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Monday Feeds – America’s Nom And Veto Today



Happy Walking Dead hangover day!  What an episode. I have read all the comics, played almost all the games, and even read the novel series about the governor, and I will say last night was the biggest mental beatdown I’ve seen in the series. Not from a fan point of view (although that was big as well), but without getting into spoilers, they were actually able to capture the essence of Negan even better than the comics. Reminder, many people DVR the show and don’t get to watch it for a day or two, so please please please no spoilers in the comment section.

On to BB.

It’s a pretty big day in the house, because not only is it the very important veto competition, but we’ll get a major indicator of which direction the viewers are leaning with the nomination vote. We will certainly get a better idea of who is going home in a few hours, and possibly the direction for the rest of the season.  Will Neeley go on the block and show the house that viewers are not so ‘Team LNJ’, or will it be Shelby or Whitney which will show the opposite?


The veto will also be important because if Neeley is nominated and she or Kryssie wins PoV, that guarantees Scott or Morgan will leave.  If Scott wins PoV, and say Shelby is nominated by America, that nearly guarantees a block of Morgan, Whitney, and Shelby. The house can swing in either direction, which is rare to see from one nom and one veto comp.

Time for some updates to see what happens:

  • 9:45am – The house is awake because the nomination reveal should be around 10am (I think) along with picking players for the veto
  • 10:00am – Jason is in bed doing some camtalking.
    • He is saying how weird the girls are. They’re like a school of fish.  He thinks Shelby should be nominated because she’s a ‘terrible person’
    • ‘She’s about as deep as an oil puddle at a gas station’… ok
    • jason-venting
  • Ok, veto pick and America’s Nom!
    • Neeley was selected as the 3rd nom
    • neeley-3rdnom
    • This means she will be playing in the veto.  Here are the players:
    • Morgan, Scott, Neeley, Kryssie,
    • And just before they draw, the house calls for Alex to sing happy birthday to Kryssie to break a nice awkward moment  (similar to when Paul had to do his secret service stuff at veto. Love it)
    • alex-happybirthday
    • And now the final 2…. Justin + Shelby (Scott’s pick)
  • 10:10am – I kind of feel bad for Neeley. While she is a major hypocrite, I think this message was to Kryssie and/or Danielle and she’s collateral damage
    • Jason goes into the London room and begins trashing Shelby  “what is America watching?”
    • Danielle’s logic is that we left Shelby off the block so she can be the replacement nom
    • Jason “She’s an anorexic gold digger”
    • He is trashing her because she is picky with guys.  He keeps bringing up how Shelby talked about how she only dates good looking and rich guys.  Yes, Shelby’s personal dating life is equal to the horrible behavior of the LNJ
    • Jason “She’s a prostitute posing as a waitress”
  • 10:20am – I need to do homework, but listening to Jason rant and cry is comedy gold
  • 10:40am – Jason says Shelby was cast because she is an “argumentative c*nt” … Ok then
  • 10:50am – Well, I need to do some homework.  Veto comp is in 2 hours, so I’ll be back before that
    • Before I go, here is the ‘Vote Neeley’ dance that the girls are giving America
    • alex-shelby
    • Alex raps “We know you hate Scott, but we need you to vote Neeley”  Better work on the rapping.
  • 12:45pm – I am back, as the veto is in 15 minutes!  I am in the process of writing a story for my creative fiction class. It is Big Brother themed.
  • 12:55pm – It’s going to be a long comp. They are going individually into the backyard to compete against a time. These type of comps during the regular season take a few hours, but I doubt it will take that long because the comp likely won’t be as elaborate.
  • 1:25pm – So, I was waiting in hopes that we can actually watch the comp, but we’re stuck watching Alex, Jason, Whitney and Dani in the HoH room while the others do the comp.  I guess we won’t get results until the comp is over
  • 1:30pm – Yay, we get to watch the competition. It’s called the ‘Wall of Shame’.  They need to answer questions and scale a wall
    • morgan-comp
    • They have to stay on the wall while answering the questions. If they fall off the wall, they get a 3 minute penalty.  Tons more rules, but each person gets 30 minutes to do it
    • competition
    • First question so you can play at home “In Shane’s shameful performance in ‘Live by the Sword’, only ____ houseguests were eliminated before him”
    • Second question “Monte’s shameful performance in the Big Brother house got him America’s Nominee on this day”
    • Third question “Cornbread’s shameful performance in the BB house earned him this many votes to evict”
    • Morgan is failing big time.  She keeps changing the second one but she also has the third one wrong. she put 10 votes
  • 2:00pm – Neeley’s turn
    • Timer started at 2:03pm and change
    • It’s 2:12 and she hasn’t even rang the bell. She has one wrong answer up there, and is on the way to post the third question. Dropped it, got a 3 minute penalty
    • 2:19 and she is still wrong.
    • 2:23pm she is done
  • 2:45pm – Kryssie’s turn finally
    • Beginning time: 2:46:19pm 
    • Kryssie had a fall and she’s already at 8 minutes, and has a wrong answer. She’s out
    • Kryssie isn’t doing very well.
    • She is bleeding and wants to forfeit
    • kryssie-bleeding
    • She is quitting. She said she’s going to stand there until 30 minutes up
  • 3:35pm – The blood has been hosed off the wall, and it’s Shelby’s turn
    • Official start time: 3:36:12pm
    • It’s 4+ minutes in and Shelby has the 2nd one wrong. She is going for the 3rd one now.  Morgan crushed this comp, even getting it wrong like 3x
    • End time: 3:48:30pm
  • 4:04pm – Scott’s turn
    • Official start time: 4:05:40pm
    • Final time: 4:14:30
    • More wounds… yet somehow did it in less than 42 minutes
    • scott-wounds
  • 4:26pm – Justin’s turn
    • Official start time: 4:28:58
    • He is as fast as Morgan. He’s easily winning if he has the questions right
    • Justin’s out of it. He has no clue on the first 2 questions
    • Morgan is going to win the PoV barring any weird penalty time they may give her (not sure why they would)
    • Justin just doesn’t know the answers. He basically gives up after trying like 20 different combinations.  So he then starts playing with the buzzer. He’s hilarious
  • Un-official Times:
    • Morgan: 8:36
    • Scott: 8:50
    • Shelby: 12:20
    • Neeley: 26:14 (includes falls)
    • Kryssie: 42:00 (includes falls)
  • 5:15pm – Scott is losing his mind in the yoga room. He keeps yelling to the camera because he thinks he won, so he’s pumped.
    • scott-crazy
  • 5:30pm – Here we go….
    • Justin – Disqualified
    • Scott: 8:51
    • Shelby: 12:18
    • Kryssie: Disqualified
    • Neeley: 26:15
    • Morgan: 8:35

I’m closing this thread.  I will probably start a new one after dinner later.  Kryssie is going to be fired up this week


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  1. Renee

    I’m probably in the minority when I say I don’t watch the Walking Dead, sorry. But, no worries about me giving spoilers 🙂 I am very anxious to see who America picks as the nomination this week!

  2. Helen

    Shelby girl….pull out this veto please!!!!!!!! I know you can do it!!!!!

  3. Avatar

    Steve I think I have PTSD from TWD last night. So did Neely lose her sh*t when she came up?

  4. Helen

    Neely is not trippin she says….if Shelby can pull out this veto and she takes Scott down will she then start trippin? Or if Scott and Morgan win and not use veto will Neely start trippin?
    Let’s have the veto be…….the value of pi. Lmao

  5. Avatar

    Jason’s such a slime ball. Yes I voted for him to come back in the house over Jozea because he was the lesser of two evils. He needs to go back to his mom’s basement and live with the other rats. At least Shelby has done something with her life. With her attitude and strategizing she will make a great lawyer.

  6. Mell

    Jason said a few minutes ago that they weren’t being filmed right now and people weren’t hearing him call Shelby names. Jason, more than the rest has surprised me at how confused they still seem to be over the concept. The voting, episodes and ceremony times have taken a bit to get familiar with. ( I’ve had Steve and Caryn so I’m lazy about it) It’s been quite a few things to keep up with for us, not the hg’s. What is so hard about remembering 1 thing. Everything is shown 24/7. I’ve heard them wonder if certain moments will “make the episode.” Nothing can make the episode if there isn’t footage to begin with. This has nothing to do with today’s nomination. It just still fascinates me how confused they are and almost all of them have made similar comments.

  7. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Yes, Steve, I think Neeley is largely collateral damage– I know I would much rather have gone after Krustie or Danielle this week if I could have. But I also don’t feel bad for Neeley at all, because she was running her mouth more than anyone after Krustie won HOH and never stopped to consider that she was not 100% safe (she also never stopped to consider how hypocritical all her gloating was). Her entire crew needed this wake up call, and if Neeley has to be the vessel through which we send this message, so be it.

  8. Helen

    I just can’t listen to them anymore!! Hey production…ya wanna let these fools know we see and hear pretty much everything they do!!!!!
    Krustie….no matter what happens this week your next on my little list!!!(that’s just today though. It could change. Lol)

    • AIO_7

      Krustie and Gayson are talking about cumming in Shelby’s face.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        and “shitting in their throats”… Yet some people can’t understand why the LNJ are so reviled…

      • LindsayB

        Right?? Those people though never actually acknowledge anything they LNC/J does. They know there is no defense for their nastiness. Again, it’s not necessarily that I love the BS it’s more that I am so very against LNC.

      • caRyn

        What people, LindsayB?

      • LindsayB

        Gia, Princeton, and Come on Now are the ones that come to mind.

      • LindsayB

        I have no issue with those who like LNC/J. I like to see other points of view and can often times learn from them. My issue comes when me, anyone else, or this site is insulted for not preferring BS.

      • LindsayB

        For preferring BS, not for not preferring BS.

        Autocorrect has been on a special form of crack since the last iPhone update.

      • caRyn

        So not the hg. Gotcha. When I first got on this site someone commenting said something that had nothing to do with the BB game. It basically was about the race of the hg. I got sucked into commenting back. My fault. Then someone else that comments here said don’t waste your time. Ignore it. They were right and I hated that I even commented in return and gave that person a second of my time. From then on, I read every comment and I like every comment (that is how I know I have read them all) even if I disagree. I don’t engage and I have noticed that when I am not on the defense or putting someone in their place I am better off. Time is a commodity.

      • LindsayB

        Very valid. I don’t devote that much time or energy into getting riled up about any of this. I find it fun to combat emotional rants with facts. I was just a voyeur on here for a long time and just now decided to start commenting this season. I love the insight and opinions that most people have on here.

      • caRyn

        I like it here also. What I have noticed is “those people” drift away.

  9. Avatar

    #I agree, nevercared. Krusty makes me sick. Jason why are u back again? Living in moms basement has made u bitter. Daniel please wake the hell up you lazy ass. This game stinks, and to think I’m paying their prize money. Krusty go take a bath before veto I can smell your ass from here. PLEASE BB, Buy her some clothes that fit in the plus size section.

    • Avatar

      Just finished watching live veto. Love him or hate him, Scott played his butt off. now that’s what I’m talking about real sportsmanship. Congratulations to Morgan she did a great job. I hope they show how Krusty applied herself so hard. I get it she’s overweight but to cry about how much blood was coming out of her hands was ridiculous. And if I have to hear about her monthly cycle one more time I am going to puke. Please send her some clothes I am going to start a GoFundMe account. if production took her good clothes she have Shelby’s by mistake. Good job toNeely, and Shelby. JUSTIN, where is your mind at that was pitiful

    • Avatar

      NEVER CARED!!!

  10. Avatar

    WOOT WOOT! Good job on getting Neeley nommed, y’all! Now if somehow Shelby or at least one of them can beat Krusty and aunt grandma Neeley! I’m so nervous about the comp! I can’t believe how awful Jason’s ranting was and is since he’s still going on. I absolutely can not wait for Shelby to let them know she didn’t spend all summer looking for rich guys, but instead, passing the bar and is now an attorney! What Jason has been saying is just unbelieveable. Can they really not see why we don’t like them? Seriously? If they would shut their mouths for 1 min and stop worrying about everyone else and worry about themselves, maybe they could strategize some game and try to save themselves. I seriously doubt that will happen tho. Let’s go BS, get that veto and seal it up!

    • Helen

      That’s what Jason and the rest don’t seem to grasp! They,for some reason,think we are just being shown select footage? You would think someone in production would remind them uhhh nooo ,we are seeing all of you in your true form!! Not what you think we want to see , we see what you really are!! And some of you ain’t too pretty!!

  11. Avatar

    I almost want to get Jason out next. He’s really letting Shelby have it.

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      He’s DISGUSTING, I cannot even believe some of the things that have come out of his mouth in the past hour. I hope the viewers have officially gotten over their nostalgia and can see this jerk for the nasty person he is showing himself to be.

      • Helen

        Was over him the minute viewers voted in his nasty mouth!! Cussing is one thing, the degrading,vile and downright hostility he shows with his ignorance is something totally unacceptable!

      • Mell

        Gerardo, I didn’t dislike Jason going into this season (I wouldnt say I was a fan either) but I’m on the verge of preferring Krissi over him and I can’t take Krissi anymore than you guys! It’s a sad day when I want Krissi over anybody. I feel bad for his childhood and things he’s had to endure but there’s no excuse for this behavior in life or a game.

  12. AIO_7

    I must confess, I’m lusting in my heart a little bit seeing Alex in the maid uniform.

  13. Avatar

    Way to go in getting Neeley OTB!!! Made my day!! Now to just vote her hateful self out the door!!

  14. Helen

    Does Scott not realize if he wins and takes himself down Shelby will go up in his place? Hope Scott does not win!!!!!!

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      Alex and Shelby were discussing earlier that the best case scenario is obviously that Shelby wins and takes Scott down, since Scott seems to be the most disliked member of their alliance (and would be more likely to get America’s Eviction Vote over Neeley). However, they also felt that if Scott wins and Shelby goes up in his place, there’s still a good chance that Neeley would go home. They realize that Shelby must not be as hated by America as the LNJ thinks, otherwise we would’ve nominated her this week instead of Neeley (or any other week for that matter). They’re ready to take a big risk this week so they can try to get Neeley out.

      • Helen

        Oh okay. That does make sense in a scary sort of way!! I don’t think I can watch veto today!! If it turns out ok I’ll go back and watch otherwise I’ll probably throw up!!

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        I know right? I’m so anxious about the Veto comp, and just ready to get it over with! Hopefully it’s the type of Veto comp where Scott could throw it to Shelby if it comes down to those two at the end. Otherwise, the most important thing will be that Krustie and Neeley DON’T win.

      • Mell

        It seems like Shelby got alot of votes but I think Neeley will go home if it’s tied. It wasn’t enough to change the nomination so I don’t thinks it’s enough to get her evicted. You never know, DaVonne had her twitter followers voting for Shelby and apparently Shelby ticked off Rachel Riley and she did the same thing. That’s alot of votes.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        Oh Da’Vonne get a damn life! Your friend Jason is an a-hole, and you suck at Big Brother!! Deal with it!

        (As you can probably tell, I’m still not over Da’ voting for Nicole over Paul to win BB18 lol).

      • Mell

        Gerardo, I already know.

      • Helen

        Well Paul likes Shelby so maybe he can get his followers to vote Neely. He’s got lots of twitter and instagram followers!

  15. Mell

    Has the comp already started ? Are they not showing it since its individual?

  16. Shivani33

    Jason has said that he’s not enjoying the group of players this time as much as his friends from his first game. How come he doesn’t change up his own game and deal with it? He isn’t chained to the couch or to any other people. He’s talking like a miserable, lost cause and repeating the weaknesses that helped to evict him in Season 17. The main difference is that it’s taking longer. And what rationale could he have for verbalizing out of a cesspool of snark? How is this helping him to get ahead? The short answer: it isn’t. I was hoping that he’d set himself up a lot better than this. Instead, he’s going down the rabbit hole. It’s getting monotonous. Put on your big boy pants or don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Metaphorically, he’s down to his last few cigarettes.

  17. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    So it’s a wall comp, similar to the one Victor dominated last season. The Veto contestants will have to figure out the correct number corresponding to an event that happened to one of the first three evicted HGs (Cornbread, Monte, Shane) and scale the wall to place the correct number next to the evicted HGs’ pictures. Morgan seems to really be struggling. Who do you think will have the edge in this comp?

    • Helen

      Justin probably. Maybe Neely

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      Neeley seems to be really struggling physically, a lot more than Morgan did, and she also just got a penalty for dropping her number and touching the ground to pick it up. Morgan messed up the numbers a couple of times and had to try again, but so far it looks like Morgan will beat her easily.

      This is a tough one, I’m not really sure who will take this comp. I could see Scott potentially doing well, but it’s hard to tell because the physical part of the comp seems to be giving the HGs a lot of trouble. If Justin or Shelby remember the numbers well enough, I could see them also having a shot at winning (Justin, of course, may just throw the comp altogether if he was being honest earlier about not wanting to win).

  18. caRyn

    We couldn’t vote Danielle or Kryssie OTB and at the time we voted Neeley was the choice for me. I hope she does leave this week but that still leaves Danielle and Kryssie. Targets are available.
    Also, I will say that what Shelby is doing is working. Playing dumb and pretending to be a tag along. She has upset Jason with her “acting” that Jason has now made himself a target.

  19. Helen

    Well Neely out for sure!! Yeah!!!!!!!

  20. Mell

    Do you think if they do the face morph comp and combine Alex and Morgan’s faces, hg’s will stand there waiting for the morph to appear without realizing it already did? Lol

  21. caRyn

    This wasn’t today…Justin had me laughing so hard when he wanted to get Jason’s attention to talk because he had game related information for Jason. Justin had information for Jason, but Jason had information for Justin too. Jason told Justin about Danielle and Neeley coming for him (Jason). Justin and Jason didn’t have time to talk at the time. The information Justin heard upset Justin so much that Justin went to do “his” damage control by immediately talking to Scott and then Alex. Justin couldn’t pause and instead went fast forward on his own. Justin put himself and Jason at risk but he really wanted to protect Jason. It was entertaining watching Justin. If this situation was a lot for Justin, imagine Justin later when the game gets turned up.

  22. caRyn

    Kryssie needs to weaponize to win this comp.

  23. Avatar

    Question for all you that go on other blog sites….Do they call the hg names like we do like Krusti Gayson?

    • Mell

      Yes and sometimes they come up with the same ones. Commenter on some blogs are horrible. They will wish people would die. They look up info on players relatives and harass them on social media. When they just stick with the silly insulting names, it’s funny.

      • LindsayB

        That’s crazy!! One of the reasons I choose to just look at this site is I didn’t care for how personal people got on the other ones.

  24. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Krustie’s done for in the comp. She’s struggling much less than Neeley physically, but she’s definitely not on track to beat Morgan’s time (especially since she just got a 3 minute penalty).

  25. LindsayB

    Listening to Krusti huff and puff trying to do this comp is hilarious. She’s gonna have an extra layer of stinky crusty sweat on her ass now. Ew.

    • Avatar

      Funny thing is she wanted this HOH so bad but then she gets this comp she can’t do cause her hands are bleeding.

      • LindsayB

        Yup. She got herself a little ouchie and is complaining up a storm. The camera keeps zooming in to see her “bleeding everywhere” and there’s nothing to see. Once she realized she’s a worthless piece of crap, she decided to just quit.

  26. Helen

    Are they just throwing this? Weird. Maybe counting on Justin?

  27. Avatar

    Do you all think Krusti would actually quit and walk out? I don’t think we could be that lucky.

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      Honestly, I’m just upset that creature won HOH this week. It should be HER up there on the block this week instead of Neeley. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still voting Neeley out, but I at least respect Neeley for trying her hardest today. Neeley was struggling right from the beginning but she fought through it for over 20 minutes and finished. This spoiled brat Krustie does NOT deserve to be in the BB house.

  28. caRyn

    Kryssie: BB you will need to clean this wall because of all the blood. She goes to the Have-Not room and says…Why am I here?

  29. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Looks like Morgan’s time is going to hold up against Shelby too. She’s struggling a lot and she has the answer about Monte incorrect.

  30. LindsayB

    Shelby just had to put some band aids on her hands too. Didn’t hear one single complaint from her though. Nor is she pitching a fit or crying into a pillow. I was on the phone during her turn at the comp so if she did any complaining there I missed it.

  31. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Scott is KILLING it so far, but he keeps almost dropping his tiles. It’s so funny listening to him talk to himself and grunt as he climbs the wall.

  32. LindsayB

    Scott’s going now. He’s struggling and his hands hurt. Instead of getting negative and pouty, he’s choosing to give himself motivational speeches. It’s kind of hard to watch him but at the same time I like the pep talks he’s giving himself. It’s the right kind of attitude to have.

  33. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Man after watching this Veto unfold, I am SUPER impressed with Morgan. Can you imagine what her time would have been if she’d remembered the numbers as well as Scott did (Scott got them all right on the first try)??

  34. Avatar

    Looks like Scott has it

  35. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Just as I suspected, Justin is destroying the wall part of the competition, but has no idea about any of the numbers lol. This Veto is all Morgan’s.

  36. Don

    Justin can we call a friend lol. He is fun to watch

  37. Helen

    But I don’t think Morgan is going to use it on Scott. Maybe on herself or neely

  38. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    OMG Justin is killing me LOL. He’s giving shout-outs to everyone since he can’t figure out the answers– New Orleans, his parents, his siblings, his bulldog, CBS (“thank you for giving me this opportunity baby!”)… Then he just started hitting the buzzer again (without changing his answers) to see if maybe somehow they were correct now (they weren’t). He is hilarious.

    • Mell

      Justin’s the best! I don’t think he was throwing it. Those are the kinds of details he doesn’t bother with. I hope he starts to. Ca you imagine how fast he would have been if he had realized he didn’t have to hang onto the numbers?

  39. LindsayB

    Oh my god. Scott rapping while waiting for the results. He’s so special.

  40. Helen

    So what does everyone think is morgans smartest move with this veto?

    • LindsayB

      For herself, she should use it. No matter how safe people say you are, things could change in an instant. Especially since America is pretty much a HG. To have the POV and leave yourself OTB is dumb.

      For me, I don’t want her to use it because I don’t want Shelby to go up.

      It depends on who’s perspective you look from. I don’t want her to use it but will think she’s an idiot if she doesn’t use it on herself.

    • Mell

      I can’t beleive Alex is trying to get her to use it on Scott. That’s stupid!

  41. Avatar

    I missed most of the POV comp. Is there any site to go back at watch Krusty, Nelllie and Scott?

  42. LindsayB


    Krusti is complaining about everything.

    That is all.

  43. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Krustie is amazing. She’s already making excuses for why she’s going to be America’s Nominee next week. She’s saying it’s because anyone watching the feeds during the Veto comp today is going to be upset with her and feel like she doesn’t deserve to be in the BB house. Its true Krustie that you don’t deserve to be in the BB house, but we’ve despised you all along and would’ve voted for you anyway.

    She also told the LNJ that her hands were bleeding so much that it looked like Stigmata. It’s as if this Kreature lives in some alternate universe.

  44. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Oh boy, Scott and Danielle are going at it in the kitchen! Scott told the Plastics earlier that he was going to antagonize Danielle for the rest of the week because he knows America hates her, so maybe if he screws with her all week America will vote to save him! You got that right Scott!!!

  45. Avatar

    OMG Scott standing behind Danielle shaking his shaker thing he is cracking me up

  46. Mell

    I’m not sure what Scott thinks he will accomplish with this Evel dick plan he has to get America to like him. He’s right that we don’t like Danielle but he needs to remember that he’s been on slop twice. I didn’t just get on the Scott train and have liked him almost from the start but this could backfire. If America had voted in season 8, there’s a good chance Dick would have lost. A lot of people still don’t like Scott and it’s not a given that Neeley gets more votes than him. He needs to chill and ride the wave he created this afternoon on the feeds.

    There seems to be quite a few “Misfit” fans who have been moving over to the other side but if BS keep laughing and encouraging Scott, it won’t make them look good. The unnecessary smack talk from LNC has caused a lot of that shift in fans so this isn’t a good time for them to lose the advantage of being seen as the game focused and polite side of the house… not while so many voters are on the fence before a possible close vote.

  47. Avatar

    How do you think Morgan and maybe Whitney (if she isn’t the replacement nom) will vote? Will they go back on what they promised cry-a**ie? Will they 1/2 go back on the promise? Not put her up but also not vote to keep Neeley. They need to have some faith in us. Neeley was the first hn. They want to see if they can turn Justin. He will do what Jason tells him to.

  48. Avatar

    Omgosh, yalllllll! That veto comp was great! I just have to say I am in love with Scott! He brings it!!! Lol! I swear this boy has the biggest heart of all the people in the house! I hope every person in the LNC go back and watch and feel so stupid. Just look at the results of the comp. The BS were top 3 and the LNC were bottom 3. Maybe if these mean people would start studying, strategizing and talking game instead of insulting, trashing people and looking horrible with all their time, they could win a comp. Should I even start with ole Krustys performance! Ahhhhahahahaha! She’s bleeding to death but didn’t have a drop of blood! I swear I died watching her! Idk, has anyone ever just quit in the middle of a comp and said DQ me and then demand they put the fish on the screen? Like, wtf? Then she just stood there. Didn’t try one bit, just stood there asking for help in awkward silence lol! That was the best thing I’ve seen all season! Sorry not sorry. That’s what they get for the way they pile up farting and trashing people in ALL of their spare time. Sorry I wasn’t here to chat with y’all, I couldn’t leave the feeds. Remember NEELEY FOR EVICTION VOTE!

  49. Helen

    Oh my. Krustie just told her crew she could have finished that comp in 9 minutes with penalties if she had just known that cornbread one!! What universe is she living in?

  50. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Danielle said she CANNOT live in the same house with Scott for another week… Is that a promise Danielle? If so, then we will DEFINITELY keep Scott!!!

  51. Helen

    I knew it. Danielle and Krustie are going to try to get Morgan to use veto on Neely. If she does I think it’s probably the dumbest move ever and I will vote Morgan on slop and for eviction!

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      Morgan would be destroying her own game if she did that IMO. She would lose the trust of her closest allies (even her sister wants Scott to stay), she would become one of America’s biggest targets, and she would be at the bottom of the totem pole with the other alliance. Hopefully Morgan is smart enough to not even consider that silly move.

      • Helen

        Now she is going to put Shelby up with Scott. That actually might work!! Justin flat told her earlier this week if Shelby was up he would vote her out….that’s one vote Shelby
        Jason and Danielle would vote probably Scott. The 3 girls vote Neely and hopefully America pulls through and votes Neely.

      • Shivani33

        And her new name might be Marcellas.

    • Avatar

      She won’t! Alex will never let her do that. These girls know what to do.

      • Avatar

        I am actually worried that Cry-a**ie will get Whitney to vote out Scott. Neeley is going to work on Morgan. Im not sure Whitney will stay strong if offered safety. If Whitney gives in then we also lose Morgan. How will they feel after if we do end up voting Neeley?

    • Mell

      That’s a stupid plan. They should pressure and remind her that she told them she would vote Krissi’s way. That was the deal they made. I’m not saying Morgan would stick to it but making her think she’s going to put a target on her back for going back on the deal is the only leverage they have. They should be pointing out that it’s worse if America evicts Scott anyway and she would have gone back on her deal for nothing.

  52. Avatar

    Please Lord just let the girls stick together and vote Neeley and then America vote for her!!!!

  53. Avatar

    I started of disliking Scott since the start of the season bust since the house turn on him he had to be making his moves and fighting for safety. His very loyal and everything he does is for his closes allies. Even though he didn’t win he show a lot of heart and he never backs down. I actualy started to like Scott and want to see him stick around longer. I hope the girls stay strong on Neely because she will get my vote. Let see how they act when they lose an allied during there HOH and how long they complain

  54. Mell

    If I was in BS alliance, I would go after Alex first when they start to turn on each other. She got Shelby to volunteer to be a pawn, she told their entire group that Whitney should go if they can’t get Neeley and threw in some extra “Whitney could win the game” for good measure and has tried to get Morgan to use the veto on Scott and be otb like a sitting duck. Alex didn’t even want to play in the veto but she thinks Morgan should gamble with the block. She supported Scott doing something this evening that may hurt him with voters and wants Whitney to be an actress to get Justins vote just so they can evict him next. Everyone else is doing the dirty work and taking the risks.
    She gets a little cocky too. LNC isn’t the only side making assumptions about America. In 2 days she went from begging us to help her to being positive Neeley is the one who would go up today. She’s positive now that Neeley is the one we will vote out. Even using their system of have nots and noms to guess, Scott has been a HN twice and she had no way of knowing that he wasn’t our first choice to nominate over Neeley. Like LNC, she has decided so therefore it is.

  55. Shivani33

    Krustie has commanded Justin to vote out Scott. I think she knows that having Whitney as a replacement nom increases her odds for Scott’s eviction. If there’s a tie vote by the house, which looks likely, America will be the deciding vote, and probably Neeley will be a goner. Lol at this meaning that Scott will have been the only HoH yet to have a successful run at it.

    • Helen

      Except she has decided to put up Shelby instead of Whitney

      • Shivani33

        @Helen Oh my goodness! I didn’t know that.It seems like a dumb idea for Krustie’s agenda.

      • Mell

        That may be as dumb as thinking they can get Morgan to use the veto on Neeley. They’ll do that for a vote (Whitneys) that won’t matter. Voters could send Scott out over Neeley but probably not Shelby. Morgan would also rather keep Neeley over Scott. I don’t know if she’ll win the power struggle with Alex but that’s her preference.

      • Helen

        Yes they (Krustie and crew) have decided that Whitney is probably a better chance to vote with them rather than Shelby! To me it just puts a bigger risk of her crew splitting the vote between Scott and Shelby because both are equally hated by LNC which in my opinion increases the risk(for them) of Neely going home.
        But no one ever said the current HOH had any active brain cells

  56. Mell

    Jason says he’s disturbed because this isn’t CBS America. This is live feedster America. He said shortly after Neeley was nominated “America is more petty than we are.”

    That’s funny even if you don’t like him. I don’t like Krissi at all but she had the best nomination speech so far. Too bad they can’t be like that most of the time and nasty just here and there.

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