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My Final Weekly Recap



Nicole, as HOH put up showmance Jackson and Holly at the beginning of the week. However, Jackson won the Power of Veto, pulled himself off, and forced the remaining houseguest Cliff Hogg III to go on the block. With the sole vote to evict, Jackson sent Cliff out the door.


All I could do watching Thursday’s episode was shake my head and utter three words: Cliff… Cliff… Cliff. Why oh why did he believe that Jackson would stick to his “gentleman’s agreement” handshake. For a fan who’s been watching since season 8, Cliff really should have known better. I don’t feel bad for him as much as just disappointed that he cost himself and, potentially, long-time partner Nicole Final 2. In fact, he also cost Tommy’s shot at Final 2. Cliff played a strong social and strategical game up until last week. At this point, it would be very surprising to see Nicole sitting in Final 2. She has proven she can compete in the last few weeks. That helps her with jury and she can go into the last HOH competition with some confidence that she can take down the two-headed Goliath that is Jackson and Holly. Does she have a chance sitting next to Jackson?


Yes. To me, it’s a toss up. Both played their own games (except for when Cliff convinced Nicole to boot Tommy instead of Holly) and both have enough comp wins. Jackson has 7 HOH & POV titles and Nicole has 3 recorded in the past three weeks. And timing is important in today’s Big Brother. Look at what BB 20 champ Kaycee did last year. We never know what that can do for a player. On Double Eviction night in season 14, Ian won the Veto in the late stage and took himself off. The HOH, Dan (S10, S14), was planning to take the kid out cause he realized how strong Ian was becoming. Had Ian not won that Veto, the young college student from Tulane would have sat down with Julie by night’s end. Several season 14 jury members alluded to Ian’s comp wins as a reason to vote for him to win $500,000 in the end. Therefore, you just never know what a competition win will do for. What happens if Nicole and Holly sit next to each other?

Nicole deserves to win. It should be unanimous. I really liked Holly during the pre-house interviews. She spoke well, talked about how she used to spend summers without access to the internet or technology (thought that was a major advantage), and she is a very attractive woman…

Then Jackson happened. She threw away her own game, in my opinion, for the sake a young hotshot that is a comp beast and hard-pressed individual. Her HOH reigns were heavily influenced by Jackson. When writing appeared on the wall, Jackson did the campaigning for her to stay over Tommy. He made up the lie that saved her BB life. To me, both of these people are not fun to watch. The thing that Jackson has going for him that I respect is that he is a hell of a competitior. Some people have described his gameplay as dirty and I echo that statement, but that does not mean Big Brother can’t be played that way. No matter what happens in that house, it’s a game. BREAKING THE RULES is what is absolutely unacceptable (which Jackson has done this season). Even writing this paragraph that is supposed to be about Holly, I’m tailing off about Jackson. So back to Holly. Nicole is by far the better player than Holly this summer. She should win it hands down against Holly. There’s one more alternative.

Jackson vs. Holly. Jackson wins. Not even a thought. Jackson carried them to Final 2. He has five more comp wins than “his girlfriend” and has manipulated the entire house from Day 1.


I’m very intrigued by Julie’s words at the closing of Thursday’s episode. The jury phase saved this season from being am extremely boring summer. It’s unfortunate that Cliff and Nicole did not break up the showmance of the season, but I’m hoping against hope that underdog Nicole makes it to Final 2. 


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  1. Joy

    Thanks Mike, and I hope Nicole makes it to F2 also.

  2. Avatar

    Thanks, Mike. I agree, Jackson broke the rules and BB changed the game to accommodate that. I never believed the mom stuff from an unverified twitter account, and the domestic violence charge is most likely fake, too. He broke the rules. Enough said.

  3. ElaineB

    Thx Mike, for your recaps and thoughts this summer!

  4. Robin

    Really great assessment Mike. I love you guys since you always seem to agree with me. One of us must be very smart… lol. Thanks!

  5. Nancy

    Nothing to do w BB. I’m n hospital ..could breath yesterday afternoon..time I decided to dial 911 I was so scare..long story short ..had to be shocked 3 to get heart backfirst shock.orther 2 get beats right no heart. By passing from 06 looks great. It’s the beating
    I get pacemaker mon. So scare. if u pls pray to whoever. Thank y’all allowing me on your site. Hope I’m home before wed. If not I’ll leave update when I can
    Loosing battery gotta turn phone off

    Thank yall..

  6. Mel

    Thanks Mike. Nice assessment. I agree about the rule breaking. Some people say it doestn8effect the game but it does. If he’s a have not and cranky, he continues to alienate people. They hgs were sick of him when he was on slop. He’s also weaker for comps and what about the other people who followed the rules? They were physically at a disadvantage.

    I could t agree more about Beth.

    I disagree about Ians win tho, only because I recently read Dalton Ross’ write up on Dan’s funeral. It became obvious they voted against Dan because they didn’t want him to win twice. Some of the jurors admitted it. Ian played great but Dan was robbed. It did bring us the now familiar….bitter jury.

  7. mm22

    Nancy get well soon we will miss your morning comments but will be thinking
    of you! Hugs & prayers our bbj friend!

  8. Mary

    About choked on my ice tea the other day when Holly was saying she played the game with integrity. She is in for a big surprise at just how much people post on U Tube about Big Brother, both Holly and Jackson will be. Though I don’t think Jackson will care.

  9. jeka

    What did Julie say at the end of Thursday’s episode?

  10. mm22

    Thanks Mike-I always think a comp beast as someone that goes up against
    really tough competitors and wins-in my book Jackson has just won several comps.

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  12. Robin

    This was just posted on another website:

    Last night POP TV leaked a brief shot of the next comp being set up. It’s a days comp with rigging to climb up and place the answers on a vertical wall graphic. This is likely why BB has asked them to find the wall comp shoes they had – BBLurkerPlus]

    • Robin

      I am not too excited about this. Nicole banged up one knee in the first comp… now they are throwing another physical comp. What has happened to the mental games….. are they trying to become The Champion? I think they have decided their winner and trying to push Nicole out…… this is dirty!

      • Hollymarie

        Might not be a bad thing for Nicole tho. She smoked everyone at bb comics. Photo looked like it was something to do with dates. She has those down perfect – especially against bet

      • Robin

        Sure hope so HM, she knows her dates!

      • mona77450

        The last mental game was for the power of Veto on Nicole’s 1st HOH on double eviction night. Cliff won that and Christie was voted out. Since then, it’s all been physical which plays to Jackson’s strength. The last power of Veto just about killed Cliff. I hope the producers are happy.

    • SoftKitty

      Important thing is Holly=Beth has rarely been seen practicing Days & Events. Nicole has been practicing all season! Go Nicole!

      • mm22

        In all fairness Hollybeth hasn’t had the time or the energy to practice days or events
        shes had to focus on other things-like cooking to get praised-stalking
        Jackson to keep that meat shield close- putting her face on n scrapping
        it off n checking in all the mirrors to see different angles of herself
        -conversing “yeah I know” “like” “do I look hot”it takes time to get those thoughts out-
        And with her stool project on-going she’s hardly had time to wash her hair.

      • Avatar

        Nicole wins days comp against Beth hands down. That will give her the boost of confidence she needs going into Round 3 against JJ.

        Since round 1 was physical & it looks like round 2 will be physical & mental, round 3 should be mental. JJ has won mental comps so I just hope Nicole can pull it through. If Nicole wins Final HOH, she wins no matter who she sits next to in F2.

      • Robin

        Mm22, loved your post and so accurate as well!

  13. Joy

    HEY MIKE!!! Please answer our question about “what did Julie say at the end of the show”? THANK YOU.

    • callie

      Ok I’ve watched Julies closing speech twice now and cannot figure out what was intriguing about it. Hope we get an answer soon.

      Also wondering – was Jackson eating in the shower while being a have-not the only rule he technically broke? Did all the houseguests know about it?


  14. Avatar

    Question did Jackson really tell Nicole 3 hours ago that the sex stool is his and Beth’s favorite stool and it’s the house stool, as to a response for Nicole wanting to move it somewhere else. Apparently that’s that Hamsterwatch said on Twitter.


  15. Punkytripster2

    I may be a little late to the party but NANCY my prayers have already started for you. You rest up. I pray for a speedy recovery for you. I’ve been a viewer of the site for years and this has been my first year to start commenting and Nancy this year wouldn’t have been the same without your comments and your moving van. I pray your procedure goes well on Monday. Good thoughts and prayers I will be sending your way through the week. And on a side note if anything gets crazy like JJ or Holly self evicting after a fight or too much stress I will be on standby with a moving truck for you while your healing. I’m only an hour or so from the BB house.

  16. Diane

    Nancy…we are all so sorry you are going through this. Many prayers and much love being sent your way. We miss you. Let us know how you are doing when you can.

  17. hogwild

    Feeds just went to puppies guess round two of HOH getting ready to start Take it Nicole!

  18. mm22

    I want to see Jackson sweat it out till Wednesday go Nicole!!

  19. Mary

    New thread……………. 🙂

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