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No Feed Updates Today or Tomorrow



That’s right. It’s going to be an extremely slow week on the feeds, as they’re already down for the next 36ish hours as the house is going to be evicting Victor today in the pre-recorded eviction episode that will air tomorrow night on CBS.

They keep the feeds down because they don’t want to spoil Victor’s eviction, as well as the following HoH & PoV competition. That stuff will air on Wednesday night on the second eviction of the week. Luckily, we should know who is going home because the feeds will be up tomorrow night at 12pm est. At that point, they’ll have likely done noms, played pov, and had the meeting.

If I can think of something fun to post, I will. Maybe I’ll analyze Corey’s game to see if he actually has a chance to win.  Shit, I am practically falling asleep thinking about that.


Seeing as there is nothing going on, I posted yesterday about volunteers needed. Contact me if you want to add feed updates next season.  It should be as simple as adding a time, and what is going on in the house at the time.  Also, if you want to write for the blog, you know, actual articles, you’re more than welcome to shoot me a message.  Contact me here for either opportunity.  Or add me on my personal FB linked below…

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Also, I really want to get Green Day tickets in Boston for my daughter. If anyone has any connections in the area, let me know!  I don’t to pay the legal scalper prices (ie Stubhub) for the show.  Speaking of, how the hell is scalping tickets illegal, yet Stubhub gets away with it?  Is that like a legal loophole for scalping tickets?  It is so annoying to try to buy tickets from TM only to have them sold out in seconds and see them on stubhub for 10x the cost.

Ok, rant over.  Time for some tears for the next few days






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  1. Avatar

    SteveBeans, PLEASE do a post about your thoughts on the remaining players chances! Do a post on anything! I am going to be going thru major BB withdrawals so I will need something lol! I love to read any and all of your posts, they are funny and really make me think about different angles of the game! Be as long winded as you wanna be! Thanks!

  2. AIO_7

    Well, after Vic. goes, maybe we can look forward to Lames regaling with his totally made up (lies) stories about his personal life. For instance, the other night on BBAD he couldn’t even remember the commission his so called company made finding employees for other companies; and he is supposedly in management. I think it was Victor who gave Lames an out, saying “yeah, three months is a long time to be away and it’s easy to forget.” Baloney, I can still remember commission from jobs I had decades ago.

    As many do here, Lames should be pitied; I think low self esteem leads to his lies, and his need to stalk and latch on to a girl in the house. He has shown this behavior two years in a row now and should never be allowed, as a house guest, on the show again.

    • AIO_7

      Get this; I just went to Jokers updates and early this morning James said this to V & P:

      3:54 (3:30) James says he just wants to be a “part of the guys” and “makes stories up”.

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      Damn @aio_7, I’ve been fighting it all season, but now I think you’ve finally made me feel sorry for James. That’s really sad.

      • Mell

        He was bullied as a kid and got beat up alot if that help push you over the edge.

      • Jenny M

        He did spend some time in a boys’ home after his mom died and his dad apparently couldn’t take care of him. He was adopted as a teenager.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        Ok ok Mell and Jenny, you got me. Lol. He definitely is a nice guy and I do feel bad for him. Don’t want to see him on BB again, but I feel bad for what he’s gone through and wish him the best.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Sorry Gerardo, I still don’t feel sorry for him. And you wouldn’t either it you had listened to him in the LR with Vic and Paul last night. He was absolutely disgusting. He started out being a little bit funny but as usual, took it way to far.

        I’ve known a few people who had hard lives. Some a little harder than James. That didn’t mean they couldn’t make something of themselves or not be such a low life. He showed his TRUE colors last night. He’s not better than TGF, just shorter.

      • NKogNeeTow

        @Gerardo: Hey Sweetie! These HG were starting to kill my spirit, so I’ve been trying to enjoy what’s left of my summer…lol. I waited so long to check the blog, I’d have to much to read to catch up. I did a little back reading but I got so far behind I just picked the last few days and started reading from there. I’ve also spent a little bit of time on the Feeds late at night. This is still my first home though 🙂

        p.s…..Missed you guys too!

    • Avatar

      He’s just a recruiter for a Temp agency, all he does is interview people and then call them to place them in temp jobs. He has no reason to know what the overcharges are, sales and management know those figures plus they change from client to client. His job is one of the easiest things to do, just be nice to people all day and hope they work out well for you if you assign them a job at one of the clients. No brains, no business sense required.

      When I heard him describe his job to the others I realized that James doesn’t have a high I.Q. and he isn’t very articulate, something I think explains quite a bit about his game.

  3. Avatar

    I really hope Paul wins this hoh!! Ugh and I’m also trying to get blink 182 tickets but these scalpers are selling them for way too much. The best advice is to wait last minute and see if they get desperate to sell them, which will lower the price lol

  4. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    So my last hope for this season is that Paul wins HOH today (which he should have a good chance of doing since he will only be competing against James and Nicole), and that either he or James (I know, I know…) can pull out a win for the final POV of the season. If James has any brain cells at all, he has to realize that splitting up the last showmance would all but guarantee him a spot in the finals. If James were to get rid of Corey next week, for example, that leaves him, Paul, and Nicole in the Final 3. There’s no way either of those two would take the other to the Final 2, so James is in no matter who wins the last HOH. So hopefully he will team up with Paul and they can pull off some magic this week.

    • Helen

      That’s the BIG if at this point….Will James get rid of Corey? I want to think he’s smart enough to figure it out but everytime I think he has seen the light he proves me wrong…..part of me wonders if he even wants to win or if he just comes on BB for human companionship and to pretend he is something that he’s not for just a little while.

    • Avatar

      I actually have a feeling that might happen. Nicorey should have realized that James did that to Clelly (Clay and Shelli) last season. He must know that Nicorey is more threatening than them, and the way he can flip after making a promise not to put someone up (did it to Bridgette and Shelli) makes me think that Nicorey won’t last to the F2

      • Helen

        I hope your right….the only satisfaction I will get from this season is to see Corey leave at F4 and save the best for last…watch Nicole take that walk of shame on finals night making her the last member of the jury!! Now THAT would be worth watching…..

      • NKogNeeTow

        Paul pointed out last night that if Ratty left, Bambi would be okay, but if he left, she’d fall apart because she’d be alone. Wonder how much of that is true.

    • NKogNeeTow

      If the comp is days or memory, Nurse RATchet might have that down pat. Paul studied a little bit but then stopped. Jellyfish hasn’t really studied at all. I’d still like to see Paul win though.

  5. Alda

    Does anyone know if BBAD will be live tonight?

  6. Avatar

    I can’t watch BBAD and I don’t have live feeds so I have a question. People keep talking about Corey setting a live goat on fire. What are they talking about??

    • Helen

      Corey was telling a “great” story about him and his frat brothers getting really trashed on Four Lokos. One of his friends “bought a goat and put it in their backyard—it was our baseball house” and then “he got some lighter fluid and sprayed it on it, and went and tried to light that motherf**ker on fire” and tried to light it on fire. Corey was laughing and grinning while telling the other houseguests the goat “was so scared, scared to death” while this was happening.
      At first it sounds like Corey is just saying his friend was attempting to set fire to the live goat. Then one of the other houseguests asks “why would you try to light a goat” and Corey responds “we would, we” before switching to “he tried to light this motherf**ker on fire.”

      • Shivani33

        @Franko You can Google “Big Brother Corey and the goat” and several accounts will pop up to read if you want. Nothing was shown, of course, on CBS, but in early July, Corey told his goat story to other houseguests. He thought it was very funny, but people who heard him and care about animals were horrified and outraged, because he laughed about a personal experience with animal cruelty. He didn’t say that he set a goat on fire. It was the fact that he thought a situation like this was funny which caused him to be vilified. It was that kind of first impression of Corey Brooks that many people will not forget or forgive. Big red flag!

  7. Mell

    I just read that BBAD will be on tonight for anyone interested. They recorded footage from this morning when the houseguests were given craft stuff to play with. That’s apparently whats going to be on for after dark.

  8. Alda

    Thanks guys.I didn’t know if it would be on because of the eviction today of poor Victor.

    • Mell

      I didn’t think it would be either. I read it on 2 sites so maybe it’s accurate. Watching them make stuff with play dough won’t be too exciting but I guess its better than nothing.

  9. Mell

    With Vic gone (practically official), it was this time last year that Austin left with no shoes on. That was so funny. Anyone so confident in their safety that they don’t wear shoes for the eviction is hilarious.

  10. Jenny M

    I’m bummed that Victor and Paul trusted Nicorey and now they are toast. They were talking on BBAD one night about how much of an advantage it would be to come back as a vet because they would understand SO MUCH already! I was pissed when Rachel came back and won and I’m pissed that Nicole and James have a F2 deal. I know Victor is gone but I am hoping Paul can hang in there and get to F2.

    • Helen

      I think snacole has a final 2 deal with everyone. Lol. She has one with James. She has one with Corey and it would not surprise me if she has one with Paul. I know there was a conversation she had in kitchen with Paul a few weeks ago and it was “jokingly” discussed about her ditching Corey and Paul ditching Victor and the two of them going to final 2. I think Nicole would sell her mother to be sitting in one of those 2 chairs come this next Wednesday!!

  11. Alda

    Victor and Paul on Amazing Race would be hilarious!Riding camels,wearing costumes and dancing ballet,eating exotic foods in India.Real Friendship!

  12. Avatar

    Steve, some bands have ticket deals via their own websites or their ‘official fan clubs’. Depends on the timing …usually fairly far in advance. Sometimes they let you purchase tickets earlier than normal, which eliminates the sold-out-in-10-seconds problem, and it came with the new CD download. The cost of the fan club membership was fairly inexpensive. Keep it in mind next time around. We once got tickets just by going down to the venue right at show time and bought them at 1/2 price on a street corner. Risky, but it was a good transaction. Last, keep an eye on Facebook….I always see friends with extra concert tickets to unload. Good luck.

  13. Shivani33

    Last year during the craft set-up in the kitchen, Steve, Liz and Vanessa were awaiting their last comps. They had tie-dye with little boxes of colors and abandoned ship while trying to make sense out of the dye mixing instructions. No wonder production went all out and threw in some Play-Do this Season. With Paul in the house, maybe there’ll be some sculpture with graphic content, and maybe James can destroy the house with pots of dye bath. I want to be entertained. Make Victor Arroyo a movie star! And I won’t give up on Paul for the win. Fly like an eagle! He’s the only good dream left if there’s no mo’ Victor. For me, those other 3 in the house are mostly nighmares, the kind where you wake up and think, “phew! Glad that’s over. It was only a bad dream.”

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