32. Avatar

    FML if this is a repeat of last week.

  33. Jannie

    Who wants to bet that if Bunyan goes down Lamsey will give it to Tickole.
    He loves throwing comps and doesn’t want to “get blood on his hands.”
    That would be the worst outcome. Hang in there Paulie Bunyan.
    Lamsey the weasel.

    Btw…where is NKogNeeTow? We’re missing you, girl!!

    • Pkcable

      Nichole wins then Big Meech is in trouble! Lol. Most likely Paul wins POV again.

    • NKogNeeTow

      @Jannie: Hey Sweetie! I’m here on and off. Since I came back Sunday and saw how much things had changed in the house, I’ve been to disgusted to watch to much BBAD or the feeds. I’ve been checking them out on and off. I did watch BBAD tonight and am listening to the feeds now, while I watch something else on TV. I kept jumping back and forth between Feeds and Junkies, but I was posting the Comp on the last thread…lol.

      This group is driving me NUTZ!

  34. Avatar

    Oh James and Nicole fall already! 5:30 comes early on the east coast!

  35. Avatar

    I didn’t even realize that Zingbot thing said told Nicole that she wasn’t going to win the game (probably because I can’t understand what the hell that thing is saying half the time and the other half I have it on mute). If that’s true, I find that pretty bogus. A statement like that from Zingbot could definitely plant a seed in the minds of the other HGs that if they were to take Nicole to the final 2 with them, they would likely beat her. Yet again, another instance of BB production overstepping their boundaries to keep their favorites in.

    • Avatar

      I think Nicole dug her own hole because the only time she spoke to anyone it was to tell them “i didn’t saayyy thaatttt” the rest of the time she was in bed with borey. She let her social game fly away in the wind with her dirty sheets. Too bad to I liked her in her first season.

  36. Avatar

    Yes! The man c*nt is down!

  37. Avatar

    Shittttt. Why Paul, why? We needed you.

  38. Avatar

    I have a feeling Nicole will whine that they just had HOH and James will give it to the whiner

  39. Avatar

    So James has hoh 2 weeks in a row no matter what really, he was the hoh for nat and he will get exactly what he wants no matter who wins between these 2

  40. Avatar

    Hold on James. Can’t stand Nicole’s whining but would definitely hate to see James give into her right now.

  41. Avatar

    Oh thats cute James thinks he has an endurance comp streak. Maybe a skidmark but no streak.

  42. Avatar

    Well unless something strange happens over the next couple of days, it looks like we are basically just going to have a repeat of last week. Now that Lames officially “bounced his check” with Paul and Vic, he is not going to risk leaving them both in the house. I can’t see Nicole turning on Lames at this point, so I’m pretty sure she’ll stick to the Boremance alliance and go after Paul and Vic.

    I like Paul a lot but I think I’d prefer Vic to stay this week if it comes to that. I could see Vic fighting his way to the end if that’s what it takes.

    • Avatar

      Ah yes but we can still help with the care package. One gets the bribe and the other gets POV it could work.

      • Avatar

        I think the bribe is kind of a dumb care package. What good can it do if, for example, Paul or victor get it. They can give it to the hoh as a bribe to not put them up. But hoh could take the bribe and still put them up. Etc.

      • Avatar

        I’m hoping there’s going to be some sort of stipulation, if the person takes the bribe, they have to honor their word or they don’t get it type of thing. One can hope.

  43. Avatar

    Day is too cold…I LOL when She told Paulie that he had a Short Man’s Complex….Lordy?! Lmao

  44. Avatar

    Nicole doesn’t seem so damn worried about her mom when she’s in bed with Corey 24/7

  45. Avatar

    Please James don’t give in to her whining…

  46. NKogNeeTow

    Jellyfish ask if they are good. She says yes. He says he’ll drop so she can see her family.

    Nurse RATchet is HOH.

  47. Avatar

    Yeah james don’t give in to her whining get your room with Nat back completely to yourselves.

  48. Avatar

    Oh Lames what a wimp. I’m out gotta work early!

  49. Avatar

    What’s with the asterisk? Did you put one next to James when he won HOH after Day and Bridget dropped so he could win?

  50. Avatar

    Waste of a buy back waste of a season…. But I’m too much of a fan not to keep watching…

  51. Avatar

    GAH!!! What happened to the James we knew and loved last season???!!!

    • Avatar

      This was the smartest move he could’ve ever done (read my moment below). Go team James! Brilliant. Let Nicole win, put up the power duo, and give yourself a chance to win HOH next week when it’ll really count

      • Avatar

        I agree with you James. He’s playing a different game this year. He’s done a good job of letting the game come to him. He might just slide into F2.

      • Avatar

        Paul and Victor aren’t going anywhere. Michelle is the target.

    • Avatar

      Totally agree! He was my fav last season& I was expecting he’d b my fav this season to,but he’s not playing as smart as last yr. Maybe it’s cuz of his showmance, I guess that’s more imporant then the 500k.

      • Avatar

        Totally agree with you too! He has definitely played a MUCH weaker game this season. I was beginning to lose a lot of respect for him when k saw him standing around letting Paulie call all the shots. But then, when he told Paulie “I’m clipping your girl” I thought to myself “Yes James finally man!! ”

        He’s been very reserved but every time I really thought he was missing the big picture when it counted, he’s shown that he’s still playing Big Brother. I was SO worried he was keeping Vic. He did the right thing. I was worried he was going to be soft with Paulie. He told Paulie how it was and how he was disrespecting his girl and how he would’ve never expected that behavior from him.

        It’s a different James this season, but he’s in love and I love it and am so happy for him! I think he’s playing a brilliant incognito game that only shows little hints of brilliance when he makes the moves such as voting Vic out just when you think he’s getting soft again.

      • Mel

        I thought he was funny last year but I didn’t think he hardly played at all. This year he was worse until Nataqlie had to steal his balls and didn’t give them back until Z was out and Paulie was on the block. Past two weeks is honestly only bb I’ve ever seen james play. Imo

      • NKogNeeTow

        @Katie: He said that on the Feeds tonight. Gnat said she was there to win 500k, he said he was “there to get the girl”. He now makes me physically ill every time I see him. I just want to throat-punch him….her too.

      • Avatar

        @james, I think you may be giving him a little too much credit. His choice to eliminate victor had a lot to do with his jealousy. It just so happened that victor is also the strongest player in the game, so it did look like a really good move on his part. Not only that, but he’s pretty much just been going with the house in his decisions. Everyone wanted zakiyah out anyway, the only thing James did was actually admit he was voting her out, too. But he did that to save his own ass. As he said, if Paulie would’ve found out he lied about getting Z out, he would’ve been in a bad position so he just told the truth.

    • NKogNeeTow

      @Kari B: He died and sent US to BB Hell.

  52. CLangley

    James has admitted he’s been throwing comps to ppl all season so why is this any different?

  53. CLangley

    If somebody kept crying to me in a battle I’d remind them the more they cry the stronger I get hahahaha and I’d stay on.

  54. Avatar

    I can see why it would be smart for James not to win this hoh and why it would be good for his game. He knows Nicole will never win another competition. If Nicole wins hoh he already knows Vic and Paul are going right back up. Then, he still has a chance to compete in next weeks HOH competition.

    Why win the HOH and exclude yourself from being able to be HOH next week when it could really count. He was in control of the situation, able to confirm Nicole wins HOH, knows she’ll put up the two ANYWAYS and then can try to win HOH for him and Natalie next week

    Brilliant move James. I was mad at first until I thought about it. Love Vic but I’m rooting for James and Natalie this season

    • Avatar

      Vic and Paul are going right back up?

      You clearly haven’t been watching this season. Nicole has been gunning for Michelle and Natalie for weeks.

      • Avatar

        With Paul and Vic openly gunning Corey and Nicole there is absolutely no chance at all that she would ever put Natalie up. None. She knows at this point James and Natalie are the only sure thing she has, especially after they voted Vic out over Paul

      • Avatar

        Nicole is too much of a wuss to put up Michelle and natalie

      • Avatar

        You’re acting like it takes balls to put up Michelle and Natalie lol. Paul and Victor are clearly going to sway her opinion into believing that Natalie is a backstabber, add that with the fact that Nicole already has a grudge with women, and bam at least one of the two other girls will be on the block. Bookmark me.

    • CLangley

      All very good points. This post has calmed me down too now lol.

  55. danmtruth

    Groundhog day Say hello to the block Vic and Paul With the good bye messages Vic can confirm to Paul he is the number one target
    Does anyone think this care package will be worth any thing ? They cant read what it is It will have very little impact on the game
    If Paulie thought it was bad in the jury house before Just think what that car ride was like after the show

    • Mel

      This acp is crap unless there is a creative way to use it I haven’t thought of.

      • Avatar

        Depends on who wins it and when it’s played. If Paul or Vic win it I would wait til after the veto game hopefully they win it and(maybe just before veto meeting bribe Nicole to put up Natalie or James as replacement) pull themselves off and then after meech goes on the block(bribe any one to not evict for the other person of the duo)

    • NKogNeeTow

      Dan, on the Feed, Paul and Vic are not working with Nurse RATchet and Bambi. She told Bambi that the only thing she is worried about is that she promised Jellyfish James that she won’t put he and Gnat up and she said she is definately (sp) NOT putting Paul up because when she was about to give up, he was the only one who encouraged her to hang on. Not sure who she’ll go after but I think it might be Bichelle because there has been bad blood between the two of them since day one.

    • Boo

      Big Brother is alot like America this season. No matter how many times you deport the Mexican….

      Boo Bitches

  56. Quwana

    wow James kills me so what she wants to see her family she should have stayed home or went home before Frank…smh but at least Victor got back in the house AGAIN!!!! lol and I don’t understand Day jumping off guess she didn’t really want the money… “Day; you have some ‘splaining 2 do” James James James really dude??? smh no one wants to win the money but Paul and Victor smh oh well thanks for the updates glad to have you back!!!!!!!

    • Avatar

      James knows he’s safe this week. It was smarter to let Nicole have it. She’ll put up Victor and Paul as they are the greatest threats to hers and Corey’s game. Then next week him, Nat and Michelle will all be able to play. So while a lot of people may not agree with James gameplay this year , you can’t deny its been effective. He set back and let the guys alliance take out a lot of people for him. That’s a smart decision and when he needs to he steps forward and makes moves. I applaud his gameplay this year. I think he has a shot once Vic and Paul are out of the house. By the way a lot of players besides James have thrown comps this year. The game is two parts, strategy and winning comps.

  57. Avatar

    We lost the great game player in James this season! Maybe cuz of his showmance W/Nat, but he’s really disappointing me this season! Maybe he should go up on the block 4 giving”Snake” a VERY IMPORANT HOH! JAMES,YOU’RE LOSING AMERICA’S FAV PLAYER THIS SEASON!

    • NKogNeeTow

      @Katie: First, you’re right, he SHOULD go on the block. I don’t think he’s been up this year. It’s about time someone shook his little short ass up! Second, I think it’s safe to say that people are so disappointed in him this year, that it’s hard to believe he’s even in the running for AFP. Personally, I can’t think of one single one of them that deserve AFP at the moment.

      • Renee

        I think James believes he is playing Derrick’s game. Trying to make himself look like he has had nothing to do with any decisions and at the same time never being on the block.

  58. Avatar

    I believe Nicole actually won that comp on her own. I thought James and Nat told Nicole and Corey that they were going to throw them the HOH so they could take Paul out after Victor left. I expected James to fall off seconds after Paul but he still battled Nicole saying he wanted to add to his stats? Seriously? That is shady right there!! When he realized was going to outlast him is when he decided to “give” it to her to try and save some face. That was a crappy thing to do and I don’t know why he is America’s favorite when he spends more time fantasizing about his future (or so he thinks) with Natalie…And don’t get me ranting about her because if you are going to get fake boobs don’t get the huge ones that is flashes FAKE and then get mad when people talk about them…Anyways, back to James…All he does is plan his future with someone he thinks wants to be with him. I haven’t even heard him mention his kids other than when he was HOH and received pictures. That bothers me. He has kids he rarely speaks of and Nicole is trying to win to see her family while he wants to pad his stats. I wouldn’t give James a penny…

    • Avatar

      Tbh I all for Victor to win, he’s been playing te game from start.

    • Avatar

      I agree Kat about Natalie. When you get fake boobs you lose your right to get upset with people that make fun of them because they are fake. Natalie plays the victim way too much. And unfortunately James is right there to ask “Are you okay?” Ick. His knight in shining armor has worn thin with me.

      • Avatar

        No you don’t. What makes you think you have a right to talk about someone’s body? Who died and left you the boob judge? You don’t have the right to ever talk about someone’s body. I’m sure you have some things you wouldn’t want put on blast. Just because she’s on a reality show doesn’t make it okay. This is Big Brother not the Big Boob show. It’s her business and no one else’s. People should be ashamed talking about her like this just because they don’t like her.

      • Avatar

        What are they 12? These are grown ass people making fun of that girls boobs. How stupid is that? Her boobs are not what they’re there for & they sure as hell are not going to win them the game. If I were her & they asked me if my boobs were fake, I would’ve told them it wasn’t any of their damn business or I would’ve told them you’re damn right they’re mine, I paid for them, now anything else is non of your damn business. She should’ve nipped that in the bud from the very beginning when those nosey bastards started first trying to make fun of her & stick their noses in her personal business.

      • caRyn

        Is the FT conversations still going on in the BB house? I thought that was in the past. I do know that on BBAD one night a week or so ago, Natalie was talking to Michelle, Paul and James about the FT jokes. Natalie and Michelle hinted at a prior conversation that the two of them had when Natalie told Michelle why she had to have new boobs. It was evasive but came across that Natalie had to have it done. Maybe a medical condition or something.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Kay, you’re right. One night this week, he did say that if it came down to him, Nurse RATchet and/or Bambi, he was going to throw it to one of them. Looks like he almost bounced another check.

    • Avatar

      He has one child and has mentioned her many, many times. I was so happy that he didin’t get suckered into voiting Victor out. That was his best move yet. Go James.

  59. danmtruth

    For next week the only thing is if Paul or Vic can win the PoV . More important that Paul wins . That forces Nichole to nominate either Nat. James, Or Meech My guess it’s meech Dont know if it would make a difference

    to James and Nat they would still vote out Paul or Vic

    I will now put my vote in for Vic as Americans Player give him the money Paul would be second only because he comes from money and it seems it would make a big impact on Vic life

    • Avatar

      If he leaves, Victor is my vote for AFP. After battling back twice, repeat twice, to get back in the house, he has made BB history, (although I will need to check with superfan, ha, Michelle on that one). He has a good attitude and has outranked many of these houseguests for overall entertainment and kindness. And if anyone deserved the money prize for AFP, Victor does!

  60. Alda

    Another week of Nicorey sexcapades.Why oh Why.How much can we take.THey’ll never leave the HOH room all week!!

    • Avatar

      I will be glad to see the conversations aimed at these two when BB is over. I know there are rumors about Corey, and I am hoping some will be true, in order to see Nicole in interviews on the outside.

  61. Avatar

    I can’t believe nicole won. If her and corey make it to the end, the jury questions better be good!….I have a fear bb18 will be ruined ( well, more ruined lol) when corey and nicole make it to the end. They will! Mark my words!

    • Avatar

      When I saw Paulie running the show like he was President of the Short shorts association and no one questioning a single thing he did, basically running to him to ask “who do I put up now sir”, I was ready to stop watching BB. If Nicole and Corey win BB18, I’m going to lie to myself and say I’m never watching BB ever again and go through a mid life crisis/ depression.

      • Avatar

        Lol I do that every single year. Since Dan lost, I’ve been disappointed in bb

      • Avatar

        If not for Vic beasting out competition wins this season would be top 3 of worst ever. It still falls in the top 5 though. I don’t care to ever watch another season with Da Nicole or James as returnees. If Nicole and Corey or Nat and James make the final 3 I’m scared what BB20 will be.

      • Avatar

        When & if Paul & Vic are gone, I’m gone too. I don’t care who they give the check to then. I’ll quit watching.

      • Avatar

        I’m just killing time til Survivor starts.

    • Avatar

      Nicole won by default. James knows he is safe with her and he will be able to go in DR and call this a “big move”.

  62. Mel

    I hope Trudy Isn’t on this week while nicole and coey have that hoh room alone

  63. Avatar

    Nicole says she’s NOT nominating Paul!!! She wants Michelle or Vic out. God please don’t let anyone change her mind! There might be some hope for Vic/Paul after all, as long as they don’t both go on the block tomorrow!

  64. Mel

    I hope Natalie and Michelle stick to vic. Maybe it’s time for jaMes to grow apart a little

    • Avatar

      I don’t see what natalie sees in James. Not about the whole looks thing, i think james is sorta cute, but he NEVER sticks up for her! He’s kind of a pussy

      • Avatar

        James is a huge reason why Natalie has made it this far in the game. She even said that if it weren’t for him, she would have been a pawn each week. That is what she sees in James.

      • Avatar

        He’s silly & childish. Those stupid jokes are all played out. I’d be pissed like Vic was. James needs to grow the hell up. All of that time he spends on those dumbass jokes could be serious time used stragtegizing & making long term plans for the his end game plus he would be able to see Gnat is slowly but surely pulling away from him. Gnat is out for the money & his half wit ass is out for Gnat which he might as well forget about that.

      • caRyn

        This thought just came to me….Natalie said she was playing a ditzy BB game. Was she playing a ditzy game for James as well? When she teamed up with James did she know the immature level he was on and pretend to be as immature when is isn’t? Did she play ditzy with James and pretend she didn’t know any better so he would protect her because she knows James is loyal and has a need to protect girls?

    • NKogNeeTow

      Sorry I can’t say the same. I want the Jellyfish and the Gnat both GONE! Also want those other 2 bedridden loafs gone too.

      • ChiKelz

        @NKogNeeTow I agree with you. I watch Bachelor Paradise to see a bunch of insecure people run around and whine and cry. They also lay around in bed all day. I want the 4 in the showmances GONE!!!!! Play the game or go home!

  65. Jannie

    From Jokers – Nicole said that Jatalie is safe…so is Paul. Gerardo is right. All that fake “friendship ” Bunyan did with Nicory this week must have worked!
    Looks like Vic and Bitchelle will go on the block as of now.
    No love lost between Nicole and Bitchelle.
    Would love it if they could some how get that big baby out the door next week.

  66. Avatar

    Lames is telling Nat how throwing the comp was best for his game because… You guessed it! He doesn’t have to get any “blood on his hands” this week by nominated Paul and Vic!!! I swear if I hear that phrase one more time I might regurgitate. I’m hoping this all blows up in Lames’ face and Nicole goes after Michelle, and leaves Paul/Vic to go after Lames next week. Enjoy your bloodless hands in the jury house pal!

    • Avatar

      Yeah this time around he’s more focused on his showmance and keeping his hands clean when he should be playing to keep his showmance safe every week.

    • Avatar

      Who knows maybe lames can go this week if the bribe is used right. Hopefully Vic wins veto and Paul wins care package and bribes Nicole to put James as replacement nominee instead of him.

      • Avatar

        You really think this bribe ACP could have some value? I hope you’re right. I’ve been totally perplexed by this bribe twist because it seems so anticlimactic (especially coming after the co-HOH ACP), but maybe I’m just overestimating these HGs. Perhaps some of them are pitiful enough to accept $5000 in exchange for blowing up their game and losing their shot at the $500K.

      • caRyn

        Kristine…Or Paul could bribe Corey into talking Nicole into putting James up.

    • Avatar

      Whose blood does Nicole or Corey for that matter have on there’s?

      • NKogNeeTow

        @Sandra: Straight out…whoever she/they put up this week.

        Behind the scene…all the people they lied on to get an HOH to put them on the block.

  67. Jannie

    Seems like maybe the tight bond between Lamey and Nicole may be in trouble. Lamey mad about Nicole’s begging him to give her the win(even though we all knew he would throw it) and Nicole saying she may not be able to trust Lamey, but ” it’s too early to take him out.
    Let’s say Vic and Bitchelle on the block next Thursday. Nicole knows that the crybaby is close to Jatalie, and she doesn’t like her anyway. The voters will be Gnat, Lamey, Bambi and Bunyan. Looks like a 2-2 tie and I’m thinking that Nic would send Bitchelle out the door.

    Wouldn’t that be sweet?

  68. Avatar

    Ok…Who are we voting for to get the Care Package??? Nicole is saying she isn’t putting Paul up, she wants Meech, & Victor….So I figure it should be Paul who gets the Care Package, because if Victor goes up he can Bribe one of the other HG to get Vic off the Block! 😉

  69. Jannie

    And, Bitchelle is already sleeping. Yeah, that comp(that she didn’t even play in) really wore her out.
    She’s as big of a waste as Bambi.

  70. Avatar

    Things aren’t looking as bad for Vic as I thought. Nat and James are discussing that having Vic back may be a “blessing in disguise” because they still think he doesn’t trust Paul anymore. Nicole appears to be warming up to the idea of working with Paul and Vic, and they are really working hard to convince her that they are after James/Nat/Michelle for betraying them last week. Nicole seems worried about an upcoming Double Eviction (I’ve said previously that I could see Nicole getting caught up in the crossfire of a DE because there’s not time to really think and work out deals, and she is sort of an easy “go to” target in the house). She may be thinking that having Paul and Vic as allies could be in her best interest for a DE, since they are strong competitors and could keep her safe. Let’s see where this goes…

    • Avatar

      Hmm interesting perhaps the bribe can make things interesting especially if Paul stays off the block either Paul or Vic can bribe Nicole to put James as replacement nominee or to evict James because if meech and James are on the block after veto it may end up in a tie because Natalie won’t vote for James, Corey is wild card as well as everyone else.

  71. Avatar

    Paul talking to live feeders: He HATES Michelle, doesn’t regret dropping the “C-bomb” on her, but he really wants to split Lames and Nat up this week. He thinks they’re too strong together and they’ve flipped flopped all over the house, making and breaking deals with everyone (which they pretty much have). He’s fully on board with working with Nicole and Corey if they are being sincere with him, and he’s going to try his hardest to get them on board with going after Lames and Nat. This looks like it should be a pretty interesting week.

    • Avatar

      He’s pleading with America to please send him or Vic the ACP this week. He says they’re the underdogs, getting picked on every week, and he promises to give us entertaining TV if he gets the ACP. I kinda feel bad for him because he clearly has his hopes up way too high for this care package, but unfortunately the producers decided to save the lamest one for last.

      • Avatar

        It might work it P r V can bribe Lames, he took the 5 k in the lux comp and didn’t he do something like that last year. If Mooch s up he might be persuaded to vote her out cuz Gnat might want to stay with girl power.

    • Avatar

      Huzzah. Now if Paul or Vic (doubt Corey would use the bribe because he’s sitting pretty regardless no point in him bribing anyone )win the care package they can bribe Nicole to evict James.

      • Avatar

        They just did a poll on BBAD asking who the viewers want to see win the bribe ACP. 57 percent of the vote went to Corey… WTF America?? His girl is the HOH this week, he doesn’t even need it!!!

  72. Avatar

    Some of ya’ll are clueless if you think Nicole is going to put up Paul and Vic. She’s been gunning Michelle (and most of the other females) since Day 1 and this is her chance to strike. She’ll put up Vic and Michelle, Vic or Paul will probably win the veto and then she’ll put up Natalie as a replacement. Bookmark me.

    • Avatar

      As of this moment it seems like you’re correct Nick. Nicole REALLY wants Michelle out and it appears that Paul and Vic are making serious progress with getting her to form a final 4 deal with them.

      I’m just hoping Lames doesn’t get to her and somehow change her mind before tomorrow. But Lames seems pretty overconfident right now that Nicole is solidly on board with whatever he wants to do, and he told Nat that he’s giving Nic/Corey some space so that it’s not obvious that they’re working together.

    • Avatar

      your right but only one problem james will be gunning for Nicole if she evicts Natalie however Natalie may not be as mad if james gets evicted

      • NKogNeeTow

        That’s why she needs to keep Vic and Paul. They can protect her from Jellyfish James. Not that I have any love for Nurse RATchet and Bambi. Hell, the house ants have played more Big Brother than they have, but I want The Jellyfish and The Gnat stopped too.

    • Avatar

      I can live with that.

  73. Avatar

    Potty-mouth Z, a woman scorned, no class ‘B’

  74. Avatar

    Natalie walked in on the tail end of a conversation between Paul/Vic and Nic/Corey about the jury members all telling him that they need to go after Lames (but they had just finished the discussion so I don’t think Nat heard anything). Vic almost immediately left the room and began chatting with Nat/James (I assume because he didn’t want to raise any flags and make them concerned that he’s back to working with Paul and making any deals with Nic/Corey).

    Meanwhile, Paul continues working on Nic/Corey. He told them that Vic initially didn’t even want to share this info (which is true) because he didn’t think it was a big deal. He’s telling them this because he wants to convince them that although Vic is a comp beast, he’s not a big threat because he’s not a strategic thinker. Love or hate Paul, this guy is the only one in the house that truly seems to understand how to play this game.

  75. Avatar

    Gave Paul all 20 of my votes for care package

  76. Avatar

    Boy there is a bunch of negative Nancy’s and Debbie downers on her tonight. Very few of you had anything positive to say. Just because people don’t play the way you think they should that doesn’t make you right and them wrong. They’re actually in the bouse playing the game the best they can. But all any of them are getting is put downs. Must be nice to sit up there on those high horses. All of you know who I’m talking about. I don’t want to be on a site with a bunch of meanies. Your supposed to be adults yet you act and talk like children. I’ll just stay off the blog and just watch my shows. Lot less hateful that way.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Sandra, this is a Blog with a comment section. We comment on our opinions, just like you do. We agree with some people, and disagree with others. Either way, it’s still only our opinions. If you don’t like the comments you read, you don’t have to leave, just don’t read them. You can always just stick to Steve’s main blog and avoid the comment section:-)

  77. Avatar

    Victor and Paul up again. Nicole has to keep her hands clean for the “couples alliance” . Mich will be put up if either Victor or Paul is POV. It is a game and will help Nicole in future weeks.

  78. Shivani33

    Maybe Nicole is still really allied with James. She could be talking misleadingly with Paul the same way that Victor has been acting with James. I don’t know this, just wondering. James gave her this HOH by deliberately dropping. It is possible that they really are keeping their alliance quiet now while she decides how to use her HOH and rests for tonight. It seems a little weird to focus on evicting Michelle with stronger comp winners in the house. While I could see her being nominated, this would be a good time to make a bigger move. At the same time, Nicole saw that she had a lukewarm reception from the women in the jury. She could be privately factoring that awareness into how she plays out her HoH.

    • Avatar

      It’s definitely possible but she also told Corey one-on-one that she wants either Michelle or Vic out this week and does not want to nominate Paul. This was earlier in the night after she won HOH, but before a lot of the Paul/Vic final four campaign began. So I’m not sure if Nicole is on board with Paul and Vic but she’s definitely considering not doing exactly what Lames wants (I.e. Putting up Paul and Vic).

  79. Avatar

    Sorry, Michelle. I’m wishing you farewell already. If gnat/lames/Bambi/Tickole are all safe, I would rather michelle go home before anyone else. I am worried about the votes. It looks like Vic and michelle will be the noms, and I’m worried they could vote Vic out yet again. I’m praying to the bb gods that they see how hard victor has fought and throw him a friggin bone this week. That, or he wins pov and Paul is a re-nom. I like Paul, but I don’t think he’d go home next to michelle, and if for some reason he does, I’d still rather it be him than Vic. Victor truly deserves to win. I really don’t know if acp is going to do much this week, but I’m still pulling for that to help save Vic, too. Whatever will help.

    • Avatar

      Side note: can we all just take a moment to appreciate what jury house would be like if Paulie has to soon be in there with Da, Z, Bridgette, AND michelle? Lol I hope he gets roasted yet again.

      • Avatar

        That would be hilarious! I was thinking earlier tonight that probably the worst part of losing the battle back comp tonight for Paulie was knowing he’d have another week in the jury house by himself with Day, Z, and Bridgette. At least if Vic or Corey had gone to jury this week he’d have someone to talk to.

      • NKogNeeTow

        I think I’d rather watch that than the BB House…lol

      • Avatar

        No kidding! I’ve been thinking that a lot lately. I wish they had like a bbad jury house edition.

      • Avatar

        I so wish they would put cams in the jury house!

  80. Avatar

    What happened to the Round Trip Tickets?!?!?

    I wish the would stick with a “twist” from start to finish!!!

  81. NKogNeeTow


    Meech is crying AGAIN. Now she’s mad because Paul isn’t talking to her and said she was a mean person. Gnat is telling her not to cry.

    Meech says Paul was making fun of her when she almost passed out. Gnat is telling her that he will be on the Block tomorrow.

    Meech is crying crocodile tears now. She wants to go tell Nurse RATchet to just put her up because she’s tired of people laughing at her.

    Meech says that he is being so mean to her after she’s been so nice to him (she must have forgotten about that little tiff that she started with him when he was trying to talk to James).

    Meech is now crying like a waterfall saying that America thinks she’s a terrible person and she’s embarrassed her family, and she’s thinks America thinks badly of her because she called him an Atheist and because she closed the door on him this morning (yesterday). .

    Meech says Paul makes her feel like she’s the worst one ever. Gnat tells her that if she wins HOH this week, she’s getting him out. Meech begs her to please get him out because he’s making this game a living hell for her and she doesn’t deserve it.

    Meech says it’s personal now and she can’t even sleep. Gnat telling Meech to talk to Nurse RATchet and tell her she’s done with this he said, she said stuff, and she’s not going to throw Paul under the bus but he’s the biggest threat in the house (isn’t that throwing him under the bus?).

    Meech says she doesn’t even trust Vic now because he’s probably gone back to Paul. Gnat tells her that that’s why James doesn’t trust Vic. Meech is telling her that in the HOH room, Paul told her that there are people who don’t like her and won’t when she leaves the house. She ask Gnat if she knows who these people are. Gnat says she doesn’t know who they are.

    Gnat is telling her to bite her tongue like she (Gnat) is because the money could change her life. She said it’s called acting. Gnat is saying that she is acting like she likes Paul. She is telling Meech to try to talk to Paul.

    Now Meech is lying again. She’s telling Gnat that everytime she (Gnat) was talking, Paul was shaking his head and saying “that girl, that girl, that girl”.

    Now they are talking about TGF. They think that Paul should handle himself like Paulie. Meech says that if she goes, she’s going to tell Production that she doesn’t want to see Paul’s goodbye message.

    Gnat keeps stirring the pot by reminding Meech that Paul called her a c*nt. They are talking about how Paul has tried to turn everyone against each other. She now says that Paul slapped and pinched her butt.

    • Avatar

      Lawd. I was going to comment saying “cry me a river, meech” but that’s “literally” (figuratively) what she’s doing. I’m sure she’s trying to make Paul the bigger target, but she needs to go and I really hope they see that. Not going to hold my breath with this bunch, though.

      • Avatar

        What a lot of people neglect to consider when they discuss “getting out of the biggest threats” is that there are two types of threats: threats to you specifically, and threats in general (like Vic). Although it is important to think ahead towards who would be difficult to beat if they made it to the end, it’s also very important to consider who’s coming after you NOW in the short-run. It doesn’t matter who would be a bigger threat at the end of the game if you’re already in the jury house at that point.

        Nicole may be realizing that if Vic or Paul goes this week and Michelle stays, Nicole would be in trouble next week if Michelle were to win HOH. This is the same thing I was saying about Michelle last week–why go after Vic or Paul? After they’re gone, Michelle was next in line to get clipped. So it’s not necessarily a bad move for Nicole to consider going after Michelle this week and aligning with Paul and Vic.

  82. NKogNeeTow

    Don’t know why the comment deleted part of my comment but, from the last part of the comment:

    Gnat keeps stirring the pot by reminding Meech that Paul called her a c*nt. They are talking about how Paul has tried to turn everyone against each other. She now says that Paul slapped and pinched her butt. (Sexual Harassment seems to be Gnat’s GO-TO. She’s accused just about every man in the house of touching her somewhere. I forget….Is that Libel, Slander or Defamation of Character?).

  83. NKogNeeTow

    Okay Boys and Girls. I can’t listen to any more of this idiocy. I’m going to bed.


  84. Avatar

    James James he doesn’t see Nat is using him.. Why would a cheerleader like her ever be happy with James in Texas. Mmmm she really has her eye on the beast. Poor James he has heart break ahead of him.

  85. kneeless

    Not sure I understand this ACP, does the HG get the $5,000 even if the bribe doesn’t work? If not then this one isn’t much of a reward & if the person gets the 5k no matter what then there’s not much incentive to try bribing. This ACP seems like it should have been the 1st one not the least.

    As far as Nic nominating Michelle, I really want Michelle gone BUT Nic has been saying all season how she’s a strategic player not an emotional player. Isn’t nominating Meech a personal move? We know Michelle isn’t a comp beast.

  86. Avatar

    Paulie looked good in those jeans, leaning against the counter in the kitchen. Nice package. And those short shorts showed off those thighs nicely. Watching them get wet was nice.

  87. Shivani33

    Now I’m beginning to wonder if Nicole will nominate Michelle, which look definite, and James! This would be a sensible move for her for many reasons, since she controls the renomination if one wins POV. She thinks a double eviction is on the horizon, which is exceedingly unlikely. She also knows that Natalie and James are two who vote as one and sees James as the bigger threat of the two. James “bounces checks”, and she has justifiable doubts about being able to rely on him. Plus Paul cheered her on during last night’s comp, which was a wise move on his part. I know it seems kind of ridiculous, but I could really see Nicole putting up James and Michelle.

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