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Morgan Vs Justin, Who You Got? BBOTT

Insert 80's soundtrack here
Insert 80’s soundtrack here

Edit: Fixed a bunch of weird errors 


I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving weekend! I went to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra on Saturday night, so I wasn’t able to live blog what we all knew was going to happen.

For some reason, Big Brother teased that Saturday night would be a ‘game-changing announcement’ when they created the final schedule about a week ago. However, during the night Shelby got evicted, Julie Chen came on TV for a pre-recorded message letting them know that the winner of that night’s HOH competition will be able to take a second person with them to the final 3. Jason won, and already decided to pick Victoria 2.0 (for both loyalty and strategic reasons, kind of a no-brainer). 

Unlike typical seasons, he won’t get to choose the final person as that will be decided by a 1 versus 1 competition between Morgan and Justin. Very simple, winner loses to Jason in final 3, and loser goes home. Oh wait, I mean “winner gets a chance to win Big Brother OTT – hahahha”.  There is an upside, as I think there is a second place prize, so the winner does get a chance to win that.


There has been a little drama in the house, but mostly dumb drama. The other three spent a bit of time shit-talking Justin after he remained in bed almost all day on Thanksgiving while they prepped the meals given to them by Big Brother. They weren’t upset he wasn’t cooking (as he deserved a break from that), but just upset he didn’t partake in wearing the weird shirt BB gave them, reading his letter, etc. Justin’s absence hit Kryssie the hardest as she later gave him a huge lecture on it while Justin tuned her out. Justin is basically done with this season, so he’s showing the people in the house that he really doesn’t give a shit about them. With Jason revealing America voted him in, and Morgan revealing Alex was her sister, Justin’s big secret was apparently he never cared.

Not that I really blame Justin. Listening to Frank have real-talk with someone (Bridgette?) last season about what really happens after the show versus what people think will happen made me realize he’s right. Frank said that for the most part, everyone is going to go their own ways. They’ll keep in touch with 1-2 close people and end up losing contact with the rest after some time. Shit, Nicole even basically confirmed it later in the year when Paul/Victor were trying to make plans with her and Corey and she basically said she really didn’t want to go party with them. In the real world, Nicole is quiet and reserved while Victor and Paul are the party types. 

Big Brother brings a bunch of people from all walks of life together for a few months as a glorified summer camp who all admit they would never have known ‘someone like you’ if not for the game. They all make tons of plans, then once camp is over, it’s back to real life, family, and friends. Kind of sad when you think about it, but Justin already realizes this, and realizes there is no reason for him to pretend to be best friends with the house anymore. Unless of course, you’re Danielle or Neeley who have been kind of crazy on social media acting like they’re still in the house making videos celebrating every time someone gets evicted. They’re going to get a reality check in a few weeks when they keep trying to contact Jason and the most he does is tweet out to them and maybe do occasional skype conference videos.

Alright, enough rambling. The big competition versus Morgan and Justin happens tomorrow night, so I will be blogging that.  The recap episode should happen around 5pm bbt, and then the competition right after.


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  1. NKogNeeTow

    Steve, my favorite Christmas album is by TSO “Christmas in Serejavo(sp)! Every Christmas, I put it on and play it over and over and over…lol. They have been to D/M/V (DC/MD/VA) area around Christmas time over the past few years but I’ve never gotten a chance to see them. I have caught a few of their concerts on PBS or one of those channels like that. Lucky you!

    • Avatar

      @nkogneetow thank you for deleting my post that was personally attacking who? Yes that’s right no one. You said I can post what I want as long as it was not directed at users. But guess you’re just here to support your friends negative comments and delete mine as you see fit. That just motivates me to post more often. Again thank you for being so bias. I appreciate that.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Kerry, you are correct, you didn’t attack anyone on the Board. That is NOT the reason your post were deleted. You were also correct about me telling you that you could post what you wanted as long as it wasn’t directed at other Board Members. The reason your post were deleted was because it was just a little OTT. I realize that most of us are passionate about the game and/or their favorite HG. I also realize that we all use curse words here and there. Which brings me to your post. Expressing your feelings using profanity is not bad, but going on a lace filled tirade with every other word laced with them is. Not a month ago, you said something about another board member for the exact same thing and her’s wasn’t nearly as “expressive” as your last two. I assure you, if anyone else had posted something like that, their’s would have been deleted as well. Your last two post were so inflammatory that nobody wanted to post here and there were quite a few complaints about them. I am NOT asking you to stop posting. Believe it or not, I value your introspect and opinions just as much as anyone else’s. I’m just asking you to tone it down a tad. There have been comments posted by you that I didn’t agree with, and I may have given you a thumbs down. There have also been quite a few that I thought were pretty good, and I gave you a thumbs up. I know you think I’m partial. I really don’t try to be and I’m sorry you feel that way. There is no one I dislike on this Board and that includes YOU. I don’t want to see anyone leave this Board or uncomfortable, that also includes you. What I would like to see is everyone get along, whether we agree with each other or not. What I would like to see is everyone not feel persecuted or picked on…that also includes you. Again, I’m NOT asking you not to post or express your thoughts/feelings. I’m only asking you to tone it down. I hope you take this in the manner which it is meant and not as me degrading you. Again, that is not my intent. If you would like to discuss this or anything else with me, feel free to click on my name and send me a message. Sometimes I forget to click on my messages so if you don’t get a response, just post on the board: NK READ YOUR MESSAGES!

        I’d also like to ask everyone NOT to thumbs up or down this response. Kerry directed her comment to me and I’m responding directly to her. There is no need for anyone else to get involved. Thanks

      • caRyn

        I am not getting involved, but I thought Kerry was a guy. Sorry, Kerry.

  2. NKogNeeTow

    The struggle is real people. Skidmark and The Krustation have spent 90-95% of their time trashing Justin for the past 5 days. Justin has spent 90-95% of his time sleeping. Morgan has spent 90-95% of her time studying. The Live Feeders have spent 90-95% of their time arguing. Only 3 days left and it can’t come soon enough. I have never been so ready for a show to be over in my life. I thought BBAD was bad but this 24 hour crap is a drainer.

    And of course while typing this, I have the Live Feeds open in the back ground and low and behold…Laurel and Hardy had a 1 hour conversation about random stuff which QUICKLY morphed to Justin. It may not be ladylike to say but I think BOTH of them have a hard-on for him. Oh, and don’t think that little Miss Morgan has escaped their flickering fiery tongues. They manage to slip a few zingers in on her also…albeit not as much. And even she joins in on the fun Justin bashing. At the moment, she is the only one Justin is talking to and everything he says to her, she goes back and reports to Krusti….with a slight twist…who in turn, goes back and report to Jason….with a twist. Skid and Krus think they finally have Morgan on their side, not knowing that she secretly despises them all. Oh the irony of it all…

    The funniest thing I’ve seen the last 2 nights is when Krusti was in the HOH room early Sunday morning, telling Skid how she made moves that she will probably never get credit for and she hopes America sees it and realizes it. She told him how even though he made big moves, she was in the background masterminding many twist and turns in the house. The look on his face was PRICELESS. It was like “Bitch are you serious??. I was in tears. He then tried to “tactfully” tell her how and what HE did. She overlooked everything he was saying but he was having none of it. You could tell they were both clearly trying to subtly plead their cases to “us” about why they should win…and try to destroy any reasons Justin fans have for voting for him. It kind of reminded me of jury tampering. When she finally left and went downstairs for the night, Skid mumbled to himself about hoping he didn’t make a mistake picking her. Last night, she tried the same thing. He humored her for a bit then started acting sleepy, like he was ready for her to go. I think she got the hint but she was determined. She talked on and on and on. She finally left and Skid quickly turned off the light and went to bed. That was sometime between 11 to midnight (I think…I don’t do time stamps). When have you ever seen him go to bed that early? Skid and Krus are getting a little tired of each other but only have each other to talk to. Justin has no one so he’s slowly going crazy and mostly talks to America. And Morgan is happy just being left alone and not talking to any of them except when necessary.

    So Boys and Girls, pour yourself a tall one, grab a deck of cards and start a marathon of Solitare because the next 3 or 4 day is going to feel like a month.

  3. NKogNeeTow

    Oh, and I forgot….Where the heck is everybody??? Thanksgiving is over and tryptophan (sp) should have worn off by now….lol.

    • LindsayB

      It’s been brutal trying to tune into anything this past week. The Krusti n skidmark show is just not interesting. I am so ready for all of this to be over and it makes me really sad to say that. It’s brutal how much hate is out there with so many fans. Eveybody trying to tell everybody how they need to vote and feel about the HGs. It’s ridiculous. There’s actual death threats being made and everything.

      And yes. Where is everybody??

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        I’m still trying to hang in here guys, but I agree that it’s been pretty brutal the past week or so. Every time I attempt to turn the feeds on, it’s almost always Jason and Krustie bashing Justin, or bashing life in general. I almost forgot Morgan was even still there…where the heck is she hiding? I’ve had to disconnect from their incessant negativity, and I’m glad to hear that Justin is doing the same.

        The good news for Justin is that no matter what he will be going home to a happy life in the next few days while those two Kreatures will continue to find any and every thing to be miserable about even after one of them leaves the BB house $250K richer. I’ve enjoyed this season overall but now that we’re down to basically the “Nerd Herd House”, it’s gotten almost unbearable. Looking forward to finale night!


      • Ann

        I’m back!!!
        What the hell has happened??? Lindsay, I leave for a few days & come back to find everything has gone to hell in a handbasket. Lol

  4. Avatar

    I was wondering the same thing. And I agree I am done with this! Dragging it out like this is cruel and unusual punishment. I pray for a miracle that Morgan some how beats them all. But thats just me.

  5. NKogNeeTow

    You know it’s bad anytime the LNC are watching the clock for bedtime…lol

  6. Avatar


  7. Shivani33

    2nd post in the thread just previous to this one: “Fuck that dirty bitch Morgan. Hope that shit face whore loses just like the other dicksucking ballsmashing bimbos” …. While not minding liberty with language at all, the content of this comment turned me off to the extent that I didn’t want to contribute along with its presence in this forum. It repulses me just like Kryssie farting on a fellow contestant’s pillows or hearing the ugly spewing that so often passes for gameplay on OTT. This level of tastelessness and unintelligence is “word vomit” and holds no attraction for me to discuss the game…or to keep any company with it. Sometimes loving Big Brother just isn’t enough, ya dig!

    • LindsayB

      I hear ya. I had to make the hard decision to just ignore the blatant attempts to degrade this place. I’ve let myself get sucked in before in the attempt to stand up to that behaviour and it didn’t help anything. I had to realize that people like that won’t listen to anything and just want the attention. My attempt to help the situation just made it worse. They want to chase people off. Please don’t let them win. Ever. I love your take on the game and it’s not the same without you.

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      Don’t let it get you down Shi. That comment was very repulsive indeed, but they’re clearly just trying to get a reaction so I wouldn’t waste my time giving them one. There is so much positivity on this board, so I try to just focus on that.

    • NKogNeeTow

      I didn’t want to say it but I had a feeling that had something to do with the lack of post. It has been resolved.

      • Avatar

        People call houseguest shitstains and all other other types of derogatory names. They use profanity galore. The rules are I can post and say just about whatever the fuck I want as long as I don’t attack any other users. DONE. So happy I can join the dirty flithy shit talk on this site without being filtered just as so many other users have. Can’t wait to see if that cheap dirty bitch Morgan walks her crusty dusty ass out the mother fucking doors tonight.

      • stevebeans

        Kerry, you know damn well that there is a huge difference between dropping an occasional swear and that mess that Shiv quoted. Stuff like that will be deleted, and it is based on our discretion. I am glad NKog deleted it as I would as well.

        I’ve had websites and forums for years now and it is why I don’t have a set of rules for commenting. People always try to push it and then point to examples of others who may have dropped a swear in the middle of a longer and more thought-out reply.

        I don’t have time for people who want to push boundaries of the comment section or have comment wars or other bullshit like that. If your comment gets deleted, accept it, move on, and be happy you weren’t banned. I know it’s a ‘tyrant’ way to do it, but this isn’t a democracy. It’s my site, and it is a waste of resources to moderate people who are here only to push the envelope and disrupt others from having civil conversations.

      • Avatar

        Thank you Steve you rock

      • Ann

        Much Friendship Steve!!!

      • Avatar

        @stevebeans glad to see you’re back from thanksgiving break and in high spirits. People say a lot of terrible things on here and you condone the bullshit. This season it was not an occasional swear and you are damn well aware of that. Yes this your bias site but remind me again who shut that shit down??? Any how tis the season so grab a giant cup of coco and watch the last living creature of your oh so precious ballsmashers go down!!

    • Avatar

      Careful… Remember NO personal attacks… Right @nkogneetow?

      • Avatar

        But there is decorum too. Cursing up a storm makes one look less intelligent. But you do you and I will do me but do not get upset when no one responds to your cussing posts. Have a wonderful day anyway

      • Avatar

        No personal attacks remember that!

      • Avatar

        Please show me where it was a personal attack.

      • NKogNeeTow

        You are correct Kerry, no personal attacks. 🙂

        Angie, even though your comment wasn’t made to her, it was about her. Steve and I have already addressed it. If you don’t like someone’s comments, either give them a thumbs down or just move past it. Let’s not start another comment war of words. 🙂

  8. Avatar

    what is the remaining schedule? i can’t seem to find it on CBS and i don’t want to miss the finale?

  9. Avatar


  10. Avatar

    It’s the KERRY TAKEOVER!!! 🙂 “dancing feet” someone decided to start a battle a few weeks ago but it’s safe to say KERRY won the war!!!!

    • NKogNeeTow

      Lord have mercy little woman, what am I going to do with you? A war of one is not a war. How about we all call a truce and move on? Changing subject…..Hope you had a good Thanksgiving.


  11. caRyn

    Voting for the winner is at 8am (PT) tomorrow.

  12. caRyn

    5pm (PT) tomorrow the F3 give their live pleas.

  13. caRyn

    11-27-2016 @ 5:27pm (PT) Monte mannequin.

  14. Ann

    Guys I’ve been off for a while because I couldn’t reply because I couldn’t remember my password & finally decided today to reset the whole damn thing. I have been reading most comments but I just can’t watch or listen to Shitstain & Krusty.
    Anyway, im here & have not been ran off. Im done with the positive thoughts preaching because obviously that didn’t turn out to work so well after all.

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