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Big Brother 19 – Monday Overnight Report


Labor Day party in the BB backyard last night. There was food, alcohol and games for the HG’s to enjoy. (may be the first time this year we’ve seen most of them play a game) Everyone in the house is tired of Raven. Once they finally started to question her stories, they moved on to constantly comparing them. With Matt gone and no one to keep her occupied, they’ve entered into the phase of wanting to kill her themselves. I can understand that because I’ve gone from commenting on what she says to rolling my eyes at most of it. After a while, it just isn’t worth mentioning.

  • Josh has been feeling guilty over Jason leaving. Paul has him convinced to tell Jason right before the live show and Paul said he will take the heat from Alex. (That won’t happen and Josh knows what’s going on but it’s too late for him to do anything about it)
  • Jason talked to Josh about how cold hearted Alex is and he’s sure she’s that way in her real life. He doesn’t like it and has started to ignore her. (too bad he didn’t do that while his game could still be saved)
  • Paul said he got some news in the DR that had him upset and ready to quit the game. Xmas asked him if it was something he needed to attend to but he didn’t really answer her. Paul has mentioned several times what a lightweight he is with alcohol so did he really receive bad news?  Did he have a small emotional buzz or was he simply venting and Raven has rubbed off on him a little? (I don’t know but they don’t normally give people news from home unless it’s major) Xmas said the house brings out the worst in people and she’s done and said things that aren’t really her.
  • Paul said he’s frustrated with everything and he’s especially irritated with Raven. She screamed in his ear, he doesn’t respect that she hasn’t done anything and she seems like a shell of a person because she only mimics other people. Paul said what many past hg’s have about how in real life he doesn’t surround himself around people he doesn’t care for and it’s hard to deal with. (I’m sure this game is stressful but I get so tired of hearing that since at its core, that’s what this game is about)
  • There was more discussion about getting Kevin riled up and using Raven to do it. Paul suggested telling Raven that Kevin said she is a shitty dancer.  (Has anyone noticed that all Ravens dances inside the house and clips of her preshow look like routines she remembers from a High School dance team?)
  • Alex asked Raven what the biggest thing is she had done as a dancer and she said it was trying out for So You Think You Can Dance and that she “almost made it.” I mentioned this in my first post about her and still can’t find anything on it. I’m not saying she didn’t try out but since I watch SYTYCD, I doubt she “almost made it.” Once they’re moved to LA for their dance hell week, most of the remaining dancers are highlighted with their story. I personally don’t think it’s possible that a story like hers would have been ignored so if she tried out, I’m convinced she was cut early.
  •  Paul is still upset that Trejo has a hole and he told Xmas he may switch his out with Kevin’s when Kevin isn’t looking. (Paul should probably just ask Kevin because I doubt he is worried about a blow up pool toy)
  • Alex, the self-proclaimed superfan was having Paul explain to her how the final three works and why there are three competitions.  She also announced that no one had ever quit the show before and Megan was the first. (everyone can’t remember everything about BB but like so many other things Alex has gotten wrong, a super fan would know)
  • Kevin mentioned what a perfect night it was and how great the weather was. This triggered Alex to be annoyed once again and to make fun of him. When repeating what he said, Alex said “shut the f*ck up you b*tch.” (what a sweet girl)
  • In a rare moment when Kevin could get anyone to speak to him, he explained the origin of Labor Day.
  • As usual, Paul has predicted a Sunday eviction, a Monday eviction, the comic book comp, the black box comp and now he sure there is a double eviction this week. (I suppose with the list that long you’re going to get one right-Josh has been trying to convince Xmas for several days that a DE is this Thursday)
  • Paul explain to Josh that he can’t put Alex straight up on the block and expose his game. He will have to use Kevin and Raven as pawns. He’s already said this to Xmas and even if he hadn’t we knew it was coming. (so much for that blood Paul said he would get on his hands this week) Paul told Xmas that if he could throw the next hoh to Raven, he would and she told him she didn’t trust Raven and she wants Paul to win.




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  1. Avatar

    This is where I don’t understand the houses strategy. Paul was complaining because Kevin kept talking and wanted him quiet. Now he is planning to get Kevin riled up by lying to Raven so she fights w Kevin. I don’t get it?

    • LindsayB

      It maintains enough chaos to keep everyone from exchanging notes. It also keeps the target off of Paul.

    • Avatar

      Its the new norm. Mob Mentality. Paul, Alex and Josh all shooting for membership in Antifa.

      • Ann

        You kno5 $500K is whole lot of money to someone like me & oh my God would I love to have it because it could change my life in so many wonderful ways but if it meant I had to treat people SO UGLY, BULLY THEM & KICK THEM WHILE THEY’RE DOWN, there is no way on earth I could lay down at night & put head to pillow knowing the horrible God awful things I had to do to get that money. My conscience would eat me alive. It’s just not in me to hurt people in such a sinful way. As I said before, I believe in KARMA & KARMA IS A SERIOUS BITCH. I ALSO BELIEVE IN MIRACLES. I dont want My Heavenly Father to see me be such a cruel person. IN JESUS NAME I PRAY. I just pray that whoever really really needs it wins.
        In Jesus name I pray & God Bless,
        I just couldn’t hurt anyone like that.

      • Tinkerbell

        @ann1 Love your post. Love you, and my prayers continue.

      • Jenny

        I am not religious but I do believe in treating people with kindness and I wish Ann nothing but the best!!!! I couldn’t live with myself if I treated people the way these folks do. Kevin for AFP!!!!

  2. strwar1

    Boy,I can’t to see that bitch Alex go home after Jason. Paul pls do it!!!! I WANT IT!!!! Btw? STFU Alex! Kevin wanted to spend sometime with someone and get a little talk about Labor Day and he can’t even get that at all.

    • Helen

      Paul wontvdo it…..it’s bad for his game……he wants josh to do it

    • Ann

      I just thought about it & I would have no problem seeing Alex, Easter, The sicko & also that PERVERT Jason & crybaby bitch go either. I change my mind, I would jump for joy if those shit face SOBs leave. Paul used to be my favorite but I can’t stand his ways not caring about what he’s doing to these people.
      I know you guys think I’m crazy for changing my mind but I just got to thinking about those assholes too & how badly they treated Kevin.

  3. Painter1

    He wants Kevin to look like the mean guy. It’s really dumb and why the cast looks so bad
    They think it’s a good strategy to make a target loose it so they have a reason to evict them.

    • Helen

      Would make sense if the target were Kevin….what excuse is there for voting Jason out Thursday instead of Kevin?
      Oh yeah…..that requires intelligence ……something no one has in that house

      • LindsayB

        Setting up future targets. Paul thinks weeks ahead. Another reason why he’s doing so well.

      • Ann

        @Helen, Nooooooooo please don’t say that, I want Kevin to stay.

      • Helen

        @Ann….Kevin isn’t going anywhere…..not this week anyway…..Paul will not risk leaving Jason and Alex in this game…..I don’t care what he says ……
        Paul will not risk either one of them in a final 4….either one can beat him…..Paul is like Christmas….he has not won any comps this year….all have been thrown to him

      • Avatar

        @lindsayb agreed. This is all going to go down exactly as Paul planned.

        Even weeks ago when there were the numbers to get him out, he had orchestrated everything so well that once they realized what was going on, it was too late (if they even noticed).

        I do at least hope they realize what is going on but as everyone saw with Matt, he left the house thinking Paul was his ally. I suspect it will be the same with Jason – Raven, Josh and/or Christmas will take the heat for that and Paul can say I voted to save you. Then when they zero in on next week’s target, that person will leave thinking the same. It’s really quite brilliant.

        He also understands which HOH’s mean anything and which ones do not. He also figured out that the real power is in the POV not the HOH. He has been able to maneuver things so that he can adjust his game regardless of who wins HOH.

        Right now the plan is to get Alex out next week but if Alex happens to win HOH, he can easily adjust to get Josh or Christmas out. Or Raven or Kevin. Does.not.care. I really believed for most of the season that his true partner was Alex. I’m still not convinced it’s not since he fought to get her off the block but he will cleanly walk away from her if and when the time comes.

        At this point, the only mystery left in the game is whether we’ll see a bitter jury at the finale and my guess is that we will, but they will give it to Paul anyway. The real bitterness s going to come once they leave the house and, as Josh likes to say, see how they played themselves.

        I’ve turned the corner from not enjoying the predictability to really being fascinated and entertained by the depths of their stupidity.

    • Avatar

      I would prefer if Kevin got voted out this week. He isn’t playing well. All he is going to have if he stays is another week of being treated like dirt in order to further others games, zero benefit for him.

      • Ann

        I thought about it probably being better for Kevin to go on to jury now instead of staying in the house being treated like shit by that bunch of assholes but then again I do believe in miracles & karma. It would be so lovely if by some miracle Kevin could win the whole thing & then remind each & every one of them how they treated him & let them know anybody with friends like them don’t need enemies.

      • Avatar

        Ann, I saw Kevin’s family said they know he will be really happy when he finds out about all the love he is getting outside of the BB walls.

      • Helen

        If nothing else CBS BB has shown me this year how shitty people will treat each other when there is money involved….

      • Ann

        @Susan Cran, I’m so glad because Kevin really deserves all the love & support from not only his family & friends but from those of us out here who love him too after what was supposed to be a fun game show but turned out to be a living hell.

      • Avatar

        OMG Susan I agree with you (I absolutely love Kevin but don’t see him winning – totally unfortunately-so at least he can get out and enjoy some peace (and hopefully win AFP – well him or Cody) and I am so happy to see all the love for Kevin outside the house-he is the only nice normal person left – ugh can’t stand the others at all

      • Avatar

        The hgs are definitely treating Kevin horribly, however, he is not only a real strong guy himself, but he is also carrying a strength with him that I don’t think the other ones are. – His bible. He reads it all of the time, and I am sure there are some passages in there that will help him handle their abuse.

      • ingodog

        I would love for Kevin to win AFP I don’t want Cody to win or Jessica, because they were pretty awful too!

      • Avatar

        I agree ingodog! It’s amazing how quickly most people seemed to forget what big douche nozzles “Jody” was. I remember wanting them out so bad I could feel it in my bones.

      • Avatar

        Exactly! Kevin when Nominated after the POV Ceremony said, that he was ready to go home. I don’t blame Kevin, I guess he is tired of the Verbal Abuse he has received.

      • Avatar

        Hello Dear Ann…I hope ALL is well with you! I’m still sending Prayers, & Praise Up for you, your Family & Houston.

  4. Alda

    It was nice to see the dimwits having a nice time at the POP barbecue.But,was hard watching Raven prancing around with her ass and stomach bulging out of those shorts!

    • Ann

      @Mello One, Thank you, I’m staying in the country with my son & daughter-in-law tonight so I don’t have to sleep in the car. I’m fine, (built in babysitter) but I don’t mind. I’ll go home tomorrow to see if the rest ofthe power is on in my roof & 4 walls at home. My house is nothing great by any means but it’s mine & it’s still standing. Lots of work needs to be done now but if my A/C comes on, I’ll be as happy as a pig in slop & I will be able to sleep in my own crooked, sinking lop sided bed.
      Not sure exactly how long it will be before my foundation is fixed & my carpet & tile will be replaced & tthe cracks in my ceilings will be fixed either but as I said, I still have 4 walls & a roof.

  5. Jenny

    So Paul tells everyone Kevin wanted to win that HOH and he said he’d be “embarrassed to lose to a girl”. Left out that he ACTUALLY said “lose to a girl on crutches”. BIG DIFFERENCE. Paul is such a dick. One day everybody was in the wave room and as Kevin walked out, Paul flipped him off behind his back. THAT was not necessary. I feel so bad for Kevin.

  6. AIO_7

    I wonder what happened to all that food that Cowpoke was cooking just before the outdoor cook-out was announced. Just thrown away?

  7. Cindy

    I am definitely not an Alex fan but I’m really not a Paul fan. I’m actually hoping that after Jason leaves Alex finally realizes what’s going on and eventhough she doesn’t like Kevin they could ban together with a common enemy “paul”. It really wouldn’t be that hard for her Kevin and Josh to start comparing notes and the three of them get Paul out the door. Yes i know that’s all fantasy because none of these puppets can think for themselves.
    I was totally blown away when they showed Paul’s DR session where he said it’s time to string up all his puppets and put on a puppet show,( maybe not word for word but very close) I loath him more and more every time i hear him talk.

  8. danmtruth

    Watching that labor day picnic was P-A-I-N-FULL
    Starts with a group of mostly collage educated people who can’t light a gas grill The direction are printed on the face plate with the control knobs ! Turn the knobs to start Push button Hear click/spark gas is lit
    Than you have Slosh acting like a highschooler with his first beer No one should ever get that excited about drinking Budweiser
    The Gremlin and of all people the Corpse bride try to play badminton Can’t get the shuttlecock over the net
    Gremlin switches to croquet Something she should be good at Smashing balls with big mallets No she sucks Her and Manchild can’t get the balls to go thru the hoops
    CornHole these people have a hard time even hitting the board Garden Gnome to no surprise does what he wants and throws overhand Is it any surprise the person who does the best is Cool Papa Kevin
    Mell was it not Josh who screamed in Paul’s ear ? Hard to tell as Raven and Josh always feel the need to scream and shriek
    Just before the party announcement Paul was shadow boxing So Raven had to stand next to him to practice her stripper / dancer moves

  9. AIO_7

    Cowpoke and Kevin having a long conversation. Just after this scene Cowpoke mentions that he has a sister (that he never talks about)…says she is a wreck, and immediately we get fish. When the cameras come back all 4 are on the Deputy sleeping.


  10. Tinkerbell

    That house is a monstrous cesspool……..insects, bacteria, mold, rotten food, stinky clothes, dirt and filth – and last but not least, foul rotten people. Vile Prison Girl leads the pack as the most disgusting human being……if in fact, she is even human. Cannot wait for her, and all of them, to see social media when they get out. Please keep them an extra week in jury house, give each of them a pc…….let us watch live feeds. Greatest moments in BB history.

    Come on America, Kevin for AFP. He deserves it, and how great to throw it in all of their creepy faces. (((Hugs))) to you Kevin. For what it’s worth, you are Numero Uno in my book.

  11. Shivani33

    Though it’s not easy to imagine Paul losing, still I can picture several ways he could lose. First he has to get through DE and be able to control Alex with such short notice during the rapid HoH, veto and eviction. The time for much, if any, chance to soothe her after Cowpoke’s eviction will be minimal. If she wins the DE HoH, Paul will have to be ready to work on her FAST. It helps that he has worked it into her head already to be able to get her to throw the next HoH and to let him use someone else to be the puppet, most likely Raven but possibly Josh. Paul really prefers to be the HoH later.

    It might or might not help that Alex is a terrible strategist and a hothead. For quite awhile, about all that’s been seen from her is an obsessive anger at Kevin. So if Alex gets the HoH and can’t be the one evicted, (with her eviction being totally preferable) Paul can get her to set her teeth on Kevin. However, it all likelihood, Kevin would be a pawn once again, isolated and abused but surviving as a “bigger target is evicted. More ugliness to watch or not to watch. Uck.

    Raven wants the $500,000. She shows more of a desire for that money than most.. But if Alex gets clipped, there’s a triangle kept in the game. Paul, Josh and Christmas. Raven could be used by Paul to eliminate either Josh or Bootie and stop their chance to be loyal to one another instead of him. But then he’d be stuck with Raven, who might seem like nothing but really isn’t. She would be the most embarrassing winner in BB history, so that had better not happen.

    I just think that Paul has a lot of navigating to do and should not keep both Josh and the Bootie. Better to keep one of them, plus Kevin and Raven. There is no one left to whom he can verbalize this idea, if indeed it is his thought. No one can be trusted to keep a plan like this quiet. I wish that Paul would behave more humanely towards Kevin, at the least, privately give him some warmth and sustenance. This cruel treatment during BB is painful to observe, and to me, completely unnecessary.

  12. Tinkerbell

    Why is Halloween putting her bikini on? Vile Prison Girl isn’t even awake yet.

  13. Helen

    It’s getting to be that time for Paul to instigate the weekly shitshow against Kevin….

  14. Tinkerbell

    Alex, P-L-E-A-S-E cover up those gross Chesticles. They are exactly like you…..disgusting!!!!

  15. Tinkerbell

    BB kitchen. This morning……Dead Girl Walking, screaming at the top of her terminally ill lungs – “ANTS everywhere. They are laying seeds on our lice.” What?!?! You can’t make this S*** up.


  16. Jenny

    Sunday night’s BBAD featured Raven eating a bowl of cereal while staring at the memory wall. She finished her cereal, took the bowl over to the sink, rinsed it a couple of times and put it in the dish drainer. RINSED it. No soap or scrubbing. If that is how she learned to do dishes at home, no wonder she’s been sick most of her life.

  17. Tinkerbell

    From Halloween’s mouth, to our ears ……”I rule at strip clubs. I’m the Queen.” I bet you are, Sweetie.

  18. Tinkerbell

    I need to ask again – “They” have access to psychiatric care when the season is over. Do we too?

  19. Avatar

    Can I just say this… I respect Paul’s actual willingness to play the game but the way he has played is 100% unacceptable in my book. Bullying is a highly overused word in our society but this is an instance where it can be used justly… instigating violence, contiously excluding people and having no care whatsoever of their feelings or how others will reacts is unacceptable! Go back to your parents house Gnome so they can tell you how GREAT you are. Congrats on the 500k

    • Avatar

      I agree with what you say about bullying in general. There really is no room for it in society.
      In the house is another story, as whether we condone it or not in society, it is a game strategy . but that’s not the point of my reply.

      With respect to bullying, you say:

      …. instigating violence, contiously excluding people and having no care whatsoever of their feelings or how others will reacts is unacceptable….

      And yet, you then say:

      Go back to your parents house Gnome…..

      So my question is, why is it okay to be calling the short statured guy a gnome ? Isn’t that your own way to bully, by making fun of someones’s physical appearance ?

      • Avatar

        Ah @dmc thank you for pointing that out. I didn’t even realize I was doing it because I just get so fired up. Ugh not even playing this game and it’s taking a toll on me.

      • Avatar

        No worries, Hey. It is both an entertaining yet frustrating show at the same time. Especially with the mob mentality. Combine that with the live feeds on all the time, and I am sure the frustration escalates, sending manybof us over the edge from time to time.

        All the best, dmc

      • Jenny

        This is what I love about this site. People disagree, they talk about it, they admit when they are wrong, everyone (for the most part) respects each other. Love my imaginary BB family!!!

    • Zach

      In my day, if you were being bullied you either beat the shit out of them or if you couldn’t, you trained until you could or got an older brother of your friends to whoop some ass. That’s the thing, back in the day, you would fight and then squash it. Society today is so over sensitive that they wouldn’t know what to do if they were backed into a corner and couldn’t do anything but physically get yourself out.

  20. Avatar

    To be fair then there is a lot of bullying on this site of Raven. Making fun of her lying (about everything) or being conceited (about being skinny and dancing) or being a hypocrite (calling Jess a whore) is warented but it goes way further than that on this site. I think she should be investigated for fraud but I don’t want any harm to come to her.

    • Zach

      It’s okay when the site does it cause the HGs know that’s what they signed up for.

    • Jenny

      I don’t think any of us literally want harm to come to her, just want her to be called out as a scammer. And nobody is calling her fat (at least most of us aren’t) – the girl was underweight and now looks healthy. It’s the fact that she claims she is losing weight and CAN’T gain weight that bugs us.
      I hope I’m right about this! We get annoyed with the HG and hate to see them treat Kevin the way they do, but I don’t think anybody wants to hurt these folks.

  21. Zach

    I’m calling it right now, Alex wins HOH Christmas gets evicted, Paul wins HOH puts up Kevin and Raven, someone other than Alex wins Veto, puts Alex up on the block, she is gone next week, Kevin wins HOH, puts up Raven and Josh, Paul wins veto sends Josh home. Paul goes to final 3 with Raven and old man winter, wins the final HOH and takes Raven with him to the finals over Kevin. Kevin wins AFP. The end.

  22. Zach

    Idk if anyones used it before, but I think the perfect nickname for Kevin is Old Man Winter, he has ice in his veins and he always comes around Christmas. Ba dum chhh

  23. Tinkerbell

    Raven, STFU. You are NOT the face of GP. You ARE the face of Munchausen’s, and that of a pathological liar.

    • Tinkerbell

      @aio_7 He slays me when he exercises. In the house he will do 10 or less sit ups, then walk around for five minutes hands on his hips, trying to catch his breath. Same with lifting weights, he only does a few and acts like he ran a 100 mile marathon. What really gets under my skin are the sounds he makes when he is “trying” to exercise. He does that heavy breathing sound, whooooooosh blow out the air…..like he’s Charles Atlas. Poor little wimpy boy. I hate how he plays to the cameras. He is not as beloved as he thinks he is.

    • Avatar

      I couldn’t see it because of the massive ass cheek hanging out of Raven’s suit.

  24. hogwild

    Is it just me or does it seem like outside of Paul only a handful of people actually came to play this season and the rest are just there to increase their social media standing have their moment on tv or use BB as an audition for another show?

  25. Helen

    Raven and Paul and Victor partying 2 days after finale last year


  26. Tinkerbell

    Last night Raven told everyone that her Mom has a pet Armadillo. Went into great detail, and it has a rather fascinating name. Also, her brother used to have a flying squirrel. When he went to school his teacher would keep it in his pocket until the end of the class. When class was over, the teacher took it out of his pocket and it would fly back to Raven’s brother. Intriguing. I wish I could live next dooor.

      • Jenny

        a flying hedgehog? now THAT is cool!

      • Jenny

        oh sorry, got confused. my version of reality is more fun.

      • Tinkerbell

        I have my helmet on…..let the rock throwing begin. For people defending Raven and her behavior, it will never come from me. Her lies do not only consist of her fake medical conditions. It seems that all of her friends and family have either died under rare circumstances, or have incurable diseases. Now even the hedgehog had to have a leg amputated. Whenever people are having conversations she ALWAYS has to interupt and interject, with falsehoods. She has a million of them…..even if they aren’t her “pretend” medical conditions. It is unbelievavle how she can sit there and talk add and embelish to her fictitious stories as she goes along. She IS old enough to know better. She has been around normal people. She knows right from wrong…..and still chooses to blow hot air every single time she opens her mouth. Raven, you deserve every negative backlash that comes your way. You are NOT innocent. Time to pay for your lies. Grow up, baby girl!! Raven, STFU!!

      • Tinkerbell

        Just to clarify……….It is not my place to judge any member, and I will never so thet. We are all entitled to our opinions – to like or trash the houseguests. Above is just my feeble opinion.

    • Tinkerbell

      Yes, I was hollering. Sorry, kind of ;))

    • Avatar

      Hobie, I’m with a zillion percent. I’m not bullying Raven and I’m not doubting she has some disease. She most likely has some form of that gastro thing she says she has because she has a….hello! pacemaker!
      And, she definitely has some sort of mental illness, whether its the munchie thing or that she’s a pathological liar. Regardless, I cannot stand her lying. And the constant one-upping every body. I know for me, there’s no way in hell I could be in that house for more than 1/2 a day, AT MOST with her without losing my shit.

    • Avatar

      Do you really want to be their neighbor…probably not.

  27. Jenny

    Anybody else think Raven looks like Pippi Longstocking with those striped over the knee socks and red hair? Never thought I’d see Pippi Longstocking doing a stripper dance, though.

  28. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    The first thing I read when I clicked on this post were the words “Labor Day” and I legitimately thought Mell was talking about the HG Christmas… Lol I’ve been making fun of this girl’s name for way too long now.

  29. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    “Alex, the self-proclaimed superfan was having Paul explain to her how the final three works and why there are three competitions. She also announced that no one had ever quit the show before and Megan was the first.”

    A “superfan” would DEFINITELY know how the final 3 HOH comp works– it has literally had the same format since season 2. A superfan would also know that Megan was most certainly not the first contestant to ever self-evict. Alex is ALMOST as full of sh*t as Little Miss Munchie.

  30. Avatar

    Where I come from, corn hole is a VERY vulgar term.

  31. NKogNeeTow

    OMG, I’m sitting here LMAO at The Ice Queen listening to The Corpse Bride tell her story about how her mom got pregnant with her while on the pill. The expression on Icy’s face is PRICELESS! Oh PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let someone put this up on YouTube! RRRROOOOFFFFLLLMMMAAAAOOOO

  32. hogwild

    Informal poll and I’m only asking because of the pic at the top of this update and how much Alex shows off her cleavage so who thinks those things are enhanced?

  33. Avatar

    Still making that money, for you know medical bills and stuff… riiight (sarcastically said).

    • Avatar

      I was bored this afternoon & checked out Raven’s Instagram. Apparently she has tried to break into modeling and has done pagents (sorry if this has already been discussed previously.) it’s expensive to pay for the dresses and travel for pagents AND to pay for modeling photo shoots when you’re a no-name attempting to become big. I’ll give her credit, she can look stunning (good editing? Lol) but if she and her mom are as sick as they claim, new illnesses daily, they could not afford for Raven to be investing all that money into that lifestyle. Her Instagram and fb do mention GP, and as others have said she likely does have that, but all these other medical conditions? Highly suspicious, inconsistent stories, and incorrect medical terms. It’s a total disgrace and insult to those truly battling medical issues and struggling to pay for the bills.

  34. Avatar

    I wonder how Paul will react when he finds out what his hero, Evel Dick thinks of him and his game play? It isn’t complimentary.

  35. NKogNeeTow

    The Gremlin says she can’t get cold sores because she’s Asian. Wtf???

  36. NKogNeeTow

    For anyone interested, this morning Kevin and Jason had one of the best conversations in the house (9/5/17 starting around 11:30 AM PT Cam 3).

    Jason tells Kevin that Alex is a “male repellant”.

    They both say the only way to beat either Paul or Xmas is to get rid of 1 of them. They both figure it’s pretty much over for them, but they have figured out everyone in the house and they openly discuss it.

    Jason even tells Kevin that the reason he (Jason) is on the block is because last week they wanted him to put Kevin on the block and he wouldn’t do it.

    • hogwild

      Amazing how they have all figured the game out when it’s to late for any of them to do anything about it.

    • Avatar

      This can be a game changer.

      If Jason takes the time to have a good conversation about this sometime before the eviction, and let her know he believes it’s Paul and Christmas final 2, and that the only way to beat them is for Alex to work with whoever does not get evicted, then the double eviction becomes so much more important.

      At that point, if Kevin or Alex were to win hoh, then nominate Paul and Jason. Hope Jason wins veto, then put up Christmas as replacement. I think Josh would vote Paul out, as he believes him and Christmas have a good deal.

      It will all depend on how much Alex will listen to Jason, and for her to question if Paul is playing her or not. She has argued with Kevin so much, that nobody would suspect them to work together, even if it’s only for the last 2 weeks.

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