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Nomination Feed Updates; Who Will Paulie Pick?



It is nomination day inside the Big Brother 18 house, and there are only a handful of people Paulie is going to choose from. Bronte, Natalie, Victor, and Paul will be the targets, especially considering they voted Paulie out, so it’s nice to get a little payback right away. I am not going to talk much about nominations until they happen, simply because I think everyone knows what to expect, including the people in the house.

The big thing I want to talk about is the “Battle Back” competition that was mentioned last night, but I never had a chance to touch on it. While everyone expected some sort of player to return to the game, considering they do that basically every season now, I don’t know of many people who expected this, and in this format. Unlike the last time pre-jury members battled to return, this time the format is going to be more ‘Survivorish’ with that Redemption Island thing they had going for a few seasons. However, unlike Survivor, Big Brother’s format does not allow for the cast inside the house to know what’s going on. This way they cannot plan their evictions based on the competition and keep sending strong people to face Jozea until someone wipes him out.  While they may send strong people home anyway, it won’t be because of this competition.  (Note: It is possible the house learns of it next week during the live eviction, but I doubt it)

If you missed how it works, now that two people are outside of the house (Glenn and Jozea), they will battle in a 1v1 competition at some point over the next week. The winner of that competition remains in sequester while the loser hops on a plane and officially ends their Big Brother run. The winner (probably Jozea, let’s be real) will then wait and face off against the next eliminated person (probably Victor). The winner of that moves on, and so forth. This will go on for a few more weeks until 5 total people have been evicted, and I think on the 6th week they’ll have the final winner who will then re-enter the house and likely be re-evicted the soonest they possibly can be. It’s something to keep us entertained for the first third of the season, but whoever re-enters is not winning the game. I mean they can, but they won’t.


With that out of the way, it’s time to get to the feed updates, but in the words of Julie…

“But first….”

I want to throw out a small plug again.

Ok, here are the feed updates:

  • 9:30am – The feeds broke for the nomination meeting.
  • 11:00am – Feeds still down for nominations
  • 11:30am – Feeds back.. noms shortly.
    • Bronte and Paul are nominated. Victor is backdoor plan
    • Corey and Frank are telling a story about Victor. He said he wouldn’t shave his head for a comp. He’s ‘making money when he gets out of the house’, and he’s going to be an actor in a soap opera when he gets out of the house. Oh boy. Maybe he forgets Caleb who still had a career after shaving his head.  (just kidding, Victor probably never saw Caleb’s season)
    • Back to strategy – They’re not going to put Natalie up for Road Kill (if they win) because they want Bronte picking Natalie for PoV.
  • 11:45am – They turn to the fishtank to see the fish all eating another one.
    • Nemo found Dory... She was delicious
      Nemo found Dory… She was delicious
    • Poor Bronte is sadly begging James “If things go the way they are supposed to go with a certain someone being evicted (Victor), can we at least try to win HoH next week?” Between hearing Zaki’s impression of her during the comp and this, I actually feel bad. Has to suck watching a teammate intentionally throw a competition and be helpless about it.  If you’re wondering, last night Zaki quoted Bronte during the comp “Please don’t throw this, James! Please!”
  • 12:30pm – Victor is up in the HoH room with his new bff of the week, Paulie. They’re talking about random ‘bro’ stuff. Meanwhile, James, Nicole, Corey and Van2.0 are hanging out in the living room
  • 1:00pm – Feeds down. Road Kill challenge?
  • 2:45pm – Feeds still down
  • 4:00pm – Feeds still down. Long comp
  • 4:15pm – Running to store, hopefully feeds are up by the time I get back
  • 5:00pm – Back, feeds still down. I guess Friday’s are going to be long ones until the Road Kill challenge twist is complete
  • 6:20pm – Feeds back, let’s see what happened, if we can find out..
    • victor
    • Victor won the Road Kill challenge
    • He plans on putting James on the block, James is ready for it
    • The vets are talking, and they’re all worked up because Paul has been spreading the backdoor Victor plan. Smooth
  • 7:00pm – Frank is in the safari room having a pity party because he chose the wrong side and now wants everyone to feel bad for him. He is playing innocent, but obviously he was one of the major players beating the drumb against the vets
    • Nicole joins the conversation worried that she may be a target. The guys tell her no. It will likely be James
  • 7:21pm – James plans on throwing the veto competition which increases the odds someone like Paulie wins so he can put Victor on the block.
    • Been staring here at fish all day waiting for the feeds to return, so I need a break. I’ll probably start a new thread or update this one later.
  • 10:20pm – I just spent some time watching someone play virtual reality. That’s how I spend my breaks.  Anyway, inside the house, Paulie is laying in bed with Zaki while the rest of the house is hanging around the kitchen
  • 10:30pm – Bronte and Natalie have a private conversation. Both speculate production will put in multiple Victor names in the POV bag so he’ll play for drama. They don’t cut the feeds like they would for that talk
    • Feed switches, Nicole and Day are annoyed the power has gone to Paulie’s head, while Van2.0 is crying about Frank lying to her on different feed.
      Tiffany crying... again.
      Tiffany crying… again.
    • I switched and flashbacked. Vic told Frank he is putting Tiffany up instead of James. Frank lied to her and said Victor didn’t say anything. So, she went upstairs and asked Paulie who let her know Frank told him Victor said Tiff. Now she’s freaking out about being lied to and being put on the block. Nicole and Day were annoyed Paulie told her.
    • Everyone joined the HoH room to calm down Tiffany, then broke up to make it not look suspicious.  That is when Nicole/Day were talking about the situation (from a few lines up)
    • Here is Frank’s reaction to learning Paulie told Tiffany…
  • 10:43pm – The spy girls meet up. Bridgette is reporting the shadiness that happened with Zaki pulling all the people in the HoH room to comfort Tiff. The girls talk about trying to work privately with Tiff
  • 10:50pm – Tiff enters the room and re-tells to the spy girl
    • They all assure her she’s safe, blah blah blah.
  • 11:20pm – Things have calmed down, and gross Nicole is talking once again about how she likes popping pimples
  • 11:40pm – Paulie called to DR. Could be doing nominations. It should be Tiffany, but I may be sleeping by the time feeds return

Off to bed. Overnight in morning!


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  1. AIO_7

    Nice update, Steve. I predict, though, that BB keeps the Battle Back secret from the house. We will see, it would be interesting either way.

    I also want to commend my Nicole on getting her target out. Would also love seeing Paulie target and get Paul out.

    P.S. Anyone else see a Natalie/Paulie showmance brewing, or am I just being Captain Obvious here?

    • ClaireBear

      Natalie is the least annoying of the 3 airheads…er- spy girls, so I’d be okay with them having a showmance.

      • Jannie

        Wasn’t Natalie the one who said that she “wasn’t being conceited” but that she could get any guy she wanted? Yuck… I think that Bridgitte could have been OK, but she seems like a follower and not someone who can think for herself.
        These newbies are soooooo dumb. No one can keep their mouths shut. It’s so obvious that they know nothing about how to play BB.
        I guess I just don’t like showmances at all. I think Asstin and Liz killed it for me last year.

      • Jannie

        Wait, wasn’t Bridgitte the one who made an Asian comment about James? Changed my mind, she’s an ignorant racist who obviously didn’t see what happened to Aryan. How dumb can you be?

      • Colby

        It was Bronte making the comments, saying she would send him back to Hong Kong, etc..

      • Jannie

        Thanks, Colby. I knew it was one of the Spygirls, can’t keep them straight. ?
        What a moron…

      • NKogNeeTow

        @Jannie: That was Bronchitis who made the comment about James. Said something about wanting to send his “little Asian ass back to Japan or China or wherever he came from”….then made another similar remark another time after that. Some people don’t realize that our world is getting smaller and smaller all the time, and you can’t just pigeonhole someone by their looks. If I’m not mistaken, James was born and raised in Texas or somewhere in the South. Which makes him just as much an American as she is. To bad Idiocy isn’t a race, she’d be right in there with the rest of them 🙁

      • Jenny M

        Jannie – yes, she did say that she could get any guy she wants. Wow. Sure honey, you can get any guy who wants a girl with giant fake boobs and drag queen makeup! (no offense to drag queens…. or Dolly Parton)

    • danmtruth

      sorry I think Jozea was correct that Pawllee is as the song says ,,, just a gigolo ,, BB STOP SINGING all game play

  2. Jenny M

    I hope the comp is more mental than physical, at least for the first round. That would knock the pantless dipwad out of the way so we don’t have to see any more of him in his underpants.

  3. Jenny M

    Can you imagine if they did a BB trivia comp? Jossiah would just stand there blinking while Glenn answers all of the questions correctly.

  4. Avatar

    It would be nice if Glenn came back. Viewers never had a chance to get to know him. Plus the house needs diversity in terms of age.

    • danmtruth

      It took a replay to get Glenn out He was very close to beating Cory. Yes if it was a BB trivia challenge The messiah is dead again It will be interesting as most of these comp will be against teammates

      • Jenny M

        Yeah, that comp was a photo finish! I felt SO bad for Glenn having to leave the show on the first day after clearly showing he CAN compete! And remember how his team didn’t listen to him about the base of their sand castle being wrong?

  5. Alda

    That would be great Jenny.I certainly don’t want to aee Jozea back in the house.It would be funny though to see him fight for the spot against Paul or Victor.Friendship-over!!

    • Jannie

      Yes, please! Bring Glenn back. An actual person who isn’t looking for fame and actually watches the show. What a shock. But, even it he beats the Messiah, he would still have a long way to go to get in the game. ☹️

  6. Avatar

    Now I am curious if the Road Kill competition will last throughout the show

    • Jenny M

      I really like that twist – 3rd anonymous nom!!! So much better than that battle of the block garbage from last year. I remember last year they kept promising these huge twists and there weren’t any. Just 2 blonde twits and a hairy guy. Ugh. I almost didn’t watch this year but thought oh hell, what else do I have to do…
      I’m disappointed that most of the cast is wanna-be model/actors, but at least they managed to think up some actual NEW ideas this year!

  7. danmtruth

    crack showing in 8 pact as the girls feel Pompadour Paulie did not include them in the nom discussion

    • Jenny M

      heh – Pompadour Paulie. I like him less every day. Clearly he and Corey are used to getting by for being pretty without any substance behind it.
      See also: Victor no you will not be a star – pretty boys are a dime a dozen in LA

  8. Colby

    I would like to see Victor and Paul on the block together. That way if one wins veto the other can still go.
    The way it is now, if Victor plays and wins veto he will probably save Paul and one of the girls will go home.
    Bronte is annoying and very negative, but I don’t think any of the girls are as much of a threat as those two guys.

    • Jannie

      So true. That would be awful if Stickybun wins the Veto.
      I wish James would pull a prank and cut that greasy knot off of his head. He thinks he’s going to be a soap star?
      Puhleese, another greasy goon only on the show for his ego…thanks, CBS.

      And, even though Caleb was a stalker on his season, at least he was likeable – I was so bummed when he had to be taken out on Survivor. He has a lot more personality than Stickybun. It was interesting to see (on the reunion show) that he is now married to a pretty hot wife. Good for him!
      Seems the cast they chose this season is just a bunch of clueless wannabes. If the vets, Zack, Corey, Tiff and Paulie can keep winning we have our final 8.

      • Avatar

        What about Michelle?
        The 8-Pack alliance does not included Paulie.

      • Jannie

        Geez, I totally forgot about Michelle. Haven’t figured her out yet. Just the fact that Paulie would put up Paul and Bronte, with a plan to backdoor Stickybun tells me that his loyalty lies with the vets.

      • Jenny M

        I keep forgetting Michelle and Vaness…er…Tiffany are even on this show! Also forgot Corey existed for a while.

      • ClaireBear

        Omg, Michelle and Tiffany are both so forgettable. Anytime they’re referenced, I have to check the pics at the top.

    • NKogNeeTow

      I wouldn’t be so quick to think the girls aren’t as much of a threat. Bronchitis is secretly a VERY mean girl and I wouldn’t put anything past her. She wants to win or at least get to Jury (although she doesn’t know that much about the game, with her silly self). I can tell by the nasty looks that she might do anything out of spite. She hates James with a passion, yet she is talking to him to beg him not to throw comps, so SHE can have a chance. She could care less about the rest of the team. And you can bet dollars to doughnuts that the first chance she gets to get James out, he will be her FIRST target. Don’t let the voice fool you. That is one nasty piece of work.

  9. Avatar

    There is jealous in the air which usually leads to alliance cracks.

    Paulie should put up any of the 4 who voted against him or bust up the going nowhere girl alliance. Eye candy Natalie and strong Paul would be a good bet

  10. Colby

    I think the Battle Back comp is a bonus for us (the viewers) where Jozea is concerned. We get to watch him lose the comp and get sent packing, or make it back in the house (which I don’t think will happen) and get evicted again. Either way, we get to see a pin stuck in that delusional, inflated ego one more time. BONUS! LOL

    • Jenny M

      I was disappointed that there wasn’t more drama on his part about being get kicked out. Did you notice he looked really scared waiting to hear the votes? Like maybe his little pea brain realizes that in REALITY, he’s not actually loved by all who are graced by his rare and special presence….
      For all his bluster and bravado, GayBlackLatinoTrump appears to have realized his fantasy world wasn’t quite as real as he wanted it to be. But of course he pranced on out to meet Julie with a big smile on his face like he was the winner! I thought Frankie was the worst wanna-be fame whore EVER but seeing this twit trying to BE Frankie is just… I can’t even.

    • ClaireBear

      Yeah, when it was time to reveal the votes, I think he realized he was out. His confidence was gone.

      I didn’t think anyone could be worse than Frankie, but Joz definitely IS!!

  11. NKogNeeTow

    Did anyone hear the conversation about grocery cost on BBAD last night? They were talking about how BB keeps buying them expensive fish that no one likes and Zaki said “why can’t they just buy us “strimp”…OMG, hilarious! Hmmm, gives me an idea for dinner. I think I’ll have strimp and broccoli 🙂

  12. NKogNeeTow

    @Steve: “Nemo found Dory….She was delicious” ….. I spit out my coffee….LOLOLOLOL!

  13. Avatar

    Does anyone know why Pauline ended up putting up Paul instead of victor? I thought he should have put them both up. Now if Vic wins pov he can take off Paul and neither of them goes. If both were on block if one got pov then the other is still there.

    • Colby

      They are planning to back door Victor.

      • Elaine

        And it will be a double shocker since some of the newbies don’t know what a back door plan is.

      • Jenny M

        omg Elaine, you nailed it! what’s a back door? who’s Zingbot? REALLY!?!?
        At least the previous non BB fans that were cast for being pretty took the time to study prior seasons and had some idea what they were in for.

  14. Jannie

    Ugh, Stickybun won the Roadkill comp. And he’s putting up James?? But they are on the same team…team Unicorn. BTW, I hate the whole “team” thing, it doesn’t seem to be bonding anyone together. Too many damn silly alliance names – I can’t keep them all straight. ? Is it because the everyone knows that James threw the HOH comp? I better get those feeds ASAP.

    • ClaireBear

      I HATE the teams. On paper, sounds good. But I hate how it narrows the pool for noms. I like when there’s a bigger group so there’s some surprise to nominations.

      • Jenny M

        Yeah I agree. I hate that James is throwing comps because he doesn’t want his teammates to stick around – and everybody knows he is doing it. I can’t stand Bronte or Victor but it isn’t fair to them and frankly it is kind of shitty game play on his part.
        BTW seeing “Unicorn Road Kill” under Victor’s name paints quite a picture in my head.

  15. danmtruth

    Is Pompadour Paulie trying to play both sides now? Has he started an alliance with Stickybun Slick Vic or is this just game play control him for the week We will only know after thē veto Also see if Paulie can talk Vic out of nominating James

  16. danmtruth

    Primping Pimping Paulie is in his glory All the ladies flocking to him as HoH

    Has the Amish Armenian bearded Paul still thinking the best way to play is show everyone how honest and truthful he is Along with being clueless on how to play

  17. JD

    I would like to see Glenn back bit Joz is going to claw and chew his way back. I hope not I can’t take his ego and Bronte’s voice. I like the old school BB when they cast real people and all ages. Newbies always take this as their start to fame.

  18. JD

    I can leave comments but trying to give thumbs up says I need to log in. I can’t find how to log in!! I am on the outside looking in. Lol

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