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Live HoH Competition!



Well, Nat is gone, and James is on his own. The big question of the week is whether or not they will stick with the plan to get him out, or they’ll use him for votes.  It will first depend on who wins HoH, which leads me to this.. jumping right into the competition

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  • 7:05pm – James is already taking a water break.  0 chance he is winning this one.  Rule him out now
    • This is easily Corey’s comp to lose.
    • hoh-corey2
    • Corey is about 1/4 full, and here is Paul…
    • hoh-paul
    • Nicole is halfway through the smaller container.  That may help and give her an advantage if Corey wasn’t cruising
  • 7:10pm – James is back to the big jug, but Corey just hit the 1/4 mark. Let’s check the rest when they show…
    • Nicole is slightly ahead of Paul for the nothing prize
    • hoh-nicole
    • James is at the first dark notch….
    • hoh-james
    • While Corey is two notches higher
    • hoh-corey3
  • 7:20pm – Update….
    • Nicole is on the last thick line for the small container.
    • James is still crawling.
    • Corey hit the 2nd thick line on the big jug (2 more lines until he’s midway)
    • Paul is… not doing well.  Pictures next update in 5-10
  • 7:25pm – Ok let’s check in on our butter skating friends….
    • Corey
    • Nicole will get the new scoop in a few minutes
    • Paul doesn’t know what he’s doing. Filled small to half, now he’s working on big. No more Paul updates unless a miracle happens
    • Nicole has it pretty much full, but can’t reach the ball because there is a slight tilt in the container. She can’t fill it because (as you can see above), it’s full in front but not in back and she doesn’t have long enough fingers to pull the ball out.  Feeds cut (maybe to fix?)
  • 7:30pm – Nicole has the big scoop. Let’s see if it makes a big difference.  I know I didn’t do an update on James last time. I will when they show his up close
    • They’re not showing James’ up close right now, but as you can tell, Corey has a sizeable lead. The only person who can change that is Nicole (if the big scoop holds more than 2x the butter)
  • 7:38pm – The big scoop really does help, but Corey is just cruising.  I am almost positive Nicole will finish higher than James at this rate
    • hoh-nicole3
  • 7:45pm – It’s down to Corey vs Nicole at this point.
    • hoh-corey5
    • Nicole filled it that much in 20 minutes
  • 7:50pm – Paul is close to being able to get the big scoop
    • James is crawling up the hill
    • Corey has gone up a few notches.
    • Nicole has just about tied it up with James
  • 7:55pm – Nicole has passed James and is about to hit the halfway mark.  Corey is still a few notches ahead
  • 8:05pm – Feeds were down for like 10 minutes. We come back to this….
    • hoh-corey6
    • 5 more minutes until Corey is HoH
  • 8:07pm -And we have a winner
    • hoh-coreywin

Going to take a break while the houseguests come back in the house, get cleaned up, etc. I may or may not start a live feed thread tonight depending on the house. May just be better to give a recap tomorrow morning, but we’ll see


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  1. Jannie

    Lames knows that both duos want to reel him in. Sadly, I think if Nicorey wins, they will go after Vic and Paul.
    It’s basically up to Paul to win it, or they are in trouble.
    No respect for Lames, what a lazy, comp throwing piece of crap. Used to like him…no more.

  2. Mell

    Anyone remember how long this one usually takes?

  3. Jannie

    Anyone surprised that Day let it be known that Zzzzz and Paulie are already back together?
    Not me.

    • Jenny M

      so disappointed. That poor dumb desperate girl can’t see that she is worth more than that. I was hoping the GIRL POWER in the jury house would keep Zakiyah from going back to that tool. I hope someday she finds her self worth.

      • Mell

        I wonder if Zakiyah will get mad at Paulie for all of 5 minutes when Michelle tells her everyone in the house knows all the places they had sex. Nicole could have more votes in jury than I thought. DaVonne may not be bitter anymore and seems to already be respecting her game. James will give her the money if she punches him in the face as he leaves the house and depending on how Victor leaves, he may give it to her. (as long as she isn’t sitting with Paul) She would have Paulie and Zakiyah too. The thought of her losing is the only thing keeping me hanging on! I don’t want to give that up.

    • Avatar

      I’ve been saying it since she was evicted. I knew it wouldn’t take long for Paulie to get her back in his bed. If I was her mother, Zakiyah couldn’t bring him home to meet me after the way he treated her. The girl has problems.

  4. Helen

    Paul used to play ice hockey….me thinks he is throwing this comp.

  5. Jannie

    Just checked Jokers and it looks like unless Corey falls and breaks his arm, he’s going to win this one.
    Why don’t we just call it a wrap and hand him the 500k on Sunday.

  6. Avatar

    Well looks like more earthquakes will be hitting the BB studio.

  7. Avatar

    Am watching the episode, and am so glad James gave Natalie what for. If I recall earlier in the season, James did have Natalie under his wing, he explained things to her, protected her. Now she blames him, when as a grown woman, could have made up her own mind at any point.

  8. Avatar

    I have a friend who says there is a great chance that Cory was given clues to the veto competition by Nicole as she blocked her mic.

  9. Avatar

    I want James to win!

  10. Avatar

    Sadly looks like this one belongs to Corey. I bet Nicole is recalling her talk about taking James to the end and regretting it.

    • Avatar

      mindyboo, why would she regret it when paul and victor will win if they dont get them out now

      • Avatar

        No a couple of days ago Nicole was telling Cory she may have to take James as the final 2 so she will have the votes to win because the jury is likely bitter.

      • Avatar

        Cory may have the good sense to get Nicole out if he wins HOH. He doesn’t seem interested in anything after the show and he has made that clear.

      • Pkcable

        Wouldn’t Cory’s best chance of winning be against Nicole? I think everyone else remaining takes it over him!

      • Avatar

        @Pkcable you may be right because:
        Paul will take Vic and Vic would win 500k
        If Corey takes Paul or Vic he may win he may not win 500k
        If Corey takes Nicole he would win
        If Corey takes James he again might win but he may not win.

  11. Avatar

    I missed the first 20 mins of tonight’s show. Did anything exciting happen? I did see the jury and Da does not look happy with the fact that Paulie and Z are back together.
    I was surprised to see Da giving Nicole some credit and actually complimenting her, sorta.

    • Avatar

      Hey Franko! James grew a pair!

    • Jannie

      You didn’t miss much…
      Natalie pouting, James trying to figure her out, Natalie pouting some more, James wanting to talk about it, Natalie pouting some more, and finally James snapped and told her that she was acting ridiculous and calling her out on throwing him under the bus and trying to have a showmance with Vic and Corey.
      And then they made up…

  12. Avatar

    I like Paul’s tactic of sliding down on his but. I always thought if I were in that comp that is how I would do it.

  13. Shivani33

    Natalie didn’t use her prepared eviction speech at all. Part of it was to tell off Nicole and “blow up her game.” Maybe Natalie got it out of her system by working on it and decided to let it go at that. She changed her tune, for whatever reason, and left like Little Miss Sunshine.

  14. Avatar

    While I know it doesn’t look cool, is there a reason BB doesn’t make the HG wear helmets? Some of these falls…

  15. Avatar

    When was the last time Paul won anything? All he seems to do is cozy up to the latest HOH and never leave them alone, camping out in the HOH bed. I feel like he thinks he knows how to play the game but is only getting by through tricks and schemes. I used to like him but he brings nothing to the game, especially for. Victor

  16. Avatar

    If Corey was to vote Nicole out, the look on her face would be priceless. I would love to see that happen. I can dream can’t I?

    • Mell

      That’s the one snd only move that could possibly make me a Corey fan!

    • Avatar

      Ann, that would potentially be my favorite moment of the entire season if that happened. In fact, I keep waiting for one to turn on the other. Lets both dream and hope it comes true lol

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      You think there’s any chance Corey would do it at the final 2? Like, for instance, if it came down to Corey, Nicole, and James in the final 3 and Corey won the last HOH? I know if I were in that house I would LOVE to be sitting next to James at the end, because he has absolutely no case whatsoever for why he should win. But I don’t know if Corey would be that cutthroat (although that would be AWESOME to watch).

      • Avatar

        I’m pretty sure James would still have a very solid shot of winning against Corey. Especially after burning a bridge with Nicole. I don’t doubt she’d be another vote for James after that. I actually think Corey stands a better shot at winning against Nicole than he would James.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        Yeah, I guess it depends on the jury. If they vote based on gameplay, then Nicole has a much better argument for why she should win than James would. If they vote for personal reasons (which is quite probable given what we know about the jury members), then you’re right that James would be much stiffer competition than Nicole at the end.

      • Avatar

        It would depend on how much James does now that Natalie is gone he’s flied so under the radar in the beginning but now that Natalie is gone he may start to play but Nicole and Corey have been the same until about the same timing coming out in the game. But if he takes Nicole to f2 he would win easy because a lot of the girls in the jury don’t like her that much.

  17. Helen

    Corey HOH. Nomination prediction pre POV comp….. James…paul

    • Avatar

      I’m thinking it will be James and Vic pre POV.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        If they really want to take James to the final 3, then putting up James and Vic would make more sense than putting up James and Paul. Vic is always a favorite to win POV, and if Paul is nominated instead of him, then he could win and take Paul down (most likely sealing James’ fate). The best move though (obviously) would be to just say screw it and nominate both Paul and Vic from the beginning (not sure if they would have the nerve to make that bold of a move though).

        Either way, I just hope sticks around. I like Paul too, but after seeing his performance tonight I just feel he won’t make it to the end without Vic (even if he threw the comp, in which case I would say he deserves to go home over Vic). However, we all know Vic could beast his way to the final 2 if he can just pull through on this next POV comp.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        Oops, I meant to say “I just hope VIC sticks around”

      • Avatar

        @gerado I hope Vic can last too. I don’t think James has a chance of winning especially since Corey is HoH and the only way he is guaranteed a win is if he takes Nicole. Any others it’s kinda up in the air for Corey because the only true free votes for any others next to Corey would be Bridget, Z, Paulie, and Day because if Paul is next to Corey in final 2(assuming Paul and Vic aren’t in the final 3 because if they are Corey needs to win the final HoH to guarantee his spot) Vic would vote for Paul and Nicole would vote Corey; if Corey is next to James in f2 Natalie would vote for James and again Nicole would vote for Corey; If Corey is next to Vic in f2 Paul would vote for Vic and still again Nicole votes for Corey.

  18. Avatar

    I’m off to bed. Everyone have a good night!

  19. Mell

    It looks like bye bye Vic or Paul.

  20. Avatar

    Just put reindeer antlers and jingle bells on and Corey won’t nominate you.

  21. Avatar

    guess that it will be an interesting week to see who Nicorey(let’s face facts Nicole is going to be safe and probably controlling how the week goes) target. If I was them I would target James and Vic because James will be pissed they voted out Natalie and will target them easy and Vic is a comp beast. If either of them win veto put Paul in and it’s easy peasy. it just depends on who wins veto to determine who goes especially if Vic pulls himself off Paul is most likely going to stay over James.

  22. Shivani33

    Will Corey obey when Nicole tells him it’s completely up to him and then tells him which 2 people he has to nominate? Or will he get her on the block for telling him that she might have to bring James to F2 with her?

  23. Mell

    I respect many different types of game play. I can even handle laying in bed and screwing someone for the summer and then turning it up at the end. I just hate the thought of someone Nicile/Corey) winning when they can’t own what they did. I don’t like have our intelligence insulted. When your hips are rapidly moving for over a month under the covers, talking about lunch and not kissing isn’t fooling us! Hell, I can’t stand Nicole but I would give her the money too if she said at the end her strategy was to f**k her way to the end and them win a few comps!

  24. Avatar


    • Avatar

      But you have someone who floats the whole game, then decides to show up (Nicole). Or you have someone that not only has integrity, but has played and played HARD the whole time (victor). Who deserves to win more? In my opinion, the person who has played from day one. Even if victor wasn’t playing with integrity, I’d still root for him because he’s putting his all into the game.

    • Jannie

      OH, I give her all of the credit in the world for playing the game. I have no problem with understanding that it takes lies and backstabbing. I’ve been watching for years, honey, and the ones that play the best games are always sneaky.
      I just don’t like Nicole as a person. Making pornos in the house on national tv with someone who you obviously won’t have a relationship with after finale night…that’s my problem with her. That, and that horrible whiny voice – she makes my skin crawl every time I listen to her.

    • Helen

      It’s also not about laying in bed sucking face and screwing for two and a half months which is what Nicole and Corey have done but hey if that’s what floats your boat and you think that’s what BB is all about your welcome to your opinion….

    • Avatar

      I respectfully disagree. Does the end justify means? In BB UK, Australia and even Canada they play fun, entertaining games with FAR LESS backstabbing and scheming. I prefer their shows and watch every chance I get. US BB is too scripted and cut throat for me most of the time. Don’t think I’ll be watching next summer. But I can’t wait for the next season of BBCAN!

    • Bastosko

      Geez, don’t yell

  25. Mell

    Is it too much to hope for a Brigade 2.0 move?

  26. Avatar

    With Corey winning hoh there’s a chance Nicole could be sent home. If Corey puts up James an Paul or Victor . An either Paul or victor which one that’s not on the block wins veto an pulls down the other person. Corey has to put up Nicole. Victor an Paul controls the vote easily can evict Nicole.

    • Jannie

      If Corey got rid of his “ride or die” it would lose him the game. Everyone knows they were doing it in the house…to dump her like that in the game? No female on the jury would give him a vote, and they are the majority.

      • Avatar

        so true I didn’t factor that but it really would depend on who goes to jury and who is in f3 because unless they break apart Paul and Vic either this week or next no one stands a shot at being in a f2 with either of them but in the case of Corey since Nicole has made some enemies in jury already he can guarantee his win is if he takes her any others he may win he may not win.

  27. Colby

    I think they all know that they cannot win the game against either Paul or Vic.
    So, I think he has to put up P &V. Backdoors are too risky at this point. If he put up one of them with James, one could win veto and take the other down. If that happened then Corey would have to put up Nicole and P & V would control the vote.

  28. Mell

    Nicole is already starting to whine and wonder if there is an all guys alliance. Is she that stupid? I mean, even if there was, you think she should have worried about that yesterday???
    She is also needing to know from James why Natalie thought she was going home. It’s not enough to evict her…you’re pissed because she saw it coming! I just can’t with this girl.

  29. Clairebear

    Gonna go ahead a predict that right after noms, Nicole will still saying Vic/Paul are “super sketchy,” and whoever is the pawn next to James will become the target. Corey try to fight it because “bro,” but after staring off into the distance and thinking about Christmas, he’ll agree with her.

    I absolutely loved Nicole her season, but this season I want to push her off a bridge.

  30. danmtruth

    Good bye Paul or Vic My guess is Nichole and Corey will take a shot this week Put James up use one of the other two as a pawn Hope James win if not vote out the other person on the block Tie vote HoH sends Paul or Vic out

  31. Helen

    Corey would probably have every vote from jury if he were to send Nicole there this week!! Lol. Is he man enough? I doubt it……

  32. Avatar

    I’m so sad about this I was hoping Corey or Nicole would be next

  33. Jannie

    From Jokers…
    Nicole – “Coooooorrreeeeeeyyyyyyy! Can I stay in the HOH room with you this week? Puhleeeeeeze!”

    Geez I hope they have a can of Lysol big enough to to disinfect that room before the next HOH moves in.

  34. Avatar

    I believe that Big Brother wants either One of the Vets to be in the equation for the F2. Just like BB did with Ian, & Dan in BB 14. I was very happy Ian Won, but Dan being a prior Winner of BB wasn’t what I was rooting for.

    That is why I like a whole new Cast without Vets, because Big Brother/Production gets in the middle of the Game, and Rigs it for who they want to be in the F2. There is no doubt that Victor, or Paul should be F2…Why, because One Victor was a Beast at Comps, & Two Paul had a very good Social Game! But Big Brother Does have a tendencie to Rig the Show, they have done it before

  35. Avatar
    Photographic Poetry

    If James threw this comp on purpose it was a brilliant move. Each couple need his vote to insure they stay in the game!

  36. Avatar

    I have a question. I just signed up for all access to get live feeds but it says feeds start at 10 p. Is that correct. Doesn’t sound like 24\7 access.

  37. Avatar

    I was just reading over the conversations from last night on Jokers and once again gullible Victor and Paul have put all of their eggs in their “solid alliance” of the week basket. No plan B yet again. When will these two knuckleheads learn? For Pete’s sake, Victor has been voted out twice and he still hasn’t learned. i don’t want either of these guys to win anymore. They deserve this blindside that Corey, Nicole, and James are planning. And as for Corey, Nicole and James…they lost me when the showmanced-up on day 2 and retired to their beds. Only surfacing to throw out a few lies to redirect attention away from themselves and throw comps. (Very boring tv!). So I’m cheering for no one. Bummer.
    CBS needs to either change up the mechanics of the show in the future and/or go back to casting more interesting game players. JMHO

  38. Avatar

    Can anyone explain or help me with the feeds plz

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