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Nicole Is Welcomed Back – With A Kiss! Nomination Recap


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The picture is a little misleading, but still pretty funny. After Nicole won the competition to return to the house, she had a close conversation with Jocasta and finished with a kiss on the lips – accidentally. It was meant to be a cheek kiss that landed on the lips.  Still funny.

As mentioned, Nicole was the lucky one to win the competition on Thursday night and knew she was up against long odds right away. The problem when it happens on Big Brother is that the way the system is set up, the returning player is always doomed.  There is a reason they were voted out in the first place and in this show players can’t win back to back HoH. The re-enter competition is typically a gimmick to shake up the house a little, and that’s what they were hoping would happen this week.

Seeing as this was the first episode without the battle of the block competition, the show took up a lot of time showing things like Caleb’s ninja moves, and also a long time on the HoH competition that wasn’t aired on Thursday night.  It was a knockout competition where players had to remember the certain day something happened and punched either the ‘5’ or ‘1’ button to count up the days.  Every round, the last person to ‘punch in’ is eliminated.

Nicole was not even aware what day it was, and she later explained that was due to the jury house basically being a blur.  They watched over 40 movies and were kept busy, so Nicole didn’t even think to study anything.  She was extremely embarrassed when she was not only knocked out in the first round, but beaten by Victoria (who Donny joked doesn’t even know she’s in the Big Brother house).  This made the competition 5 against 1 until that larger number kept dropping one round at a time. Donny survived until the final round versus Cody, but was too late to ‘punch in’ his answer and lost the HoH.

As per normal, the editing made it seem like Cody was really considering putting up someone other than Donny and Nicole, but he wasn’t.  Those were his targets from the minute Nicole was making out with Jocasta in the back yard (joke), and it didn’t change at all.  Nobody was surprised when their faces were up on the nomination wall and that’s where we end it.  It doesn’t matter who wins the power of veto because either Nicole or Donny will be going home, although the house would rather get out the 42 year old groundskeeper who is apparently the biggest threat to ever play Big Brother.

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  1. Comments (1437)

    Caleb’s ninja segment was hysterical.

    It was interesting to see Derrick’s transformation from when he entered the house – pretty spooky how he’s got them all just where he wants them. And is able to “go undercover” to fit in with the idiots.

    And I LOVED them talking about getting Christine out soon…oh, I can’t wait too see the look on her face!

    • Comments (220)

      I agree 100% with everything you’ve said.

      Derrick is probably the best player to play this game. I don’t really like his smug attitude, but his game thus far has been flawless. I love Donny as a person and I am rooting for him as the underdog odd man out, against this band of misfits. Victoria annoys me to no end. She does absolutely nothing yet each week her diary sessions get more and more arrogant.

      Christine, go away.

      If Frankie went far in the game, it would be so aggravating because he seems like the type of winner that would have it engraved on his tomb stone…and have it tatted on his forehead and incessantly boast about it. Same for Caleb.

      I miss Zach.

    • Comments (92)

      The kiss. Good for you Jocasta and Nicole. There are some on this site that would think it was a sin and inappriate. To me it showed love, something some on this site lack for others and that was the sixth different person Nicole has now kissed. I miss Jocasta, I thought she was filled with love. Now as far as getting rid of Christine, her days are numbered. Derrick is one hell of a player and I hate to say it but Cody is starting to get good. He sees right through Chrisines antics. The second best player, Donny, unless there is a miracle will be going home this Thursday. Much love and respect to you Donny. We love you.

    • Comments (469)

      Jannie I agree Caleb’s ninja antics were hysterical – claiming to be a 3rd degree black belt and then clutzing through all those moves – even busting his butt on his last attempt.

  2. Comments (1437)

    Willie mentioned it earlier, but I found it strange that Ariana Grande won an MTV VMA and made no mention of her family in her thank you speech. Not her mother, or her poor late grandfather and not even MANGO!! So much for close family ties, right Mango??
    She went on and on about her fans – geez, she must be just as much a fame whore/attention seeker as her brother.

    • Comments (722)

      I think it speaks exactly how things are with that family..
      Maybe she doesnt have the pull to help her brother as much as he thinks…

  3. Comments (13)

    Who thinks a Pandora’s box will occur in an attempt to save Donny

    • Comments (383)

      Man I sure hope it does! If Donny goes… I guess I’ll watch until Nichole goes… and then, who gives a crap? I don’t like any of the rest of the houseguests.

    • Comments (2)

      I have gotten frustrated in seasons past but nothing like I am now. Donny has played an excellent game. He is smart….I enjoy Nicole and would love to see her do well too. However, Donny has been targeted week after week and he has stood up to the challenge. If Donny is voted out and apparently he will be unless the unexpected happens; I will not continue to watch. There is just so many shady things that have happened this season. Oh and the rest of them are arrogant…I cannot stand them!

      • Comments (138)

        Donny hasn’t played an excellent game. He’s my favorite player but he hasn’t employed any strategy or formed any alliances.

      • Comments (1288)

        Spot on me. Donny has tried the same game move twice and neither attempt worked. Early on he knew there was a big alliance and he tried to get the “outsiders” together – Brittany, Nicole and Hayden – and then pry a couple off the big alliance to oppose them. No one listened to him and the herd was thinned. He never tried to push TA as a F3 alliance.

        Then with his safety from last week’s BotB be again tried to rally those he thought were the outside of the alliance – Caleb, Cody and Christine – and they pretty much kicked him in the teeth. Why did he not try to put the pressure on Derrick and Frankie to take TA to the logical conclusion of a F3 alliance? If he had done that without trying to flip the house against Derrick and Frankie, I think this week would be playing out very differently.

  4. Comments (644)

    I was happy Nicole was back because she and Donny are my favorites. But in reality, they shouldn’t bring back any evicted houseguest into the house, they’ll get evicted again pretty quick. And they should also stay away from the 2 HOHs and the battle of the block.
    I know it won’t happen but what if Victoria and Christine are sitting together in final 2. Who would win? I think the security guard in the lot of the BB house has more chance of winning the money than Victoria.

    • Comments (13)

      Yeah what was the deal with the returning HG? I thought last season the returning HG (Judd) was safe for 1 week. Why wasn’t Nicole safe? What a waste! And where’s the twists, seriously this would be a perfect spot for Pandora’s box or another coup d’etat. CBS is really dropping the ball this season, ugh!!!

      • Comments (1276)

        Last year wasn’t the only year that the returning houseguest was safe for a week. But it seems like Production isn’t trying to spice up the game. They sure aren’t adding the promised twists they had claimed we would see this year.

      • Comments (224)

        I don’t think Judd was guaranteed safety that week, he just lucked out that the HoH who won that week had a bigger target in mind.

    • Comments (722)

      It seems like the group is making plans to cut Christine loose. Shes being left out of conversations.
      If he only had a brain Cody would backdoor her.. and not in a way she likes.

  5. Comments (17)

    Oh steve the picture is so funny,me and my sis in law saw this,and both thought nicole tried pulling away but jacoata wouldn’t let go.haha nicole surly wanted see hayden before he left.very odd haha.so prayen for your mom,and your stress level!! Thanks for awesome recaps!read everyday.please hoping hagatha(christine)goes soon.a&mango(love the nackname its him!!) Needs go right after her.cbs the play most stupid idea ever!! Poor donnie!

    • Comments (644)

      Well, the play starts in 40 minutes in BBAD. What a joy…..NOT!!!

      • Comments (1437)

        Just as we all suspected, it’s quickly become “the Mango show.” And, of course, Caleb was more than happy to show off his supreme acting chops. He’s an actor too, don’t cha know 🙂
        I honestly don’t know how any of them could sit through it with a straight face.

      • Comments (722)

        Oh darn. I missed it. Shoot. Oh well.

        If they want my vote on if I enjoyed it or not.. as always.. my answers NO.

        It wasnt a mission. Doing something as a team to achieve a goal is a mission. They could have done more sabotaging or anything else but that play.

      • Comments (69)

        I switched channels when the play came on – did not want to watch Frankie in drag – by the way – if you signed up for CBS to post as I did in the past – got an email today – with your thoughts on the best TV series of the summer – you can bet I released on them with my comments – that apparently someone at CBS reviews. Wished everyone did the same – maybe production would change their tactics if there is a next season for them.

      • Comments (722)

        Hopefully they listen.
        I wont miss the series if it continues like this.
        It was so much better years ago..

  6. Comments (1)

    Would love to see team America be threatened with this mission- either come up with mission America approves or deal with pandora box. This season has been the worst (& I didn’t think we cld get worse than last year!). We need something twisty in the twistiest season ever! Wishful thinking I know,..just hope cbs comes up with something o

  7. Comments (54)

    Christine grosses me out.

  8. Comments (54)

    Victoria grosses me out!

  9. Comments (182)

    It was just a matter of time that Frankie the Fairy, takes his lifestyle to the next level of auditioning. What a ham.

  10. Comments (38)

    I’ve read several places online that they yelled out that Derrick is a cop, and that Caleb and Cody heard it. Is this true??? If so, are any of the house guests discussing this information?!

    • Comments (1437)

      According to Jokers someone yelled out “Frankie is the saboteur and is not to be trusted.”
      But I’m not sure if anyone in the backyard heard it.
      I’m starting to think CBS production is yelling those things outside to try and stir up the game, which is horribly predictable at this point.

      • Comments (1437)

        Now I’m reading that Caleb DID hear the shout outside and he thinks that maybe Mango IS a saboteur.

      • Comments (426)

        I’m absolutely not a Caleb fan, but would have to say ‘go with it Caleb and use it with the others’!

  11. Comments (15)

    This has been the worst season of “Big Brother” I have ever seen. I have been so bored that I don’t even watch the live feeds anymore, I can guess what is going to happen without cheating during the week. So predictable and about to be even worse than it has been. I predict that each member of the “Bomb Squad” will just accept their fate as to why they will not be in final two or three. This show will not continue with the success that “Survivor” has had with seasons like this.

    • Comments (426)

      I don’t understand why everyone compares this game to ‘Survivor’. It is not even close to the same. In BB they get a roof over their head, a pool, a hot tub, beds, and food. And yes, some get put on slop (used to get pbj, then just slop), but now they get other stuff. Maybe not the most desirable stuff, but a variety.
      On ‘Survivor’ they all are thrown into the elements with no shelter, no beds, and minimal amount of food. They have to build their own shelter, and even getting fire to boil water or be able to cook the minimal rice they get is a challenge. All of them deal with this. Not just those chosen as ‘have not’s, and is not even close to the same.
      Not to mention that most of the challenges are endurance, not all, but most.
      The BB players just get more pampered as time goes on. And this season is the worst, with the obvious promotion of Ariana.
      But have to say that the prod ‘worker-bees’ are just doing what they are told to do. It is the management that needs to go.
      Just my opinion.

      • Comments (332)

        These people are shut up rats and paranoia sets in. They lose focus and reality. So they make believe and shut down or escalate in temperment.

      • Comments (644)

        BB is like being in an extremely nice house arrest.

      • Comments (1276)

        I think it’s easy to compare them because both are CBS Shows. And some of the houseguests that have been on BB over the years have applied for Survivor as well. I think a lot of the players for both shows are pulled from the same group of applicants.

      • Comments (78)

        I agree with you completely.

    • Comments (332)

      Im with you over this group dont cate who wins now. None deserve it, stupid logic the bunch of them.

  12. Comments (644)

    What was that, Caleb??? (His acting on the play or whatever they were doing) It’s so horrible the others are laughing about it. He’s talking about knifes, being in jail, doing drugs, etc.

    • Comments (426)

      From what I read, he was very reluctant to participate, but finally agreed, so I guess he just did his own thing. If that sounds like I am a fan of Caleb’s, I am so not. He is a whacko! But even Whacko’s have a some moments of clarity.

      • Comments (644)

        I watched him on BBAD, and what he did was very strange, not funny, I guess the HGs started laughing because of the weirdness of it.

      • Comments (1437)

        Mango has now reinforced to Caleb that he is an amazing actor. Caleb replies that he plans on going to acting school when he gets out.
        What CAN’T that man do??

      • Comments (722)

        Mango seems like the kid who always wants you ro go down with him. The kid who tries to get you to smoke or skip school. Oh you can come to Hollyweird and try to be a star.. just like me.
        Because misery loves company

  13. Comments (1136)

    Gosh I hope we get to vote on this play being acceptable for Americas mission. I vote not!

  14. Comments (1799)

    So Caleb won’t vote to save Donny till Donny admits to being a Harvard professor special opp silver star winng doctor ?
    Derrick won’t support Donny till he swears a blood oath and hand over his vote to Derrick oh and leave the house
    Cody won’t back him because he is told by others (Derrick)Donny is targeting him and that Donny can’t be trusted because he whispers
    Christine wants Donny gone becaus he represents every thing she isn’t Honest, faithfully to his girlfriend and doesn’t throw comps
    Victoria won’t vote to keep Donny because ,?,?,? Derick told her not to

    • Comments (75)

      I do see why Derrick wants him out. He knows Donny is smart and figured out his game. Donny is trying to get everyone else to figure it out too. The longer he stays in the more of a chance someone will final listen to Donny. I just don’t get how these people don’t get what Donny is saying!!

  15. Comments (17)

    Damn truth I 2nd all you said!!! Very true and funny

  16. Comments (17)

    Sorry was danmtruth.haha not damntruth.

  17. Comments (843)

    I have never had live feeds. I quit watching BBAD and now I’ve quit watching the show! Cannot stand watching freaky Frankie anymore. I skim through the sites to get info—-like we don’t already know how this is going to play out.

  18. Comments (843)

    Hate to not let Donny have the 5K, as I have stated before. How are all of you voting on the TA mission?

  19. Comments (469)

    mouse – you sound like a HG under Derrick’s spell – vote your own mind not “with the house”.

  20. Comments (13)

    Big brother said this season was going to be the most twisted season ever but tit has been boring every week. Where are the twist!!!!!

  21. Comments (2)

    Well, I got back into BB during season 15 and regretted not getting the feeds because of all the drama. So of course I got them for this season and now regret it (because the drama is BS)

    This season is so predictable, it reminded me why I lost interest in the first place. The formulaic jocks, bikinis, and token gay line of casting has got to go! Just as with Survivor, there are more than enough actual fans to fill that fugly house to capacity for 10 years. But, no, lets go to every major college town and cruise the bars for the lowest IQ and biggest…pecks.

    Screw strategy, lets all get oiled up and…*sigh*

    But, while Im here, may as well put my two cents in, so here goes.

    This years cast is awful, but not unexpectedly boring…Legal probably had to put everyone thru the gauntlet of behavioral disclaimers and repeated questions about whether or not they are stooopid enough to say disgustingly racist things and get themselves fired after they get out; thus opening CBS up to possible litigation…yada yada yada.

    I dont get WGN, so I only check into the feeds. Does this cast even ask for alcohol at all? Not even sure if any of them sit outside and smoke.

    Last season was disgusting on so many levels, but the whining about not getting enough to drink…and the long winded doling out of the little bits of alcohol they did get got really old really quickly. (not that that was the worst of things by far)

    But I digress….

    Donny probably couldnt have played any differently other than winning even more often than he did. These guys were just too young, dumb and full of… to ever be able to deal with someone like Donny. They simply didnt have the emotional substance to appreciate Donny.

    On to Derrick; who has more IQ and EQ points in his little finger than anyone else in the house (except Donny). To make sergeant and work under cover professionally and survive to play BB, takes an awful lot of inherent intelligence. And that is proven in that he has successfully manipulated and wrangled these morons 24/7 for 3 months without being detected even one time. He deserves to win just based on his patience.

    I think Donny AND Derrick would be great on a season where the population is more integrated….like season 14, where veterans or all stars are mixed with like, super fans….now that would be a real contest. And with a bit more life experience, Derrick might be able to appreciate working with someone like Donny as opposed to the yahoos from this season.

    Maybe BB is winding down permanently. Too bad too, since CBS was too chicken to produce the show in the true spirit of the original.

  22. Comments (1)

    This has been a boring and disappointing season so far. We have been trying to have some fun with it at home. Go, Nicole! We are rooting for you!

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