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Monday Afternoon Feed Updates – Veto Ceremony Day!

Good afternoon, everyone!  It’s veto day in the Big Brother house and for like the 100th week in a row, there should be another surprise for the house.


Well, it’s not really a surprise. It’s only a surprise because one side of the house is actually delusional enough to believe Tyler may use the PoV on Rockstar which is absurd. This is literally a week after Tyler put his game in the hands of Angela and gave her the veto for her to use on him. With Angela on the block, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that Tyler would repay the favor – except Haleigh and Rockstar, apparently.

It’s surprising to see just how bad those two are at this game because neither appear to be dumb. Haleigh actually comes off as really intelligent and RS is .. well .. she’s not dumb.

As mentioned about 20 times now, Haleigh and RS believe that Angela and Kaycee are on an island together and The Hive is the only real alliance in the house. Rather than think Angela showed her hand by saving Tyler, they think it was a desperate attempt to get a 3rd person to their dying alliance of two. The ‘level 6’ alliance has been really well hidden in spite of the huge lack of effort to keep it that way. Angela, Kaycee, and Rachel were three peas in a pod and Winston/Brett were a ‘bromance’. The only person who really tried to hide any sort of alliance was Tyler.


However, after writing that, I just realized that level 6 has been hidden so well because of how open they are. With that 5 person alliance (in their eyes – minus Tyler) being so obvious, they feel now that they got rid of Winston and Rachel, it’s down to 3. All it took was for them to believe Brett had a falling out with the girls to think those three were done working together. The biggest surprise is just how they’ve been unable to put the pieces together than Tyler, JC, and Sam have mostly voted with them. Perhaps they think Grandpa Lou flew into the DR to cast the votes to evict Bayleigh, Swaggy, etc.

Time for some updates:

  • 10:15 am – Sam is outside talking to Angela and KC about her problems with alcohol in the past
    • This makes people wonder if Sam is actually going through withdrawals from alcohol which can help explain her massive mood swings
    • KC and Sam still haven’t had their periods since entering the house (Bayleigh, too, but for different reasons)
  • 10:45 am – RS and Haleigh are going over RS’s veto speech. She is basically going to beg Tyler to use the veto on her
  • 10:55 am – Feeds down for veto. Should be back in about an hour
  • 11:40 am – Feeds back
    •  RS definitely not pulled down. Angela definitely pulled down. Just checking to confirm that KC is the re-nom
    • Yup, Kaycee is the renom
    • Tyler comes out and says that he really wishes it wasn’t her on the block. He is really sorry
    • Sam goes to get water and RS calls out ‘Sam’.  She’s going to be clinging to Sam all week for that vote
    • Tyler heads into the Jenga room to talk with Kaycee
  • RS comes in a few minutes later
    • RS is pulling the ‘expect the expected’ card
    • Tyler once again apologizes to RS but he says she has Haleigh to thank for that
    • She says she doesn’t.  He says “she put me up last week”
    • RS says she wanted to keep Angela up there and for KC to stay
    • Tyler says he also wanted to stay last week when the hacker put him up.
    • RS asks to talk to KC alone
    • RS says she really wanted to work with KC this game. She is talking to KC like KC is the one going home.
    • RS calls Angela entitled and really wants her out  (I know, I know, spoiled rich white kid)
  • 11:55 am – Sam comes up to Tyler in the backyard and asks what he wants her to do. He tells her to do what she wants to do
    • He says “you know what I want you to do, but you do what you want to do”.. She says “you’re going to hate me” and he says “that’s not possible”
    • A plane flies over when Sam reveals something about a pinky promise to either KC or RS.. awesome
    • Back to the pinky promise, sounds like Sam thinks she may have made one with KC but she doesn’t remember.
    • Tyler tells Sam that the only reason he’s been a bit distant lately is because people have been saying they have a f2 so he is trying to make it look like they don’t. She asks if he’d keep her over Angela and he says yea
  • 12:10 pm – KC is re-telling her conversation with RC to Angela
    • KC tells her how RS called her entitled. Angela says she can’t wait for her goodbye message
  • 1:15 pm – Rockstar is venting to Scottie in the HOH room
    • RS is wondering why Haleigh scrapped Tyler’s vote which was a further attack on him. It was indeed foolish and helps push Tyler’s theory that this is all Haleigh’s fault for taking shots at him
  • 2:15 pm – Slow afternoon. Brett, Ang, Tyler, Haleigh sunbathing
    • KC and JC meet up in the storage room and bitch about how RS has been acting lately
    • KC is shocked that Rockstar told her ‘I’m sorry you’re going home’
  • RS has her pitch to Brett
    • She tells him how he’s safe, how she can’t flirt, and how she wants to be the last Angela standing in the house. Good pitch!

I’m wrapping this post up and starting an evening thread now!


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  1. Avatar

    beg all you want, but you are going home RS

  2. Helen

    Haleigh asked Tyler if he could give her a hint (because DR just called him). Tyler responds “eggs are done” as he walks in to DR. (Tyler was making scrambled eggs)..

    Hayleigh then went into blue bedroom and sat next to Scottie,chewing the rest of her fingers off…
    Guess she isn’t even gonna get dressed for veto ceremony,she is still in her HOH bathrobe

  3. Avatar

    it honestly hurts my soul how dumb they think everyone else is in the house… when really they are the ones being fooled every week!!!!

  4. Avatar

    Ya think they’d possibly evict Sam over RS? Just a thought. She has been acting cray lately.

  5. hogwild

    Eh some old same old the gang that couldn’t shoot straight gets nailed again.

  6. danmtruth

    let the bitching about how stupid TY is for not taking there perfect an generous offer Yet Hay is looking to backdoor TY as soon as she can You can’t hide your lyin’ eyes
    And your smile is a thin disguise
    I thought by now you’d realize
    There ain’t no way to hide your lyin eyes
    TY is not buying it

  7. hogwild

    If Sam has a had drinking problem in the past that might be why they didn’t have any alcohol at their halfway party.

  8. Avatar

    Do we know who she’ll put up as a replacement nom yet? I know Kaycee & Sam were both being talked about.

  9. Avatar

    do you think JC will evict RS

    I do, he is smart enough to realize that he can take off a number from the Hive during their own HOH

  10. AIO_7

    “With Angela on the block, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that Tyler would repay the favor – except Haleigh and Rockstar, apparently.

    It’s surprising to see just how bad those two are at this game because neither appear to be dumb.”

    I call it … wishful thinking.

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  12. Avatar

    KC is nom, Sam says she loves KC so dearly

  13. AIO_7

    Feeds back !!

  14. Avatar

    Tyler saved Angela, KC was the renom.. and guess who is already crying in the backyard!? you got it… RS. Sam has said to RS she doesn’t have the votes. LOL.

  15. Avatar

    and RS, just told Ty his plan, CONGRATS RS, now Kaycee can talk to Sam

    • Painter1

      Still cant believe the Hive walks around with blinders on.The were so confident Ty would take RS down they called him an idiot and poked fun at him. Whos laughing now ladies. GEEZ GET A CLUE.

  16. Avatar

    I actually think Sam will keep Kaycee

  17. dfdsgs

    Scottie has really let Haleigh screw his game. He was playing the middle until the last week or so and decided that going with the side of the house that is consistently blindsided was the best game move.

  18. SammyD

    is it me or is there lots of floaters this season?

  19. Avatar


  20. AIO_7

    HaHo looking frustrated while she watches the monitor. Her minion, Peabody, there for support.


  21. Avatar

    All i want to see next week is Fessy and Hay on the block together.

  22. Avatar

    I’m surprised that Tyler would pull Angela off the block knowing that Kaycee would be the replacement. I’ll bet Kaycee is not too happy about that.

  23. Avatar
    WhereisPablo (545 comments)

    It seems that it took Crayola less than 10 minutes after the veto ceremony to call Angela “entitled” and to proclaim that Angela “always gets what she wants”. Jealousy is a very ugly thing.

  24. Carl

    Big Brother Daily (@BB_Updates)
    8/13/18, 1:57 PM
    Haleigh- It could have gone worse. It could have gone better, but it also could have gone worse.
    Scottie- Yes. For example, there could have been an avalanche and it could have crushed the building. A dinosaur could have marched in here and started eating us #BB20

  25. Shivani33

    Sam, consoling RS briefly, told her that it’s all right and that “it was meant to be.” Sam, the nouvelle Kaitlyn. Yes, this is all for the “highest good.” But soon Sam will be back to isolating herself in her SR cabinet. Already she scooted out of range when Blockstar launched one of her pitiful bitch sessions post-veto. Haleigh seems most concerned with still being cute and sexy. What is in the water out there in Studio City?

    We have family from San Diego visiting us for the week. None of them have changed. Lol.

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  27. hogwild

    Predictable now for a lot of over the top outburst followed by an anticlimactic vote on Thursday.

  28. HappyHippo

    Sam just told Tyler she would vote out RS but not to tell anyone. Wonder if that will last to Thursday …fingers crossed! Bye RS

    • Sassy

      I think she’ll tell both sides the same thing and do what she wants on Thurs.

      • Helen

        I don’t think so…she has never broken a promise…plus she always says “I say what I mean,and I do what I say”. She has followed that throughout the game,even in her cray cray moments…
        She has told no one Ty has a cloud app..she has had many chances
        KayCee told her yesterday Ty was taking Angela down…she never said anything throughout RS whining yesterday that was happening…
        I actually do remember a pinky promise with KC…KC said she would never vote Sam out..Sam told KayCee the same…then Sam said…pinky promise? KC said yes and they did the pinky thing

      • HappyHippo

        Yea I think she’s rolling with Tyler most if not all of the time

  29. kneeless

    Per HaHo, 5 people have already told her they’re voting to keep RS. After how many blindsides she still believes what people tell her!!

    • Avatar

      before renoms lol
      JC was voting RS out anyway
      Tyler & Angela will vote RS 100%
      Sam just said she will keep Kaycee
      Brett was never keeping RS
      5-1 or 6-0 is my prediction

      • Helen

        )Scottie just told Tyler he will keep KayCee over RS…not sure if he is blowing smoke up Tylers butt or not…Scottie brought it up,not Tyler

  30. Helen

    Sam says her loyalty lies with Tyler and Kaycee

  31. Avatar

    This is going to be the season that comes down to a pinky promise.

  32. danmtruth

    Hali math they have 5 votes to keep RS Than why so glum ladies? Because you say things even you don’t believe

  33. AIO_7

    Angelica and KC having a laugh because Crayola said to KC that she (RS) felt bad for her because she didn’t have a chance.


  34. Avatar

    Haleigh complaining to Rockstar in the HOH. “this was supposed to be an easy week” Counts off votes to keep Rockstar : Brett, Scottie, JC, Faysal and Sam -ssupersarah


  35. Seattle Kari

    ” Grandpa Lou fluid in voted”


  36. Shivani33

    Kaycee said that she’ll cancel Fester’s vote.

  37. Helen

    Sam also told Tyler she was going to tell KayCee she was voting to keep her…

  38. kneeless

    Bring on Thurs, can’t get here soon enough!

  39. danmtruth

    Well the HG got cups with lids today a bit late

    Hay & RS were just sitting in the HOH room staring at the spy screen Silent knowing deep down every vote has gone against them But they keep the act up and pretend that BlockStar has a chance

  40. kneeless

    Brett asks Ty ‘what the [email protected]*k happened to your toe?’ I was hoping Ty would answer, ‘RS & HaHo chewed it off!’

  41. Avatar

    I love this mess!!!

  42. hogwild

    I can’t decide which is worse the group of mindless drones who didn’t play the game from last season or this group that plays so bad their gameplay should be outlawed.

  43. AIO_7

    Having a good laugh by the pool …


  44. Avatar

    Scottie says Kaycee has his vote over Rockstar to Tyler -harrythecat

  45. Carl

    I hope that Hay doesn’t tell Fessy that 5 people have said they will vote to keep Rocks. Come Thursday night he will be the only one to vote to keep her and then he’ll spend the rest of the night trying to figure out who flipped.

  46. JD

    Scottie might think it’s safer to vote RS but Tyler’s group already knows where his loyalty is each week. Whichever side has the power. Why is RS complaining she’s going to get jury money to sit in a house with someone she said she’d fall on the sword for last week. Now they can talk about all the priveldged spoiled people and get her Bay accent back.

  47. JD

    The Hive members can all sit in the jury house and talk about how great they are, how well they played the game while they are all together in the jury house

  48. danmtruth

    Bret just said he was a hardcore into his frat Why does this not surprise me

  49. Alda

    I bet JC is breathing a sigh of relief that Haleigh didn’t put him up.

  50. Avatar

    Angela says she can’t wait for her goodbye message to RS. I see her frustration, but she needs to think about those jury votes too.

    • LindsayB

      I love that some of them are getting more truthful in their goodbye messages. The fear of battlebacks and jury management have made them fake and boring in the past. I like the ruthlessness that she and Brett both have. Yes, it may hurt them in the end but they are entertaining to me.

  51. caRyn

    I’m glad Tyler told Sam to do what she wants when she asked him – with voting. Otherwise, Sam could have a down moment and feel like Tyler is using her.

  52. Avatar

    Sam will vote out RS as she
    1. Likes KC more
    2. she has never lied from what I have seen(dont say the self-evict tho)
    and 3. Has stated her Loyalties lie with Tyler and Kaycee

  53. Avatar

    So what I’m hearing is that the vote to evict RS could actually be unanimous and Haleigh and Faysal will be completely blindsided.

  54. kneeless

    After Veto meeting HaHo is telling RS (& maybe Scottie), that they can’t talj about votes with the other sdide because then the hacker won’t know whose vote to cancel! Can’t make this shit up!

    • Avatar

      what a complete bunch of fools, they already planned on canceling Fessies vote

    • danmtruth

      because every week the vote is a surprise to them
      BlockStar is making a strange pitch to Scottie First asking if he is the HACKER than asking not to cancel someone who is voting for her ? Talking to Peabody more she says her friends not you WHAT Than they start discussing who might be the hacker First thing out of her mouth is well we know its not KC Peabody agrees They settle on the entitled hair flipping bitch Angela

  55. Helen

    Crayon head is already planning her HOH next week…she will put up Tyler and Angela because Tyler can only pull himself down..she says bye bye Angela….ummm. You forgetting you need to replace him with someone?
    This girl is d e n s e

  56. Avatar

    Also JC cant throw a hinky vote this week or L6 will gun after him

  57. Avatar

    seriously rs, hal and fes will never figure out the other side have been working together since week one “yes hal they talk game” tell their on their way home on their planes they will hit turbulence when their seatbelts are off their heads will hit the ceiling and a bell will go off “ohhh shyt they were a team”

  58. caRyn

    Scottie confuses me. I know he is fond of Haleigh, but game wise, he confuses me. He is intelligent and knows BB and made the move at the beginning when he was HoH. You have nothing in the BB house to do but think. He knows who is left in the game and he knows there is pretty much a line in the sand with hg sides. He waits until the last second to flip flop. Why wait?! Why not stay consistent with both sides as much as possible? Today, for instance, Scottie waits to get back on L6’s good side. It seems once he saw that Rockstar went OTB that he would mend fences somewhat with L6. Is Scottie playing BB for the day (in the moment) and not for week? Does he believe the theories of FOUTTE, and how is that possible when he knows the game? Is he just agreeing with FOUTTE to stay safe? Yeppers, I am confused by him.

  59. Avatar

    as of this moment I have FIVE votes to get rid of RS

  60. Avatar

    I can’t find the words to describe what I’m seeing from this hive alliance. What are the odds of recruiting so many completely clueless people from all over the country. How can you live in a house with almost no distractions, and not be able to comprehend what is happing around you. Especially when you get blindsided week after week. I guess this is what happens when you recruit an image and not a true fan.

    • Helen

      Last night,early this morning they all agreed no one in the house saw them as a trio..MF,Hai Ho, and RS..
      RS..well I told people you invited me for a sleepover…MF ..well I’m really not up here (except when you spend the night and the whole house knows)
      And then Hai Ho in all her brilliance..well we are not on anyone’s radar…I just don’t want to put a target on us

    • danmtruth

      GENEM you have Hay who is a big fan along with Scottie and RS

  61. jimbo

    First, thanks for the “period” update as I ate my spaghetti dinner in front of my computer. (eeesh) I’ve changed my mind on Angela being crafty in this game. No longer. Why does she say she “can’t wait” to trash RS in her eviction goodbye message??!! She’s in the Jury! And, last week, she came HARD at Bay in the veto renom about being the Hacker, when there was no need! Just put her up, says she’s a good competitor with a power app, and that be that — why get mean??!! Bad bad bad jury management. If KC stays this week, HER game has been good. She doesn’t come off like a jerk, is low key, and involved in game strategy. She’s a sleeper to win it all.

  62. jimbo

    Also, the Sam “drinking problem” thing was interesting. She gets that slow talk thing going sometimes where she looks like she’s REALLY thinking of what comes out of her mouth next — like someone talks when they ARE buzzed/drunk, but don’t want to sound like it. However, I don’t think they really drink much in the house, so it is just peculiar. Makes me wonder what she sounds like actually drunk.

  63. Helen

    RS has been smoking a lot!! Even Sam,the smoker,can’t keep up with her!!

  64. Avatar

    2:21 Rockstar brings Brett into GEO room to campaign. Says he is still not her target. If she stays, she will put Tyler and Angela on the block next week and one will go for sure. -WhyNotMe Less…
    She says she wants to stay, and believes her comp win must be coming. She says Kaycee has drawn a strict line and refuses to adapt, unlike Rockstar. It makes it harder to work with Kaycee.
    She tells Brett the “safety” offer that “stupid” Tyler chose not to take. He says he is following Angela around like a puppy and will do the same he did with Kaitlyn.

    Brett gets that this is hard to do, knows what’s it’s like and understands how hard the 3rd time must be.

    She continues to bash (the other) Angela, saying that she has floated, flirted and stood by the pool. Where SHE has fought to be here.

  65. Avatar

    RS has fought to be here lol, Angela has won 2 things

  66. NKogNeeTow

    Bretty Crocker is making fish tacos w/fruit salsa for dinner.

    On a random note: Aretha Franklin is on her deathbed. She was one of the greatest.

    Carry on…

  67. Mel

    Brett pretending to RS that he wants a secret alliance with her was all kinds of evil and funny. Lol

  68. Avatar

    if sam keeps Kaycee I will like her a little more

  69. Avatar

    I would love to see Julie say “Kaycee… you are safe”

    or Julie:”Rockstar…” RS”I am safe”, Julie”… you are evicted from the big brother house”

  70. Helen

    JC and Faysal have been talking votes in the pool for a little while, SOOO hard to hear that I’m not sure what JC tells him. Except I did hear JC tell him he’s not talking game no more to someone

    JC ain’t about to break that tie he has with Faysal…he just can’t keep his mouth shut

  71. Avatar
    WhereisPablo (545 comments)

    I read that Tyler told Angela that he was going to start calling her “Princess” since Crayola thinks she’s entitled. He told her to ask Hazel to fashion her a tiara.

  72. Helen

    I hate it when RS starts that poor pitiful me shit with Sam….can’t watch that crap anymore

  73. Avatar

    JC says that last week Rockstar was so ready to leave, now she’s mad? too bad. -WhyNotMe

    for those who think JC will throw a hinky vote

  74. Avatar

    am / Rockstar in BY smoking. Rockstar tells her that she is going to put Tyler and Angela on the block if she stays and wins HOH. BUT that Angela is her target, just wants Tyler to not be able to win and use on her.Sam asks if Rockstar is going to tell Tyler that, and she says NO, why would I tell him that??

    Sam says, oh I’m stupid ok I won’t tell anyone.

    Rockstar also tells Sam to tell people that she voting to keep Kaycee but really she needs to vote Kaycee out. She just doesn’t want Sam’s vote to be cancelled.

    lol good idea, she already is keeping Kaycee

  75. Helen

    Sam will be talked to in DR by a physician not just medic or nurse. I won’t be sharing any outcomes as it is medical, but she is going to be checked in properly. Concerns throughout production on her stability. though she hasn’t crossed lines many have flagged her for eval.

    Per realvegas

  76. Helen

    Although Sam had a total meltdown in DR and it was pretty bad, she is not alone. Recruited HGs, like Sam, have this problem but it usually presents a lot earlier in the game. Usually 1st week recruits realize in over heads.

    Last DR, she still expressed wanting to leave.


    Per realvegas

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  78. Helen

    I see it coming…and it’s really going to piss me off…

    • Colby

      To me, it seems like Sam has done better since JC talked to her the other night and pretty much told her to knock it off, that everyone is stressed, everyone deals with it differently, nobody wants to deal with someone crying all the time, to try to get her mind off of it and do things that make her happier, etc. He wasn’t mean about it, just stated the facts.
      But we also don’t see what happens in the DR.
      We all know the DR messes with their heads. They shouldn’t with her.

  79. Ritchie

    As a dude I got to be honest Fessie is killing me, with all of that groveling, crawling, and hemming and hawing after Haleigh. Basic Guy Code would suggest that every single time you go in to hug a female and or pick her up and she doesn’t even hug you back, or rap her legs around you to hold on for the ride there’s nothing there bro.

    He sounded ridiculous and looked foolish professing his ever dying love to Haleigh. You put him around any of the real dudes out there he wouldn’t stand a chance with Haleigh after their first go-around.

  80. Carl

    On joker 4:01: JC & Fessy’s arguing if Kaitlin’s boyfriend Joe is real or not. JC says if Joe was real, Faysal has to come to a gay bar and make out with a guy. If Joe was made up, then JC has to go to a straight bar and make out with a girl. lol

  81. Avatar

    OK.. Here is your nightmare for the next 2 days….
    Sam goes nuts again and self evicts herself. BB must then cancel the eviction ceremony…
    RS (who has come in 2nd what 3-4 times now) finally wins HOH…
    She then puts tyler and angela on the block.. even if 1 of them is pulled down she just puts another person from their side up…
    this would leave only 3 for L6 and 3 for the hive..
    TO ROCKSTARS DELIGHT she evicts tyler or angela out or hey maybe Brett…
    to me this would be fun to watch…

  82. leafhopper

    New Feed Y’all

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