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Monday Night Feed Updates – BBOTT



When the Late Night Jamboree woke up today, I don’t think they would have predicted the end of the day look like it did. Some (Jason) were really confident that Shelby would be the replacement nom, and flipped his shit when he found out Neeley was. He went off on some Jason-like rant about how much of a hooker she is and how many guys she blew to get on the show. You know, typical ‘nice guy’ behavior from the guy who thinks America loves him. The ironic part is, between saying some nasty things about Shelby, he kept wondering what feeds people were watching (umm, the one where you’re calling her a c*nt because she wasn’t nominated)

As mentioned, Neeley was picked as the third nom, so it was the 3 noms + Kryssie + 2 picks (Shelby/Justin) to play veto.  I covered a lot of it both here and on my twitter feed. My twitter has more of the commentary if you want to read that. It was a wild competition to say the least. Morgan ended up winning that competition with Scott as a close second. This means that Morgan will save herself, and Shelby will likely be the re-nom tomorrow

Caryn covered a bit of what I missed today, so I’m going to paste her stuff before updating with new information….


Caryn’s Updates:

  • 12:03am Kryssie/Jason/Justin/Danielle – Justin used the “n” word when he was talking about his girlfriends. He realized immediately what he said and apologized. He said he was trying not to say that the whole time. Danielle, Kryssie and Jason all said Neeley has said it a few times. Jason said don’t worry about it.
  • 10:10am Alex/Morgan – Alex apologizes to Morgan that she can’t play and win Veto because it isn’t good for her (Alex) own game.
  • 10:22am Danielle/Neeley/Jason/Kryssie – Neeley thinks LNJ has a good chance in the Veto. She thinks Morgan will be their biggest competition. Kryssie believes the people she made deals with will keep their word and vote the way she wants. Jason said they will break their deals – welcome to BB. America will be the tie breaker vote. Nelley says if she stays OTB there is a really good chance she is leaving. Nelley knew it was going to her or Shelby OTB as third nom.
  • 10:49am Danielle/Jason/Kryssie – Kryssie said her therapist diagnosed her as borderline narcissistic  and violent yet she has been like the most self deprecating and crying as*hole since she has been there. Justin walks in the room and Jason tells him to make sure Shelby does not win the Veto today. Don’t lose the Veto until Shelby is out.
  • 10:52am Danielle/Kryssie/Jason/Justin – Justin said he doesn’t trust Neeley. Kryssie said even if you don’t trust her we need her as a number. Justin knows.
  • 10:59am Danielle/Kryssie/Jason/Justin – If I win Veto I will take Neeley down. Kryssie will too. Jason said that will ensure one of them go home. Jason says if Neeley stays up there this week was a waste. Kryssie will be heartbroken if the week she was HOH someone from her side went home. A few minutes later Justin said what if Neeley wins HOH and comes after us. Kryssie said she won’t right away. Justin said you don’t know that. Justin believe Neeley will put Justin and Jason OTB. Kryssie said Neeley will go for the girls first. Jason says to Justin that he knows he is nervous about Neeley but there will be plenty of time for them to get her out. Neeley comes in the room and tells Neeley if he wins the Veto he will take her down.
  • 12:11pm Alex/Morgan/Scott – Agree they need to take out Neeley and Kryssie first in the Veto comp and then Justin.
  • 12:15pm Justin/Scott – Justin said Neeley can go home Scott said that is what he is hoping. Nelly and Kryssie can’t win the Veto. Justin said if you (Scott) win the Veto you cannot come for Kryssie right now. Scott said that is fine his priority is Neeley and Danielle and maybe Shelby and Morgan. Justin said that is his agenda.
  • 12:18pm Justin/Whitney/Scott – Whitney asked Justin if he was playing to win. Justin said – I’m not. No indeed, not. Whitney asked Justin if he was surprised Neeley went up. He said no. There are people on his side that don’t like her.
  • 5:18pm Scott – If Mrgan wins and takes herself off the block we still have the votes to get out Neeley.
  • 5:42pm Morgan/Alex/Shelby – Morgan said to Alex if you are telling me to leave myself on the block. Alex – if you use it on Scott. Morgan – No. I’m not. Alex – Morgan, just listen to me. Alex- But Neeley goes home.
  • 5:42pm Kryssie/Shelby/Alex/Shelby – Kryssie congratulates Morgan. They hug and Morgan says thank you. Kryssie feels them Scott heard her from the other room when she came in from playing Veto comp and he clapped because he knew she did bad. Kryssie said she is done. Kryssie says to Morgan she is happy for her but also for the game. After Kryssie walks away Shelby said she is probably going up as a pawn.
  • 5:50 pm Kryssie/Neeley/Jason/Danielle – Neeley says to Kryssie do not put up Shelby. Kryssie says no. Kryssie mentions putting Whitney in Morgan’s place. Jason says that ensure that they stick to their plan. If we get any inkling or wind that they are not we can act like we are flipping. That also ensures that Justin doesn’t stray. Nelley agrees.
  • 5:52pm Scott/Alex/Whitney/Morgan – Scott suggest in order to appease America should he spend the next 48 hours hanging around Danielle and sh*t talking her. To get that 4th vote that we need because he needs that 4t vote. Alex suggest trying to flip Justin’s vote.
  • 6pm Kryssie/Neeley/Jason/Danielle – Kryssie tells them how Scott clapped because Kryssie hurt herself and did bad.
  • 6:11pm Scott/Kryssie/Danielle/Justin – Scott asked if they were able to see anything while they were in the HOH room during the Veto comp. Jason said no. Scott asked Danielle if this was the first comp she couldn’t compete in. Danielle agrees. Scott said you couldn’t even watch it so that sucks. She said she slept. Scott said just another day then. Jason says – Are you saying all Danielle does is sleep Scott? Scott – Yes. Danielle reminds him she is voting this week. Scott says he already knows how she is voting. Jason said we already know you are a di*k so. Danielle – And just for the record he wasn’t calling you a puppet master. You aren’t smart enough for that. He was calling Alex that. When he told you to open your mouth he was pretending to c*m in it. Danielle then says don’t come for me Scott. Scott says – The plot thickens. Danielle says yeah. He called Alex the puppet master because she is smarter than you and you are a complete idiot. Scott said, oh, ok, so he just made a mistake when he said my name. Scott says I guess he (Shane) should have spent two days practicing his speech. Danielle – like you did. Scott said with my like 20 second speech? Danielle – Or the speech you planned for Kryssie and insulted her over and over. Scott asked what speech was that where I insulted her. Kryssie – you’re kidding. Danielle – I cannot wait for you (Scott) to go home. Scott – If Kryssie didn’t put me OTB America might have instead of Neeley. Danielle – It doesn’t matter you are going home. Scott- Oh, really? Ok. That s news to me. A few minutes later Justin says don’t let it get to you. Scott said he already knows what it is. Justin – I just don’t like to see nobody down. A few minutes later Scott is standing in front of the trash can shaking his drink. Kryssie comes over and says – move. Scott says absolutely Kryssie. Scott follows Danielle into the other room where most of the hg are chatting. Scott says to Danielle too bad this is the one comp you couldn’t compete in. Danielle says  yeah, too bad, Scott.

Pretty good stuff at the 6:11 mark.   Now on to current

  • 9:00pm – Morgan and Alex have a discussion in the storage room
    • Morgan is pushing for Shelby to go on the block as a pawn
    • morgan-alex
    • Morgan apparently made a deal with Kryssie that she’ll give Neeley two votes in her favor.  She wants Shelby to go on the block so her and Whitney can guarantee the two votes
    • Morgan kind of wants to get rid of Scott, Alex wants to keep him for her game
    • They are starting to fight a little. Morgan calls Alex an idiot for suggesting she use the veto on Scott
    • Alex admits it is risky, and Morgan says America will think she’s dumb and vote her out because of it (she may be right)
    • Morgan says she is super close to not voting Scott and getting him out because Alex is pissing her off.
    • Alex cares more about the numbers than anything else. They need Scott for the shield and number.
    • Morgan is worried that Alex has a secret plot to get rid of her
  • 9:05pm – Morgan is telling Alex that the ‘deal’ was that she would vote Kryssie’s way if they weren’t targets
    • Alex is pointing out how Kryssie nominated her, and she can’t completely trust Kryssie that she was safe.
    • Morgan says that by having Whitney as a voter rather than Shelby, it helps sway Justin. She thinks Justin wouldn’t vote with Shelby
    • morgan
    • The sisters are making up and Alex tells her she is proud Morgan won today.
  • 9:45pm – Shelby is annoyed that Scott did his thing earlier (6:11pm) where he egged on Danielle
    • shelby
    • This is because now Danielle made Shelby promise she’ll vote out Scott, so she either has to do it or lie

Ok, brief updates tonight. Off to bed


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  1. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Morgan is being extraordinarily foolish right now for even considering flipping to Krustie Kreature’s side. The Nerd Herd 2 (my new name for the LNJ) wouldn’t bat an eye to turn on Morgan if the time came, and the Plastics would no longer be on her side either. Morgan beasted a very physical comp today, but I guess we’re seeing which sister has the brains now…

  2. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Damn, NH2 (Nerd Herd 2) is freaking OBSESSED with Shelby. Every time I flip to their feed to see what they’re discussing, about 95 percent of the time they’re trashing Shelby. The other 5 percent of the time they’re trashing Scott. I guess Shelby should be flattered?

    • Helen

      I think they are obsessed with her too!! She is ALL they talk about !! Jealousy can be a very ugly trait !
      I just can’t imagine what they will do if she gets voted out……reruns I guess. They will probably still be trashing her in December! Now that is leaving a lasting impression when people are still talking about you behind your back…..I notice not one of them have the guts to say any of that s**t to her face.

    • caRyn

      I think it’s funny how Shelby gets blamed for everything.

    • Avatar

      Just wait until they find out she has been playing dumb and is actually a lawyer!!

  3. Mell

    If I were Morgan, I could see why Neeley is better for my game than Scott. Whitney and Morgan made a deal with that side and if LNC gets hoh, they could become the new targets for them if they break it. Alex won’t pay for that, Morgan will. Morgan isn’t in Neeley & Krissi’s alliance but Neeley has a “look out for each other” thing going and Whitney has Justins ear. Morgan does a little too. (I understand it’s temporary) I get why BS doesn’t want to be the side to lose a number this week but Morgan knows (from Alex) that she’s on the bottom of Scott’s BS list for loyalty. Megan may move up the target list for the comp she just won too. It was impressive. She needs layers of protection just like Alex does and pretending to be the plastic who is easiest to work with buys her more time. I do think it’s smarter to stay on the same page as your sister but if that same sister tried to get you to pull a Marcelles, (worse, depend on our votes) it may be time to tell your sister that they’re going to use Morgan’s page for a while. Alex also wants Whitney as the replacement and this hurts Morgan further. If she is going to break the deal and vote Neeley out, she doesn’t want to be the only one who did. She needs Whitney voting with her and screwing over LNC with her. Players (Alex is an example) in recent years think deals almost always have to be broken or you arn’t playing hard. They need to remember that breaking the right deals at the right time is big brother. It is about numbers but it’s also not being the target during the weeks you don’t have the numbers. Alex told Morgan in the storage room that she was looking out for Morgan’s long term game & that BB fans would bow down to her if she used the veto on Scott. She’s a fan and knows that’s bullshit. I said the other day that Alex is a “in the moment” player. In the moment all she could see was that Scott had to be saved. I actually think Morgan is playing more of the long game than Alex is. Neeley staying definitely doesn’t help Alex but Scott staying absolutely doesn’t help Morgan. Morgan knows not to trust the other side but she doesn’t want to be on their radar either. It may be best for Morgan and Whitney to cut Scott loose this week. I don’t think they should turn on the BS. If they did it, they would have to get Alex and Shelby on board or maybe they should try to keep Scott and roll the dice with 3-3-America and see what happens. It’s a gamble either way. The only thing I’m sure of is Morgan may need to use caution when taking advice from her sister.

    • AIO_7

      LOL! Pulling a Marcelles is never a good idea.

      • Avatar

        Is she really going to pull a Marcellus? If she does & get voted out then that’s what she gets because everybody knows how STUPID that move is. DAMN!!!

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      I agree that Alex was making absolutely no sense in the storage room, and I was surprised she would go as far as to ask Morgan to use the Veto on Scott. That was just flat out ridiculous. However, I just don’t see how keeping Neeley over Scott would actually benefit Morgan or any of the Plastics in the long run. I understand your point about Morgan having to go back on her word and pissing of the Nerd Herd, and I completely agree that I hate this style of BB gameplay where HGs think the key to the game is making and breaking as many deals as possible (I ranted about that plenty of times during BB18). But this just seems like one of those times when it might be necessary to break your word.

      Ultimately, Neeley, Krustie, Jason, and Danielle would look out for each other over Morgan. Breaking her word to them will certainly put Morgan on their radar, but Alex has already broken her word to them once before also, and if Whitney stays off the block this week she’ll have to break her word to them as well (#NeverCared). And we KNOW how the Nerd Herd 2 feels about Shelby and Scott. So Morgan is not going to be their number 1 target no matter what happens, and if she tries to go rogue against the Plastics this week, I think it’s going to leave her in a very vulnerable position with no one truly trusting her (with the possible exception of her sister). This could also really put Morgan in the crosshairs of America too. I personally think keeping Neeley could end up backfiring on Morgan and getting her a much earlier exit than just sticking with the Plastics.

      • Mell

        Gerardo, I agree with that too. It’s a gamble either way because they don’t know how our vote will go. I only meant that keeping Neeley doesn’t necessarily give Morgan security but keeping Scott doesn’t either. Before yesterday,I was sure Alex could keep Scott from sacrificing Morgan but now I’m not convinced Alex won’t do it herself. There’s a dynamic in their relationship that I can’t put my finger on. They’ve alluded to it in joking ways referring to not getting along. When they whispered last night about their mom thinking Alex may screw over Morgan, it made it seem less of a joke. I’ve noticed Alex says people are stupid often if they’re thinking of doing something that doesn’t benefit her game, which is fairly common in this game but it makes me think that Alex maybe used to getting her way at Morgan’s expense outside of the bb house.

  4. AIO_7

    I broke down and got the live feeds. Right now (@ 2:am, their time) Jason, Danielle and Justin are talking and eating Justin’s cooking out on the couch. Justin should wear a hair net while cooking. Krustie joins them eating one of Justin’s egg sammiches. With that scarf she is wearing she looks like the late Sam Kinison.

  5. Helen

    Is Krustie still going to put up Shelby when Morgan takes herself down?

    • Mell

      I’m not sure but I think that was the plan when I went to bed. I understand why they think it’s a good idea but for LNC, it may be the worst decision. They’re doing it to ensure votes they’re not going to get and a lot of voters don’t like Shelby. I think this will split some votes Scott would have gotten and just help ensure Neeley is evicted. For what they’re trying to achieve, they would be better off putting up Whitney since they feel certain America likes her, tying the vote and taking their chances.

      • Helen

        I agree Mell…I just have a bad feeling Shelby may be the one to get evicted!! And I would rather see Scott go than Shelby….

      • Mell

        I think she’ll be safe only because Scott will be up there too. I think the votes will be split from the people who want to save Neeley. The Twitter wars have been very funny this season and so many people who want the same thing fight over how to get it done.

      • LindsayB

        Shelby is my favorite person in the house. I’m hoping she can go all the way. I go back and forth on my #2 pick but after Monday’s veto comp, I’ve decided it’s Scott. If BB doesn’t work out, he could be a motivational speaker. Lol. I’ve admired Alex for wanting to play hard from day one. Having never been a fan of the “voting with the house” strategy, it was refreshing to see someone stick to their ideas no matter what. Her confidence has gone on overdrive lately and it’s turning me off. If she could keep her strength and conviction while subtly guiding the decisions of her minions, she could shoot to the top of my list.
        I got way off track… I really hope both Scott and Shelby can survive this week. I think the house needs the dynamics they both bring.

  6. Helen

    I know that last night around midnight Whitney asked Krustie to put her on the block so she wouldn’t have to vote…I don’t know what Krustie told her because my flashback won’t load that section of time for some reason

    • Mell

      She told Whitney it concerned her that she was trying to avoid voting. Krissi actually likes Whitney and doesn’t want to put her game in danger. Whitney told BS she was going to go up there and lie and say she was voting out Scott but she let Krissi know it would put her in a bind instead. I didn’t catch all of it though. That was during the aftermath of Whitney doing a number on Justin I think and I was trying to see how that would play out.

      • Helen

        Ok. Ty. Well I can only hope Krustie is smart enough to realize that if she wants Scott out her smartest move would be to put Whitney up as Whitney will get zero votes…..

      • Mell

        You would think so but Jason was having a hard time convincing her last night that she does not have Whitney and Morgan vote. Of course, this is the same woman who thought she could convince Morgan to use the veto on Neeley. Lol

      • Helen

        Well that should show Whitney where she stands with Krustie……if Krustie does not put her up it should show Whitney that Krustie really does not care about Whitney or her game!!
        If Krustie is unwilling to meet Whitney halfway then Whitney should not feel bad for voting against Krustie.

      • Mell

        Lol. keep in mind they were having the conversation because Whitney is trying to go back on a deal she made with Krissi.

      • Avatar

        I am still going to vote out Neeley ………

      • Helen

        Yes Mell but what Whitney is asking is kinda the same situation as Jason and Scott last week….with a sorta new alliance compromise may not be a bad idea!

  7. Mell

    I hope Justin doesn’t vote out Neeley. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t care if America does but that’s not good for his game to do it. Whitney really did a number on him but I think Jason did damage control and hopefully made him realize Whitney was setting him up about hiding his vote. None of them can guarantee how our vote will go and Justin can’t hide it if the vote ends up being 5 to 2.

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      I must say, I think Justin is very entertaining (I really enjoyed his Veto performance yesterday) and I know a lot of people on this board like him…however, I was listening to him trash the Plastics along with the Nerd Herd last night and his mouth was just as filthy as the rest of those jerks. I was actually pretty disappointed. And the way all of his insults (or any discussion really) always go back to something sexual is a little creepy to me. I don’t know, there’s just something off about that entire group to me.

      • Mell

        Yes, he doesn’t do it as often but he does do it. He can’t stand Shelby and I’ve noticed he chimes in the most while discussing her. Sometimes they remind me of young teenage boys (11-15 range) trying to see who can make the crudest comment. It’s during that annoying phase when anything involving pooping and farting is the punchline to every joke.

      • Helen

        I have liked Justin a lot but he has started wearing thin…….he just can’t seem to pull himself out and away from all that negativity he is surrounding himself with and it is really starting to hurt his game……he has gone from #1 rating on jokers down to like # 6 or 7! Unfortunately people are judged by the company they keep!

      • Mell

        Helen, That’s true but a few weeks into the game, they’re all mostly stuck at this point. These are the people who are loyal to him at least for a while. The girls group is trying to confuse him by making him think he can hide his vote which he can’t if America votes out Neeley and they know that. He’s also the target for them next week.

    • LindsayB

      Voting Neely out may not be good for Justin’s game but I must ask this question to a Justin fan: What is his game? I get that he can be entertaining to watch sometimes although, I find myself feeling very insulted when I watch him lately. I’m not insulted by the things he says at all… he is the least vile of all the LNC. My problem with him is that IMO he’s making a mockery of the game. His complete lack of interesting in trying to do well makes me want him out. I know that laying low is a strategy but you can lay low while still respecting the game enough to play it. I thought at first he was faking it, but now I’m convinced that he just doesn’t care and I can’t respect that. I don’t think my opinion of him will be very popular so I really want to understand why he’s so liked. Have I missed something with him?

      • Helen

        @lindsay…while I can’t speak for anyone else I think he gained a lot of popularity at first because OTT started so soon after 18 and we all fell in love with our boy Paul. Most of what we loved about Paul was his refusal to be anything but himself in the game. The same with Justin .Unfortunately Justin to me is proving that he is not Paul!! Not even close! While both have the same I’m gonna be me attitude,Paul picked up on the game very quickly whereas Justin either has not or does not care…..that’s why he is starting to wear thin on me anyway!

      • Mell

        I completely agree with you and see your point. Yes, a lot of Justin’s appeal is his entertainment value. In the beginning that’s all it was for me. Later, I couldn’t decide if he was a genius or an idiot. At this point, my opinion has landed somewhere in the middle. I think what we see as not caring is him not wanting to be in the hot seat. He’s using a legit floating strategy. I don’t think he’s insulting the game when he’s throwing comps if he doesn’t want to win it for a reason. His personality is what causes him to throw them in the manner he does. Rather than being sneaky, he takes a bathroom break during an HOH comp and starts making music with the buzzer in a veto comp. (for the record I don’t think he knew those answers) When we see him giving up too much information to everyone, I don’t think it’s because he doesn’t care. He has no subtlety to his personality and can’t grasp that won’t work in this game. Most players would realize telling Scott you wanted him to stay in the game so he could take out Neeley and Danielle isn’t a good idea. Justin didn’t see anything wrong with that because in his mind, it’s the truth. Scott of course knew in that moment that Justin wants him to do his dirty work for him. I’ve seen him make one legit strategic move other than intentionally floating. 5he told Alex a couple of days ago that Krissi was his #1. He did that in an attempt to hide how close he is to Jason. It didn’t work bit he did try. He said from the beginning his strategy was to cook, entertain people and be liked by both sides. That’s what he’s doing. He may be evicted before he realizes that strategy is threatening to the other players. I’ve wanted to give him enough time to see if he could figure it out. (the way I felt about Paul this summer) If he doesn’t, he won’t win and shouldn’t.

      • Avatar

        I like Justin for the comic relief just like I do Shelby. The big difference is Shelby is trying and I feel like Justin thinks he will win on his personality only. To me that is almost offensive and the biggest example of the entitled generation. I just think he is trying to stir up business for his restaurant(s) which is not nearly as bad as those models who are trying to get their breaks into acting but its not what I am paying to see. I hope he votes Neely out so that, that side gets knocked down a few notches.

  8. Mell

    Scott in early morning hours:
    “Alot of people haven’t thrown in the towel like I have.”
    “I’m not her to win ovviously.”
    “I would be devastated if she (Alex)was evicted before me.”
    “If you guys keep me here I’ll protect Alex and if we’re otb and I win veto, I’ll take her down.”

    I’m a fan of Scott’s but he’s an inch away from me voting for him. I’m not trying to help him so he can fall on a damn sword for anyone. I want the cocky guy from yeaterday doing awkward dances and talking crazy. This is pathetic! I like Alex but with Morgan in the house already and Scott staying only to help her win the game, I’m starting to think I would be a hypocrite if I ever criticized production manipulation again.

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      I honestly think Scott is just trying to pander to America right now (which I always find incredibly annoying). I believe that he has every intention of being loyal to Alex, but I don’t believe for one second he would actually fall on his sword for her. Just like earlier when he came up with that plan to antagonize Danielle because America hates her, he realizes that America must like Alex since we voted to save her this week, so he’s really trying play up his loyalty to her to win us over. Scott knows he’s in trouble because he needs America’s vote and he’s already been a HN twice. Personally, I feel he’s doing a little too much, but I think this is mostly just strategy on his part.

      • Mell

        You may be right because everything points that direction. His lengthy monologue has covered people who love Alex, people who hate Danielle and how amazing he thinks Justin is. ( I’m sure they’ve all figured out he’s popular) I’m not a 100% convinced because he’s gone on and on about Alex at times when he wasn’t in trouble. I couldn’t believe a couple of days ago he was telling Whitney what lengths he would go to to protect Alex. It would have made sense had he been referring to the entire group of BS but he wasn’t. I remember wondering if Whitney was making a mental note of it. I also don’t like this approach when any of them do it.

      • Helen

        I think that Scott is pandering to America some but I also think he is in love with Alex…..

    • AIO_7

      I heard Scott just say that if he is evicted that he wants Alex to win. He’s been talking for almost 3 hours now.

    • LindsayB

      Back away from that line Mell!!! As solid as Scott can be in his convictions I think he’s truly scared right now and is grasping at anything to stay. America’s involvement is something that brings a lot of pros and cons to the game. I think this is one of the cons. Scott goes back and forth in being the guy we saw yesterday in the comp and the scared boy who’s probably never truly been accepted in his life. If we are able to keep him this week I think Scott will feel comfortable being himself in the house and I think his true self is the awkwardly confident guy that was rapping and dancing by himself.

      • Mell

        Haha! Friendship is talking someone off the ledge!

      • LindsayB

        Haha Mell!! It’s either taking someone off the ledge or holding their hand and jumping off together. #friendship!!

      • Avatar

        if Neeley stays in the house they will all come after the girls one by one they don’t care for any of them they just want them to vote there way and I am voting NEELEY out I hope she goes ….. all they do is talk trash about them Go Home late night Jamboree All of you !!!!!!!!!

  9. Avatar

    Anyone understand why Scott thinks it’s a good idea to go after Danielle with regard to America? Maybe he like the others hasn’t figured out some of us don’t like people being nasty for no reason and vote against that?

    • Renee

      I think he Scott is reaching for anything he believes the viewers want. He knew once we chose Neely that we liked the BS side of the house better, at least the past 2 weeks from the way the votes have landed. So, IMO he thinks we are as annoyed with Danielle as they are and thinks we want to see someone make her uncomfortable. It is working, people like seeing her uncomfortable, but it may be at the expense of his game. I think he is willing to “fall on the sword” at this point any way. He has verbalized many times that he has met his goals that he wanted and he is hoping Alex wins.

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      He said last night before he did it that he was thinking of pulling an “Evel Dick” (who I couldn’t stand by the way) and antagonize Danielle because he knows America hates her (she got all three of our “punishment” votes last week) and might vote to save him if he did that. However, he only did it briefly before Whitney urged him to stop and just lay low until Wednesday so that he didn’t piss anyone off (referring mainly to Justin, who Whitney is trying to get to vote out Neeley, and America).

    • Mell

      He mentioned pots and pans and being like Evel Dick yesterday before he picked the fight with Danielle.He thinks it will make us like him since he’s sure we don’t like her. He was planning on keeping it going longer but Justin misread the situation, thought it was the reverse and felt sorry for Scott. BS knew this and got Scott to stop temporarily since they’re trying to get Justin to vote with them.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        Well to be honest, Justin was actually sort of correct in the way he read the situation. Even though Scott went into the kitchen with the intention of stirring up trouble, Danielle and Jason are so bitchy and nasty that they practically did all the work for Scott. All Scott said initially was that it must’ve sucked to have to sit up in the HOH room for hours with nothing to do while the Veto comp was played (which is a perfectly reasonable statement) and Danielle snapped back a bitchy retort, something along the lines of “whatever, I got to take a nap and I’d rather do that anyway!”. Scott replied “oh ok, so just another day then…”, and then JASON instigated the situation by saying “oh so are you trying to say that Danielle is lazy and doesn’t do anything??”

        At that point Scott paused for several seconds, which I think is because that actually WASN’T what he meant by that statement. But I think he saw an opportunity to start his plan, so he finally replied “yes”, and then the fireworks began. I’m not defending Scott, because he definitely intended to spar with Danielle regardless. But the reason Justin ended up siding with Scott is totally Danielle’s own fault (and give the assist to Jason). They’re so despicable and horrid that they just fell right into Scott’s trap.

      • Mell

        That’s true enough. Danielle would have taken the blame regardless becauae she’s been so bad it was an easy assumption for Justin or anyone to make. You don’t deserve the benefit of the doubt when you’ve proven repeatedly that it’s a waste of time. Lol

    • Avatar

      Thanks everyone. Scott is right if he thinks we hate Danielle but pulling an Evil Dick in my book isn’t helping him at all. Luckily for Scott there are several other people in the house I dislike far more than him should he end up against any of them in the end. I haven’t watched yet today so don’t know if he’d decided to restart.

  10. Avatar

    Good Morning Everyone I just want to ask all of you to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE VOTE NEELEY OUT Lets send a message to Krissey and her crew that we are not happy with them. Maybe Jason will open his eyes and shut his mouth, but I doubt it. Keep SHELBY safe. She is a smart cookie. I want to see what happens when they find out she is smarter than they think. VOTE VOTE VOTE

  11. Shivani33

    Whitney said that she was going to tell Krustie what she wanted to hear but that wasn’t necessarily how she would vote. She has tried to encourage Justin to vote out Neeley. Justin has been more on edge about Neeley since she wore that damn hat. The Backyard Borderline Personalities bunch put out more pollution than I care to watch right now. It has become soul-dead monotonous listening to them shit on their favorite snark target, Shelby, like a little group of one-trick ponies. I console myself by observing the Great Motherf**##er, Sam Kinison-Krustie, queen of the unwashed, make assholian decisions, left and right. She could be single-handedly be making the move that will guarantee that Neeley gets evicted. While seeing the veto comp was GOLD, I feel like a racehorse snorting at the gate and stomping the yard, stuck in a holding pattern while I wait for Krustie to lumber, belch and fart her way off the track. Her frigging HoH has been too long already. Ya dig!!?!!

  12. AIO_7

    Hey ya’ll, I’ve heard rumor that Paul and Victor are supposed to appear on “Bold and Beautiful” today. I hope this isn’t false info.. It comes on at 1:30 eastern. I don’t usually watch soaps but I’m going to tune in today and see.

  13. caRyn

    Nominate to Evict (PT):
    Tuesday 2 pm – Wednesday 1 pm

    Tuesday (PT):
    1 pm: Veto Meeting
    7 pm: Weekday Replay
    7:30 pm: Live DRs

  14. Avatar

    Im a little sad that Scott doesn’t realize he is actually making Alex a bigger target by trying to over protect her. He wants so bad to please her. He was like a sad puppy at 4 am (i think it was) when he was talking to america. By linking himself so tightly to her every time he speaks to LNJ it has painted a bullseye on her. I get that he is trying to make up for the bad decision he made the first week voting out cornbread over Cry-as*ie as Alex wanted. He believes if he voted out Cry-as*ie that Monty would still be here and they would have the numbers. That in turn would mean Cry-as*ie would not be HOH and he would be safe. He goes on rating himself as a person and player. It was sad. I hope he gets to read positive things people are saying about him after the game.

  15. AIO_7

    The Plastics don’t seem positive that America will vote out Aunt Grandma Nellie Neely.

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