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Mistake after Mistake after Mistake



Want to know when you’ve made a bad decision? When you regret it within an hour of making it. That is exactly what happened last night after the house voted to keep Tiffany rather than Bronte. They had it all planned out. Bronte would go home, and Tiffany would be so grateful she would put rose petals on the floors of their feet and give them nightly massages while they controlled her game. Everyone on category4 would throw the comp, and Frank would be a sitting duck to whoever won HoH. Then a week or two later, they can simply get rid of Tiffany anyway.

Except it didn’t work out quite like that. Frank was better than expected in the HoH competition which forced Paulie to remain in the game as long as he could  (he planned on throwing it as soon as Frank was out). Paulie ended up winning, and his team (which includes Frank) automatically became safe for the week. Meanwhile, Tiffany wasn’t exactly running around in happyland after the show ended, especially when Frank confronted her on her ill-advised (though entertaining) speech. He told her that he had no intention of going after her until he heard from Da’Vonne that Tiffany wanted Frank out. This made them both realize there kind of was no reason to target each other, and actually ended up shaking hands by the end of the night to work together. Tiff also revealed that Corey and Paulie have been gunning for Frank hard, which will end up helping solve the mystery of the votes. Nicole lied and said she and Corey voted to keep Bronte, and had him convinced so much that he actually thought Natalie turned on her friend.

Needless to say, the house made a completely foolish decision that all started because they listened to 16th place Da’Vonne.


To further nail the point home that Frank is indeed alone, Paulie pretended to go along with the plan of nominating Da’Vonne .. until he didn’t. Nominations were revealed, and they are:

Tiffany and Natalie

What this accomplished was motivating Frank and securing an unlikely alliance between him and Tiffany. Now, even the best strategist can lose a battle if he’s simply zerged to death by an army that is 4x the size, and that may be what eventually saves them from their own bad moves. As of right now, it’s basically Frank, Tiffany, Bridgette, and maybe Natalie/James. Two of those people are on the block, so the numbers are stacked heavily against them. If you’re a fan of Frank, this is going to be another ‘Frank season’ where he needs to keep winning comps to remain in the house.

It’s amazing when you think of it…

  • James coasted along and had a weird ‘showmance’ with Meg. He’s doing it again this season, but now with Natalie
  • Nicole was the nice girl who had a major flirtmance with Hayden. She’s doing it again, this time with Corey
  • Frank had an open mouth, got himself in trouble and needed to win comps and get lucky. Doing it again.
  • Da’Vonne played too hard, and had an early blow up in the house. Did it again

All four Big Brother veterans playing exactly the way they played before that got none of them no better than about 7th place. Maybe next time, they can bring good players back rather than friendly players. Former winner Dan nearly won a second time. Fiery competitor Rachel won her second attempt. This season? Forget it. One of the veterans may luck into a win, but that’s only because the competition is still playing worse.

Note – RoadKill and RK nomination will be tonight, but I won’t be around for a bit. I will do my best to get the results posted when I can.  I may start a live update thread, but it will only be about 2 hours long before I have to go to a birthday party.


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  1. Avatar

    I’d like to see James go up as the RK nom.

  2. JD

    Still seems although not seemlesley (sp?) to be all going DA’s way and probably taking credit. She creates the drama watches everyone get paranoid and turn. Maybe she should be Van.3 Frank got too comfortable and trusting. He learned nothing and he won’t win AFP. I don’t know who would be AFP because nobody is playing smart (if at all) and none really seem to be likeable, memorable or otherwise. Right now my vote would be for Glenn. I liked him but first out. He’d get my sympathy vote.

  3. Alda

    Poor Glenn.He didn’t have a chance.I bet Natalie won’t be smiling and laughing this week.This is crazy if Frank really teams up with Tiffany though.Who knows what those two could plot for this house.If they ever voted out Natalie James would probably pack up and go home too.

  4. Avatar

    No one in the house seems to have an end game planned. They all seem to be forming alliances and basing decisions on the spur of the moment, but they don’t have an end game, and they don’t seem to know what they’ll do from one week to the next.

    In the end they probably would have been better forming alliances with their teams rather than anyone else. Especially with the Roadkill twist. Why throw a comp and make your team not safe? You get to nominate someone you want out, but what happens if the Roadkill winner nominates you? And the “target” wins veto? All of a sudden you have a massive target on your back and are going home, all because you decided to throw a comp for another team’s benefit.

    That’s what I’m hoping happens here, Frank wins Roadkill and puts up Da’Vonne, Tiffany wins veto and all of a sudden there’s zero reason not to get rid of Da’Vonne. That would at least provide someone with an end game, and get them thinking about taking out big targets rather than waiting and getting rid of inconsequential players until they can get some other bigger target later.

  5. Avatar

    I like paulie and I think he is playing well. The Paul’s should stick together. I hope paulie finds out how unloyal Nicole/Corey. I don’t thrust those two one bit! I’m a Paulie fan and hope he makes it to final two.

    • Avatar

      I don’t think Nichole has been disloyal. She went against frank for very good reasons as did all of them. Naturally she doesn’t want him to know that now–none of them do!! She still wants frank out and is loyal to Corey, Pauline and James I believe.. She wants Day out now because she tells everything so she doesn’t trust her. I think Tiffany has a personality problem. She doesn’t appear to have any social skills and being on the block so many times has ot helped her situation nor has being Vanessa’s sister.. She is nothing at all like Vanessa!!vanessa had lots of friends in the house for long time and spent lots of time socializing with everyone. Tiffany has not really socialized with anyone. Actually I don’t know why they have all gone against her as she is no threat except that she’s weird

      • Avatar

        We are referring to the same Nicole, right? She has no sincere loyalty to no one other than Corey. Nicole attempts to be present in every conversation to finds out if her name had been talked about because she is constantly throwing people under the bus. I’m telling you, her spot will eventually get blown up and when they get wind of it, she’ll be out. As for as her trying to get Da out, she has conjured up in her mind that Da is a threat to her. Da has been trusting Nicole and doesn’t even realize how dirty Niccole is playing behind her back. Corey/Nicole is trying to align themselves with both sides just for their own gain. I’m telling you those two are shady and have no loyalty.

      • Avatar

        Cyn, you are on point! EXACTLY right! I can’t believe Nicole is playing the way she is!

  6. Avatar

    Interesting alliances being made, where my favorites are about to clash against each other, about to get bittersweet for me

  7. Jannie

    I blame the nonsense of this entire season on these stupid teams.
    Because of the teams, there has been too much alliance switching, competition throwing, and just plain old confusion.
    I hope it goes away after the Battle Back.

    And does anyone really think that a V2/Frank the Snake alliance will last more than one day?? Mr. Rude and Miss Emotional? I doubt it.

  8. Avatar

    Frank may be a douche but at least he’s polarizing. He’ll be interesting to watch when he has to fight for his BB life.

    Paulie is a fighter and I like him more than I thought I would.

    Day may rub folks the wrong way but at least she is playing. She is still my fave.

    Paul has used his power of friendship like a calling card. Smart. I root for underdogs.

    Nicole bugs me how she goes so hard behind Day’s back, yet she clings on to Corey.

    Corey, please go home. You’re a tall, male version of Z.

    Michelle, I liked that she stepped up with the Bronte eviction. So I’ll wait and see if there’s more gameplay there.

    Zakiyah is a mute. She needs to sit her pretty little self on the block and go home. Please, self evict.

    Nat is a sweet and a beauty but needs to go home. The one thing I do like about her though is that she is loyal. But I am indifferent.

    James, good guy. I am hoping he makes some moves of his own soon instead of chase Nat all day.

    Get rid of floating riff raff and leave the interesting drama stirrers in the house.

    • Jenny M

      Mostly agree, but James…. oh, James…. he does seem like a genuinely good guy but those pranks, especially the tampon+ketchup thing, come ON! enough already. I work with a guy who is constantly pulling pranks and although a couple have been pretty funny, it’s just too much. stop.

  9. JD

    They all have a pack mentality instead of thinking and having guts. Call out someone’s weakness get the focus off yourself and because no one is thinking on their own they vote with the popular kids “the house” at the time. It’s high school stuff. Vote with the bully and you won’t get picked on. All of a sudden everyone hates Frank. So they are ALL going after him. Tiff any is only guilty of being emotional (and probably now because she was seen talking to Frank) the pack is seeing her as weak. James has done some disgusting things (tampon with ketchup) but he’s got two other people targeted in front of him. When they want James out they will start with tired of all his joking and suddenly he won’t be funny anymore and the pack will be after him. His showmance and no game doesn’t help him. Point being they will use Vanessa’s strategy. Get the house against someone for some bogus reason, get them out by a it’s what the house wanted and then no blood on the leader of the pack that week has no blood. Blah blah blah. I miss old school BB when they had real people OF ALL AGES. You put one senior in which is over 30 and they are out first. BB has turned into a springboard of want to be’s. I don’t want to see models/actors who talk about just making it to jury. Lay low be a floater and you make it to jury. Yay way to go for people who have ambition. I was and still not a Rachel fan but at least she had fight and ambition. Nobody was going to come between her, her man and $500K. Sorry for the rant. Just basically wanted to say I miss old school BB when competition was NEVER thrown and people fought to not be on slop, win veto and be a BB winner.

  10. Avatar

    Tiffany was targeted at first because she is Vanessa’s sister but turns out the girl is a nutcas., She came into the game super paranoid because of her sister & she’s not even trying to fight & overcome the negativity that followed her into the house. She could’ve easily shown that she was not like Vanessa but instead she proved she’s even crazier. I felt sorry for her at first but not anymore because she’s not even trying.
    Da just stirred up a whole lot of shit because of her personal dislike for Frank. She obviously wasnt thinking of her end game & now a lot of the other players are going to have to do damage control. Da is all bark & no bite & she’s letting her mouth write a lot of checks that her ass cant cash. That was what got her ass an early ticket home last season.
    Z is useless & still floating & constantly pulling at those friiken fake eyelashes. If they bother her so much she needs to take the damn things off once & for all. Paulie dont want no eye boogers on him girl.
    Im sorry but Nicole must lead a sheltered life because the girl acts like Corey is the first big hunk of man she’s ever seen. He’s nice looking & all but his personality can be compared to a junior high school boy, he needs to grow up. He’s not the one for Nicole.
    I love James but is he there to pick up a woman or to try to play the game & win $500,000?
    Bridgette is STUPID. The girl has book sense & not a lick of common sense, she is as dumb as a box of rocks. Does she think Frank is going to be her man when the game is over? I hate how she tries to act like a little girl & start her baby talking.
    Frank is as big of an asshole as he was in his season. Yet & still he was smart enough to get Bridgidiot to give him her HOH.
    Michelle is ok but she had better be careful & not let Da mess up her game.
    Nat is clueless. Poor thing, im not sure she really knows why she’s there other than to get to jury.
    Paul is smart to lay low because he was seriously about to get his ass handed to him aligning himself with Messiah & Slick Vic.
    I hope Glen gets to come back in the house to play because he didn’t have a fighting chance.

    • Avatar

      I somehow doubt Glenn will come back because he’s not good at physical comps and at least one or two of the battle back competition games will be physical. Mental/memory comps eh maybe but at 50 doubtful his memory is that good. Bronte same thing she may do better at memory comps but she won’t do well on physical comps. So either Jozea, Victor and depending on who exits have the best chance of getting back in the game that’s why I hope Paul gets eliminated because if he still remains and Jozea or Victor come back it will be a little easier to stay longer because they will partner with Paul to shield them. If Paul exits then the house can quickly vote out whoever comes back in so long as the person coming back in doesn’t win HoH

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