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Monday Night Feed Updates – A House Divided

Good evening, everyone! It’s Monday night in the Big Brother house and it’s surprisingly a lot calmer than expected.


The reason that it is calm is because The Hive is in the dark with how things actually are in the house (hold your shock!). When the feeds returned from the veto meeting, Rockstar and Kaycee both looked upset, but when the two finally talked to each other, RS spoke to KC like KC was the one going home this week. Rock actually thinks she has the votes to stay and is so confident about it that she’s already telling Kaycee how she’s sad that KC has to leave. Seriously.

Don’t get me wrong, I completely understand Rockstar having some confidence right now. She still doesn’t know who the hacker is and if a vote will be canceled (it will), and she thinks she has Sam on her side because they’re friends. I’m sure Rock really believes that she has Scottie, Fessy, Sam, and JC locked down which gives her the votes to stay regardless of the hacker. Even if the hacker strikes, she thinks she has a tie and Haleigh will obviously break it in her favor.

What Rock doesn’t really know is that Sam still appears to be loyal to Tyler and also believes she gave Kaycee a pinky promise at one point – and we all know how Sam is with pinky promises. On top of that, JC is just about done with RS and has been extremely close with Kaycee from the start. Even Rock admits those two have the ‘lgtb connection’ so it’s still a bit surprising that she is counting on JC’s vote as much as she is. At least enough to tell Kaycee that she wishes KC didn’t have to leave this week.


If the vote happened tonight, RS would be leaving by a vote of 5-1 which is going to slap her in the face pretty hard. The only thing RS has going for her at this point is that evicting her would shift the balance of power to a point that cannot be changed unless they run a stretch of HoH wins and have no more twists. Seeing as Rock thinks she’s already in the power alliance, she’s definitely not going to push that angle. She’s going to basically beg and plead all week and pretend she somehow deserves the money more than KC because she is the only poor person in the house (I don’t know if that’s actually the case, but she’s the only one who openly talks about how broke she is on a daily basis).

Now, before I begin my feed updates tonight, I do want to share a tweet from the production leak:

(there are more replies regarding how mental health status works in the house if you go to that twitter page)


I probably would have opened with that discussion, but I noticed the tweet just before I finished talking about Rock. Oops


  • 4:30 pm – The house is either eating or tanning right now. Slow period
  • 5:00 pm – Brett and Haleigh are up in the HoH room talking
    • Haleigh is pushing for Rockstar to ‘catch a break’ .. alright
    • She said by the way she’s been nominated, you’d think she was a competition beast (or because she’s been a pawn)
  • Note – There was a massive response about the cruelty-free skin care products my wife sells. Samples have been sent out but she’s trying to reach a goal today so if you want to buy something, these are great products you can get here
    • Back to BB – Haleigh says that KC is PISSED. Fuming!  She is pissed because she is just floating by this season and is now the target
    • I absolutely hate Brett’s goodbye messages. He pisses me off so much. I think he took his lemons and not only made some lemonade but a damn lemon meringue pie with it but is working to throw it away with snarky goodbye messages. I fully expect him to shit on RS this week which means he’ll have pissed off the first two jury members despite playing a phenomal social game this season. Dumb.
    • RS comes up and the chat stops. She is sulking on the bed while Brett listens to music. Haleigh is off doing Haleigh things
  • 5:20 pm – RS and Haleigh are up in the HoH room alone
    • Rockstar is counting on Brett’s vote lol
    • They only need JC or Scottie but it would be cool to have both – lol
    • RS mentions how KC and JC are the only non-straight people in the house. Haleigh says JC doesn’t care about that (which is probably true. I don’t think that will make a difference on his vote)
    • Haleigh is shocked that Kaycee is pissed
    • RS had a one-on-one with Kaycee for no other reason than to help her… RS – stop helping your opponents
    • Rock is pissed that Angela got away so comfortably again.  Angela is the new Brett
    • Haleigh thinks Tyler completely screwed his game up
    • RS says that Tyler follows around pretty girls like a puppy, so he’s stupid… but she’s not even that pretty (she follows)
    • RS asks why Haleigh canceled Tyler’s vote – Tyler is in her head.  She asks who should she have and RS said herself
  • 5:45 pm – RS comes up to Sam and tells her to tell people she’s voting to keep RS
    • I guess RS told Sam to tell her otherwise. We’ll see if Sam changes her stance with Tyler the next time they talk
  • 6:45 pm – Outside, Angela, JC, and Tyler are talking
    • JC is making fun of Tyler for knowing gay shows he didn’t even know of (Queer Eye)
    • JC thinks Tyler is so gay
    • JC jokes that the twist is actually he is straight and Tyler is gay. JC said he’d believe that
  • 9:00 pm – The biggest story out of the last hour or so was the house not knowing who Nancy Kerrigan was and made me feel old. Oh, and The Hive still overconfident about RS staying

Check back for updates



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  1. kneeless

    I see HaHo is eating her dinner, nails with a side of cuticles. Now she just said, “I need to quit biting my nails!”

    • ElaineB

      All the people that say Hay is pretty, I just don’t see it. Maybe it is because I see her constantly chewing at her fingers, or her face in awkward expressions.

      • leafhopper

        At some point what is on the inside shows more than what is one the outside. I remember my Grandmother telling me to “stop being so ugly” referring to how I acted toward someone…. I believe that may be what is showing.

      • Colby

        I do think she is pretty, on the outside not the inside. But I try to remember she is young.
        The one that some find attractive that I don’t see at all is RS.
        I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

      • Jay H

        I think she’s very physically attractive…if you’re gonna split hairs, I don’t love her moles on her forehead, but she’s incredibly immature, not very bright, and has poor awareness. She’s also in her early 20’s. Hopefully she can grow out of some of those negative qualities.

      • Jay H

        RS is kind of repulsive, but it’s the personality that adds to that for me. Similar to the lying wacko/go fund me/dying chick from last year. Despised even looking at her toward the end of the season. You know, the one who masterminded the game with Paul and had an inverted spine…

      • danmtruth

        she could join RS and start chewing her toe nails

      • Alda

        I think she is a very attractive young woman.

    • Ann

      What is RS having for dinner? Toejam with a side of toenails maybe…..Lol

  2. Helen

    Brett is spending way too much time with Hayleigh…has he been bitten by the “smitten” bug?

  3. Mel

    I wonder why they waited days after Sam’s meltdown to have her talk to a doctor.

  4. hogwild

    I’m about ready to take a break from BB till the final three to see which combination of Tyler, Angela, or KC makes to the finals that sure seems to be where this heading TGTCSS is unlikely to change this without some twist from production and even then i don’t think they could.

    • Avatar

      I would bet all the money I have that they won’t be final 3. All that needs to happen is for Scotty/fess/Hay to win one HOH and Tyler/ang on the block. Game is far from over. Sam/JC/Scotty will prob be 2 of the final 3 unless Sam self evicts

      • hogwild

        If Scottie were to win an HOH he could shake the game up Hay might win one again but she listens to Fess that always ends in disaster if by some miracle Fess won an HOH I think he might actually nominate himself to go on the block.

    • danmtruth

      It than gets interesting when team mates start to eat each other Also if anyone try to pick up a hive member to sneak into the finals with

  5. JD

    RS basically wants everyone to self evict or have the entire house makes sure she wins the money. As if nobody there wants to win the money. She’s basically saying keep me and let me win BB so I can have the money. Umm…yeah RS I’ll spend my summer locked in this house away from my life so that I can hand over the win. PPPFFFFTT! WHATEVER RS!

  6. Avatar


    OK.. Here is your nightmare for the next 2 days….
    Sam goes nuts again and self evicts herself. BB must then cancel the eviction ceremony…
    RS (who has come in 2nd what 3-4 times now) finally wins HOH…
    She then puts tyler and angela on the block.. even if 1 of them is pulled down she just puts another person from their side up…
    this would leave only 3 for L6 and 3 for the hive..
    TO ROCKSTARS DELIGHT she evicts tyler or angela out or hey maybe Brett…
    to me this would be fun to watch…

  7. Avatar

    Haleigh to Rockstar: I feel like everything’s going to be okay. I think it’s a mutual agreement right now that everyone thinks Kaycee is going home -Kayla08

    lol, she is in for a surprise come thursday

  8. ingodog

    Does Fessy have long underwear on under his shorts? What’s up with that, I live on a Island in the North Alantic ocean and we don’t were that in the summer time!

  9. goldie

    Why are 2 cameras on Scottie’s uneven nose holes. Maybe that is why his voice and giggle are so annoying. Something has gone wrong up in there! Did anyone notice the growth on Brett’s big top when he was laying in the HOH bed. Maybe it was the camera angle?

  10. Jay H

    This probably isn’t the exact thread to address this, but I was thinking that .5 million isn’t a big enough prize for this show anymore. It was 20 years ago, basically, when this was conceived. 1/2 mill is actually a little different than it was 20 years ago. Also with the advance of social media, these houseguests get scrutinized and raked through the coals. Way worse than a show like Survivor. Your every move is watched by hundreds of thousands of viewers. It also sounds like in the past few years, some of the contestants were recruited vs actually trying out. You know someone like Sam had no idea what she was getting into.
    Don’t get me wrong, 500K is a lot of dough, but Survivor is twice a year for a mill, and I couldn’t imagine how negatively you’d think of some of your favorite players on that show if you saw them 24 hours a day out there.
    Just a rant I’ve been thinking about the past few days…

    • goldie

      I agree and you know CBS makes a mint on B.B..

    • Mel

      That’s a good point. I’ve heard people say the prize should be the same as Survivor but not for the reasons you gave. It’s a very good point.

    • Alda

      It should be a million for each season.

    • ElaineB

      The show now lends itself to have HGs that are seeking their ’15 minutes’ post BB. Being on the show becomes name recognition, with career hopes, through social media. There is more recruiting to get specific types of people. I don’t know if more money for winnings is the answer. The formula itself has become different and discouraging since the inception.

      • Jay H

        That’s a great point. They seem to recruit people who want the recognition more Than taking home the grand prize. For years now, we’ve heard countless players talk about “just wanting to make it to jury” and how they can capitalize on appearances. Seems to take priority over actually winning.
        Still think it should be a full mill. The show is a cash cow and has to be fairly cheap to produce(compared to scripted shows). People can win just as much on Beat Shazam in a few hours of gaming.

    • caRyn

      Even though Paul didn’t win twice his business is booming because of being on BB. Sure, he had viewers that didn’t like him but look at how many viewers that did. BB was free publicity/advertisement for him and his company. Especially having the “friendship” season.

      • aka beachgirl

        I really liked Paul on his first season. He was funny and kept it fun. Friendship. Pablo. But last year… Not so much. The best part of last year‘s BB was Paul being number two for the second time. Loved it. Happy to hear his business is doing well.

      • caRyn

        I am a fan of Paul. I did like him better in his first season of BB with Victor and Baldwin. I had to warm up to him though. At first he was obnoxious and I wasn’t sure if I was going to like him. Then when he caught onto the BB game, in a snap, he got his act together and played hard. Like a pro. I was entertained that he didn’t win his second season but also felt bad for him too. It is what it is.

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  12. Avatar

    Just saw JC in a music video!!

  13. Sunny - fka Newbie 2017

    I’m one of the few who likes Sam and hope she goes far. I’m an introvert and being around people all day every day would make me act like her when she had her melt down. Maybe she’s the same? I hope that is all it is. I also think, that if she makes it to the final 2 that she might have a shot of winning against Angela or Tyler. But only if the jury is super bitter – Bayleigh, RockStar, Hayleigh, Fessy. Plus if she can play on the jury’s emotions and say something along the lines of – she played and wanted to get to know people, to be social, to not hurt anyone’s feelings, that sometimes BB is not all about the competitions and who wins the most but also the social part of it. Just my 2 cents anyway. I’ve been reading but first post this year.

    • Colby

      There are a lot of us that like Sam and have hoped for her to do well.
      But her behavior the last couple of weeks has been very concerning.

      • Sunny - fka Newbie 2017

        I don’t get the feeds but the little bit I saw on TV was concerning. I do know that if I’m tired and around too many people, I have gone bonkers. 12-14 hours of sleep and I’m good as new. She doesn’t seem the type that likes to sit around and do nothing and they do a lot of there.

    • Mel

      Glad you joined us Newbie

    • Sassy

      RS doesn’t like Sam and when Sam votes against her this week, she’s going to be very bitter!!

    • Jay H

      If Sam won, I could confidently say I’ve seen worse winners.

    • Helen

      I like Sam too..she does irritate me at times but all in all I like her..
      Sam had a rough few days…it was the first vote for her where she had to choose between voting someone out that she truly cared for and connected with vs another person she felt “got her” on a personal level vs going against the one person she felt so much loyalty to. For some it might be an easy decision…after all it’s a game..but Sam is a recruit who really did not understand or even like this part of it..
      In the end she chose to keep Bayleigh and I believe her when she said she couldn’t send her out with a unanimous vote.Add to the fact she has said she does not sleep well,has not had her “monthly” since sequester I too may have “lost” my mind for a time!

    • caRyn

      Newbie2017 – Welcome! This is a social experiment. We connect with hg for different reasons. You like who you like. That’s why there are so many different personalities in the BB house. Someone we can all vibe with in one way or the other.

  14. jimbo

    “I fully expect him to shit on RS this week which means he’ll have pissed off the first two jury members despite playing a phenomal social game this season. Dumb.”

    And THIS was the greatness of Dr Will, for those who didn’t see it. He was snarky and funny, ripped people to their faces, and also smart-assed them in the Final 2 ceremony — and still won! And, he did this with his whole alliance (Boogie and all) voted out early! Can Brett be Dr Will? I doubt it; it is why Dr Will was the best (and most fun) ever.

  15. Helen

    Haleigh tells Scottie and Rockstar they should bring Faysal, Brett, Sam and Scottie so they can face to face tell each other they are voting to keep Rockstar. Scottie suggests a house meeting where everyone has to state their vote

    Are these people even serious. I just can’t anymore

  16. Colby

    Scottie claiming to HaHo and RS that he has never heard the word immunization. I’m calling BS on that! But they believe him. MF must have the brain cell right now.

  17. Avatar

    they really think they have the votes to keep her, JC wont keep her, he knows the votes are going to send her out, you cant sway him by saying “everyone will keep her” JC knows Ty, Angela, Sam, and Brett are sending her home, and he will send RS home as well

    • Helen

      Sam was funny today going back to the dots in a cup…lol what nobody knows is they will be the same color…purple. For Crayonhead

      • Avatar

        do you think she will keep KC

      • Mel

        Yes, she lied to Tyler about her vote last week but she didn’t have as much time to process it. She didn’t realize they were voting out Bay until Thursday. I also think RS may annoy her with too much game talk. She told Tyler she was keeping KC but didn’t want everyone to know.

      • Helen

        Yes…she told Tyler today she was…that her loyalties are with KayCee and Tyler…she calls them her “babies”

      • Helen

        Mel..I don’t think she ever lied to Tyler…I don’t think she ever really gave him an answer

      • Sassy

        Sam was angry at Tyler for a bit. She’s super jealous of his relationship with Angela. She’s another fatal attraction, like Kaitlyn. He either attracts that type of woman or he has that effect on them. A few days ago, she wanted to curb stomp him. In the words of JC “that was terrifying”.

      • caRyn

        Earlier in the season Sam did tell Tyler she would always vote the way he wanted. When Sam voted to keep Bayleigh, Tyler asked Kaycee what was up with Sam’s vote.

  18. Mel

    That’s a good point. I’ve heard people say the prize should be the same as Survivor but not for the reasons you gave. It’s a very good point.

  19. Avatar

    isn’t JC fed up with RS

  20. dfdsgs

    What is the deal with Tyler and Angela? Didn’t she say she had a crush on him a week or so ago?

  21. Avatar

    people on other medias i.e. twiiter/youtube shit on this site, I dont respond as I am not gonna fuel that fire, I am on this side, the correct side

      • Avatar

        people on youtube/twitter say people on Junkies are POS/Dumbasses because we like L6

      • dfdsgs

        So they like FOUTTE/Hive?

      • Avatar

        yes, they think the HIVE is smart, and that they are awesome for wanting Tyler out, also calling any fan of L6 casuals… I am no casual, Hive is just unlikeable

      • Sassy

        Yep the Hive is a smart, iconic and a history making group! Every plan “literally” back fires and they are clueless to figure it out. I will also agree it’s a good idea for them to try to get Tyler out, but their execution has sucked!!

      • dfdsgs

        Everyone is entitled to their favourites and there isn’t a right or wrong answer. I can disagree and tell you my reasons why and you can tell me yours. Personal opinion is that HIVE has played a horrible game and it is very short sighted and small minded of them to think they are the only ones playing and that no one will watch once they are voted out. On the flip side, L6 has made some dumb moves as well, and with how inept Hive has been it is hard to judge how well they are playing. I think it would be fascinating if they were part of BB16 with Derrick to see how they would have performed.

        Another all-star season would be worth watching as well. I think Tyler and JC would be great to watch in one of those. Imagine Andy BB15, Derrick BB16, Cody BB16, Caleb BB16, Vanessa BB17, Victor BB18, Cody BB19, Tyler BB20, and JC BB20 from the last few seasons would be fantastic to watch.

        Those are who I can think of from the last five seasons, but we would need seven more.

        Can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks of the list and who they would have.

      • Avatar

        Obviously THEY are the true dumbasses if they like the POS’s that are HIVE! We here at Junkies will just sit back and laugh at the continuous circus that is that group.

      • danmtruth

        dfdsgs It is hard to pull people from I season and mix them in Each season with new players like you are talking about in both season The interaction would be different with the different personalities Its like comparing sport stars from different era’s The rules were different times change Many of the players this season mention Derrick as one of there favorites So his influence is being felt The thing with Allstar seasons like your saying is everyone has an idea about each other so game play is much different luck has more to do with it

    • Sassy

      That must mean they are reading this site. If they didn’t like it, they wouldn’t read it. There are plenty of other places they can get their updates. I’ve never read anything on Twitter about this site, other than Steve’s posts, but I don’t follow many people so it’s possible I just don’t get those comments.

    • Jay H

      First, I uses to visit other sites prior to BBJ. This site was far more accepting of a community of posters, more positive, and frankly, better. There are other good sites out there, this is just the one I like.
      Second, I’ve read before that there would never be another all-star season. That the HG’s during the last one were far to comfortable and very demanding of production. Essentially they’d break the rules to get what they want.
      You can see it whenever a player returns back th their original game. They are far more cocky and more ruthless.. Paul is an example for B.B. Most these players have a certain intimidation of “Production”. It’s kind of like turning 18 and moving out of your parents house, and having to move back when you’re 21. You feel a little more comfortable not conforming to the house rules.

      • danmtruth

        Many now also ask for money upfront to return We are getting the house guest this year not listening to production Jc & Fess constantly singing Not wearing or obstructing there mic’s Sleeping during the day Isolation penalty need to be given OR remove food or access to the backyard Something to bring these brats in line

    • mm22

      Are they the ones giving the thumbs down?
      I ask a question one time n got several..

      • Jay H

        Me too. I certainly say stuff that can be decisive, so I get it when I’ve seen them, but I consistently see thumbs down on comments that are nothing but positive. Gimme some thumbs down on this just for fun.

      • danmtruth

        there is a person or two who just like to give thumbs down and hide I like that many people who disagree with a comment of mine will post why they disagree It make for a better board and lets me see a different point of view Often it’s as simple as I like this person or group better Fine with me your entitled I have gotten thumbs down on welcoming people back from I illness Go figure

    • caRyn

      Never cared.

  22. dfdsgs

    What the hell are Haleigh and Scottie doing right now? She is laying on his chest and letting him play with her hair with Fessy in the room.

  23. Russell James Yost

    Good point about the Goodbye messages Steve.

    I think people forget how influential they are in the voting process. I could argue that it was the goodbye messages that Josh gave last season helped push him over the top with some people.

    This year I have not liked Angela or Bret’s goodbye messages. Folks, jury management is part of the game! Just be honest without being a jerk and people will respect you once their emotions calm down.

    I’ve really enjoyed this season, but it seems like it is becoming a bit lopsided. I don’t know if Level 6 is playing that well or if the Hive is that clueless.

    • Sassy

      The hive is definitely that clueless! I think L 6/5/4 is playing well, but if the hive would trust each other, pay attention and stop planning the end of the game and congratulating each other on their historic accomplishments they would see what’s going on in the house.

    • Jay H

      I’d argue that won Josh the game. That’s the first season I can recall that the messages were used in that fashion. They played every message by Josh, too. They don’t show every single persons message, but they showed Josh’s.

      • danmtruth

        Josh did a great job of jury management Told the people he. was sorry that they had to trick them to get them out Cry a bit While Paul the master manipulator kept up with the ruse telling people he had no idea what happened and would fight for them to get to the bottom All the time Josh was coming clean and saying it was all Pauls plan to evict them Yes great jury management by Josh

      • Sassy

        I know they don’t show us all the messages, but I thought maybe the hg got to see them once they were off air.

      • Jay H

        You’re right, they might. I guess I’m just basing that off what I see.

      • Sassy

        Does anyone in here know if they get to see the rest of the messages?

      • kneeless

        Don’t know if It’s true or not but I heard that each evicted hg gets to see all the GBMs. They just show snippets on the show because of time.

      • caRyn

        Josh did great with his goodbye messages and I believe he won because of them. I live for all of BB DR segments.

      • caRyn

        The good, the bad and the ugly.

  24. SammyD

    Let’s face some facts that 90 days is quickly approaching. That indicates there will be two double evictions shortly for the show to end on its commitment date. This means, if, and if that scheduled time plan occurs there will be more drama in the house than we can shake a stick at.

    Double actions add a bit of drama because there is little time to plan a scheme because the HOH, Veto, and eviction happen within minutes. In fact, based on past double eviction shows Julie Chen doesn’t even have time to interview the departing houseguest.

    All of us BB fan better be prepared for some fantastic gameplay in the upcoming weeks.

  25. Helen

    Oh I I despise crayon head. She just told sam she felt betrayed by Tyler…he gave me his word! You lying sack of toenails…he never. Ever. Ever said he would take you off the block!!
    I hope Sam has enough sense to ask Tyler this time instead of believing everything that is told to her

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  27. danmtruth

    almost look like Sam has made an IV stand in the smokers pit It is just a pool question to hang her wind chimes

    Hali is getting tired of BlockStar hanging out with her so much The other thing is her stalking Jc Scottie said that is why Jc voted out Steve first week because he badgered Jc

    Everyone is having dinner that Angela Bret and TY made Hali called out to BlockStar sitting on the hammock ALONE staring at Jc to talk to him Hali calls to come join them to eat BlockStar says I don’t feel like eating what Angela dishing out GET OVER YOUR SELF -song lyric – I swear I quit talking
    I swear I quit talking about myself
    Just as soon as I learn to stop talking at all

  28. Ann

    Oh Blockhead, no need to worry your little purple head about studying because you’ll be walking your ass right out the door on thursday night. Maybe you can muster up whatever tiny bit of BB knowledge you might have in that speck of a brain cell you have & tell Bay all about it when you get to the jury house. Such an idiot. Can’t you see nobody gives a fat rats ass about you laying out in the hammock having your pity party? Give it, suck it up & STFU.

  29. Shivani33

    Angela heard about what Blockwitch said about her and is looking forward to doing her goodbye messages. The “entitled princess” bitterness from AngieRS led to a remark by Angela, who said she’d have Sam make her a crown. Sam can make like Carol Burnett and tear down some curtains to make Scarlett O’Hara a gown to go with that tiara.

    This is why Kaycee went on the block rather than Angela, with Tyler, Angela and Kaycee designing it to keep all three of them able to stay and play. Angela is BB20’s Vivien Leigh/Scarlett. Zing! RockScores and Hayleigh have declared that Tyler and Angela have moved on up to sleeping together under one blanket. Haleigh decides to solve their dilemmas by seducing Brett in the hottub. For misinformation. Of course.

  30. Ann

    Is JC crushing on Fessy?

  31. Seattle Kari

    BBAD: they look like they’re drinking radiator fluid..lol..

  32. HappyHippo

    Must have been a real slow night if NK didn’t update….
    When I woke up I turned the feeds on just to see if anybody was up and sure enough sam was crafting and smoking outside. Then Fessy, hay, RS were up in hoh room. What killed me was that the second I turned it on it felt like I had picked up where I had left off almost 12 hrs ago! Saying how Tyler was dumb, they don’t even have a group, blah blah blah how can you keep saying the same thing for soooooo long?! And it’s hugely incorrect too lol I can’t wait until they find out how strong of an alliance they are and for how long. Then hay says “yea Angela and KC sat by sam for like an hour talking about their lives so I went over there and they shut up real fast” she said you can’t just start trying to get her now she’s already come over to the light side…lol! Then RS leaves (mind you it’s like 3am their time) and Fessy starts whining “I never get any alone time with yoooouuu” oh my word I always change it off of the two of them when they are “flirting” and I will continue too. Fessy no woman thinks a desperate needy man is sexy and hay sure shows it. I don’t think she’s really that into him. He’s kinda creepy trying to kiss her and she’s like let’s talk, let’s snuggle….red flags Fessy…let it go.

  33. Ann

    I dozed off & on all through BBAD last night. Listening to Fess beg for alone time with with the Harlot. Sick of Sam’s voice, sick of listening to the Purple People Eater bash on Angela because she’s “privileged”. I’m just sick, sick , sick, sick of this shit. If The Purple People Eater wants what Angela has in her real life outside of the house, she needs to get up off of her ass & work for it. Quit bitching about others have & get out there & make it happen for yourself instead whining & expecting it to be handed to you out of pity. I’m sick of this shit.

    • Jay H

      Going out and working for it would cut into her blowing bubbles, going to festivals and witchcraft time. That stuff already cuts into her dentist visits time.

      • Ann

        Jay, you had better stop. Every time I look at her mouth I want to stick a chiklet in that gap where she’s missing a tooth on the side.

    • danmtruth

      She claims to manage the Scores Gentleman’s club in Baltimore You must make some good money their Yet I think she just is an MC at events held their Thats what I saw on a youtube video someone posted about her and that was a few years back No purple hair

  34. dfdsgs

    I think the best part about BBAD was when Fessy and Haleigh got into a fight when he said he would put Scottie and probably Brett up before Tyler since Tyler isn’t coming after him (AKA FLIRTING WITH HIS GIRL). The funniest part is even though his reason is entirely off he is the first FOUTTE member that has realised that they are not friends.

    • Helen

      I think Faysal game would have been entirely different without Hayleigh in the picture…Scottie too…they both practically drool over her…Scottie is even worse than Faysal at times. Not really sure what either finds attractive about her? She’s really not that pretty and she has a super “fake” personality…
      Out of all I think KayCee is the best looking of them all. She has a natural beauty and has a personality to match..
      Would love to see her step up her game and win a few comps…

  35. Avatar

    JC/Tyler/Angela talk continue:JC expressing general disdain for Haleigh and Rockstar’s game. He mentions that actions have consequences and you cannot come back from some actions. He affirms that Rockstar has to go.

  36. Helen

    Faysal and RS switch out in HOH…at 7:30 am. Who do they really think they are fooling?

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