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Meet Izzy – Already A Better Player Than Victoria


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Because the house is so incredibly slow and boring, they decided to let Izzy in. He is apparently a trained Hollywood dog, and looks to be an expert in begging for food. Unfortunately, Izzy is only there for one day, but I strongly suspect if he remained in the house, he would have a better chance at winning the next HoH over Victoria.

So, I am back from the dentist and trying to catch up on stuff that happened.  It looks like Izzy is the biggest thing that will probably happen all week, so I guess tonight is Izzy night on the live feeds.

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Tonight on CBS is the Veto competition (which means nothing), but we get to watch them pretend it actually really means anything.  I guess it’s a good time to work on my homework in advance so I’m not spending my honeymoon writing essays.

Updates –

  • 1:30pm – Derrick is practically sleeping on the couch in the back yard.  Caleb is making food.  No sign of Izzy. I think I saw someone mention he was put into the storage room for now.
  • 4:30pm – Holy crap, I just zonked out. I feel like I’m in the BB house with that nap.  Anyway, Izzy is gone.  Meanwhile, Victoria is ‘bashing’ Derrick to Frankie. Let’s see if he buys it.. she isn’t very convincing.
  • Victoria feels like “super betrayed”, you know what she means?  (pretty much the same stuff over and over)  Frankie is basically telling her stop being stupid and taking it personal.  So he’s trying to ‘patch’ things up with them and Victoria’s brain is melting not sure how to react
  • Victoria – You want to play dirty, I’ll play dirtier… Frankie… what do you mean?   Victoria – You know what I mean

Note – I have people have issues with cannot locate page for the facebook link.  It was because I turned my page off to search engines so you needed to be logged in. I changed it

  • I wonder if this conversation will just have Frankie convince Derrick to vote to keep Victoria and he’ll just break the tie (he’ll like the attention anyway). What is Derrick supposed to say?  No?  I refuse to throw her a pity vote even though the house all knows what I’m doing.
  • Victoria is breaking out in the crocodile tears
  • She is now saying she’s going to consider the best players as the ones who made big game moves, etc.
  • The talk is done, now Victoria is hanging out with the guys minus Derrick.
  • 7:07pm – Victoria is bragging to Derrick about her conversation with Frankie earlier.  She can’t wait for him to re-watch it.  Yes, I bet he will re-watch it and say “Watch this girl not only give up her game but make it seem like she’s against me so it helps me get to final 2”

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  1. Comments (1446)

    Awwww.. Izzy is adorable!

    Love your headline SB – so true!!

  2. Comments (123)

    Izzy is a Female…. 🙂

  3. Comments (191)

    Same IQ as Victoria…..kidding!

  4. Comments (1288)

    The vote ended up being 78% to 22% for a dog over a rabbit.

  5. Comments (1446)

    Hope you all don’t mind, and it’s a little off topic, but something has been bugging me in the back yard of the BB house.

    Why is it that only the GUYS play pool? Did any of the females in there ever play??

    The girls always sat meekly by, laughing and cheering them on.

    If I were in there I would be all over that pool table. Not that I’m any good, but I played my share in the 70’s and 80’s. Don’t girls under 40 play pool anymore?? It’s a lot of fun and a good social activity.

    That pool table speaks volumes to me about the male dominance in that house. Almost a “boy’s club.” All they need are cigars and shots.

    • Comments (1137)

      Brittany played pool with lane on their season and Nichole played a little with hated but your right it’s mostly the guys.

      • Comments (1137)

        I’m sorry that was supposed to Hayden. I don’t know why it auto-corrected to hated. Lol

      • Comments (1443)

        Oops. The spelling troll will get you. Better watch out!!

      • Comments (70)

        Big difference between a typo and being an illiterate. Your grammar is an illustration of your education. Spelling troll my ass. Open a book sometime.

      • Comments (1443)

        Then you need to go back and look at the two grammar mistakes you made in a posting today that was only two lines.

      • Comments (1443)

        September 9, 2014 at 7:07 pm
        0 1
        You should pray about your hateful attitude against people who don’t even know your alive. You spew bile than send steve sugar coated love notes. Once again, you people slay me.

        September 9, 2014 at 9:02 pm
        1 0

        September 9, 2014 at 9:02 pm
        1 0
        Then not than


      • Comments (1443)

        So you gave a very good illustration of your education!! What goes around comes around. Be nasty to people and it always comes back to bite you in the butt

      • Comments (1443)

        September 9, 2014 at 9:20 pm
        0 1
        Big difference between a typo and being an illiterate. Your grammar is an illustration of your education. Spelling troll my ass. Open a book sometime.

        September 9, 2014 at 10:48 pm
        0 0
        Then you need to go back and look at the two grammar mistakes you made in a posting today that was only two lines. See below

        September 9, 2014 at 11:10 pm
        0 0
        September 9, 2014 at 7:07 pm
        0 1
        You should pray about your hateful attitude against people who don’t even know your alive. You spew bile than send steve sugar coated love notes. Once again, you people slay me.

        September 9, 2014 at 9:02 pm
        1 0

        September 9, 2014 at 9:02 pm
        1 0
        Then not than


        September 9, 2014 at 11:13 pm
        0 0
        So you gave a very good illustration of your education!! What goes around comes around. Be nasty to people and it always comes back to bite you in the butt

      • Comments (492)

        Don’t get your blood pressure up,
        He/ she is probably a teacher wanta be.
        We all can’t be

        Off to school we go


  6. Comments (1137)

    Izzy is adorable and like I thought it’s Frankie, Derrick and Caleb taking charge. BB is taking izzy every 4 or 5 hours it seems to take her to the bathroom probably

  7. Comments (492)

    I want Zach back.
    Or at least talk about the jury house and other members..
    Good golly
    For cring in a bucket already
    A dog!
    Come on production … Give us something!!!!

  8. Comments (492)

    How is it going today?


  9. Comments (492)

    Caleb said he was a dog groomer in an earlier interview. I wonder how he is taking to her style?
    And Zach is a big dog lover! He has a dog and said he couldn’t wait to get back to it.
    Too bad Zachwasnt there to see and play with the dog.

    I bet Frankie is jealous

    • Comments (1137)

      Mom I think in Caleb’s short life ( I can say that because I’m much older) he has done every job, been everywhere, seen everything. I’m sorry but he’s delusional. I like Caleb because I accept who he is a person but he’s just so ( I’m trying to think of a word that’s not mean) needy. That’s it! He doesn’t have much security I don’t think in who he is. But like I said earlier he has blips of moments where I go he’s got it and then the light dims and he’s back to robotical Caleb. He has potential to be a great player but right now is not that time. Maybe when he’s older.

      • Comments (492)

        I agree, he tends , at times, to just be a follower
        Is he the youngest of all his brothers

      • Comments (1137)

        I don’t know if Caleb is the youngest or not but that would account for it.

      • Comments (401)

        I think he is which I’ve thought explains A LOT

      • Comments (383)

        someone mentioned Walter Mitty a while back. lol
        Aaaaahhhhh Caleb.

      • Comments (1443)

        Underneath an extremely insecure person. Egotistical to hide his insecurity. Don’t think he even realizes it seems to be very nice person underneath all that bragging but hard to see. It pops out at times and then I really like him then he does something really dumb again. Really hated show tonight. They are acting like junior high kids or younger. These are ADULTS in their 20’s and the way they acted about mouse and in button room doing Kung fu stuff made me get on my ipad.

  10. Comments (59)

    I live in Northwest Arkansas (the center of the universe for WalMart). Anyway, Spencer Clawson is going to be in my hometown this Saturday at a thing they are calling The Bacon Bowl. Spencer isn’t a favorite of mine from last year, but I’m thinking of going. Guess it couldn’t hurt to get a photo with a Big Brother player.

  11. Comments (37)

    derrick was telling vic to go to Frankie and tell him whatever she wanted to. that Frankie would believe her if she tolded him derrick had 1on1 with many of the of the other hg. and to act upset. because if the votes were split Frankie would have to choose. then they were deciding if she would do it today or tomorrow . and they could not talk like they were anymore . what this means I am not sure. derrick told the guys my wife has turned on me. lol when vic walked outside vic looked all excited like she knew a secret derrick looked mad at me and would not even look at her. I know derrick would vote cody out if Frankie would go along with it, but derrick won’t bring it up to him. he needs vic to do it, then Frankie come to him. unless derrick wins hoh hes also in a bad spot Frankie rolls his eye at derrick. so I am not so sure Frankie would take him to the end. after the new hoh is in it with any hope get a little better.

    • Comments (91)

      ugh no. i just really want Victoria to GO. I wanna see Derrick and the other guys play a straight up game and not hide behind a girl. Enough of her already!!

    • Comments (1137)

      I don’t remember it really being an effort to keep Victoria in the house, more I think with Derrick to gain an exact shot at final two and if she goes to garner votes in the jury house. Derrick told her what to say and how to act. Really I’ll be surprised if it works. When watching it last night my thought was that he might’ve just made his first mistake.

      • Comments (1443)

        First mistake not getting Frankie out last week. Now he looks changed and with button and all comps Frankie has won Derrick very paranoid now. Much less confident. Think he’s losing his game when he needs it the most. Smartest move whoever wins hoh tomorrow is to put two boys up. One wins pov the other goes up. No matter who it is. That’s the smartest move for any of them. Anyone can take out Vic anytime —or not

      • Comments (328)

        Yes, immediately put up Frankie and let’s all hope that somehow he bombs at veto and goes home! I can see how much Derrick is kicking himself for not getting Frankie out earlier in the game. I think Derrick is realizing most past winners have been awesome at comps along with some social gameplay. Rachel won because she was a beast and was not shy about her sole desire of winning the money, so the voters respected that and she won. Sometimes the voters in the jury can be tricky, but not all winners are purely based on No wins and just social. Although, Derrick’s social game has pretty much been the deciding factor of all the house guests evictions and they may actually respect that type of game play and if Derrick does make it to Final Two he could win just because of how he played the game socially. I just hope that he isn’t up against Frankie because he has the comp wins over Derrick. The others have slowly been turned off by Frankie, but when they base facts with who won what and who hasn’t. …

        Gosh it is hard to say. And I think I rambled so much I might have even confused myself.
        Yikes!! Wednesday show could be a nail biter!!

  12. Comments (453)


  13. Comments (644)


    Every time I click on the link to your facebook account it says: “This content is currently unavailable.” I also tried yesterday and the same thing happened.

  14. Comments (22)

    Victoria’s brain melted.. You crack me up.

  15. Comments (843)

    Instead of extending the show a week they should have shortened it a week and had three double evictions. Anything to liven this show. It was dead in the water half way through.

  16. Comments (843) This is all about Caleb and everything he has told the HG. It’s funny, sad, and pathetic all at the same time. If it won’t come up, google Caleb Reynolds then go down to tamaratattles.

  17. Comments (54)

    They should let Zack back for a day.

  18. Comments (383)

    Another reason I could never be on BB — no way could I leave my pets for that long! My dog is my best buddy and I take him on vacation with me twice a year. My 2 cats stay home but I miss them the whole time. I couldn’t be away from my own furry kids all summer! And I couldn’t spend that much time without someone warm and furry to hang out with.

  19. Comments (383)

    So at work today I was telling someone about how on Sunday’s episode, they said Frankie “crop dusted the rest of the house” when he won HOH. Then I thought about how Jeff said the house smelled. So maybe Frankie is the source of the odor.

    • Comments (372)

      I don’t think so… JnJ came in the front door …Frankie came down from HOH … any crop dusting would have been done on the stairs down … the house just stunk.

      • Comments (383)

        lol damamma… I didn’t really think he had caused the odor. Only because I am pretty sure someone would have talked about it on BBAD if Frankie were giving off toxic fumes. 🙂

    • Comments (3)

      I believe a huge part of the problem is that all that ever gets cooked in that house is fish. Fish smells bad when it’s being made every day all the time.

  20. Comments (1443)

    Today’s show made me sick. As if Frankie ever even thought of taking Vic off and putting another guy up. It would have been a very smart move on his part. Things like that can mean the game. Just like them not taking Frankie off week before. These are such dumb players season over and not one big move except Nichole’s when she put Frankie up and Caleb trying to be a showman screwed that up. So tired of this season. I don’t think any big move can be made now unless someone saves Vic and takes her to end

    • Comments (843)

      Derrick totally screwed up the game by talking people out of taking Frankie out when they had the chance.

      • Comments (1443)

        Twice. Derrick did that twice. First time said it was too soon ( he was worried about numbers again) last time when they all wanted him out but Derrick then he finally said ok then Caleb started wavering. He could have easily talked Caleb into doing it but decided he didn’t want to take chance to hurt his game. You have to take some moves in this house and would not even have been a big one from him but he chickened out. Now whoever makes first big move probably gets to final two

  21. Comments (27)

    Skankie Frankie is gloating about his 6 wins, he knows he is a big target and no one can touch him at the moment cause the reset button hasn’t been pushed yet. Cody is so cute standing on a chair to avoid the Phantom Rat. Izzy is sooo cute, she could beat them all in cuteness.
    If that button is pushed, send Frankie to jury, I am absolutely DONE with his boasting and ego.
    Please grow a pair and send home a big target not a floater like Victoria.

    • Comments (843)

      The reset button was pushed right after Frankie won HOH. Agree with you about Skankie Frankie!

    • Comments (1799)

      Can Frankie be any more condescending ? The TA chalenge show this house guest.Cody being the scared little child just blindly believing anything he is told Caleb must think he is smarter than everyone. He sees everything and has the answer which is always the wrong answer because he has no idea what reality is Victoria is clueless Why shouldn’t she be just as delusional as the boys

  22. Comments (644)

    Maybe next season BB could leave the evicted HGs in the house. They wouldn’t be able to win the game, but it would make for a more interesting house. It’s too boring with just 5 people.

    • Comments (372)

      I like it …interacting with each other getting a real sense of every ones game …make the jury VERY comfortable …while remaining HG are still on slop …maybe give the jury Tasks to win extra cash. … something needs to change that is for sure.

    • Comments (843)

      Production really needs to listen to some of our ideas or this show is going up in smoke. The problem is, people who only watch the show, get a completely different view of HG.

  23. Comments (1137)

    The button was pushed the night of Frankie’s HOH. It’s a rewind. Week non- existent

  24. Comments (3)

    Thanks to whoever suggestied Big Brother Australia. In two nights, they had more twists and more addicting concepts (and punishments) than the entire season this season. I cannot wait to watch the next one!!! If only, America would learn from them…..

    • Comments (843)

      How do you watch it, Lisa?

    • Comments (1799)

      The house guest (mates) go in as random partners. The power couple getting to win money and remove everyone’s food replace with power shakes Yes BB Aus is starting at with a bang I just watch on You Tube

    • Comments (372)

      PLEASE post a link …all I could find was the promo, and it looked really great .. is it youtube thing … or something else?

    • Comments (3)

      I did Then I typed in the search Big Brother Australia 2014 episode 1 (and then episode 2). Be sure you get 2014 not 2013. Without giving anything away. There is a fishbowl that people are stuck in at least for overnight, power plays that involve significant consequences, a punishment, and a player that insulted another player who knows she was insulted but doesn’t quite understand it. You get to hear Big Brother interact with them. I’m frankly addicted.

  25. Comments (77)

    Will Victoria be surprised when Derrick really doesn’t vote for her?
    I hope BB does the rewind AFTER the votes are cast, (evil) LMAO. If BB can’t make this season interesting at least make this one episode FUNNY.

  26. Comments (492)

    I know it should be after , the votes, but I do not think there will be enough time

    • Comments (372)

      They said tonight they were going to show the jury tomorrow …then Izzy has to be shown a bit … please keep me speeches,— voting will not take long …button twist happens ….
      Fakie sharts … two comps in 15 minutes HOH , veto … IF someone is evicted tomorrow … not sure
      … but those comps will be a crap shoot … like the golf thing .. or soccer thing …pure luck with a touch of skill….please make HIM go away

    • Comments (1799)

      That’s the problem They stop before the vote

  27. Comments (77)

    Where can I find blogs like this for Utopia? I missed tonight’s episode. what happened?

    • Comments (644)

      I want to know what happened in Utopia too, I also missed the episode. I went to Fox but and didn’t see Sunday’s episode so I don’t think they’re going to show today’s episode either. Can someone help us? Thanks.

  28. Comments (843)

    I watched the show tonight in about ten minutes. I fast forward so I don’t have to see or hear freaky Frankie. Can’t stand it anymore.

  29. Comments (383)

    Frankie is just such a tool. A glittery, bedazzled tool. Poor Victoria — tonight’s episode made her look so foolish. I hope she can recover from the humiliation. I really do think she’ll need some therapy to get over the reality that will slap her in the face after the show ends. She’s a GOOD PERSON, just naive. And I can’t blame Derrick for taking advantage of that to win the game. It’s Big Brother. If you can’t handle it, don’t sign up. And that’s why I would never sign up.

  30. Comments (628)

    They said Dan was going to be there tomorrow night. Did anyone else catch that? They sure have a lot to do in 60 minutes. Can’t run long tomorrow night; the President is speaking at 9:00.

  31. Comments (692)

    Good evening to my buddies on here. sorry that I’ve been kind of quiet for the last few days but I just haven’t gotten on here much because of the way I feel. I’m not feeling much better today but I’m hoping that I get some sleep tonight, I’m heavily medicated the moment.
    the entire mouse thing was ridiculous but it was funny to watch Cody being so scared and to hear Frankies comment about it.
    apparently, when the people in the house started cleaning they finally got a clue as to how dirty the house really was.
    I got really tired of Frankie patting himself on the back so much on tonight’s show. I think they are all realizing what a huge mistake they have made several times in not getting him out of the house.
    I had several of the things I wanted to comment on but my mind has gone blank.

    tomorrow night the president is supposed to speak to the nation if I’m not mistaken. I think I heard that on the news earlier today. If that is true does anybody know what time and how will that affect when the show is on tomorrow night.?

  32. Comments (644)

    Hi franko! Nice to hear from you. They said the president will be speaking at 9:00 pm, but the show is at 8:00, so we’ll be able to watch it.

  33. Comments (1799)

    I believe the last time the president came on CBS did not cut in Also as it has been pointed out . The speech should be after the show
    Dan stoping in The rewind new HoH ,Nom,veto comp Still add to that a trip to jury house Yes a very busy night

    Happy to have you join in Franko

    • Comments (692)

      Thank you my friend.

      As usual I was mostly off topic.

      • Comments (383)

        Stop with the apologies, Franko! You are responding to people asking how you are doing, so if anything WE are the ones going off topic. For new posters, Franko is a good guy, we are concerned about him, so we ask about his health. If that bothers you please go somewhere else.. or just skip the posts where we are checking in with him. Franko, we may be strangers, but we are humans, and we care about you, so please keep us updated on your condition and know that people all over the country really do want you to be well.

  34. Comments (492)

    Hey Franko and the gang,
    I missed last night, I couldn’t stay up but I taped it on my 1981 VCR.
    Ok, stop laughing.
    So I will. Watch it tonight when I get home.

    Off to work at a school
    Yep! Where I get all my laughter
    And more kids….and spelling……of course I do…….
    Hope your is blessed Franko , rest up and take a day for yourself!

    Everyone else, you too!!

    Thanks steven B!



    See we don’t type at our school
    We just learn and teach

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