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Another Major Twist To Try And Help Save Vets

So feeds went down and went to trivia, back on to reveal there has been a major twist in the game again.  I’m still trying to figure it out, but it sounds like people are playing as pairs?  I’m still trying to figure it out

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Porsche said something about a deal or no deal type of box.. pandora’s box perhaps?  It sounds like she took it, and won something.

– Update:  It was a Pandora’s box where Porsche won $5,000

– Update 2: It appears that the Pandora’s box was that Porsche won $5,000 in exchange for the original pair rules coming back.  It appears the new pairs are Rachel/Jordan, Kalia/Porsche, Shelly/Adam I think.   Nobody is nominated yet but they’re already talking about veto.  I assume the feed break was just for Pandora’s box, and they’ll have a nomination ceremony later tonight.

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5:14 PM – Porsche regretting her decision to open the box, she was happy with the way things were going.  I don’t blame her, she was in the drivers seat.

Shelly upset at jordan still5:37 PM – Shelly outside talking to her new partner, Adam about how hurt she is over Jordan’s attitude towards her.      She also said “Rachel can take her pregnant ass and play with Jordan“, I guess the pregnancy talk is picking up steam in the house.

  • A lot of insecurity talk from the newbie side now that Rachel and Jordan have a potential second life if they win the veto.
  • The girls are talking about how to throw them off before veto, Porsche mentioned how they should say Dani is having a threeway with their men in jury
  • Porsche “Without Shelly, we wouldn’t have this four newbie duo” …. Oh that Porsche
  • Porsche’s HoH room is open, now she can poop in peace as she says

6:08 PM – Kalia talking with Porsche in the HOH.  She is telling Porsche that she should make an insurance policy with Jordan and Rachel because J/R tried to make some type of deal.  I’m trying to figure out wtf Kalia is saying because she’s talking about random stuff in between on game talk, but her proposal is just some random dumb deal that guarantees some type of safety if they win the PoV.   It’s another Kalia type of deal, but it’s leaving Porsche more skeptical than anything because they didn’t talk to the HoH.  Listening to Kalia is painful so I’m going to stop, if you want to keep listening to their conversation, get a 3 day freed right here.

Porsche called to the diary room and I don’t think she ever got to take the poop she wanted, thanks to Kalia talking a million words a minute as soon as she got to the HoH room.

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  1. Comments (154)

    Another ploy by CBS to stack the deck in favor of the vets.
    Bringing back Brendan was an epic Fail. All the polls I saw had Cassi far ahead of everybody then at the last minute Brendan was “chosen” by America. Now they are trying desparately to salvage this loser season by giving Brencel and Jeff & Jordan still another chance to win. Shame on you CBS. Shame on you. The Newbies never had a snowball’s chance in Hell of winning. Jeff got all the prize money except what Porsche just got and Jordan already has 500k from last year. Guess you are trying to give Brenchel their dream wedding. Why can’t they just get quicky wedding in Las Vegas and be happy until they can afford it? I am very dissappointed. Why not bring back Dani or Cassi? Oh that would not help the chosen couples. Rachel is such a poor choice to try and help. She has no admirable qualities. She is a poor sport, evil, coniving, phoney and unbalanced.

    • Comments (26)

      honestly that is so wrong, there are so many people at my job and at my apartment that watch, and wanted Brendon back so they could watch the antics go on

      What the heck did Cassie do other than she was a nice girl, beautiful. She was like a female Jeff fun to look at but unlike Jeff she wasn’t very good at anything Please do not tell me you’d like to see Kalila or Porsche or especially that 2-face Shelly win, sorry not sure how to spell their names

      • Comments (63)

        cassi was a class act and appeared to have strong values. she was definately a threat to insecure rachel

    • Comments (5)

      obviously if your thoughts were right, BB would do that, obviously the entire majority watching wants the Brenchel team back

  2. Comments (1)

    Yeah, I agree!! Dani is and will b the best player this yr! She wuz the ONLY one who had balls to make big moves til now!(Shelly,Porshe and Kalia).. Dani’s girls came thru and I cant wait for them to show Dani wut happened n the house! LOL I dont understand why they wuld let anyone come back and play AFTER winning the money!! UNLESS IT IS STRICTLY ALLSTARS PLAYIN!!! I miss DANI but GOOOOOO SHELLY&PORSHA!!!

    • Comments (26)

      no way Danielle sucks if you call good game play then why is she out on her ass

      because she screwed her original alliance way to soon and screwed up the entire game and guess what, because of her the stupidest players and most two faced loser Shelly who did nothing but clean all season may get it, so that’s good game play? Jeff deserved the game, he really brought it, but got back stabbed by Shelly who he carried thru the entire game

  3. Comments (7)

    Jeff made a big move too… he sent your girl Dani packin….

    • Comments (26)

      absolutely and good for Jeff

      to bad he got screwed though by lying untalented, can’t win anything Shelly or said she’d never forget what Jordan did for her…guess what SHE FORGOT

  4. Comments (1)

    I don’t understand why BB is giving a chance for JR to stay in the house they already had their chances isn’t fair if Stupid rachel and Jordan win. Now is time that one of Newbies win the price. Why is always about JJ and JR. WE are sick and tire of those morons. I hope that stupid Rachel goes home. she doesn’t deserve to win. One of them has to go especialy Rachel the pregnant ladie………….bye bye.

    • Comments (26)

      so surprised to see so many of you for Porsche who’s another 2-face, was suppose to be Rachel’s friend but just like Shelly the minute the other side starts gaining, she jumped ship.

      In the end please god, do not let the motor mouth Kahlia get it or especailly the no good talented liar that all she can do is clean Shelly. She got re motivated thanks to poor Jordan who wore the humilitard so that Shelly could talk to her kid, how ungrateful is that. She could have turned on them that’s fine she had the right, it’s the 2 faceness that kills me. Watch she’s playing the I’m older card and thinking she can manipulate the younger ones…as in saying, I don’t believe Jordan or Rachel, and I’m sure you guys don’t either right??? She thinks because she’s older and it’s working that she sways them. God help me though I cannot listen to Kahlia talk anymore, I hope she watches this when she gets out and thinks I look like an idiot. And porsche all she does is squeeze her face and fart

  5. Comments (65)

    go Kalia.

    jordan won already – and rachel, come on….. horrible human being and aparently mentally ill.

    adam just does nothing.

    team kalia

    • Comments (5)

      you have to be the only one that likes Kalia or you know her

      all she does is talk talk and talk and she’s as 2-faced as Shelly. I agree Jordan already won, and Rache is a nut case, but I don’t want to see any of the current people their win, that’s what’s so sad, none of them deserve to win,

  6. Comments (1)

    So proud of CBS placing one yellow shoe in Jeffs bin and three in Porchas and know way to prove it

  7. Comments (65)

    I like Kalia, I do not know her personally.

    but I hated the way Jeff went after her – he was abusive.
    Heaven forbid any one look at him or jordan with anything but admiration, desire or envy.

    hello, she is allowed to play the game as well.

    and she did and she is still here. Jeff should have recognized that kalia was a good player , not a floater and gotten over it and worked with her and side….they claimed to detest the floaters, yet attacked a real player.

    • Comments (26)

      But Mike, and to some degree I get what you mean, he was pissed. Do you think though it was because she told him she was with Jordan, and he goes with package. Jeff is big on trust, he lied to Danielle because she lied to him, so he figures that doesn’t count. But yes I know what you mean he was a little harsh with her, but I cannot stand her so I didn’t care.

  8. Comments (65)

    I liked Danielle too.

    and remember Kalia could have abandoned her and kissed butt to America’s sweethearts like the others. but did not.

    • Comments (26)

      unfortunately Mike here’s where I disagree. Danielle tried to hard to show her father she was her own person. I heard she was not happy that she came in 2nd to him, and she was out to win, and unfortunately she screwed herself. Between her draggy california type accent and voice, and the wispering I was glad she was out of there. She played a bad game, even her father said it, she jumped to quick and in the end guess what, the real good players are out of the game and the ones that skated by because she had all the Vets attacking each other, went right under the radar. Like Shelly or does nothing but clean, that is not a game play, she can’t win crap, she’s a 2 faced lier, and all she does is smoke. YET she wants to show her daughter a good person

    • Comments (26)

      Kalia only stayed with Danielle because Danielle kept winning don’t forget, the minute Jeff was HOH Kalia went over and kissed his butt ands he did it before too because she knew he was a strong player. She told Danielle in the HOH room that she wanted to make sure Jeff did not think she was after him, maybe you didn’t see those feeds but she did

  9. Comments (26)

    does anyone know who won the VIto please tell me the Vets won so they can boot Shelly out of the game or Porcha so we don’t have to listen to her fart anymore or pop her face

  10. Comments (26)

    can I tell you something funny OMG if they ever go back and see these feeds Danielle is SOOOOO gross. No class like her dad.

    Kalia had a gassy stomach, so Danielle says do you just need to do a big poop or is it a fart. I mean can you get any more personal….and Kalia answered her, she said I think it’s just a fart LOL

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