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Luxury Comp Today, Schedule and Live Feeds

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It’s the moment Caleb has been waiting for the entire season.. the luxury competition!  Well, that and ‘The Wall’ endurance challenge which appears unlikely to happen this year.  This is likely where the jury member(s) will be back in the house, so that should be interesting to watch.  Perhaps Cody’s luxury will be some time alone with Christine… too soon?

On the schedule news, here is the apparent schedule (that I stole from BBN)

  • Sunday (Sept 14th) – Nominations
  • Tuesday (16th) – Eviction – Final 4
  • Wednesday (17th) – Eviction – Final 3
  • Friday (19th) – Special Episode
  • Wednesday (Sept 24th) – Finale.

As many of you know, I am getting married on Saturday and leaving for honeymoon on Sunday.  This means I will miss those first three episodes and won’t be able to live blog (unless I’m back in my hotel room in time, but I’m sure nobody would blame me if I wasn’t able to). However, regarding the feeds, my best guess will be most of the stuff will be cleared up by Saturday anyway (veto especially).  We’ll have a good understand who is going home by Saturday, and then on Monday night I’m expecting the feeds to go dark for 24 hours as they record the eviction episode that will air on Tuesday night.

While the feeds are down, the final 4 should play the next HoH, do nominations and likely do PoV all before the feeds return on Tuesday night after the eviction episode airs.  Considering I will be away, that is almost perfect timing because there will be nothing to blog about between Sunday-Wednesday anyway. I will still try to get recaps up in the morning before I start my day, but honestly I don’t expect much.  The big questions will come after the feeds return on Tuesday where we find out who won the HoH and is guaranteed a final 3 spot, and who won the PoV to guarantee the 2nd spot.

I am not 100% sure I have all this correct, I am just going on former seasons, but to summarize, I should know everything worth knowing by the time I leave Sunday, and nobody will find anything out until late Tuesday night after that.

With that out of the way, time for the feed updates….

  • 11:00am – The house is up and aware of the luxury comp. No clue when it’s happening but it may be sooner rather than later.
  • 11:36am – The jury is in the house making a mess!  Zach pouring fruit loops over his head. Hayden dumping all the silverware into the sink.  The final 5 is locked in the HoH room watching it all.
  • 1:05pm – Feeds back. Will update rewards as soon as I hear them.
  • Victoria is pretty pissed. I guess during the jury trashing, her necklace was ruined.
  • 1:23pm – Caleb discovers someone put a big X over Victoria’s name inside the bathroom door.  Everyone is saying how bitter the jury is.
  • Cody and Caleb think Zach did it, Frankie thinks Christine did it. Frankie said it because Christine was stomping up and down when Victoria won the luxury competition.
  • Victoria won $5,000
  • 5:45pm – I stepped out for a bit. A lot to prepare for.  Nominations happened and I’m honestly surprised… Frankie and Victoria are nominated, and if nominations remain the same, Derrick and Cody plan on voting OUT Frankie!  I’m going to have a lot to say about this the more I think about it and analyze it. The PoV is going to be HUGE this week

Check back for more updates!


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  1. Comments (1)

    God’s blessings on your wedding! Don’t stress about updates, enjoy your wedding and relax!

  2. Comments (328)

    Best wishes for you and your beautiful bride! May your special day be full of family, friends, and lovable memories for a lifetime!

    All of BBJ Fans will be fine, no worries sir!

    MAZEL TOV!!!!!!!!

  3. Comments (722)

    Good luck this weekend and have fun!
    We will miss you here on the page..

    Hope things are well with the folks.
    Thanks for doing the updates.

  4. Comments (722)

    Franko.. hope you are feeling better. .

    Christine.. missing you!

    Sorry guys to use this as my personal message board…

  5. Comments (12)

    Congragulations on your wedding. May you have a blessed future with your new wife.

  6. Comments (98)

    SB congrats on your upcoming wedding.

  7. Comments (372)

    According to jokers the evicted HG’s are in the house messing it up while the others are locked in HOH… Zach is dancing on the living room table ….anyone with the live feeds watching …please tell me he is wearing his new pink hat

  8. Comments (487)

    SteveBeans — God’s Grace and Best Wishes on your wedding.

  9. Comments (15)

    Congratulations on your wedding! Wishing you many blessed years togethe.

  10. super duper bb fan
    Comments (34)

    Congrats Steve Beans on your upcoming nuptials! You really should consider auditioning for BB. How interesting would that be? A BB blogger on the show? I would be a fan!

  11. Comments (1446)

    A luxury competition? After the way the HG’s treated the house like a pig sty, had all the food they wanted and did nothing but sleep all day there is no way they deserve a luxury competition.

    Seems that CBS production is trying to cram as many “twists” as they can in the last two weeks (Izzy, luxury, Jeff/Jordan, etc) because they realize that they have bored us all silly this season.

    Congrats and Best Wishes, SB!! Can’t believe your wedding date was planned to coincide with the last week of BB… don’t worry about us, enjoy your day! (But just remember to open a new thread for us once in a while, even a small one – it’s going to get crazy!) 🙂

  12. Comments (1137)

    Well I’ve been gone all morning and most if the afternoon. Had to take my daughter to the doctor. Anything worth knowing happen? Anybody?

    • Comments (1443)

      Jury came and messed stuff up. HG were locked in hoh room watching on TV. Luxury comp today. No mention of noms or game planning because they haven’t had a chance. Got everything from joksters

      • Comments (1137)

        Thanks for updating me. Been a very hectic day. But I made it and mostly all in one piece.

      • Comments (1799)

        Hope the daughter is ok .

        House Guest mad that jury members went to far. Victoria seems most bitter Broken ” favorite neckless” front loops in her clothes , her name “X” in bathroom Derrick put it well . It’s just clothes

        Funny the only comp Victoria can win is the luxury comp !

      • Comments (1137)

        Thanks danmtruth. My oldest daughter was born with cerebral palsy. She’s 36 now. She has a seizure disorder , but it was just a checkup. She’s a great child.

      • Comments (1799)

        Sandra I have 4 kids 26,24,twins 22 small health issue with 3 of them son slight curved spine Therapy and stretching Oldest daughter dyslexics and middle daughter hearing issue. Never any thing we haven’t been able to deal with . Just amazed at parents like you who have kept positive under such unperdictable situation All the best

        Game talk : yes it would be bad if someone Zach ( sorry mom) purposely destroyed items. I realize she destroy the pink hat but it was hers Who knows maybe there was nothing broken.

      • Comments (1137)

        Wow your younguns are pretty close together. I’ve got three girls 36, 30 and 24. The middle one had to have the rods in her back. You gotta keep laughing through it and have lots and lots of faith. It can always be worse. Game: I can believe Frankie is behaving so badly. He has the audacity to say three out five hadn’t won money in the house. Really Frankie really.

      • Comments (1137)

        That should’ve said can’t not can

      • Comments (1137)

        That was still mean. They shouldn’t been able to destroy property. I’m not the biggest fan of hers but still not right.

      • Comments (426)

        She didn’t actually play to win. Evidently, the jury members actually played and the houseguests chose a jury player to ‘team’ with. Victoria chose Hayden and he won the comp, so they both get $5K.

  13. Comments (1443)


    (Subject to change, rumors, innuendo, errors and, whatever…)
    Big Brother 16 – September 2014 Schedule:
    Sun, Sept 14, 8PM ET/PT The Jurors are Back
    Tue, Sept 16, 8PM ET/PT Special Eviction Episode
    Wed, Sept 17, 8PM ET/PT Second Eviction of the Week
    Fri, Sept 19, 8PM ET/PT Special Episode
    Sun, Sept 21, 8PM ET/PT – Final Three episode – Final HoH Rounds 1 & 2
    Wed, Sept 24, 9:30PM ET/PT – Season finale – 90 minutes
    Big Brother: After Dark airs seven nights a week on the TV Guide Network (TVGN)
    Click Here for the BB After Dark Schedule
    “Survivor” Premiere and “Big Brother” Finale Both to Feature Special 90-Minute Episodes on Wednesday, Sept. 24 -Details-

  14. Comments (1446)

    I actually think that Caleb could win the whole thing.

    Let’s face it, the guy has the gift of gab, he entertaining as all get out, he is very loyal and he is a military veteran. When he got his flag and all that during his last HOH, everyone was impressed. If I’m not mistaken, he hasn’t made enemies in the house, has he??

    And, next to Mango, he has won the most comps.

    That’s why Derrick wants him out right after Mango.

    Derrick is a mastermind, but I don’t respect the fact that he will drag the weakest(Vic/Cody) to the end.

    • Comments (1443)

      That’s the way you are supposed to play the game to win it

    • Comments (1137)

      That’s the game. Without guys like him this game really would’ve been boring.

      • Comments (1446)

        Are you talking about Caleb or Derrick?

        Because if it’s Derrick, I think the game was boring BECAUSE oh him.

        He had most of them so under his control from the beginning that they didn’t get to play their own game.

        That made it boring and predictable…at least for me.

      • Comments (1137)

        But you can’t blame him because their sheep. IMO he’s the better player.

    • Comments (1137)

      I like Caleb because of his silliness but he tales too many tall tales about what all he’s done in his life. But I do like to watch him lately since his silly side came out.

      • Comments (1443)

        Tall tales is nice way to say it. Have you seen that site where the girl lists all his lies?

      • Comments (1137)

        I know. I try to be nice about all of them, some make it harder than others.

      • Comments (1137)

        Yeah I saw that. It doesn’t surprise me. He’s just one of those people who find it necessary to lie about being this or that. Now in real life I wouldn’t give him the time of day because if you lie about the little stuff to me means you’ll certainly lie about the big.

      • Comments (38)

        Yes, I agree. Caleb is nice/funny and all, but there is something that is off about that man. I have often wondered (based on his obsession with Amber and his extreme lack of self-awareness) if he has some type of personality disorder. Especially with all of his outlandish tales that he genuinely seems to believe are true.

      • Comments (1137)

        I think he’s just been telling these stories so long he believes himself now

    • Comments (247)

      its a game Jannie, if you can drag the weakest play to collect the cash it would be stupid not to do it…Remember like Survivor Season 2-3 when that Texas guy could have taken the most hated person to the final but the took Tina and the jury gave it to Tina. They told him had he brought the other guy he would have won! Heck 500-1M im locking in my winnings, not taking chances on the Jury vote, its a Game…play to win…

      • Comments (1446)

        My favorite BB winner of all is Ian Terry. He could have taken Danielle to the end for an easy win, but he took Dan.
        It all depends what the jury’s mindset is – who really played the best strategic game or who played the best social game.
        I think Derrick would beat any of them who are left in the house. The fact that he wold drag Victoria(which is what I think he is trying to do), is a wussy move, IMO. If I were in the jury I would give the money to Victoria, for that reason alone.

        As far as Survivor’s Colby and Tina??
        Colby was an awesome gentleman. And he did just fine. He did Schik razor commercials for a few years, co-hosted w/Kelly Ripa, and has hosted a few series of his own. Who knows if that would have happened to him had he not been seen by the public as a stand up, loyal guy.

      • Comments (1137)

        True but look at how many haven’t done anything after the show.

      • Comments (1446)

        You and I know that, but does Caleb?? 🙂

      • Comments (137)

        Only thing Jannie is the fact that a lot of the other house guests (jury members) really liked Danielle. And Dan had already won once before. So taking Dan would give him the win over Danielle. Even though Dan was a good player, he played his season, this was time for Ian to play his season. I believe that is why Ian won over Dan. I might be wrong, just an observation.

  15. Comments (4)

    I love l that you do for us junkies #stevebeans I’m gonna miss you while you are away!! However enjoy your honeymoon and wedding to the fullest I’m sure your partner will want to know they come first!! She will be so happy!

  16. Comments (1137)

    SteveB have a blessed wedding day. I’m sure your parents are ecstatic. Always remember to kiss her at least every morning and every night and remember she’s your partner and friend above all else. Treat her like she’s always the most important person in the world. I can only give this advice for your wedding present. I’ve been married 27 years and with the same man since I was nineteen. I’m 53 now it hasn’t alway been easy, matter of fact some was damn hard but as long as one of you loves the other more ( and this changes all the time ) everything will be alright because that person will be the one to keep it alive. God bless have a wonderful time on your honeymoon.

    • Comments (38)

      Great advice. I have been married for almost one year, with my husband for seven total. It is very important to always remain physically affectionate. It does wonders for a relationship/marriage.

      • Comments (1137)

        Absolutely. Make sure your always at least holding their hand or resting it on their lap. Hugging and always tell them you love em. Even when you want to throttle them. Lol

      • Comments (328)

        Love, honour, respect, communicate, accept, affection and devotion to each other whole heartedly has been working for me 23 years now. And let’s throw in some throttling too! (Love that Sandra!)

        I am so happy to have found this site!!! I enjoy reading and commenting on all things Big Brother and everyday life with yall! Hubby doesn’t watch the show, just me and my boys. My oldest is back at college so so his time is devoted to studies and my younger one only wants to be surprised ( no spoilers for him ) on what’s happening… so again Stevebeans and BB Junkies thanks for making it fun!!!

    • Comments (487)

      Sandra ftsm — Your advice to SB made me cry. I wish my ex-husband had listened to that advice. He probably wouldn’t be my ex. SteveBeans we all wish you nothing but the best!

  17. Comments (1443)

    Vic won luxury comp and nominations are today

    • Comments (1137)

      I wonder when noms will take place? All in good time I guess. I’m just really curious to see if Caleb will actually put up Frankie. When someone won’t look at you when talking about nominations that’s usually a good sign your going up. He hasn’t been looking at Derrick in the eye.

      • Comments (1443)

        HG bitching because of mess jury made and they r cleaning it up. HG wore t shirts with jury members on it. Hayden won something so maybe Vic wore his shirt. Frankie says he knows America did not vote for com. He is talking bad about her and glad she didn’t win. Glad Hayden won. Caleb ticked cause he wore Christine shirt and wanted Hayden’s. Derrick says he thinks Nichole stole his brush and says she’s bitter. All bitching about the destructive mess they are cleaning up. Cody at oneoint said they would have done same thing. He was ignored Derrick said at first it was just clothes nor seems ticked. HG bonding as they clean and bitch. Don’t know about prize or anything about comp but must be something Frankie did not like since he thinks America did not vote for it and does not seem happy about it. Hope we learn more

      • Comments (1443)

        Sorry it’s jacosta he’s talking bad about

      • Comments (1443)

        And that was supposed to be HG glad Hayden won. And Derrick at first said it was just clothes and now acts ticked. HG not very good sports. They scratched Vic’s name off br wall

      • Comments (1799)

        The remaining house guest are the bitter ones .knowing how close they are . They do not want all these distraction. Isn’t keeping the people in the jury house likening you part of the game. All season all we heard was how people did not want to get blood on there hands . Nom will be interesting a lot of chess moves Putting Victoria up than it gets interesting . Will Caleb hold onto his delusional dream of Frankie getting him a record deal? Not to mention if any one wins POV .

      • Comments (1137)

        Frankie is such a mean spirited little a$$. Just because he doesn’t get everything. I bet this how he feels about his sister too. So jealous and petty and he’s won plenty. Ought to be ashamed of his self.

      • Comments (12)

        I would have collected my personal things – and not cleaned that house – let BB do it – that was the dumbest thing I have seem so far.

      • Comments (38)

        It kinda would be great to finally see Derrick up in the hot seat!

  18. Comments (1137)

    Okay Victoria won some money so she can go to jury soon. I love her to death but she’s gotta go. Gee I wonder how her necklace got ruined Zach. Funny but if someone did do that maliciously they should have to pay for it.

  19. Comments (1137)

    Has anyone heard from Franko today? I hope he feels better today.

  20. Comments (191)

    Congratulations to you and your soon to be future wife! Enjoy your time away from BB. You can catch up when you get home.

  21. Comments (38)

    Congrats on your wedding Saturday, and I hope you and your family and new wife have a wonderful happy time!

  22. Comments (1443)

    Prize was $5000 each. Cody / Nichole were close second. HG saying jury ticked cause they aren’t getting money. Frankie saying jury did this on personal level not game play. Acting like self righteous bitches. Like they should talk. Vic doesn’t think zach scratched out her name(probably did). Frankie saying it’s a terrible thing. OMG how old are these HG?

  23. Comments (174)

    HG just whining how the jury messed up the house. HG saying they would have never done it this bad. Excuse me if Frankie had been in jury and came in like this he would have day worse. Don’t know how they can be upset when they don’t clean anyway.

    • Comments (1137)

      That’s why their mad because they finally got up off theirs butts and cleaned. My gosh pick up a broom, vacuum and a sponge and clean it up.

      • Comments (1799)

        Question in all this cleanup than the TA rodent scare. Did anyone stop and think wait during the cleanup we did not see any mouse turds? No these people can’t make that kind of logical thinking. I know usually see the little dropping before spotting a rodent . Sorry if a bit graphic First Mango screams Derrick their to confirm seeing a 3 inch tail. Than Caleb the all knowing its a 2 foot tail HE SAW!!! Sheep all just willing led around

  24. Comments (1443)

    Ok. House guests did not participate in luxury comp. jury did. That explains Vic winning. Caleb said worst comp ever. Everybody acting like babies. Wish I could see it Derrick not saying anything now. On couch thinking. Believe he may be getting little paranoid and maybe second guessing jury. (That’s just me guessing cause he has lock on jury). Caleb said house now looks as good as before and jokers says it’s still a real mess. They say jury upset because they aren’t getting as much money. I think they must have watched comp on TV or something. Don’t think they were where comp was which I think was by. And no idea what comp was. If anyone knows please report

  25. Comments (11)

    I personally think mango is 10.he won a lot of $so far no reason to be petty to jury people.of course the queen of big bro, thinks he’s owed cuz his sister.whom all will forget in yr or 2.please Caleb get Frankie out!!!

    • Comments (1443)

      He’s won 20,000 in TA money!!! They think HG should have not split money and gotten the $10,000. He’ll they did not even play the comp what are they bitching about. Such junior high thinking and behavior

  26. Comments (1443)

    Cody and Caleb thinking America hates them because of comp. says since when does jury get money. They seem to say comp nothing about game? I said earlier Caleb was Christine but he just said he’s not team jacosta and will never wear that shirt again. They are really now scared paranoid and afraid America does not like them.

  27. Comments (1799)

    HG sounds like my kids. After weeks of nagging they finally do some cleaning. Than as soon as someone leaves a fish out . It becomes he end of the world ! Grownup house guest you trash the place for 5 weeks . Cleaned for one day now act like this was the greatest insult

  28. Comments (1443)

    2:31 PM All HGs are now outside on lockdown. Frankie is tanning while others sitting on couch. NT
    2:31 PM Frankie, Derrick & Victoria in the LR chatting. Frankie is very upset Jocasto got a chance at the 5KWhat did she do? How does she earn the right to enter back into the house & compete for 5K?
    I’m so glad Nicole eliminated her from the competition.
    Frankie to Victoria “Please thank Nicole for me”…..silence
    “…..not if I get there first”
    2:31 PM Cody calls Hayden a coward for not letting Nicole win the money (Cody would have won the money too) NT
    2:29 PM Caleb: I wouldn’t let my kids run around with a pink hat on like him. Cody: Zach has fans but he also has A LOT of haters NT
    2:26 PM Cody and Caleb trash talking Zach. They’re sure he’s liked but only because of this “character” he put on. NT
    2:26 PM Production: HGs this is a lockdown, please go outside & close the sliding glass doors NT
    2:24 PM Cody: Zach’s not the “character” anymore. Nicole went and got him the Froot Loops to throw. He never would have thought of that NT
    2:21 PM Cody and Caleb saying Donny was only loved because he was the underdog. Now that he is gone no one remembers him. Once he was gone everything faded
    2:21 PM Cody: I think Donny was liked bc he was the underdog. Caleb: I bet no one’s talked about him since he’s gone. Cody: Forgotten. NT
    2:20 PM Cody: if Zach was still in the house, no one would care about me. Zach’s character was liked NT
    2:20 PM Cody and Caleb are really concerned that America might hate them NT
    2:18 PM Cody asking Caleb if he thinks America hates them? Caleb said we have haters, but I don’t know. NT
    2:17 PM Caleb should have been about the game. Said from the minute they came in they were wrecking the house NT
    2:16 PM Caleb saying the game was all about luck. WHo could knock who out. Caleb saying he is not Team Jocasta never putting the shirt again.
    2:15 PM HGs got to pick their jury counterparts. Caleb says Victoria chose Hayden bc she knew that’s who he wanted. NT
    2:15 PM in HOH Rm Caleb says to Cody: “America hates us” NT
    2:14 PM Caleb and Cody in HOH looking in mini fridge talking about the money they could have got from luxury comp. Since when does a jury5k. Caleb says that America hates us and why would BB want them to split their money with the jury

    • Comments (1137)

      Oh my gosh Caleb. ( Caleb: but I wanted the blue ball. ) sounds just like screaming toddlers who haven’t been taught to share, and it was their idea in the first place. Which HG said 5 jury members come back against the 5 of them. Well ask BB and you shall receive. Who said it was their money anyway?

  29. Comments (1443)

    Ok I plagiarized the above. Credit goes to jokers. Some ppl at work and can’t get joksters and asked for updates. Just wanted all to see how juvenile they are

  30. Comments (247)

    Frankie should smooze up Caleb and say he will get him in a recording studio and they can hang with his sisters entourage if they both make it to the final 2….cuz if Frankie does not win POV he goes bye bye…gotta try anything cuz u know Derrick is telling Caleb that Frankie is a Competition Beast and a threat…luv to see both Cody and Derrick go up together…need some fireworks time to light this candle on the snoozefest…….

  31. Comments (1446)

    From Jokers:

    “Derrick now telling Victoria the plan not to leave Caleb alone to have a private conversation with Frankie.”

    Well, what are they going to do if Mango asks for a word with Caleb in private??

    Please, Derrick tried to freeze the other HG’s away from Nicole when she got back in – it failed miserably.

    C’mon Caleb – put Derrick up!!!

    • Comments (247)

      in previous big brothers the fact that Derrick has not been up EVER and he won 5K in the comp would put HUGE targets on his back. However, this time nobody ever says anything about that or about putting Derrick up on the block not even as a pawn. Frankie needs to step up, promise Caleb a singing gig/hanging out with his sis or something for getting to final 2 then have Caleb put up Cody and Derrick….BOOM!~ Game Changer.

      • Comments (1443)

        Caleb said last night that Derrick should take one for team since he had never gone up. Derrick said he didn’t get to fight for his life last two hoh cause he couldn’t play. Frankie on block once but never there on thursday

    • Comments (1137)

      Actually Frankie has done the same thing and it’s a smart move to keep Frankie away.

      • Comments (1446)

        When was that??

        I remember Derrick telling them all to stay away from Nicole when she came back in,…what did Mango do??

      • Comments (1137)

        Frankie won’t let anyone talk in piece around that house. If you have feeds or BBAD watch tonight to see if Frankie goes to find Caleb everytime he sees Derrick and Caleb together or Cody and Caleb. He’s been doing it the whole game. He’s the Andy in the house this year always breaking up peoples conversations. If he’s tired he’ll start asking the other 4 if their going to bed soon because he’s afraid something might get by him well it did.

      • Comments (1446)

        That’s different than specifically telling all other HG’s to make sure that two people are not alone together.

        I don’t recall Mango ever doing that.

  32. Comments (1446)

    Also from Jokers:

    “Cody and Victoria discussing how the jurors are bitter and sore losers.”

    Yeah, like THEY deserve to still be in the game.

    • Comments (13)

      Who are you to judge who deserves to be in the house??
      The people remaining obviously executed their strategy better than those in the jury.
      The only way I see people who don’t deserve to be in the house are those who are mean to mostly everyone ie CHRISTINE.
      Judging them based on their lack of merits isn’t fair, as dr. Will won no competitions but succeeded in executing his strategy to win better than anyone else

      The jurors are bitter and sore losers, they’re out and sucked at what they tried to accomplish, that’s the end.

      • Comments (1443)

        Don’t think any of jury is bitter except Christine. Bb told jury to do that to house. Blame bb

      • Comments (247)

        So your saying Cody and Victoria executed their strategy better than those is the jury house is laughable. These two do not think for themselves and do what derrick says to do…Most of those in the Jury house are there because they became “Aware” of Derricks master minding behind the curtain and the ones left were easily manipulated into playing his game not THEIR game. Heck a week or so ago when Cody wanted to get out Frankie and had every opportunity to do it, what happened? Derrick told him NOT to go after Frankie and he did what Derrick said to do. Victoria playing it up as she is breaking off friendship with Derrick to what? Help Derrick win, what the heck happened to her game? She is willing to walk away from 500K that easily to just fake out the others in case she goes, strange and weird to say the least…so no those left have not executed THEIR gameplan they Executed Derricks gameplan!

      • Comments (1446)

        Monica – I totally agree. You said it perfectly.

        Horse Toe – The fact that these people put themselves on TV and this blog exists pretty much means that we all, even you, can judge them and their strategy.

        I don’t think that the best player in any game(BB, Survivor etc) is always necessarily the winner.

      • Comments (1137)

        No the people in the jury house except for Jacosta and Christine are there because they didn’t have the luxury of a huge alliance and actually played the game hence their being there. You don’t have all floaters out there.

      • Comments (1137)

        My opinion was for horse toe. Sorry

  33. Comments (3)

    Congrats SteveBeans! Many happy blessings and years in your new life. Thanks for all you do for this site and keeping us all informed. Enjoy the honeymoon and hope all is well with your folks.

  34. Comments (644)

    Congratulations on your wedding Steve! We’ll miss you.

    Does anyone know where’s franko? I haven’t read all the messages. In the last one I read from him he said he was in the hospital and his blood pressure was very high.

    franko if you are reading this I hope you’re doing better. God bless you.

  35. Comments (492)

    Hey all,
    I just got home from a very long day of work. Glad I am working. Sorry if anyone lost someone special on this day.

    Stevebeans , enjoy your wedding, we will be fine.

    Franko, Hope you are resting, love ya… Kid!!!

    Got to go,

  36. Comments (118)

    BBN has HOH nominees…

  37. Comments (69)

    Caleb put up Frankie and Victoria – and said to Frankie he was just a pawn – Victoria will go – and if Frankie wins POV – then whoever he puts up will still be a pawn

  38. Comments (644)

    I thought Caleb wasn’t going to nominate Mango next to Victoria, but he did. Wow! If Mango doesn’t win veto, Derrick and Cody are sending him to the jury house.
    Reading what happened at Joker’s it seems Mango’s upset that no one told him that he was going to be nominated. Caleb should have told him before hand so Mango wouldn’t freak out.

    • Comments (1443)

      Actually they kind of talked about it last night. Caleb told them he wouldn’t put Cody up again as it wasn’t fair. He said he’d put up Frankie or Derrick. Both gave arguements on why they shouldn’t go up. But the plan was franki was going up unless he won hoh. If he wins pov Derrick goes up and Vic goes home. If he doesn’t win pov he’s gone

    • Comments (1137)

      How many people has Frankie nominated and sent home without giving them a head ups. What makes him so special that he should be told and not the next person

  39. Comments (247)

    Bye Bye Frankie, ya better win POV or its Lights Out…hard to believe but Caleb dumped Frankie and Derrick still has not gone up…the only thing the rewind did was save Derrick the trouble of getting Frankie out later…….

    • Comments (1443)

      He’s not out yet and this may be their last chance. Hope he doesn’t win pov. Hoping Derrick wins that but it will be between Derrick and frankie

      • Comments (247)

        Trudy, that is exactly why I want Frankie to win POV. Give me some real gameplay, cut throat in your face gameplay and that will happen if Frankie can win POV and put up Derrick..oh he will be saved but will freak out cuz he lost Victoria then its GAME ON!

      • Comments (247)

        In reality tho if Frankie wins he will pull himself off, Caleb will put up Cody and most likely Victoria will go, for some reason these folks will not put up Derrick its weird…..

      • Comments (1446)

        I want Mango to win the Veto, too.

        Geez, Derrick hasn’t won a lot of competitions, why are they all so scared to put him up??

        As I stated earlier, I want the final two to be a title fight, not Victoria begging the jury to give Derrick the money.

      • Comments (1443)

        He hasn’t been up because they haven’t been putting alliance up til Cody plus they all think they can bear Derrick in final 2. Yes as I have said before they are dumb

      • Comments (1446)

        What about Christine?? She was part of the alliance and she went up and out to jury.

      • Comments (1137)

        Their not afraid if Derrick but they should be.

      • Comments (1288)

        Derrick has volunteered to go up if the veto is used, he told Caleb that last night. And Derrick would not mind Victoria leaving because currently his plan of “Victoria’s Funeral” is working and Frankie, Caleb & Cody are all thinking she hates Derrick and she is going to poison the jury [who they already think do not like Derrick] further against Derrick. The longer she stays the more opportunities for this deception to fall apart. Caleb, Frankie & Cody do not mind sending Victoria out because they have their own sure “winning ticket” – Derrick.

        Little do they know the jury is not really bitter and they are currently liking Derrick’s game. Everyone including Christine talked about how strong Derrick’s chances are. Donny, Jocasta, Hayden and Nicole are looking almost certainly like four votes for Derrick. So them sending Victoria to jury just means they have given Derrick his 5th vote and that is all he needs for $500k.

  40. Comments (682)

    Chima, Chima, Chima….Cha Cha Cha!!! Ha Ha!!!!

  41. Comments (57)

    anyone but mango win pov and we finally get to cheer for mango being booted. lets hope the auduance boos him. would be so great to see the suprise on his face.

  42. Comments (57)

    its actually possibe for victoria or caleb to win this whole thing. yes i said said victoria. lol. gonna wait to wins pov. if its not mango i’ll tell ya all how this coud and likely happen. hint: derrick goes out 3rd.

  43. Comments (57)

    watching live feeds now. mango is winning about the noms. lol. saying, i told you not to press that button. lol. lie! he actually covered up the nomination photos. lol. cry baby diva. he is a mess rite now. i love it

    • Comments (1137)

      Really your kidding me. He’s the one that wanted to press the button. He’s such a dummy. Glad he’s melting down a little. He didn’t have any sympathy for other people, like Donny , who kept getting put up. Is time to pay the pied piper Frankie.

  44. Comments (57)

    meant whining. not winning

  45. Comments (692)

    I have not been on here today at all. I just got on here about an hour ago and have been trying to get caught up.
    I did finally get checked into the room last night and it took till about 2am to get settled. I got very little sleep last night but I was pretty relaxed and very calm all night because of the morphine I had in the emergency room. it has taken all day to try to get my regular meds and I take at home, it’s only 14 different meds. Lol
    the main thing I wanted to do was to let you all know that I’m still kickin. I have been trying to write this comment for over an hour but it has taken forever because I keep getting interrupted by nurses or therapists. I am feeling a little better but I’m certainly not feeling well at all, I’m having several tests run tomorrowand a lot of blood work done.
    to those who keep asking about me, and you know who you are, I want you know it really means a lot to know that you’re thinking about me praying for me and wishing me well. it has been amazing to hear the support I’ve gotten from people I don’t even know on here!!!! some of you especially I have not very much to me with your outpouring of love and support. I appreciate it and I will try to do better and keep you updated.

    ON TOPIC**************************
    I’m not really sure what to say about this rewind. I’m very happy that Frankie did not win but I don’t know that it makes much different that Caleb did. loved loved loved the way Christine was greeted in the jury house. I have many more comments to make but I honestly can’t remember it all right now. maybe in a little while I will go back and try to reread some things on here and make my comment then. I actually need to rest right now.
    Love most of you folks!!!!!!!!

    • Comments (692)

      I’m sorry if any of what I just posted doesn’t make sense. I literally tried to write, I mean speak, because I use voice text most of the time that message for over an hour but I did keep getting interrupted. hardly anybody has been in my room all day long and they all decide to come late in the evening.

      • Comments (843)

        You really need someone with you in a hospital to be your advocate. So glad to see you on here and hope all goes well with your tests. Feel better soon, franko!

      • Comments (492)

        Franko , mouse is right,
        You really need an advocate,
        Maybe the hospital can provide you one if you don’t have family there for you.
        I got to go I am late for work.
        I have friends in Tennessee

      • Comments (328)

        Take care Mr Franko! Rest, rest, rest so your body and mind can recoup and begin to build the strength needed for a healthy recovery. Yous been on my mind.

    • Comments (248)

      Glad to hear form ya. Keep resting and take care. Happy you were able to at least relax last night. Do what the doctors tell you. Still in my prayers.

      • Comments (1799)

        You’re one of the classic posters Always enjoy your insight Hope your nurse Zach is a little better than the BB Zach Praying gir all the best

      • Comments (692)

        Classic?? Why classic??
        Thank you for your compliment.
        Zach, my nurse, is a really good guy. He’s nothing like Zach on BB, tho. Nurse Zach is probably mid thirties, big guy, looks like a dumb redneck type( I live in Tennessee, I know plenty of them….but then not many are really dumb) but looks can certainly be deceiving. He’s extremely intelligent and highly motivated young guy.

      • Comments (1137)

        Frankio if you go back and read this I live in Tennessee also.

    • Comments (27)

      glad your still posting, I just started reading these posts half way thru this season and they are alot better than actually watching the show, although I do watch, like they say you cant turn your head from a train wreck. Im glad your doing better and from what I read, your a spunky guy and Im sure whatever ails you, you will kick butt and feel 100 percent.

    • Comments (1137)

      No Franko you rest just throw your arm thru the blog every once an awhile and say. I’m okay. Now sleep

  46. Comments (1443)

    Vic’s necklace was stoned costume jewelry. Small link came open on chain in back near where you close it. Very easy to fix with pliar. Also sounds like comp was looking for chips hidden in house. That’s why house got trashed. Plus sure bb told them to make mess for the show. Someone said necklace was probably under blanket or something where it could not be seen and person did not even know it was there. Meanwhile HG complaining that jury liked better than them and getting a lot of TV time. Also how much jury hates them. Actually I don’t think anyone in house hates them except Christine cause she hates everyone. This was something production came up with. Franki esp upset with jacosta cause what right does she have chance to win money when she never did anything in house. Cody now saying Donny might win AFP. Although earlier they said he was just character and was probably forgotten by now. Also they saw America likes jury better than them which is true of course.

    • Comments (1137)

      So their finally catching on that Donny is well beloved huh? About time they had one rational thought between them. I’ve been rooting for Donny from day one and against the alliance. But out those that are left I’m pulling for Derrick. He’s not egotistical like the others, he’s played a good game and I honestly think he has the best heart.

  47. Comments (1443)

    Just read something interesting on another site. They said if frankie goes out Tuesday and it’s not a live show will there be audience of real bb fans? Because if not he might not get booed. Do we think eviction might be live? Has anyone ever been evicted not live??

  48. Comments (426)

    Very glad to hear that you are getting the care you need and are feeling a little better.
    Please be assured that even though others don’t post the questions, we still are thinking about you, praying for you, and wishing you well.
    With me, at least, once I see a couple of people ask I see no reason to keep asking. But I do anxiously await your response, knowing you will respond when you can.
    Please take care and feel better.

  49. Comments (383)

    Watching BBAD now. Frankie and Derrick were talking about being close to the same age and Frankie just said he’s about to turn 29. Really? He’s 31 according to the interwebz. And frankly he looks 40. Can’t believe he’s trying to lie about his age. Pathetic.
    I’m so freaking HAPPY to see that Frankie is one of the nominees. Honestly did not think it would happen. How sad is it that I just want Frankie to be voted out more than anything else now. My dislike for Mango far outweighs any “like” for the remaining HG.

    • Comments (53)

      I totally agree Jenny
      my own Mango hatred has exceeded critical mass
      —-after reading the HOH blog on the Cbs site where Mango says how much he loved Donny and did everything in his power yo save him but sadly……..it wasn’t possible……
      who does he think hes kidding?
      mango figured out that America loves Donny and now hes trying to ‘blow smoke up our tails’ —(a Donny quote)

  50. Comments (1446)

    On BBAD…
    Caleb is running his mouth again.
    He is telling Mango that, once again, he, Derrick, and Cody all discussed putting Mango up.

    The light goes off in Mango’s head and he knows he’s in trouble.

    Heated discussion between the two at the pool table. I think Caleb really believes that Cody and Derrick will vote out Victoria.

    Unless Mango wins the Veto, both he and Caleb will be surprised on Tuesday.

    And Caleb will be gone next.

    Wrong move, Boastmode.

  51. Comments (54)

    [email protected] alone with christine!!

  52. Comments (226)

    Congrats on your wedding Stevebeans! And thanks for all that you do. We may miss your thoughtful insight on the game, but please enjoy your honeymoon!!!!

  53. Comments (28)

    Frankie: My fans. They know. They see. They’re proud of me. Public perception of me is extremely important to me

    From Jokers!!!!

    Bahahhahaha. I hope Fakie gets booed!

  54. Comments (20)

    Congrats, man and don’t worry too much about us. Your wedding and honeymoon take precedence now. This is supposed to be a once in a lifetime thing, right? 🙂

    We’ll be just fine. Just fine.

  55. Comments (27)

    I hope Skankie Frankie has bad luck and loses the power of veto and the nominations stay the same.
    They all seem bent on sending Skankie to Jury but they might flake out again.
    Hopefully, they won’t and we get to watch Skankie walk out to Julie and get a whole bunch of boos from the crowd .
    I had to laugh at the big x on Victoria’s face, those Jury members should be bitter, makes for better tv.

  56. Comments (1446)

    One last thought after BBAD …

    Derrick told Frankie at the pool table that if they are both in jury and either Caleb or Cody take Victoria to the final two, he will vote to give Victoria the $500K. Because, the way he(Derrick ) sees it, they took the cowards way out.

    That has been my thought all along, Derrick.

    And, although I am not a Mango fan, I hope he wins Veto, if only because I want someone to finally screw up one of Derrick’s plans.

    • Comments (1137)

      Has anybody else noticed that Caleb lurks around other HGs when their eating? He’ll stand and talk about what he ate and how he’s not hungry just staring at their food. Then other HGs will ask him if he wants a bite but he” ll again say no all the while he’s either picking up their food in his hands or eating off their plates always eating more usually than they do. Once last week Derrick made some chicken out on the grill and Caleb again said he wasn’t hungry and he kept staring at Derrick watching him eat with Derrick offering him some and tells him to go get a plate and he can have what appears to be a chicken breast but Caleb tells him no but proceeds to walk in the house and get just a fork comes back out sits down and inhales huge chunks of derricks food until he eats at least half of his food. Poor Derrick hadn’t ate that day, Caleb had ate a lot but scarves his food down like a pack of hungry dogs. That gets on my last nerve. They ought to smack his hands.

    • Comments (1137)

      No one really knows who Derrick would prefer to take to F2. Yes he’s said he’ll take Victoria but he’s said that about everyone. Derricks plans are always evolving and changing depending on what other houseguest say and do. That’s what makes him a great player. He’s always ahead of everyone else’s thought and changes to adapt where as other people have mired themselves down with one strategy never changing and they go to jury and he doesn’t. He’s a pro.

      • Comments (1288)

        Derrick is almost to the point that being in the F2 is all he needs, it will not matter who is next to him – he will win. Frankie is the only one who might realize this, he knows the most about Derrick’s game, so his exit is all good for Derrick. It will be interesting to see if the jury house gives him the same “no look” treatment they gave Christine.

      • Comments (1446)

        I think that Derrick knows that Mango has got him figured out and that’s why Derrick manipulated Caleb to put him up. But Derrick is getting sloppy – he has promised Mango that he is not leaving, even though, if he doesn’t win veto, he is.

        An angry, betrayed Mango in the jury will not be good for Derrick.

      • Comments (1288)

        But Frankie would not have very long there and might have trouble finding sympathetic ears outside of Zach or Christine and perhaps not even them. I do hope they give Frankie the same cold shoulder they gave Christine. Donny has said the brains were Frankie and Derrick, if Derrick is the only one of them left he will push the jury for him. I think Frankie will have to go with the crowd this time around and swallow his bile. It would do him some good.

        I never understand people who find the game boring – look how much rides on the next competition.

      • Comments (1446)

        Just because those of us here don’t like him, doesn’t mean he wasn’t social in the house.

        I don’t think he made alot of enemies.

    • Comments (875)

      Me too Jannie!!! Things have gone Derricks way pretty much all summer long! If I was a betting person I’d almost say this season of BB was scripted for Derrick to win…LOL!

    • Comments (487)

      If it is a Cody, Caleb, Victoria F3, then give the money to Vic. These guys none of these guys played their own game, no moves, no real strategy. They came to win 500K and did nothing with the opportunities given to them. Give the money to Victoria because she ‘played’ the most most honest game, just not the best game.

    • Comments (211)

      If Derrick would actually do this (vote to give Victoria the $500K), I would be really disappointed in him. To make a move like that just to make some kind of “statement” about Caleb or Cody’s game play is ridiculous. At least they had game play. To award someone like Victoria for pretty much floating the entire game is disrespectful to the BB game itself (as lame as this season was.)

  57. Comments (1137)

    Has anybody else noticed that Caleb lurks around other HGs when their eating? He’ll stand and talk about what he ate and how he’s not hungry just staring at their food. Then other HGs will ask him if he wants a bite but he” ll again say no all the while he’s either picking up their food in his hands or eating off their plates always eating more usually than they do. Once last week Derrick made some chicken out on the grill and Caleb again said he wasn’t hungry and he kept staring at Derrick watching him eat with Derrick offering him some and tells him to go get a plate and he can have what appears to be a chicken breast but Caleb tells him no but proceeds to walk in the house and get just a fork comes back out sits down and inhales huge chunks of derricks food until he eats at least half of his food. Poor Derrick hadn’t ate that day, Caleb had ate a lot but scarves his food down like a pack of hungry dogs. That gets on my last nerve. They ought to smack his hands.

  58. Comments (1137)

    Sorry I guess I posted twice.

  59. Comments (875)

    Caleb is sooo dumb, doesn’t he realize that Derrick & Cody are gong to vote him out next?!

  60. Comments (875)

    Congrats Steve, may happiness, & love follow you & your new Bride all the days of your lives. ~ God Bless

  61. Comments (1137)

    Caleb looks ridiculous dancing in the HOH room I thought was a professional dancer.

    • Comments (843)

      According to Caleb, he is a professional everything.

      • Comments (1446)

        I know someone here posted the link earlier, but there is a site called tamaratattles and if you google “Caleb Reynolds” there is an amazing story about Caleb and all of the stories he has told in the house. After reading it, I am convinced that the old boy is mentally unbalanced.

        Now Derrick and Cody are furious with him for giving Mango a heads up that they may not trust him.

        And last night’s solo dance fest in the HOH was funny and creepy at the same time – he may be starting to crack.

    • Comments (152)

      Take it easy on him! He has been trapped in the house with a control freak,Skankie Frankie and winey butt Vic! That would drive anyone to do silly things. Atleast he is entertainment. (makes me miss Zach that much more). He may do some crazy stuff and tells tall tells, but atleast he is doing SOMETHING!

      • Comments (1446)

        It’s funny how my feelings for him have changed back a forth a hundred times this season.

        He is the only entertaining thing to watch in the house right now, but he is seriously delusional. I don’t get the live feeds, but those who do have compiled a LONG list of Caleb’s tall tales…and there are many.

        I feel bad for him when he realizes that Derrick duped him into putting Mango on the block – he may just crack. He seriously believes that Victoria is going home and that he will be chased thru the airport by dozens of screaming girls after the show ends….yikes.

      • Comments (1288)

        Don’t forget the little kid in the “Beast Mode Cowboy” shirt who will run up and beg for a picture and autograph.

      • Comments (1446)

        I almost(note:”almost”) feel bad for the huge let down he will have when the show ends.

      • Comments (211)

        …and Victoria, as well. Here’s hoping BB will be offering plenty of “after care” for the HGs after the show is over.

  62. Comments (1137)

    Man I need some sleep, I’m misspelling words and leaving some totally out. Sorry everyone I’ll try to do better

  63. Comments (1137)

    My gosh on BBAD tonight Frankie said it was just shocking that he was nominated. Why? Is he not ever supposed to be nominated? Or is everyone else supposed to fall on their swords for him and just tell BB to just give the money to him. I can’t believe he is sitting around the house telling Cody and Derrick that it isn’t supposed to be him. It’s like he thinks it’s all well and good for these common people but not him. Derrick and Cody are looking at him like he’s nuts. Just like he talked about Jacosta today and what right did she have to come back into the game and take his money. What’s the matter Frankie did BB forget to tell everyone that this is the Frankie show. After he lost last night everyone was sitting at the table studying the memory board and he goes right up and stands in front of them so they can’t see. Where does this guy get off? My momma always taught me not to use the word hate talking about people but man I strongly dislike him.

  64. Comments (1137)

    He is so egotistical. Caleb is bad also but Frankie is in a whole different realm if egotism. I wonder if anyone who behaves badly on the show get out the house watch themselves and think what a selfish ass they are? If he doesn’t ( which I doubt he will) he should. We will just be the America that hated him because he’s gay. He’s disgusting. If he were my child I would have a long serious talk with him about this but then again he obviously learned it somehow. Wake up Frankie’s parents and teach him the meaning of the word humility.

  65. Comments (332)

    They all have a stradegy. Frankie is a peacock,caleb is a rooster. Derrick is a complete liar and cody wants to look innocent but truly might win it all. Fitting that victoria won luxury comp. So they may think that is all she deserves.

  66. Comments (1799)

    Is this diarrhea of the mouth Caleb game plan? Tell Frankie this to look dumb and put all the blame Cody & Derrick .

  67. Comments (843)

    I don’t understand why they kept Caleb so long. They know he runs his mouth and is star struck with Frankie. Frankie demanding to know why he was put up—it’s a game and that’s what I decided to do, and didn’t have to ask your permission. No one owes you an explanation, Frankie. Frankie also said HG were only there for the money. Ya think?

    • Comments (1446)

      I always got the feeling that of the four guys, it was kind of a Mango/Caleb, Derick/Cody team split. I think that’s why he was shocked that Caleb put him up.

    • Comments (487)

      Caleb finally started thinking about his end game and the 500K that’s why he did it along with the fact that he believes that Vic won’t save Derrick because she is mad at him. He thinks he and Cody can get Derrick out next week. But at least Caleb is finally thinking for himself.

  68. Comments (152)

    We all knew the day would come when these guys would have to turn on each other. I agree that Frankie is the Peacock, Caleb is the Rooster. But Derrick….He is the master puppeteer! Vic is the dummy that the puppeteer has COMPLETE control over. And Cody..I don’t know about him. He has done everything he was told to do! So again….just another puppet for Derrick. I would like to see them get Frankie out this week if they can. Then Vic! Oh, then sit back and just see who gets HOH. I really think Derrick will take Cody. And I think Caleb will take Cody and I think Cody would take Derrick. So Caleb’s only chance is to win. That is ONLY if they get Frankie out. IF they don’t, he will go F2 on merit alone.

  69. Comments (843)

    Prayers for safety of all my site friends living in Tennessee. Hope none of you live in the flooding area.

  70. Comments (1446)

    So what does everyone think of Derrick telling Frankie at the pool table last night that anyone who takes Victoria to the end is being a coward and if Cody or Caleb took Vic to he end he(Derrick) would vote to give Victoria the money?? Isn’t that something that Frankie could use in the jury house if Derrick does take Vic to the end?? I thought that was a big screw up on Derrick’s part to say that.

    And just an hour later he was outside telling Vic that it’s definitely those two(he and Vic) going to the end.

    • Comments (1288)

      Ummm…Derrick lies when talking to the other players. Derrick is playing up Frankie’s belief that the jury will vote bitter instead of worthy. Derrick is betting {correctly] that the majority of the jury will actually vote for the best game player and do not consider Victoria at all responsible for her being in the F2. Being beaten by Derrick because of his skill is no shame – being beaten by Victoria would be.

      Frankie might repeat that in the jury house and the jury members will simply say “so now you know what it feels like when Derrick plays YOU”.

      • Comments (1446)

        It was still a dumb thing for him to say…why say it at all and put that idea in Mango’s head??

        He could go to the jury and say – “Derrick himself said that anyone who takes Victoria deserves to lose the $500K to her.”

        Some may just do what Derrick says – hell, they’ve been doing what he says to do all season 🙂

      • Comments (1288)

        It is not as straightforward as that, Derrick does not give marching orders that are followed. He manipulates people simply by talking to them, usually always agreeing but at varying degrees and never fully until it is what he wants. People in the house want approval of their ideas and Derrick is a master at withholding it without actually saying no.

        Saying that to Frankie is more manipulation. Donny will see that coming from a million miles away and break it down for the rest of the jury – he has a great read on the game, he just didn’t find a workable alliance. Derrick may just be setting Frankie up to be laughed at, I do not think intentionally but it could work out that way.

  71. Comments (1446)

    So does anyone else here read the Morty’s site?? I just discovered it a few weeks ago and it’s great…better than Joker’s.

    Since Stevebeans will be occupied elsewhere this weekend, it is a good place to get the most up to date info on what’s going on…literally minute by minute.

  72. Comments (69)

    Well Jannie to answer your question in my opinion – Caleb will not ditch Frankie – and not lie to him – he said that he was just a pawn and that Vic was going home – now of course both Derrick and Cody swear this is the opportunity to get rid of Frankie – now if Frankie does not win veto and any of the others do and leave the noms the same – this would be the chance for the two of them to get rid of Frankie – both of which swear to Frankie that they are after Vic – aint a gonna happen – they will vote to evict Victoria – but now they will be down to the last of the lies – they will have to turn on one another.

    • Comments (1446)

      I sure hope you are right. Not a fan of Mango, but he does deserve to be there over Victoria.
      Maybe that’s why Derrick told him last night that he is safe and anyone that takes Vic to the final deserves to lose to her. I thought he was lying to him, but maybe not.
      Now maybe Cody and Derrick will split the vote and make Caleb decide so he gets the blood on his hands.

      But Mango sure was upset with Caleb that he didn’t get a heads up that he was going on the block.

      Can’t wait until they have to turn on each other…let the games begin!

      • Comments (69)

        Exactly Jannie – if they for some reason split the vote – which generally does not happen – and Caleb makes the decision he will send Vic a packing. It will eventually get interesting.

  73. Comments (69)

    Jannnie – I agree with you as well about Mortys – there is also Dingo Hampster that Derrick shouts out that I do not like as much as Morty – and like you think it is even better than Jokers.

  74. Comments (1)

    When they’re saying someone scratched out Victoria’s name inside the bathroom door, what does that mean? Is there a list of names or something in there? Why?

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