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Monday Afternoon Feed Updates – Veto Ceremony Day!

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Good afternoon, everyone!  It’s veto day in the Big Brother house and for like the 100th week in a row, there should be another surprise for the house.


Well, it’s not really a surprise. It’s only a surprise because one side of the house is actually delusional enough to believe Tyler may use the PoV on Rockstar which is absurd. This is literally a week after Tyler put his game in the hands of Angela and gave her the veto for her to use on him. With Angela on the block, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that Tyler would repay the favor – except Haleigh and Rockstar, apparently.

It’s surprising to see just how bad those two are at this game because neither appear to be dumb. Haleigh actually comes off as really intelligent and RS is .. well .. she’s not dumb.

As mentioned about 20 times now, Haleigh and RS believe that Angela and Kaycee are on an island together and The Hive is the only real alliance in the house. Rather than think Angela showed her hand by saving Tyler, they think it was a desperate attempt to get a 3rd person to their dying alliance of two. The ‘level 6’ alliance has been really well hidden in spite of the huge lack of effort to keep it that way. Angela, Kaycee, and Rachel were three peas in a pod and Winston/Brett were a ‘bromance’. The only person who really tried to hide any sort of alliance was Tyler.

However, after writing that, I just realized that level 6 has been hidden so well because of how open they are. With that 5 person alliance (in their eyes – minus Tyler) being so obvious, they feel now that they got rid of Winston and Rachel, it’s down to 3. All it took was for them to believe Brett had a falling out with the girls to think those three were done working together. The biggest surprise is just how they’ve been unable to put the pieces together than Tyler, JC, and Sam have mostly voted with them. Perhaps they think Grandpa Lou flew into the DR to cast the votes to evict Bayleigh, Swaggy, etc.

Time for some updates:

  • 10:15 am – Sam is outside talking to Angela and KC about her problems with alcohol in the past
    • This makes people wonder if Sam is actually going through withdrawals from alcohol which can help explain her massive mood swings
    • KC and Sam still haven’t had their periods since entering the house (Bayleigh, too, but for different reasons)
  • 10:45 am – RS and Haleigh are going over RS’s veto speech. She is basically going to beg Tyler to use the veto on her
  • 10:55 am – Feeds down for veto. Should be back in about an hour
  • 11:40 am – Feeds back
    •  RS definitely not pulled down. Angela definitely pulled down. Just checking to confirm that KC is the re-nom
    • Yup, Kaycee is the renom
    • Tyler comes out and says that he really wishes it wasn’t her on the block. He is really sorry
    • Sam goes to get water and RS calls out ‘Sam’.  She’s going to be clinging to Sam all week for that vote
    • Tyler heads into the Jenga room to talk with Kaycee
  • RS comes in a few minutes later
    • RS is pulling the ‘expect the expected’ card
    • Tyler once again apologizes to RS but he says she has Haleigh to thank for that
    • She says she doesn’t.  He says “she put me up last week”
    • RS says she wanted to keep Angela up there and for KC to stay
    • Tyler says he also wanted to stay last week when the hacker put him up.
    • RS asks to talk to KC alone
    • RS says she really wanted to work with KC this game. She is talking to KC like KC is the one going home.
    • RS calls Angela entitled and really wants her out  (I know, I know, spoiled rich white kid)
  • 11:55 am – Sam comes up to Tyler in the backyard and asks what he wants her to do. He tells her to do what she wants to do
    • He says “you know what I want you to do, but you do what you want to do”.. She says “you’re going to hate me” and he says “that’s not possible”
    • A plane flies over when Sam reveals something about a pinky promise to either KC or RS.. awesome
    • Back to the pinky promise, sounds like Sam thinks she may have made one with KC but she doesn’t remember.
    • Tyler tells Sam that the only reason he’s been a bit distant lately is because people have been saying they have a f2 so he is trying to make it look like they don’t. She asks if he’d keep her over Angela and he says yea
  • 12:10 pm – KC is re-telling her conversation with RC to Angela
    • KC tells her how RS called her entitled. Angela says she can’t wait for her goodbye message
  • 1:15 pm – Rockstar is venting to Scottie in the HOH room
    • RS is wondering why Haleigh scrapped Tyler’s vote which was a further attack on him. It was indeed foolish and helps push Tyler’s theory that this is all Haleigh’s fault for taking shots at him
  • 2:15 pm – Slow afternoon. Brett, Ang, Tyler, Haleigh sunbathing
    • KC and JC meet up in the storage room and bitch about how RS has been acting lately
    • KC is shocked that Rockstar told her ‘I’m sorry you’re going home’
  • RS has her pitch to Brett
    • She tells him how he’s safe, how she can’t flirt, and how she wants to be the last Angela standing in the house. Good pitch!

I’m wrapping this post up and starting an evening thread now!



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