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Monday Afternoon Feed Updates – PoV Meeting Time!

Good afternoon everyone, and happy Monday to you!


The noms are about to be set for the week and we’ll see who Scottie is sitting next to when he gets voted out..err, I mean when he faces elimination on Thursday night.

Sorry, Scoot, but you joined quite possibly the worst alliance in the history of Big Brother and it’s kind of poetic justice they now take you out. Especially considering it was your hinky vote against your own alliance member that set the tone for your season.

If people don’t remember, it was Johnny Badass over there who wore a Swaggy C t-shirt to show his support of the guy only to go in and cast a vote to evict. While that was funny at the time, that little move is a huge reason why he’s going home today because his alliance simply couldn’t have 100% trust in him after that point. Even though he’s been loyal and in these desperate times, any number helps, but when you have a bad player like Fessy as HoH, they’re easily swayed against you.


All it took was Brett casting some doubt on the eviction of Rockstar to put the final nail in the Scottie coffin. Sure, that obviously wasn’t the only reason, but it was the excuse given. In reality, JC got in Fessy’s jealous little head more than anything else and convinced him that Scottie was in love with Haleigh. It’s no surprise what his motivations were this week when he demanded that ‘any guy’ leave the house this Thursday night. That’s just typically not something you say unless you’re in an all-girl alliance and you don’t care which person goes home so long as they have a swinging dick.

Angela, Sam, and Kaycee pose a much bigger threat to Fessy than Scottie, but he demanded a dude go home so this is what he gets.  Shit, Sam was campaigning to him yesterday to nominate the girl Fessy has been swapping spit with this season! Wake up, bro. Wake up.


Updates –

  • 11:00 am – Feeds are down for veto and should be down until roughly 11:30-11:45. The later the better as I need to drop the daughter off at work in that window.
  • 12:50 pm – So, I thought 3:30 pm was a bad time to drop off my daughter at work. Turns out 2:30 is even worse.  Missed the feeds returning
    • As expected, Kaycee was nominated
    • Scottie has around a 98% chance of being evicted this week (my odds based on nothing specific)
    • Haleigh is in the pool with Angela. Fessy is chatting with Brett and JC in the kitchen. No drama from the noms
  • 1:10 pm – Angela and Haleigh are telling Brett how they have a mute in the house now
    • Apparently, Sam decided to stop talking for some reason
    • Haleigh says ‘maybe we should stop listening’ (referring to Sam)
    • They wonder if Sam is Team America
  • 2:20 pm – Haleigh and Angela still outside tanning. Sam just doing Sam things around the house
  • 5:40 pm – Scottie is in the bedroom just chatting casually with Haleigh
    • Many others are outside
  • 6:00 pm – Brett and Tyler are playing backward cornhole. These people are bored.
  • 7:15 pm – Haleigh is now working out. That’s how slow the house is
  • 8:30 pm – Nothing going on. I’m putting this thread and the day out if it’s misery

One of the slowest days I’ve seen in the house yet. Overnight report in the morning if Mel can find anything to talk about!!


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  1. Helen

    What’s the chances Scottie throws Sam under the bus during his veto speech?
    May be an interesting day on the feeds if he does..

  2. Ritchie

    It’s time for JC to step up and win a head of household. at that point I’m not sure he would really be able to pick sides especially with only Fessi his bestie, and Haleigh left for the hive!

  3. danmtruth

    Jc is happy to stay in the background He knows he is not a target So he is happy to stay in the background

  4. Painter1

    This has been a crazy season for sure. The side that wins HOH keeps losing members of thier OWN ALLIANCE!!! I mean the Hive is totally opposite of THE BRIGADE. Worst Alliance EVER.. The L6 group looks like a team of Dans. Or Derrick.

    • Avatar

      Derrick was not Dan. L6 are not doing anything special. The Hive is dumb, or if that is too harsh, they are severely uninformed and haven’t really wanted to get themselves informed. L6 has not shown any real crafty game play, they are just enjoying the spoils that a bunch of recruits (and Scottie) have given them.

      • Sassy

        That is partly true. The Hive are idiots, but the scheming, follow thru, and loyalty L6/5/4 has shown is incredible. They have not falter nor let distrust creep into their core group. Some of their plans should NOT have worked but they have done a good job acting and conning the other side. I believe this is especially amazing since they have people that have to seclude themselves (Ty and Brett) from the group and they trust they are not turning on them.

      • LindsayB

        Seriously?? Are you not watching? What Sassy says is true, L6 has been so creative and tactical with their strategy. The teamwork and loyalty required from all of them to keep the hive chasing their own tails is no easy feat in a game full of paranoia. Another thing that makes them so successful is that none of them have the egos (so far) that end up making them feel like they need to be the biggest, baddest, or smartest. They are truly working as a unit and it’s refreshing to watch. Are the hive members stupid? Maybe. But they have all at one time or another figured out part of the alliance that’s defeating them but L6 have played their roles so well that they have kept the hive paranoid and frantic. It’s a beautiful alliance.

      • Ann

        You’re absolutely 100% right Lindsay. I couldn’t have said it better.

      • aka beachgirl

        Excellent description of L6 Lindsey. And of the Hive.

      • caRyn

        Not to mention that L6 walked into the BB house a group of strangers and there were/are 6 of them working together which is a large group. And they are are trying to achieve the same goal in the end – winning BB and receiving the money.

  5. AIO_7

    “Speaking of musical scores hitting it as background for BB20, …. Elvin Bishop for Angela and Tyler”….
    Comment by Shivani from a previous thread.


  6. Avatar

    seems like Kaycee is renom

  7. hogwild

    This should be this seasons theme song.

  8. Helen

    Sam seems to be in a good mood…Scottie must not have thrown her utb in his veto speech…..

  9. Holla Derrick

    Dont agree with KC volunteering to go otb. Should have argued that Sam and Hay would keep Scottie. And Brett supposedly evicted her last week. Should have made Fess make the decision and hold him to it further in the game

  10. Shivani33

    Sam just announced to Tyler that she is through with plating the game, because no one takes any of her suggestions.

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  12. kneeless

    Scottie is brooding, biv time!

  13. Sassy

    Brett tried on JCs speedo, but couldn’t get it over his knees. Said he really wanted to wear it to the Veto ceremony!

  14. delabear

    So is it KC or Tyler?

  15. Cindy

    I have never been a Scotty fan but i an starting to feel sorry for him. He’s just sitting at the counter while fessy cooks staring at his back. It’s like he wants to talk to him but doesn’t know what to say. Very awkward

  16. Houseguest Doug

    “When I read the result the evicted House Guest will have 1 minute to grab their bags and say goodbye….By a Vote of 5-1 SCOTTIE you have been evicted from the Big Brother House and join Bayliegh and Rockstar in the Jury House.”

  17. WhereisPablo

    Do we know if Ty played his cloud app, just in case? Now I hope not even though I was askeered!

  18. mm22

    I’ve really not been a Scottie fan either, he appeared
    at first to be a good player. Being a bb super fan
    you would think he would know to keep your eye on
    the prize but he got distracted with Haleigh and
    she ruins all her people’s game

    • Avatar

      AS much as I am not a fan of hayeigh, I have to say scottie ruined his own game.. after the swaggy C thing he showed his colors to the whole house.. even the ones who got a kick out of it and at that point he became just a number in the evection line.

  19. LO1004

    Brett: Even the DR asked what I was going to do with it and why. Why does everyone think I’m a fucking idiot?

    LOL I love this kid.

  20. LynnD

    so Sam claim’s “I am not going to speak anymore”. How long will this last. Place bets.

  21. LynnD

    Ok now she claims she will NOT speak from 1:30 today until Noon tomorrow.

    Any body want to get in on a game:

    When will Sam break & speak?

  22. Sassy

    Examples of Haha’s jealousy…

    “Haleigh- She (Angela) is just like “I really like Fessy in this game. I really think he is a good guy”. She was like “he is so admirable”. Shut the fuck up. Faysal- She cant respect me? Haleigh- No. Why is she talking about you? I didnt ask her what she thought about you”

    “Faysal – I’m doing Angela a favor too. She put Scottie up. Haleigh – Why don’t you just play this game for Angela? Why don’t you just find out what is most beneficial for her and then do that move? That’s what I want you to do, Fessy. Faysal – Are you done? Haleigh – Yes.”

    “Angela- Me and Haleigh were on great terms. Scottie- You were not on great terms. She does not like you. Her and Rockstar do not like you. A lot of b words get thrown your way”

    “Haleigh- I really thought you were going to name Sam. Faysal- Sam is the #1 target next week. Haleigh- Is she? The way this game has been going, she will probably win (HoH)”

    “Faysal- You are on my team, right? Haleigh- If you keep asking me if I’m on your team, I’m going to not be on your team. Quit asking me, Fessy”

  23. Mel

    Scottie said some crap about Sam in his speech. Hay thinks Sam thought at first he was slamming Hay but eventually realized he was talking about her.

    Looks like Sam’s pissed. When she finally decided to play, she realized she’s missed things going on with people who’ve been playing for 2 months. She’s done playing again according to her. It’s the equivalent of taking her toys and going home when the game didn’t go her way. The DR called her in, maybe they “see the train a comin'” and are taking the offensive strike.

    Brett gave some tax advice for the self employed and I’ll plead the 5th as to what I think of it.

    Angela filed an extension and still has to file her taxes when the show ends.That was silly, she’ll have BB appearances after the show if she wants to participate so she really should have done them already. People are barely allowed to speak to me the week I’m working on taxes. My husband usually plans a fishing & camping trip at that time so he can leave town and avoid me.

    • Shivani33

      This sounds just like my Virgo sister. Her late husband was a Leo who partied while Rome burned, but boy oh boy, he was worth it! Angela can send her stuff to an accountant. Maybe she can get a huge retroactive deduction for her boobjob scars, which are almost as big as her tatas.

      • Sassy

        Great! Now I’m going to be staring at Angela’s boobs looking for the scars… Thx Shiv…

      • AIO_7

        Boob job? She is awful small to have had a Boob job.

      • Sassy

        I knew Haha and Rachel have them, because they talked about it one night. Didn’t know Angela did.

      • mm22

        Angela has tattoos? I’m blind I didnt see them

      • Sassy

        LOL! We are talking about boob jobs not tattoos.

      • Mel

        Funny Shiv, I’m a Virgo & my husband’s a Leo.

      • AIO_7

        I’m a Leo.

      • Colby

        I’m a Leo too.

      • Jenny

        I don’t think Rachel had a boob job. Remember that gray dress she was wearing? It wasn’t very flattering – pretty sure she wasn’t wearing a bra under it. All of the bikini tops and sports bras she wore were push-up styles that made he look bustier. I know RS talked about having them done. Didn’t know about Hay. At least Hay and Angela, if they do have implants, stayed with a reasonable size for their body type.

      • Sassy

        They were talking about in the HOH one night. Both Rachel and Hay said they did and talked extensively about what’s it’s made of, the procedure and the risks, which they basically said are none these days… Not sure why you would lie about that, but maybe they just wanted to fit in.

      • LindsayB

        Why does it matter who has had a boob job and who hasn’t? It doesn’t make any difference in how the game is played. It’s not a defining factor in someone’s character. Can we get back to judging them on their personalities and game play?

  24. Holla Derrick

    It appears that Tyler should be the favorite to win BB 20 at this point. Anybody have some thoughts against that?

    Any other opinions for who will win this season?

    • Jay H

      JC might be the only one who poses a risk at actually targeting him. JC’s too smart, I think, to want to go to final 2 with Tyler. Not that I think he should win or will win, I just don’t believe anyone else in the house has the balls or the mental aptitude to convince others it’s the best thing to do if you want to win.

    • Mel

      He knows the most about the game with Scottie leaving and I see him with the best odds as of today. Plenty could change tho and if they keep Haleigh around, she’s got a real shot. If Brett wins comps at the right time, he doesn’t have bad odds either. He studies A LOT. JC could win if he’s against the right person but the later comps will probably give him trouble. KC could win if she gets to the end and they have a bitter jury. I’ll change my opinions again once more evictions happen and how they happen but that’s what I think today.

      • Sassy

        I think Haha’s odds go down with Peabody leaving this week. He may turn the jury against her and let them all know she was their downfall. Who was Haha’s 1st BFF – Bay, the replacement was RHS, and her replacement was Scottie….

      • Mel

        He’s in love with her, granted that could settle down once they’re separated but he’s head over heels at the moment. It will depend on if he strictly blames Fessy or not, I think.

    • Holla Derrick

      I think JC will want to try and get Ty and Fess to final 3. He wont have to win the final comp to go to finale.

      Still way too much that could happen between now and then but it’s still a lot of fun going over scenarios on a weekly basis as things change.

    • mm22

      Haha it was tatas don’t know how
      tattoo got there but it was funny when i
      reread . She couldn’t have had a boobjob
      she’s so small

  25. Helen

    Faysal didn’t want to nom Sam but I’m not okay with the three guys sitting at the kitchen counter bashing and making fun of her…JC is included in it…assholes

  26. LO1004

    Production zoomed in on the clock in the kitchen. I guess they’re counting down until Sam’s vow of silence too.

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  28. Sassy

    Hmmm… which camera should I watch? The pool, the pool, the pool or the pool? Haha and Angela’s convo is NOT that interesting!!!!! Give me something other than the pool!

  29. ShoeLover

    I almost want to start a campaign for Sam to win America’s Favorite!!! She could use all the help she needs for any type of mental illness help. I know military has good coverage for mental illness, but I don’t know what the real ( civilian ) world offers. It really is hard to see such a beautiful young lady literally fall apart right in front of us and live for that matter.

    • WhereisPablo

      This is why I have been saying that she needs to be pulled from the game and jury. Production made a HUGE mistake letting her play this game and all of the other houseguests are paying the price. I don’t understand why her family let her do this? I feel bad for Sam and hope she gets the help she needs, but we shouldn’t have to watch her implode and the others who came to PLAY, shouldn’t have it affecting their games, in that if she self evicts, it could change the outcome of a week they (well some of them) have worked very hard for. I blame production and don’t fault anyone in the house or out for being aggravated with her.

      • Sassy

        I think it’s unfair for us to diagnose her and assume she has a disability… I’m not saying she does or doesn’t. We don’t have her watch her implode, we are choosing to watch it. Whether or not she has a disability, her family does not have the right to make decisions for her or pull her out of the game. She’s over 18 and unless they have a court order, they are powerless.

      • Houseguest Doug

        Simple… This is a TV Show. Sam is cute and sweet and is being portrayed as America’s Sweetheart.

        The National feed doesn’t show all the lunatic stuff she does. Only the people that watch the after hours stuff get to see that.

        How can you remove America’s Sweetheart? May as well burn the flag, cast off Hot Dog, Apple Pie and Baseball.

        Also, CBS is in the business of getting sponsors and ratings. So if she has a following and having in the house mean eyes on the show. She is staying.

        Remember as much as you think this is reality tv there is nothing reality about it. Production manipulates the game and CBS lets the mass audience see only what they want them to see.

        You will notice they made no mention of Bayliegh being late and suspects she is pregnant. Nor do the show Sam locking herself in the Have Not Room and spouting off crazy shit.

        They manipulate Haylieghs comments.

        Oh and as far as Pablo is concerned Pablo is with Paul as his personal sex blow up doll.

      • Helen

        I agree Sassy…while she does seem to do some crazy stuff on here and we assume she is mentally ill…we also are offended by things other houseguests do..like JC in the beginning grabbing at Ty’s junk..everyone was horrified but yet it didn’t bother Ty.
        Every time I see Sam I think back to that clip of her nd I’m thinking to myself…this chick is crazy all right. Crazy like a fox!!!

      • WhereisPablo

        “. We don’t have her watch her implode, we are choosing to watch it. Whether or not she has a disability, her family does not have the right to make decisions for her or pull her out of the game. She’s over 18 and unless they have a court order, they are powerless.”

        Of course I don’t have to watch. I am choosing to watch Big Brother with the assumption that I don’t need to skew my opinions about someone or about the game being played based on a “disability” that they may or may not have. Of course we don’t know. Either she has one and needs help, or she is just a royal PITA. As to her family, I realize that they can’t physically restrain her from getting on a plane to LA, but if she were my daughter, I would sure as heck have tried and I wouldn’t have been shown in the opening package of the show rooting her on.

      • WhereisPablo

        “Oh and as far as Pablo is concerned Pablo is with Paul as his personal sex blow up doll.”

        And thank you Doug for this charming comment. 🙂

      • ShoeLover

        Thanks yall for the feedback!!! It’s good to express one’s opinion!!! I myself have no qualms about Sam. If she is truly ill ( mentally ) then lord help her. If it is an act, hot damn she is one good actress!!!! Either way, let’s keep on enjoying the show!!!

    • Avatar
      Magic1993 (49 comments)

      I am seeing on other spoiler sites that her craziness is an act. Are they feeding her things to do in the DR???

    • Alda

      Has anyone heard anything about Sam’s mental state from her mom or any of her friends?

    • aka beachgirl

      I’m with you ShoeLover.

  30. Houseguest Doug

    It is pretty much a foregone conclusion that Scottie is joining the Jury House on Thursday. If Hayliegh has a brain in her head she will vote to evict Scottie as well that way L6 can not pin the lone vote for Scottie on Hayliegh. Floutte / Hive is officially done. If L6 wins HOH Hay and Fay are going on the block and one of the two is going home next Thursday.

    I think instead of Floutte / Hive they should have called their Alliance “FAILURE” never in the history of Realty TV have I seen such incompetence and complete and utter stupidity. I think this is the first season I have seen an alliance member vote out a strong alliance member very early in the game. (Scottie evicting Swaggy C).

    Then to win HOH and have your own alliance member go home on your HOH?

    For someone on the block give the answer to the one person you don’t want to win POV? Then to get up the slide first and have the wrong answer and hand the POV to one person you didn’t want to win it?

    For a HOH in your alliance backdoor one of your own? (Kaitlyn on Swaggy C).

    If a member of L6 doesn’t win this game I have no idea how they didn’t. The game is being handed to them.

    Production couldn’t write this stuff or fix the game as well as Floutte is F’n up.

    Truly staggers the imagination. University grads my ass.

  31. kecker

    Fessy is going to get his wish, this week will finally go as planned and he’ll be in on the plan. If he were smart, that would make him very very concerned.

    Every week has gone against you, and now suddenly it’s going with you. He’ll chalk it up to his bad-ass gangster reign as HOH though. In reality, he just a sad puppet.

  32. LynnD

    Its 1:30. Whats on the feeds? Im omw home.

  33. ElaineB

    So come HOH time, Hay will be representing/playing for the Hive, all two bees of them. Lol.

  34. Ann

    Was this the last week for Ty to use his app?

  35. Helen

    JC in Bathroom trying to get Sam to talk before 24hours…….Do you wet the bed? Omg. I’m laughing so hard it hurts

  36. Sassy

    JC talking at Sam in the bathroom. He’s making me laugh! Doing everything he can to get Sam to talk. Asking how many B.B. boyfriends she has, who’s head she’s messing up and saying “ova’ yonder, yes I did.” She laughed (which was a sound).

  37. Mel

    JC broke her silence in 5 minutes

  38. LynnD

    Does anybody else notice the flapping piece of wall in the background whenever they show Tyler?

  39. LynnD

    LMAO. The cameras keep zooming in on the time.

  40. Sassy

    Haha made her pinky bleed from gnawing on it. So what does she do? She starts on her thumb and when the bleeding stops, she goes back to the pinky.

    Haha and Angela talk fake strategy, Hay does most of the talking about how they just have to stick together, win HOH and have lots of talks about it.

  41. kneeless

    I might have to try Haho’s diet. Apparently, she’s so small from gnawing on her nails all day, everyday! I am so tired of seeing her hand, up to her wrists in her mouth. Wonder what flavor.

  42. Avatar

    I see JC working. He is basically putting himself into L6 as a de facto member of that alliance. If he is smart, he’ll curry favor with Brett and Kaycee and convince them that it’s better for their game to take him to the final four instead of Tyler or Angela.

  43. Cindy

    She’s like a dog with a bone when she gets going on her fingers. Watching her makes me physically ill.

  44. AIO_7

    MMMMMMM, Yummy! (I wonder if she ate her boogers when she was younger)


  45. Cindy

    HayHo just said. I really need to stop chewing, i assume she means on her fingers. She changes chairs and resumes knawing on her nasty fingers. LOL!!

    • kneeless

      I’ve heard her say, several times, she needs to stop biting her nails & then she keeps gnawing!! Heard ME tell her to stop it too! I agree she needs to be sent packing so she can grow some fresh nails…to chew off!

  46. LindsayB

    My dog just heard Kaitlyn’s grandpa squawking on the feeds and just got up to patrol the house and find the crow.

  47. Avatar

    I just watched bbad, if you gave Scottie a shovel he couldn’t have buried himself anymore if he tried, with his telling how he likes hay etc etc why does he wait till he’s on the block to talk to him, for that matter why do all of them do that when should be talking to the people who are going to vote. Don’t know why anybody feels sorry for them when they’ve done it to themselves & that’s all I’ve got to say about that.

  48. Apopkedave

    Poor Kaycee up on the block again. He should have put up Sam, with her not going to make a sound for the next 24 hours that would have been great fun. LOL

  49. kneeless

    I want to fast forward to Thurs. Not only for the eviction but I leave for vacation Fri AM. Won’t be able to watch feeds much so will rely on all my BBJ friends!

  50. JD

    JC has managed to keep off the block and never a target. I wish he would be the pawn once in awhile. Just to see how he manages. He could end up winning. At the right time things could be set up where an HOH is set in his favor. BB likes to script the unscripted. Never worked for the hive or Kaitlyn but might for JC.

  51. Avatar

    Has anyone else noticed Scottie frequently has something wrapped around his four fingers? Many times it is Seabands, today it looks like beads. Does anyone know why or what this means?

  52. kneeless

    Is it weird that I enjoy watching Brett cook? lol!

  53. leafhopper

    Has Julie received any backlash for the comments she said about Angela? From everything I have read it was not well received at all!

    • kneeless

      I hope she has been told. Wonder if there’s been enough backlash that she will address it Thurs.

      • Sassy

        She won’t address it, but I’m sure she’s seen it.

      • Avatar

        I’m sure the network has let her know… Now will they tell her to leave the back biting to the HG?

      • Sassy

        “Was” one of the most powerful. I don’t think he had the same pull he use to have. I’ve heard chatter this might be Julie’s last year hosting, so I don’t think she cares.

    • Jay H

      I get the feeling that Julie is a “mean girl”.

    • Malia

      I was shocked to read that. Makes me wonder what she is seeing that I am not. I like Angela. So far I see class. She seems reserved but not really mean. For right now she feels justified in what she said to Rachel based on what she knows and vice versa. I bet when/if those two sit and talk after this they will clear stuff up.

      • mm22

        Im an Angela fan too-i wonder if she
        is just being perceived as a mean girl
        because she is normally quiet,reserved
        but when lied to by Rachel and talked
        about behind her back by RS is what
        triggered those goodbye messages.
        I am glad she snarked at them and
        didn’t let them get away with it.

      • Ann

        I’m an Angela fan also. She’s cool until you mess with her. Just like anybody else she won’t bother you unless you bother her first. Isn’t that how it is with most people? To me she stays calm, cool & collected no matter what the situation is & is not letting those morons get under her skin. I like her, she has totally grown on me.

  54. Avatar

    You have to keep in mind that her husband is one of the most powerful men at CBS and together they are beyond filthy rich so who is going to make her say sorry… i think no one can.

  55. AIO_7

    “Catatonic depression is a type of depression that causes someone to remain speechless and motionless for an extended period.”

    The symptoms of catatonia can include:

    staying still
    a lack of speech
    fast movements
    abnormal movements


    • Helen

      Her right shoulder is really hurting today…earlier KC was massaging her earlier today…she’s lying with that arm elevated up on a pillow in that pic…is she supposed to be talking to herself or something while lying in there?

    • Colby

      I saw that. She was not talking to herself. She also laid a blanket on the floor and laid down on it. It seemed obvious to me that something was hurting and she was trying to find a comfortable position. Maybe obvious to me because I have back problems now and then and just try to get comfortable and relax so it will stop, or at least dull the pain.

    • Jenny

      Yeah but she made a decision not to speak. Someone who really suffers from it is probably unable to speak.

  56. caRyn

    I am glad the hg do not talk to the cameras/us this season. It increases the element of surprise not knowing what they are thinking.

    • Sassy

      I wish they would! I love getting their perspectives as it is going on.

      • caRyn

        I like it when they do, but I am glad that that has switched up along with other game play that we haven’t seen before. After all these seasons, it is nice that we aren’t seeing what we expect to see from the hg.

    • Jenny

      At least we don’t have them constantly yelling to AMERICA! like James and what’s her name did constantly. But yeah I wish they’d tell us what they’re thinking once in a while.

  57. Avatar

    I bet B.B. hired a bunch of actors, gave them their names and roles and had them play exactly how they are just to screw with our heads. On Finale night they will turn to the audience and say “you should always expect the unexpected …. surprise there is no winner of B.B. we fooled you all this season”. I mean it’s the only thing that makes sense … lololol

  58. caRyn

    Haleigh was wise to want Tyler out when she was the hacker. I understood where she was coming from completely. He is the largest threat in the house and she knew it. Her plan didn’t work but I don’t blame her for trying.

  59. Avatar

    Have you been drinking Fessy’s cool aid….LOL

  60. kneeless

    Sam’s talking! Lasted longer than I thought thought but far from 24 hrs!

  61. kneeless

    Fess was talking abt a fan’s Twitter handle. ‘Fessy fanatic or something like that. Someone aid he prob had lots of cougars after him. Well, Fess sorry to say it seems most of us BBJ cougars prefer Tyler!

    • Sassy

      When they get their Snap chat glasses, they get to read a few tweets and are told about one or 2 groups that support them. Angela said hers was #Angelaforhoh. I haven’t heard any of the others talk about it, MF was all excited last night talking about all the fans he must have by now and Angela was like whatever.

  62. Shivani33

    At least Michelle from BB 10 sat in DR with her back turned and wouldn’t face the camera for awhile. Sam went into DR, probably to talk about how she wasn’t talking.

  63. caRyn

    I am not blaming Faysal’s noms on Haleigh, but I wonder if Haleigh had said to Faysal it is “better for our game” and not “better for me”, the noms might have been someone other than Scottie and Brett. If she had taken the time to explain if from a “we” and not a “me” standpoint and showed she was looking out for him too.

    • Sassy

      That may be very true and might have made a difference, but I think she intentionally makes him jealous. It feeds her ego. MF and Haha constantly question each other on whether or not they can trust each other.

      • Jenny

        Watching those 2… all I can see is an increasingly abusive relationship that’s going to turn physically violent. I dated a guy in college who was a big sweetheart, but insanely jealous. I’d be talking to a guy friend and he’d come up and put his arm around me, not out of affection but to claim me as his property. Never mind that I’d been friends w/the other guy long before we ever met. I was wearing a jacket over a tank top, and if the jacket slid off my shoulder he’d cover me back up immediately. I walked away. He hit his next girlfriend.

      • danmtruth

        Jenny that is scary no one should need to go thru that so sorry to hear that

    • Shivani33

      Hayleigh did try, but Faysal knows all and dismissed her. She told him, “who do we have, and Scottie has been with us. We need him.” Faysal said today that if Hay votes to save Scottie, he’ll be so done with her. He is a classic male chauvinist. Haleigh has no right to vote, and housecleaning after a comp is beneath him and his wedge of hair.

  64. Avatar

    The season is ruined. We already know that the next four evicted house guests will be: Faysal, Haleigh, Sam, JC. Can we just skip ahead to the Final Four and see which member of L6 wins?

  65. Avatar

    Hay and Fessy will never make it one day outside this house if they can’t trust each other locked in side 24/7 how will they ever make it in the real world.. I also think he said he would be done with her because she said she wouldn’t talk to him if he put scottie OTB.

    • Jenny

      the 2 of them are just toxic together.

    • Colby

      He said he would be done with her if she votes to keep Scottie.
      I’ll believe it if I see it, but don’t think it will happen.
      I don’t think she wanted a relationship with him, other than game. She wants to flirt and play with all the boys.
      When he won veto, she had to promise to be his ride or die so he would use it on her. She meant game wise, he meant personal.
      So after he used it on her and she rejected his advances, he wouldn’t talk to her. So she told him when they got out of the house they could be together just so he would work with her in the game. After that when he would go for a hug or kiss on the cheek, she would practically cringe.
      Then Scottie told her that MF was making final deals with others that didn’t include her, and suddenly she allowed kissing and cuddling.
      I’m sure with productions encouragement she decided she could play with this boy toy to get farther in the season.
      I don’t see them have any lasting relationship outside the house. He is too possessive and controlling, and she will bask in all the male attention she will get.
      But that is just my opinion, I could be wrong.

      • Sassy

        She does the same thing. She does not like Angela talking about him or him talking about her. She has teased him and used the withholding of affection to push him harder to win. She dances around him in a towel after she gets out of the shower and rubs up on him every chance she gets, then says No, no… He has never crossed the boundary of No. I agree they are toxic together but I believe they are equally toxic. I don’t think they will be together out of the house. Neither will be able to cope with the fans of the opposite sex.

      • Colby

        I agree. She want all the boys to want only her.

      • danmtruth

        Hay never wanted Fess outside of the house She would not mind Bret as he has been showing some interest Than again he is just playing her like she played all the other boys

  66. hogwild

    I was testing out that Imgbb upload you guys put me onto last night so I can post the ones I make myself works great.

  67. danmtruth

    or how Fessy feels after every vote


  68. Helen

    Sam just went in DR. She was outside alone and after a laugh she says “That settles it, I’m doing it.”

    I suppose we are going to go through the trading places..self eviction crap again this week because of Scottie…

  69. mm22

    Thank goodness – if she were to
    self evict before Thursday will
    they still have an eviction this week?
    I really want Scottie out

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