Well, Nat is gone, and James is on his own. The big question of the week is whether or not they will stick with the plan to get him out, or they’ll use him for votes.  It will first depend on who wins HoH, which leads me to this.. jumping right into the competition

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  • 7:05pm – James is already taking a water break.  0 chance he is winning this one.  Rule him out now
    • This is easily Corey’s comp to lose.
    • hoh-corey2
    • Corey is about 1/4 full, and here is Paul…
    • hoh-paul
    • Nicole is halfway through the smaller container.  That may help and give her an advantage if Corey wasn’t cruising
  • 7:10pm – James is back to the big jug, but Corey just hit the 1/4 mark. Let’s check the rest when they show…
    • Nicole is slightly ahead of Paul for the nothing prize
    • hoh-nicole
    • James is at the first dark notch….
    • hoh-james
    • While Corey is two notches higher
    • hoh-corey3
  • 7:20pm – Update….
    • Nicole is on the last thick line for the small container.
    • James is still crawling.
    • Corey hit the 2nd thick line on the big jug (2 more lines until he’s midway)
    • Paul is… not doing well.  Pictures next update in 5-10
  • 7:25pm – Ok let’s check in on our butter skating friends….
    • Corey
    • Nicole will get the new scoop in a few minutes
    • Paul doesn’t know what he’s doing. Filled small to half, now he’s working on big. No more Paul updates unless a miracle happens
    • Nicole has it pretty much full, but can’t reach the ball because there is a slight tilt in the container. She can’t fill it because (as you can see above), it’s full in front but not in back and she doesn’t have long enough fingers to pull the ball out.  Feeds cut (maybe to fix?)
  • 7:30pm – Nicole has the big scoop. Let’s see if it makes a big difference.  I know I didn’t do an update on James last time. I will when they show his up close
    • They’re not showing James’ up close right now, but as you can tell, Corey has a sizeable lead. The only person who can change that is Nicole (if the big scoop holds more than 2x the butter)
  • 7:38pm – The big scoop really does help, but Corey is just cruising.  I am almost positive Nicole will finish higher than James at this rate
    • hoh-nicole3
  • 7:45pm – It’s down to Corey vs Nicole at this point.
    • hoh-corey5
    • Nicole filled it that much in 20 minutes
  • 7:50pm – Paul is close to being able to get the big scoop
    • James is crawling up the hill
    • Corey has gone up a few notches.
    • Nicole has just about tied it up with James
  • 7:55pm – Nicole has passed James and is about to hit the halfway mark.  Corey is still a few notches ahead
  • 8:05pm – Feeds were down for like 10 minutes. We come back to this….
    • hoh-corey6
    • 5 more minutes until Corey is HoH
  • 8:07pm -And we have a winner
    • hoh-coreywin

Going to take a break while the houseguests come back in the house, get cleaned up, etc. I may or may not start a live feed thread tonight depending on the house. May just be better to give a recap tomorrow morning, but we’ll see