Back from a quick coffee run. Feeds on, time to start the updates…

Here is a quick list of the wall….


Updated (11:41est / 8:41pst)

Victor – back in the house!

Nicole * Winner

  • 7:09pm – A minute after I turn on the feeds, Z and Da’Vonne pull a Thelma & Louise. They grab each other’s hand and jump.  Wow
    • They are discussing the jump. Trying to figure out why they didn’t want to come back in the house.
    • Paulie and Victor talking about how Paulie was slammed in the jury house
  • 7:15pm – Paul asks if someone can explain the friendship suicide that just happened 10 minutes ago (Z and Da’).  Asked if planned, and Bridgette said it wasn’t.
    • Corey falls. Never had a chance
    • I fixed the wrong strikethrough name. I had to put that all together quickly when they decided to quit.  I am boggled by that. Everyone is.
    • Cooorreeyyyyyy.... why did you falllllllll?

      Cooorreeyyyyyy…. why did you falllllllll?

    • James to Nicole – “Hang tight. Big guys fall first. Their muscles get tired quick”
  • 7:25pm – Bridgette out
    • Natalie is getting annoyed at James because he’s not taking it serious and showing off (I hope he falls off because of that. Hate showoffs)
    • They get sprayed over and over .. Paul “First girl I have sex with, this is what it’s going to feel like for her”
    • Out of the jury, Paulie is struggling, and Vic is either stable or has a good poker face.
    • endurance2
  • 7:35pm – Feeds were down for about 5 minutes, but they returned and everyone still up on the wall.  No changes
  • 7:40pm – Paulie down – Victor back in the house!
    • paulie-out
    • Victor falls shortly after Paulie. Definitely a poker face he had because as soon as Paulie left, Victor talked about how tired he was
  • 7:45pm – Turned off profiles, site is too slow. Still slow, but less slow.  Sorry guys, doing the best I can
    • Natalie tells Victor that he’s going to win the game.  He says he thinks he’ll be talking to Julie again soon
    • Should be interesting that this is a repeat of this week with a completely different HoH – yet likely the same results.  Got that?  Unless of course James doesn’t win
    • Nicole said she understands why zingbot said she isn’t winning because the jury essentially ignored her and forced hugs with her
  • 8:00pm – The three still remain on the wall
  • 8:10pm – Nicole is struggling every time the wall angles down. Paul is not looking good, either
  • 8:15pm – Nicole has adopted the James method.  This is basically 2 v 1 at this point. If/when Paul drops, the comp will end shortly after
    • nicole-james-paul
    • Michelle tells Victor she fell in the toilet because he didn’t put the seat down in the port-o-potty. Random info
    • Tech guy came through and boosted the speed of the site. We can go all night now. Got my coffee, got my feeds, ready to go
  • 8:27pm – Paul down. Time for Nicole and James to make a deal and end this
    • paul-out
  • 8:35pm – They’re trying to work out deals. James wants the win for his endurance competition streak.
    • Nicole is upset because she wants to see her family, so she’s a bit shocked he is sticking around just for the win
    • Everyone is quiet now. This is an uncomfortable awkwardness because everyone basically knows they should cut a deal but James is being stubborn and Nicole is being a Natalie (begging)
  • 8:45pm – Victor, Natalie and Michelle are talking about the Loch Ness monster. Natalie doesn’t know what it is. Michelle thinks it’s real. Victor thought it was in the US
    • Meanwhile, James is strongly considering dropping
    • Michelle doesn’t help as in the background I hear her say “It’s crazy how James won 2 endurance comps in his comp and 2 this year” (something like that).  He wants that legacy, but Nicole wants family
  • 8:55pm – James says he’s going to drop so Nicole can see her family
    • I put Nicole as a winner, but I’m going to put an asterisk next to it. If/when people ask why, it is because James gave it up.

Here is a history of Nicole’s HoH wins….

  • BB16 – Week 3. Lost Battle of the block, did not remain
  • BB16 – Week 6. Won Botb
  • BB16 – Week 7. Lost Botb  (she competed in back to back weeks because week 6 was a double, so she never had the room to herself)
  • BB18 – Week 2. Given to her by her team because they lost all the challenges, and they had to face off against each other to stay in the house.
  • BB18 – Week 10. Given to her by James as he won all 3 wall endurance competitions, and poised to easily win again.

So to put it in perspective, Natalie has actually earned more time in the HoH room than Nicole.  (Earning meaning winning an HoH comp without it being thrown to her)

I’ll be doing an overnight recap thread in the morningish. Get an idea who will be nominated, etc.  Everyone is going to sit around waiting for her to get her room for awhile, etc, etc.