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Monday Feed Updates – Veto Meeting and More

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I hope everyone had a good weekend. It’s a bit disappointing to see all the ‘going back to school’ and ‘last beach day of summer’ posts on facebook. Summer goes by too damn quick, and before I know it, I’ll be checking the upcoming weather for potential snowstorms rather than beach days. Pissed.

As far as the house goes, there has been almost no movement on the Michelle front.  At least on a game standpoint.  At some point through the afternoon, someone flew in a drone that had a small blowup doll on it with dark hair.  There was some wording, but the house couldn’t make out was it was.  Nicole got paranoid the message was to her about going after the wrong person, while Michelle started calling herself fat and ugly over it. I think the season is getting to everyone, and it’s a good thing there is only about 3 weeks left of the season, otherwise they may be checking out of the house and into a mental hospital.

Speaking of Nicole’s paranoia, that has also been impacting her on another game issue. She had a long talk with Corey about Victor and worrying whether or not he’s going to randomly flip on Paul and vote him out this week. While on the outside, it seems silly, to her credit this has been a crazy season, so it’s hard not to be just a little paranoid about things like that. In order to ease her mind, Corey offered to use the bribe on Victor to secure his vote. Her other option was to replace Paul with Natalie, but that will fire the shots she is not quite ready to do, yet.

At the end of the day, I don’t expect Nicole to use it, and I do expect Corey to give Victor the $5k. For some reason Victor was one of his first thoughts when he got the money, so I think he’s been itching to give it to him for whatever reason (that can be taken bad)


  • 10:00am – Nicole is up and dressed early thinking the veto meeting was early today. Victor and Paul join her to chat
  • 10:25am – Feeds down for veto meeting
  • 11:45am – Feeds back, noms are the same
  • 12:00pm – Most are outside relaxing, Michelle is working on a last week sunburn
    • michelle-tanning
  • 1:00pm – Paul, Victor and Natalie are inside cooking, while Nicole is chatting with Corey outside.
    • Nicole is talking about sleep eating. My wife does that. It’s when you snack on something if it’s nearby when you wake up briefly.
    • Nicole is again worried about Victor and Paul going against them this week.  Corey says nobody is after us right now.  (yes, right now)
    • Corey is talking game about how he thinks they’ve been good on all 3 aspects (competitive, stratetic, social), while Victor has only been good at 1 (competitive). That’s kind of unfair to compare two versus one because only one will get the votes.  Corey has had a good social game, but the other two sucked. Nicole has had a decent competitive and strategic game, but none of the girls like or trust her.  Victor is obviously competitive, but I think he’s had a good social game as well. Everyone likes him enough to overlook any flaws in his strategic game
    • Nicole thinks the duo is by far the most strategic in the house.  Again, by forgetting it’s not a team comp, that is a flaw against her strategy… that said, I agree she is one of the most strategic people left. That’s not saying much.
    • Nicole says they have gotten themselves out of some real bad situations. The only bad situations they’ve really been in has been Corey this past week simply because James was the swing vote and had thoughts about sending him home.
  • 3:00pm – The “Final Four” is in the room talking about studying days and things like that for the upcoming comps.
    • As soon as Victor and Paul leave, Nicole tells Corey “I do not want to help them study. I know so much more than them and don’t want to give them an advantage”
    • nicole-face
    • They talk for a bit and then Nicole goes to sleep
  • 3:45pm – Nicole sleeping, Victor trying to figure out something to make with slop
  • 4:30pm – Very slow afternoon.  James making dinner while Victor hangs out nearby. Corey outside.
  • 5:30pm – Victor has finished his slop-brownie creation and Corey approves.  The rest are still sleeping (other than James who is walking around)
    • Victor and Corey joking around about how useless the care package was this week
  • 6:00pm – Michelle is awake and cooking. Corey went upstairs to lay with Nicole for a bit. While I’m sure they’re talking about something very deep and thought provoking, I have decided to remain in the kitchen
  • 7:00pm – Nicole is awake. She had some of James’ extra cheese mac then relaxed for a bit and went inside. I’m guessing to poop.
  • 7:30pm – James has a chat with Michelle telling her again that he thinks she is safe. He is pretty sure Paul is going home
    • Meanwhile, Nicole thinks Corey is mad at her. He’s not. She is sitting at the table trying to figure it out
    • Oh and during the conversation with James, Michelle justified Nicole’s decision this week.  She said the first out should be Nicole because her brains
    • At one point during that, Michelle was alone and eating chips. I swear production messed with us because the volume was cranked. You can hear her lips smacking. Was pretty gross, even for me
  • 7:45pm – Nicole is outside by the hottub trying to figure out what Corey is mad at
    • Time for a break, so I don’t listen to Nicole pesture Corey for the next hour or two
  • 10:00pm – Victor and James are playing pool. Nicole getting ready for a DR session
    • victor2
    • I know it’s hard to ask here since you probably can’t see it, but has any experienced an issue connecting to the site today?
    • I see a bunch of people are, hopefully I can have the issue resolved by tomorrow.  Sorry for any issues.
  • 11:45pm – James is outside reassuring Natalie and Michelle once again that Michelle is safe and he’s been right 98% of the time this season

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