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The Night Before Big Brother 18



I actually did a poem for The Night Before Big Brother during like season 13 or 14, so I won’t torture you guys with another one, but the moment we’ve been waiting all winter for is finally upon us!  Big Brother 18 begins tomorrow night, and we get to find out a whole host of things, like:

  • What twists are in store for the season
  • Will the twists survive longer than 2 weeks
  • Who the 4 mystery guests are (and the theme of the season)
  • Will Paul shave his beard this summer
  • How many smokers this season (this one is always fascinating for some reason)
  • Who is addicted to:
    • The sun
    • Alcohol
    • Fitness
    • Drama
    • Another person in the house
    • Themselves
  • (note: let’s hope it’s not all the same person, otherwise it could get very boring when they get booted)
  • How long before Tiffany gets revealed as Vanessa’s sister

So many questions! I can’t wait!

Before I continue, let’s talk about live feeds. Make sure to pick them up, especially now, as you get one week free!  After that, you will be billed $5.99/month for what is easily the cheapest form of entertainment you’ll have all summer – guaranteed. Heck, parking at my local beach can run $20 depending on the day you go. What’s $6 for 24/7 coverage of the Big Brother 18 house?


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Now, here is what to expect over the next few days:

Big Brother 18 will  start with a 2-day premiere. The first time will be Wednesday night at 8pm est, and then on Thursday night at 9pm est. It is quite possible the Thursday night one will be a live show and eviction as the cast has been let in a few days earlier than previous seasons.  We will likely watch them enter the house, and do HoH on Wednesday, then PoV/Eviction on Thursday. Just a guess.

The live feeds will then start after the airing of the west coast Thursday night show, which will end at 10pm pst (1am est). That is also the time Big Brother After Dark starts, but you won’t need that because you’ll be watching the feeds with us, right?

So let’s hear your early predictions. What do you think the twists will be this year??


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  1. Really hope one of the season 7 all stars comes back. Janelle or Boogie especially.

  2. there will be NO Eviction this week… the Thurs show has been Taped… just like the Wed show… there was NO Tickets for Thurs show ONLY for the Wed show… the First Live show will be on 6/30, where we have Tickets available…

  3. SteveBeans!!! I’m so excited to be back here this year and excited for the season to start! I can’t wait for this wild roller coaster ride to play out!!

  4. I am glad to be returning this year. I get so addicted to this site during the weeks the show is on. Hi to everyone and let the fun begin.

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