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Alex Ow

Meet The Cast Of Big Brother 19!

It looks like Big Brother got the jump on us this morning and decided to release the cast images on their site before the reveal in the live feeds. Β Don’t worry, if you signed up to the feeds for the reveal, I’m sure they’re going to show the cast interviews with boring Jeff (please be someone new this year!).


I am going to constantly be updating this post until I have all the profiles in, so keep checking back…..

Alex Ow

28 years old
Camarillo, CA
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Cameron Heard

24 years old
Woodridge, IL
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Christmas Abbott

33 years old
Raleigh, NC
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Cody Nickson

32 years old
Plano, TX
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Dominque Cooper

30 years old
Woodbridge, VA
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Elana Davies

26 years old
Dallas, TX
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Jason Dent
Jessica Graf
Jillian Parker
Josh Martinez
Kevin Schlehuber
Mark Jansen
Matthew Clines
Megan Lowder
Ramses Soto
Raven Walton

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  1. AIO_7

    Looks like an older cast; I like that.

  2. Ann

    I can hardly wait for next Wednesday night. I’m wondering who the vets will be. That’s gotten a little old (bringing back vets). Why not give us all fresh meat this summer & if they just have to have vets, have a season with all vets or so called all-stars. Anyway, I guess I should just be glad that the new season is getting ready to start.

  3. Renee

    I also like the idea of having older houseguests this season instead of the 19-21 crew. But, I never understand why they will only chose 1 or 2 that are over 50. I understand they have harder times at the challenges, but if they are going to have one, they should have several others so they have a chance at having something in common with someone. Donnie’s season was the hardest to watch as they secluded him from everything. He did win the hearts of America, but the emotional rollercoaster he went through was difficult to watch.

  4. Avatar

    Im So Happy for a season of ALL NEWBIES and NO Vets Finally… it should be a Very Exciting season with these Newbies and a Few of Never having seen BB before… will add to the Excitement…

    for anyone Confused a few days ago Julie Tweeted that we will have 16 New HG’s this season thus Confirming the All Newbie season…☺…

  5. Avatar

    Welcome back everyone it’s great to be here again πŸ™‚ it was sad that Alex had to be the first one to leave tonight should be good and do most of you signed up for after dark that will be awesome that starts tonight. to bad they don’t have it 24/7 like the last show that was good nothing was censored hope they do that again I will sign up again for that πŸ™‚ see you all later

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