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Nomination Updates – Has The Snake Returned?



It is the final 5 in the Big Brother house, and that means any alliance larger than a duo pretty much means garbage – and Victor/Paul are about to learn that today. Is the final 4 going to stick together and ‘battle it out’ next week?  No.

Now, people will look at this move as another Nicole ‘snake’ move where she flips on her alliance once again, and they’re probably right, but this is Big Brother. There is only one winner, and 17 seasons of data to learn from that you trust nobody but yourself in the game. Late last night, the pair had a talk with James and told him they want to bring him to the final 3 with them, and that’s pretty much what James expected to happen when he was coaching Natalie. He told her not to pout (she did), and to understand that this week, people are going to need her vote rather than need her out. This will give her the opportunity to go further than she expected.

Rather than listening to him, she went up to throw him under the bus, but that’s old news. The fact is, what turned out to be James as a sure bet to leave the house last week may result in him playing in the final 3 competition for a chance to sit in the final 2.  Will he have earned it?  No. He’s a Victoria with much better personality. However, that personality could actually help him float all the way to the extra 0 on his payday if he’s sitting in the final 2.


Long story short, the plan is to put Paul and Victor on the block today and just deal with the backlash that will come with it. It will come off as a shitty move in their eyes, but it’s probably the best move Corey and Nicole can make. Getting James out means that Nicole has to face both Victor and Paul in the HoH next week with Corey watching from the sidelines. Not smart, and they know it.

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  • 10:45am – Nicole and Corey are sitting at the table talking about what to do
    • Nicole mentions how she threw the competition last night, and even had to do a few falls to make it seem real. Corey doesn’t believe her, but she told him to watch her DRs when he gets out
    • He wonders if she would have beaten him if she didn’t throw it. That may be tough because Corey was cruising.  Plus, it doesn’t make sense for her to throw it
    • They talk about how Paul and Victor are going to be angry at the results today
  • 11:15am – Talks have broken up, and Corey is listening to music in the HoH room
  • 11:50am – Paul and Victor head up to the HoH room and ask what kind of bullshit sandwich James fed him last night
  • 1:00pm – Everyone is in the HoH room. James lets them know he was once broken up via Facebook status
  • 1:20pm – Paul is relaxing in the bath while everyone else hangs out in the HoH room
    • paul-bath
  • 4:00pm – Check-in. All is quiet in the house. Paul and Victor are still speculating on what happens when they’re on the block with James.  Things may be interesting tonight.
    • On a side note – If anyone has any connections for Green Day tickets in Boston, let me know!
  • 4:20pm – Paul and Victor are talking and speculating on Nicole and Corey turning on them. They said they wouldn’t be too happy about it since they’ve been loyal in return.
    • I should run out for dinner real quick so I can be back before noms actually happen
  • 6:30pm – Back from dinner.
    • Nominations have been back for 30 minutes, and as expected, the bromance has been nominated
    • paul-victor-upset
    • Victor and Paul are not too thrilled about being betrayed. Victor doesn’t plan on being buddy/buddy with them any more.
    • Paul thinks they can salvage the situation – Victor doesn’t.
    • Honestly, this was the best game move by NiCorey. It keeps the power in their hands. The only way Nicole ends up on the block right now is if James does a flip and saves one of the two with veto (he won’t). Victor or Paul can save themselves, but the other is certain to leave because Corey has the tiebreaker.
    • Victor suggests pairing up with James, and Paul gives him a reality check that it will never happen.
    • The two are realizing they’re screwed
  • 6:40pm – Paul went upstairs to talk to Corey and Nicole, but when I switched feeds, the browser froze. Trying to get feeds back up
    • Feeds still having issues.  Reloaded the page 10x
    • Seeing as I can’t access the feeds right now for whatever reason, I should bang out some homework. Be back in 30 or so
  • 9:15pm – Finally have the feeds working again.  Paul is in the bedroom having his pity party with Victor. I hope they don’t make me create another photoshop image!
    • Sounds like Paul is going to be taking away his halloween party invites
    • Victor said he didn’t want to be the guy who pops up at the end of the season to win comps.  Right, but that’s how you win
    • Paul says he doesn’t feel bad about shitting on Corey this season
    • Victor is not bitter at James because James is still playing the game, and he respects that.
  • Ok, looking back, around 7pm, Victor chatted with Corey, time to flashback and blog that
  • 7:00pm – Nicole, Paul, and Corey are in the HoH room about how upset Victor is and how he won’t even look at them
    • They call Victor in the room and Corey tells him that it would be stupid because this risks Nicole going home
    • victor-group
    • Corey is trying to pull the strategy card, while Victor disagrees and says up next, Corey and Nicole are targets
    • Victor says outside teh house they can be friends, but inside they won’t. He’s hurt because he thought he finally had a group, but has been backstabbed 3x this season now
  • 7:10pm – After a brief discussion, Victor clearly hurt by it all, hugs it out and leaves.  Paul continues to smooth things over
  • 10:15pm – Back to the present…
    • Paul and Victor are calling it a night. Nicole and Corey appear to be getting ready for bed as well

Good time for me to go to bed.  What I thought may have been an interesting veto comp tomorrow is basically a dud. The only thing it will alter is whether or not Victor or Paul goes to jury first. So much for some crazy scenarios of Nicole possibly end up on the block.  Not happening. I have a birthday party in the afternoon, but veto comps are typically long anyway.  POst in the morning


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  1. Avatar
    Cynthia (91 comments)

    It’s the only move for Nicole. ..nominate Victor and Paul.

    • Avatar
      Kathy (75 comments)

      I agree if he puts up Paul and James. There is a good chance Victor wins POV and takes down Paul. Than he has to put up Nicole. Victor and Paul could easily vote her out.

  2. Avatar

    I think Nichole got away with flip flopping so much due to vic coming back taking the target off her going after others. Had Nat won HOH this week woulda probably look the same as James would have talked her into putting up Paul and Vic and work with Nichole and Corey imo.

    • Avatar

      I agree. With all the twists, the target moved around and to weird places a lot! I like twists, but this has been just a little too much. Just like some of the houseguest were saying, it’s like what’s the point in working for weeks and strategizing to make moves and then they don’t even matter! I’d be so mad if I were in the house!

    • Avatar

      You watch the show right? There isn’t a chance in this lifetime Nat would have put Vic and paul up. She would have put up Nicorey 100%

  3. Avatar

    Ugh. This whole season, I’ve waited for Nicorey to be split up. Idk if that’s gonna happen or not, but I see Corey, the dude who has been pretty clueless about playing the game this whole time, sitting in final 2. He sits and stares into space thinking about his dog and Christmas, his biggest worry is how fast he can get back under the sheets with Nicole, he’s just soooo clueless to where he’s been all Summer! The bad part is, I mean all this literally! He’s one of the most spaced out people I’ve ever seen on BB! I hate that better players are not in his place! I guess that’s just Big Brother, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it! This has been the weirdest season ever!

  4. Jannie

    Is it crappy that Nicorey are getting ready to betray their final four with Bunyan and Vic? Oh, hell yes! But is it the smartest move to get them to the finals? Hell, yes, again. This is big brother, and although I can’t stand Nicorey, they know it’s their best chance to get to the finals. Sad, but true.
    I disagree that Lames is this seasons Victoria. Victoria never made a game move for herself…she was completely led around by her hair extensions by Derrick. I am looking back at Lamsey’s moves and he did make the decisions on his own. Is it exciting and bold gameplay…no. I was so mad at him for throwing comps left and right. But it did get him to where he is today. He went against Gnat and voted out Vic – Victoria would have never gone against Derrick. He also was only on the block once. That’s pretty impressive. Wasn’t Victoria a pawn like every other week?
    I think, unless Nicorey can convince Vic and Bunyan that the plan is to backdoor Lames, that Bunyan is going to raise holy hell in the house this weekend.

    • Avatar
      Morgan (86 comments)

      I’m guessing he meant James is the new Victoria because he’s basically the third wheel being dragged along and is only going to the f3 because he’s easy to beat. Otherwise, yea, James is definitely a better player than Victoria could’ve ever hoped to be. They’re just in the same situation right now. I’m also very ready for the Paul blow up to ensue. Should be interesting lol

      • Avatar
        Victoria (21 comments)

        I do not believe that James has been throwing comps. James is lying and I cannot stand liars even inBB!

        I loathe the idea that James, Nicole, or Corey could actually win this season. It would be like Victoria winning.

        Just as bad is the idea that fools can win AFP.

  5. AIO_7

    …. “Bunyan is going to raise holy hell in the house this weekend.”

    Now that could get interesting; the F-bombs will be exploding and several dozen “boned” mixed in for good measure.

  6. Alda
    Alda (1952 comments)

    When I watch Miss America,or a favorite game show and root for someone and they lose I feel like oh well,and turn off the tv.Afterall,it was only one night-maybe half an hour or more and that’s it.But,when you watch BB 3 nights a week,plus BBAD every night and other sites every day you really become invested in these people.You feel like you know what these hg’s are all about.So you come down to the final 12 or 13 days and see what’s ahead for your two loyal,hard playing favorites and know they are doomed in this crazy,back stabbing game,I get sick to my stomach.That’s how I feel right now for Vic and Paul.SAD!

    • Avatar
      franko (692 comments)

      We do get involved in this, don’t we?? This has been a weird season. I just don’t know who to root for anymore. If Victor and Paul are put on the block there really will be a lot of f bombs dropped for sure and they are going to be sooooo pissed. This could be interesting. I’m just ready for it to be over. Hopefully, next year there will be a cast more diverse and ALL newbies, NO RELATIVES, NO FORMER HGs, etc.

    • Avatar
      Cathy (6 comments)

      Loyal??? Lol they back stabbed Paulie and was talking about getting James out a long time so they ain’t innocent either. This isn’t a loyal game really it’s a individual game trying to win yourself some money.

      • Jannie

        I forgot about that and you are right. Although I loathed Paulie, he was besties with Corey. And Vic was responsible for getting him out. It was a move I loved and respected, but, in the end, it is payback for Corey to get Vic out.
        Big mistake for Vic and Paul to trust Snakey Nicorey. But they have to own it.

  7. Avatar

    I just can’t, I can’t do it anymore. This is it for me, I don’t care who CBS gives it to now. There’s no doubt in my mind that Nicole or Corey will be handed $500k for laying in bed all summer.

    • Avatar

      Not a bad payday for free food, free place to stay, bb stardom, showmance luv all summer. The thing that is frustrating is Corey is not dumb just not BB smart, has no clue on how to play the game and comes in and wins two clutch comps to put them at the top. I would have luved to see Victor play in the butter competition but he wasted his HOH getting out Natalie who wanted to work with Paul and Vic. He could have not put her up and if so when Corey won veto kept them targeting james or at least tried, probably tough since Corey and James are friends but he knew this and why i didnt understand him going for Jame….oh well…

      • Jannie

        So true. Nicole asked Corey this morning how much BB he has actually watched. He said he has watched a couple of seasons, couldn’t watch every episode, and only watched when it was convenient for him.
        Have I mentioned lately that I hate them all?

    • ChiKelz

      Ann I’m with you! I checked out weeks ago! I started watching again when Vic came back. Then my mother told me last week they were talking about getting rid of Nicole! Yeah!! I started watching again and now this. I’m gone! I’m sooooo annoyed! The people that did the least win the money. I know people say it’s Big Brother everyone lies and backstabs, but Nicole has been doing it all season even when it wasn’t necessary. If you are not a lying snake in your everyday life it would be very difficult for Nicole and Cory to do it so easily throughout the game. More so Nicole because she was coaching Cory. I can’t stand them!

    • Avatar
      Morgan (86 comments)

      Ann, don’t give up yet. It may be a bit of a long shot, but if Vic can pull off the veto win and then the next HoH to put up Nic/Corey, he’ll be in the f3 and still has a chance. That’s what I’m hoping for, anyway.

  8. Avatar

    I’ll be damned if CBS gets one plug nickel out of me to watch season 19. Why not just cut the $500k check right now & give it to whoever they want to have it.

    • Avatar
      franko (692 comments)

      Ann, I couldn’t agree more. However, don’t get your blood pressure up over this stupid Year.

      Thanks for sticking in here with me, tho.

      I’m ready for this to end!! Oh wait, I mean I’m ready for this to end-ah. ( Gotta speak Nicole language.)

    • Avatar
      Victoria (21 comments)

      Fully agree. This is likely my last season watching. It gets worse ever year!

    • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

      Just 12 more days guys, we’re almost there! Let’s just breathe and get through this… Lol.

      Remember, Nicole/Corey can only get rid of one of them this week. Whichever one stays (especially if it’s Vic) could come back and take them both out before the finals. Maybe I’m just being a wishful thinker, but I’m still not giving up hope just yet…

  9. Avatar
    franko (692 comments)

    NKogkneetow, where are you??? We miss you!!

    • Alda
      Alda (1952 comments)

      I think some people have stepped away from this season.Did you see Nicole talking to Corey about not knowing who they should put up?Corey was like what are you talking about?? She winked at him and said something to the effect that she was playing it up for the live feeds and stir some drama.That’s what they want.WOW!!

      • Avatar
        Susan B (27 comments)

        Do you think “Mom and Dad” told her to do that so they would have it for the show Sunday night?
        Nicole, don’t confuse Corey, honey. He’s a bit more of a true blonde than you.

    • Jannie

      I know!!
      NKogNeeTow- we really need your witty and spot on analysis of the game now!
      Come back, sweetie…❤️

      • Avatar
        franko (692 comments)

        Jannie, thanks for backing me up. She needs to know she’s missed. I have the hardest time spelling her name right, tho. Lol
        Dang auto correct screws me up sometime if I don’t watch and I’ve seen several people spell it different ways. The main thing is that I think she will get that we miss her and her snappy, witty, spot on posts

      • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

        Totally agree Jannie and Franko, I’ve been wondering the same thing! I love NK (and I love you guys, Ann, and all the “veteran” posters too), and I’ve been so sad not seeing her witty commentary on here lately. I used to just sort of casually surf this site, and NK and Ann were the reason I decided to go ahead and register and join in the fun!

    • g8trgrl4life
      g8trgrl4life (1010 comments)

      I agree!

  10. Avatar
    Kathy (75 comments)

    I agree if he puts up Paul and James. There is a good chance Victor wins POV and takes down Paul. Than he has to put up Nicole. Victor and Paul could easily vote her out. So he has to put both Paul and Victor to keep Nicole safe

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  12. Clangley
    Clangley (192 comments)

    He’d be an idiot not to put both v/p up. I love v/p but I’m sure Corey loves Nicole more than we love v/p. I wanted Vic to win, he’s worked so hard and deserves it but strategically Corey has to keep Nicole safe and the only way to do that is to cover all bases by putting v/p both up together. Ughhhhhh I just want it to end. All this flip flopping makes me nervous even when I know it’s best for the HOH at the time. We can hope Vic gets the veto takes himself down and Paul has to go. At least then Vic would still have a chance since he’s the comp beast.

  13. caRyn

    I don’t want the season to end. I love watching the show – the social experiment. I am thankful that Paul and Victor are in the BB house because they have personalities and spunk. I hope that Victor and Paul return in a future season. I love the cussing – NEVER cared.

    • CLangley

      Agreed!!!!! I’d love to see them on another season as well!

    • Mello_One

      @ Caryn Ryn and Clangley,
      Seriously, if Victor & Paul had not been cast for this Season of Big Brother it would have been as Boring as ALL GET OUT! At first I couldn’t stand Paul, he was so obnoxious, but he GREW on Me!!! And Victor is a BB Legend now, when he first started out in the House I could not stand him, but he humbled himself when he came back in the house, & he and Paul played the Game More than anyone else left in the House! I am hoping that Allison Grodner gives Vic, or Paul some Diamond Veto that keeps both of them in the house…But its too late in the Season I believe.

      And Clangley I mentioned about 2 weeks ago I’d Love to see Vic & Paul on the Amazing Race, with Paul’s knowledge of Overseas Travel, & Vic being able to win Comps they would do good on that Game Show. I could also see James on Survivor


  14. CLangley

    I just wonder who Vic would choose for a final 2??

    • Helen
      Helen (5241 comments)

      Most likely Nicole…….He has a mad crush on her

    • Ingodog
      Ingodog (119 comments)

      Victor would take Paul

    • Mello_One

      I think if Vic does stay, he might take James…But Helen I agree with you Victor does have a Crush on Nicole! If she would just take a step back, she would see that Corey is does not want any type of long term relationship, & has said it repeatedly to all of the Guys in the House! But Vic might be long term for a relationship.

      Btw…It looks like Zakiyah & Paulie are sharing a Bed Again…lol 🙂

      • caRyn

        On BBAD Corey was telling Nicole about the various reasons he wanted Victor evicted next. One was the way Victor was talking to Nicole. Corey said that none of his friends would ever say the things to Nicole that Victor has said.

  15. Avatar
    WTF? (21 comments)

    I think Paul and Victor would do the same thing if they won HOH. They were talking about getting James on their side. Why would they need James if they weren’t thinking about putting up Corey and Nicole.

    I’m sure they will be pissed but if they were honest they would admit they would do the same thing.

  16. Helen
    Helen (5241 comments)

    I have zero respect for James….He is an asshat…..He has been throwing Natalie under the bus for over a week now…Corey said the only likeable thing I have heard out of his mouth early this morning when he told James…well you know,gotta stand by your girl ( in reference to him voting out meech). James could flip this entire game by winning pov and taking down Vic for ing Corey to put Nicole on the block and then voting her out. Still pretty much will put him in final3 . Will he? No. Cause he’s an asshat

  17. kneeless

    All season I have been trying, hard as it is, to find a favorite HG. Now we’re down to the wire & I’m still trying to find that person. House guests aside, I did like the fact some weren’t afraid to make some big moves earlier on. There was a lot of flip flopping but this is BB, after all. Last season CBS promised us twists & they gave us very few. This year they’ve given us an abundance of twist, the the point of too many. I guess the long & short of it is that it would be nice to have a happy medium. I still maintain CBS needs a more age diverse cast. They did a bit better with diversity, other than age, this year (I emphasize, ‘a little’). NO MORE VETS &it would be nice if folks had an idea of what BB is. They don’t have to be “super fans” but at least know BB terminology like POV, HOH etc.As frustrated as I get BB is still my summertime guilty pleasure. I’m thankful for all you folks here, it’seems not everyone I can admit to that I watch BB! I’ll be here until the bitter end but want to thank Steve & his crew for another BB Junkie season. And, thanks to all of you, you help me get through some difficult days.

    Franko, I hope you get some answers, health-wise. You deserve some quiet, uneventful days! Take care, my friend!

  18. Helen
    Helen (5241 comments)

    Might not be a blow up from Paul. You know nicory will convince him vices gotta go and he is pawn. Just to save themselves next week when they will bone him for the last time. They are basically gambling it all that Nicole or James can win hoh.

  19. Jannie

    Right now on Jokers(time stamp 2:23) there is a post where Lames is talking alone to the cameras and explaining how and why he played the way he did all summer. He said he learned from last year that your social game is the most important thing and to lay low when it comes to comps so as not to make yourself a target. It is really a very interesting read. He also goes on to say that he does have real feelings for Gnat and hopes she realizes that, but he had to do what he had to do to get to the finals.
    He finishes by reminding his buddy to remember to start his pick up truck once in a while.
    Damn you, Lames, I’m starting to root for you again…

    • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

      Well if there’s one thing we can give Lames credit for, it’s that he definitely knows how to get America to root for him. But he won’t get me. He played a pathetic and boring game this year and does not deserve $500K for romancing an airhead all summer.

      • Jannie

        Thinking that Vic is going home on Tuesday unless he wins the Veto, to me, he is the only option. Besides, Vic has been getting awfully handsy with Nicole lately. Didn’t Frank get the boot for that behavior?
        No way to I want Nicole or Corey to win. Corey is a moron who, I am convinced, has had major help from production in order to win comps. He had admitted that he has maybe watched “a couple of shows from a couple of seasons.” He is a follower, not a leader. And he bangs Nicole every chance he gets and we all know he will dump her as soon as the show is over. Last night he was joking with Bunyan and Vic that at the wrap party he was going to get her wasted so he could ditch her to go with the boys and find women. And don’t get me started on how funny he thought it was to try and light a live goat on fire.
        Nicole, what can you say about Nicole? She has allowed herself to look like a slut on national television. She has the speech patterns of a 15 yr old and claims to “feel guilty” every time she stabs someone in the back. Boo Hoo. And this moron is a nurse? She is an embarrassment to the profession.
        Big bad Bunyan…sure he is likeable enough and has entertained me with his DR’s all summer. But he is not as good of player as he thinks he is in his own mind. He claims to be “the brains” of his alliance, but did you see him in the MacGyver comp? Geez…
        And his potty mouth is disgusting. My mama used to say if you have to curse all the time you don’t sound very educated.
        So we are left with Lamsey. At least his showmance with Gnat seemed more sincere than Nicory. He wasn’t “boning” her(at all) and, as a woman, I respect that. He could have played harder, sure, but when I read that his plan going in was to be goofy and social and look weak…well he did play the game like he said he was going to.
        So, in the end, they all sucked and the entire season was horrible, but if I had to choose one…today it is Lamsey.
        And, on a personal note, he doesn’t seem to come from money like Vic, Bunyan and Corey. And he has a little girl and it looks like he has a good relationship with her mother. I know that shouldn’t be a factor, but that’s the way I feel about it.

  20. Helen
    Helen (5241 comments)

    Anyone know what Victor is pi##ed about? He seems quite angry?

    • Avatar
      bobo (55 comments)

      I think he has just figured it all out..he is a gonner. Plus I wonder if he thinks Paul threw the HOH. Pau/Vic would be great on an Amazing Race, I have been really surprised how funny/intelligent Victor turned out to be. Thought he was going to be an idiot. If Nicole would stop whinning and apologizing she would be more likeable but I cannot take another minute of her voice.

      • Avatar

        I agree. I wasn’t a fan of Victor’s at first, but I really like him now. He actually went there to play the game…that was evident to me when he said he wasn’t interested in showmances and was there for the money (back when Natalie showed interest in him).

        Paul and Vic on TAR would be great! I would watch that season for sure!


  21. Avatar
    Quincy (11 comments)

    He is aloof, he stares into space, he puzzles many with bribe move. He is first to the bed after any event looking to snuggle up with his showmance, he just looks so clueless; but is he? Not the most popular guy by any means, but when you take a look at the following, perhaps Corey knows what he’s doing afterall. By the way since the beginning, Victor chose to run with the New Kids on the Block, Corey chose to stick with former players, so far here are the results…

    2 HOH | 3 POV’s | 1 ACP | 3 times on the block
    Helped in getting the following evicted…
    – Tiffany
    – Bridgette
    – Natalie

    Paul 1 HOH | 2 POV | 6 times on the block
    Helped in getting the following evicted…
    – Jozea
    – Victor (returns via Battle Back)

    Nicole 2 HOH | 1 POV | 0 times on the block
    Helped in getting the following evicted…
    – Jozea (via brief HOH reign on team Unicorn)
    – Michelle

    1 HOH | 0 POV | 1 ACP | 1 time on the block
    Helped in getting the following evicted…
    – Zakiyah (via the ACP cancelled votes)
    – Bridgette

    Victor 3 HOH | 1 POV | 1 RoadKill *(still evicted on his own roadkill win week) | 3 times on the block
    Helped in getting the following evicted…
    – Paulie
    – Zakiyah
    – Natalie

    No matter how some feel about Corey, he is not bringing up the rear in comps, HOH, and POV wins. If you don’t want to say his stats are the best, you must admit that he is a close second if not co-leader in that department. Give credit where credit is due, Corey’s game is solid and he has great case thus far in terms of why he should win the $500,000

  22. Kari B
    Kari B (821 comments)

    Seriously, other than following this blog I haven’t even been watching the show. All the edits making things look different than they are? Cory suddenly doing so well? What a miracle, hahaha I swear if Nicole and Corey are in the final three I’m not watching at all. Neither of them deserves to win.

    Like I said before, Victor may have a trashy mouth but he’s the one that’s worked harder than anybody else and he’s the one that deserves the money..

    • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

      Corey definitely performed very well in the HOH comp last night. But I, like others, am quite skeptical about his win during the MacGyver POV comp. Maybe it was just dumb luck (no pun intended) but it definitely looked a bit “sketch” (to use Nicole’s favorite term).

      And I agree about Vic, I really want him to win the Veto this week so he can come back with a vengeance next week! Take no prisoners Vic!

      • caRyn

        The MacGyver comp was sketch and so was the Black Box with Natalie and the Coconut one with Glenn. It sucks, but it is what it is.

    • Alda
      Alda (1952 comments)

      I so agree Kari B.He played so hard in every comp.He never threw any.I think he is an all around decent guy.His parents seem like hard workers.They lost everything and had to start from scratch.When he saw his family on the screen he bawled his eyes out.Corey and Nicole didn’t flinch when they saw their families.I hope he wins POV and can make it to the finals.

  23. Mell
    Mell (4692 comments)

    As of 5 minutes ago, Vic is still in denial but Paul is at least open to the idea that Corey could put them both up. It sucks that I don’t think they can even get revenge next week. Let’s say Vic wins veto this week and pulls himself down, then Paul goes home. Vic wins next hoh and puts up Corey and Nicole- James goes up. The only person voting is Corey or Nicole and James goes home. That’s the reason players in better seasons break up pairs before it gets to this point in the game. Take Vics name out and insert Paul’s if you want but it’s the same result. I wonder if James will be smart enough to realize that.

  24. caRyn

    Victor and Paul are intelligent. Just because they cuss more than normal has nothing to do with their IQ. Paul is 23, not 33. Throw them a bone!!!!!! If viewers think the BB house is boring this season imagine these two guys not being hg.

  25. Mell
    Mell (4692 comments)

    Almost time for noms. Tensions must be running high. Vic in bad mood since earlier today and he hit a wall. He just got in a heated arguement with Paul over how VMA artists are hired. This isn’t the normal banter they have. Vic is pissed. Now Corey is hoping Vic punches him when he gets nominated.

  26. Alda
    Alda (1952 comments)

    Noms are in.Vic and Paul on the block.Nicorey and James head to the HOH room to talk about the final 3 deal.No Friendship for the boys.

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  28. Jennifer
    Jennifer (57 comments)

    I don’t understand why Vic and Paul think Nicorey will be loyal to them. They are so blind and it is so frustrating. It is clear by James voting out Vic a few weeks ago that he is loyal to them yet V/P don’t seem to get that. I thought Paul was smarter. Their best move was keeping Natalie. Oh and I don’t think Natalie threw James under the bus at all. She was speaking the truth. He made a decision that was best for his game and Nicorey’s instead of his supposed ride or die!! That should have been a big red flag for V/P but apparently it wasn’t! Idiots!!

  29. Helen
    Helen (5241 comments)

    I find Paul’s behavior very odd….something isn’t right about all this…..he is just too accepting of being OTB….I really hope Vic wins POV and leaves him sitting there. Bet he won’t be quite so accepting…I think he knows they plan on getting Vic out and he is the pawn

  30. Avatar

    So what if James wins veto and decides to take either Paul or Vic off? Then Nicole would have to go up and James and whoever he used veto on would vote Nicole out???

  31. Avatar
    BBgettingboring (1 comments)

    I would love to see James win pov just to shake the house up! If he does, he should take Paul off the block. That way Corey is FORCED to put up Nicole! And the only two that can vote are James and Paul! That would certainly send Nicole home and leave Corey alone. Corey couldnt play in the next hoh and i am 100% certain that James knows he will not make final 2. May as well get another paycheque by spending another week. Next week they could take out Corey if hes not HANDED the pov again and then James, Vic and Paul can finish the game. I think Vic and Paul would “consider” taking James to final two (at least I think Paul would) because he would be easy to beat. Thats what I would LOVE to see happen this week just to bring us some actual entertainment!

  32. Mell
    Mell (4692 comments)

    I don’t mind people breaking deals but I do hate entitlement and stupidity. When Corey was trying figure out why Paul and Victor thought they really had a final 4 deal with them, I was amazed! Nicole apparantly thinks people should just thank them on their way out the door. It’s making her mad that Vic is upset with them. She got offended when Vic said he should have put them up last week instead of getting rid of Natalie. Well, he should have! Again, I respect the game move. I just don’t like the inability to accept the consequences. You can back stab and lie but also be seen as an angel.

    • Helen
      Helen (5241 comments)

      Amen to that sister!! I still will argue the fact that when Corey got that 5000 bribe the rules clearly stated it could be used for 1 houseguest for 1 action. The night Corey offered the bribe to Vic he clearly stated it was to seal final 4. Victor accepted the 5000 bribe. That was the offer and acceptance. AFTER that is when Nicole said wait wait wait you gotta say and vote out Michelle. As an original offer and acceptance had already been made that was not a binding agreement (the vote to evict Michelle).
      CBS is the one who wrote the bribe rules……Any first year law student could argue the case and win……Corey screwed up and by CBS to not make him follow through is BS because it affects the outcome of the game.

      • Colby
        Colby (2436 comments)

        I don’t think using it on a F4 deal was allowed.
        I went back and looked up what it could be used for. It said:
        ‘Bribes may influence voting, competitions, vetoes or nominations. The bribe can only be given to one Houseguest, for one action, within the week leading up to the next eviction.’
        So, it had to be one of those actions for that week only.

      • Mugummy
        Mugummy (93 comments)

        Agree with Corby. Plus Vic couldn’t promise a f4 on Pails behalf. Plus plus, the bribe should only benefit the briber (Corey) and not Nicole. A F4 promise would go against all this.

      • Mugummy
        Mugummy (93 comments)

        Sorry, CoLby not Corby.

  33. Colby
    Colby (2436 comments)

    I’m calling BS on V & P claiming they would have honored the F4. Their discussion just before calling James into HOH last week to tell him about Nat throwing him utb was about doing that to try to gain his trust and get him ‘on their side’ this week. If they had planned to put him on the block again this week that wouldn’t have mattered.

    • Mell
      Mell (4692 comments)

      I don’t think Victor was planning on putting them up at all. There was a chance James could survive the week and they wanted to be good with him.I could see Paul doing it and Paul could probably have convinced Victor to do it. Paul had to talk Victor into putting up Paulie but I think he would have had to work harder with this one. Vics biggest downfall is his loyalty imo. He has also liked Nicole alot since the beginning. When they made that final 4, Paul seemed like it was convenient but Vic acted like he had just been adopted. It’s the same reason Paul wasn’t surprised today but Vic was shocked, even with Paul warning him it was possible.

      • Colby
        Colby (2436 comments)

        Victor couldn’t play for HOH, so he couldn’t have put anyone up.
        But I do think Paul would have whether Vic agreed or not.
        I agree that’s why Paul wasn’t surprised.
        But that is just my opinion, guess we will never know.

  34. Shivani33

    I’ve given myself permission to feel sad with the way that the game is going right now. Please pardon this dumb comment.

    • Colby
      Colby (2436 comments)

      LOL, Shiv.
      That’s not dumb.
      I am pretty much never happy with who wins, or think they deserve it.
      Not just with BB, but Survivor and Amazing Race also.
      But I still watch every season. 🙂

  35. danmtruth

    Now is fun to listen to Nichole , James, and Corey tell each other how smart they are, How good they are , How they never REALLY made any F4 deal with Vic & Paul
    Than you have Paul & Vic Knowing that there is nothing they can do One of them are going this week Do people still want to try and defend Nichole or Corey as not being snakes in the grass Talk about throwing people under the bus Core telling all the “lies”Vic has said Nichole just feeding into it And yes Nichole and James have admitted that they have been working together for a while
    I understand game moves but dont put down other people for doing the same thing as they are doing Thats the thing I dislike the most about these people Just admit you got to back stab the other people before they had a chance to get you

    • Colby
      Colby (2436 comments)

      You are right! They are ALL snakes, liars, sketchy, snitches, back stabbers, etc. It is what they have to do to win the game.
      I think the problem people have with anyone being singled out for it IS the fact that they ALL do it.
      And yes, it is kinda the pot and the kettle when they put each other down for doing the same things.

    • Mugummy
      Mugummy (93 comments)

      Haha, was thinking “NicHole” was a typo. Perfect fit.

  36. Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

    As much as I was rooting for a Paul/Vic Final 2, and am disappointed they didn’t pull it off, I certainly give Corey and Nicole credit for making a good strategic move for their own games. The only thing that annoys me is when people like Nicole act as if Victor is being ridiculous for being hurt/upset over this, knowing damn well that she would be having a hissy fit if the shoe was on the other foot. Yes, Nicole, we all know this is “just a gaaaaame” and it was nothing personal, but that doesn’t mean Vic doesn’t have a right to be upset about being backstabbed, even if it was not for personal reasons.

    Vic did not have the luxury of floating under the radar for most of the season like Nicole did, he has worked his butt off to stay in this game. It’s perfectly natural and understandable that he’s going to be pissed for yet again getting “boned” and possibly getting taken out this close to the end. I only hope he can win the Veto and return the favor to Nicole next week. Let’s see how rationally she reacts when she finally gets her first taste of the block this season.

  37. Avatar

    Someone needs to give Vic some of that there book learnin’ to understand the difference between “Finite” and infinite. My goodness gracious.

  38. Avatar
    DingDong (92 comments)

    If I hear “ride or die” once more I will barf. Especially when Nicole says it about Corey . Makes me wanna poke out my inner eyes!!!

  39. Avatar
    Tdela (5 comments)

    What everyone forgets is this is a GAME. No matter who is put on the block, they are mad and sad. People float, maybe that is their plan. Is it really a bad plan to let everyone else do the dirty work for you while you sit back and watch or is it a smart move. You can be aggressive like Paul and Paulie and try to pull strings when they are not HOH while keeping the heat off of them. But guess what – people wake up and realize what you are doing then you become the target. Both Paul and Paulie showed their true colors when they were put on the block. They both threw huge tantrums and tried to bully people. Victor should be all of their targets – he deserves to win because he has fought so hard each time he was voted out and returned to the house. Plus he is just a nice guy. Ding, ding, ding – if you want to win he has to GO! Remember James and Nicole are vets – they know the game and have learned how to stay out of the line of fire. Give them props for being smart. What is sad is if Corey wins because people are mad at Nicole and James. Corey is still in the game because of Nicole, Paulie and Paul. All 3 of them protected him. James tried to stay out of the fray and keep himself and NAT safe. James’ big mistake was NAT!! As for Nicole, if she is on the block with anyone but Victor, she deserves to win. She played her game. People may not like how she played but she did it her way. She never bullied anyone like the guys. And if she found romance along the way … well good for her. It’s a shame woman can forgive a man who poops all over them (aka Z, Meech, Bridget….) but never another woman. The woman in the jury need to pull their heads out of their……..

    • Mell
      Mell (4692 comments)

      I think James was just as bad for Natalies game as she was for his. He may be a returning vet but that doesn’t mean he’s good at it. Yes, an arguement can be made that he’s still in there so he must be good. I’m talking about good players in general. I’ve never known a player spill more secrets )and not even know they’ve done it) than James.
      I haven’t given Michelle a pass on all the crap she talked or Bridgette for being blinded by Frank.
      I agree, if Nicoles game was to lay low and then turn up, it’s not a bad choice. I don’t have to respect her as a person. I disagree about the bullying comment tho. She was usually in the center of getting others to do it. She fueled the flame and got very amped up when others were doing it. She just did an ok job of hiding it.
      I also think the women in the jury may have mellowed out by voting time. DaVonne already seems to have started. Michelle may not tho.
      She may earn the 500K but I’m curious what it has cost her if she gets it. She was seen as the girl next door 2 yrs ago with an innocent romance. She will leave the house being viewed as someone who is very catty, immature, can’t stand other women to have attention and having made porn on tv for 2 months. It isn’t my problem but she seems somewhat obsessed over what the viewers think of her. That’s why I bring it up.

      • Avatar
        Jude (17 comments)

        Really. Really! Nicole is ” the girl next door” compared to Da’Vonne, Z, Michelle ( big Meech for real if she continues to shovel in the food at the rate she’s been seen doing), Natalie, and Bridgette ( I marched for women’s rights in the 70’s and she’s a whining poor rep for women’s lib esp the way she hung on Frank). The remaining jury women can’t judge her. She’s done nothing that one of them hasn’t done. People, it’s a game. …Nicole, you go girl…sing in the sunshine … laugh everyday … be on your way… and take your bun and the money and run.

      • Mell
        Mell (4692 comments)

        Whoa, settle down Jude. Lol
        I clearly said I didn’t give Michelle or Bridgette a pass on their behavior so I wasn’t defending them. I didn’t say DaVonne was a saint either. I only stated that she seemed to be less bitter towards Nicole (for game reasons) already and maybe the other women would end up that way also. I’m not sure what you thought you read but I never compared any of the women to Nicole. I didn’t say that they didn’t act like bullies. I pointed out that Nicole had contributed to it as well. I actually complimented Nicoles game. I agree Michelles eating habits are horrible but that Imho does not compare to making porn on live feeds for 2 months. In that area, yes, she has done what most of the other women have not. Unless someone lives in a whorehouse, the term “girl next door” will not apply to Nicole anymore. Sorry.

  40. Mell
    Mell (4692 comments)

    Random tidbits from yesterday/last night:

    Paul- He seems to have misguided anger towards James and is blaming him for noms more than Corey. I guess his irritation has to go somewhere and he’s never really liked James. He also knows if he stays, he may need a way to sway N/C and doesn’t want to burn that bridge. (Smart) I could also see his internal struggle last night with keeping his mouth shut with Vic. He has given Vic advice in the past and I got the feeling he wanted to again. He knows Vic needs to zip it about saying nobody can beat him in the final 2 and so on. He helped him before but with 5 people left, I think he knows that he can’t now. It was interesting to watch the body language. He may not win but I still think he’s played the best overall game this year.
    Victor-It’s obvious from my posts that he’s my favorite person in the house. He does need to shut the hell up sometimes. He was level headed regarding James and getting that James just wants to survive. He is (as usual) making the assumption that James will do what Vic would do. He doesn’t consider that James won’t want to team up with him. He is correct that the jury won’t have an arguement for him evicting them since they did it to him. He should be working on an arguement (if he stays) for the jury maybe feeling like he hasn’t played the best game because he needed 3 chances where (whoever the other final 2 is) did it without ever being evicted. Vic values comp wins and he doesn’t consider others may value something else.
    Corey- Even as HOH, there isn’t much to say. I would respect him more if he had a bit of Vics directness. He and Nicole always need an excuse and it comes off a little stupid. Why can’t it be as simple as I don’t want to go against you and this is my chance. Saying it’s because of the week Paulie left is dumb. He made comments last night like “Vic is playing the victum” and “Vic is trying to make us look bad.” He did have a final 4 with Vic. Stop trying to duspute it. I don’t like Corey but I do like seeing the motivation wanting to win and not worrying about the move. (Nicoles nerves and whining were the only thing bugging him leading up to noms)
    Nicole- She told Corey she wasn’t going to hug Vic after nom’s but whined later that Vic didn’t want to hug her. She’s very annoyed Vic isn’t ok being otb. She’s annoyed that James is wearing Natalies bracelet. It reminded me of the story she told about someone’s girlfriend being mad that she wore a shirt with the boyfriends name on it. She’s the girl who along with having her man, she needs to know that all her guy friends love her more than they love their own girlfriends. She also accused Natalie of putting something in the coffee.
    James-He confesses Natalie was an NFL cheerleader. SHOCKER! He actually seems bothered that the winner can’t also have AFP. I think he thinks he could actually win but can’t stand having to give up being AFP. In 24 hrs he has managed to take Natalie over the coals, hinted at wanting to be set up with Corey’s sister and stated that he tough he would have had a shomance with Victoria if he had been on bb16. I do think James is a nice guy but both seasons I’ve always thought he was kind of a perv. I don’t know how fans of his don’t see this. He’s that guy who everyone enjoys having around because he’s nice. He’s who you call if you need help moving or get a flat tire but the price is you know he’s always staring at your ass and boobs. He’s the friend that can turn a convo about broccoli into a sex joke. He’s Peter Pan that is stuck in teenage puberty. He talked about wanting to make good choices because of having a kid while saying his girlfriends are usually 18-20. He also states the age of consent in SC is 14. (It’s actually 16 but a 14 yr old can consent to sex with someone 18 or younger-since hes 32, he doesn’t qualify) Creepy imo.

  41. danmtruth

    Mell good run down on the HG You can learn a lot about people listening to side conversation. Listening to James and Corey is a bit scary We knew from his past year that James was a bit of a perv and border line stalker This year has just retched it up . Many of his pranks have been on the girls just so he can inter react with them Yet when you hear of him talk about women he knows back home . They all seem to be much younger Like the line from a movie I work at the high school still It’s great I get older but the girls stay the same age Always wonder about people who are so knowledgeable about the age of consent in different states Than brag about how young it is in there state . Than you have Corey telling of his stories of picking up girls Knowing a girl was underage and looking to have revenge sex Is the reason he did not do it because he knew it would be wrong No the girl was not good looking enough for him Just a 6 in his book Talks about how he has friends who are working at high schools right out of college and are messing around with the students Not that he thinks it wrong just that they dont try to hide it Is always talking to the guys about getting Nichole drunk and ditching her at future cast party’s. Going on trips with the guys to hit on other women So tell me again how Nat was a terrible person for using James Yet Corey cant wait to tell people how he is not ready to settle down He wants to take full advantage of being on BB to meet different women For Corey he is 22 still frat boy immature For James your 32 way past frat boy now just old man creepy

    • Mell
      Mell (4692 comments)

      You’re right about the Corey story. I must have tuned him out before. I tend to do that with him. Corey and James have always seemed to bond the most over crappy girl or sex stories. I’m not even judging them. It’s just observstions. I’ve always found it odd that both seasons James talks way more about his cat than his faughter. I don’t buy that he “doesn’t want to use it as an advantage.” I know from having 2 kids and a granddaughter, sometimes it’s hard to not talk about them because it’s you’re instinct to do so. Let’s face it, it’s just a crappy cast but we love BB so we still watch and complain. I don’t have enough will power to stop so I won’t ever make a declaration that I’m going to. Love it or hate it each year…I’m in for the long haul. Lol

      • Avatar
        Susan B (27 comments)

        As soon as I saw the family videos and James’ daughter waving from one of the Carolinas, I wondered how much James gets to see his daughter. Also, how strong of a bond do they have if they live so far from each other? Before I get haters, I know you can have a strong bond from different states. All I’m saying is, he might not really know or get to see his daughter that much. The money could be a life changing positive in providing and getting to know her better.

      • Mell
        Mell (4692 comments)

        Susan B, That could be true. She does live far away from him. He went to jail last year briefly for not paying child support so maybe things can change.

      • Avatar
        Jude (17 comments)

        Mell, you’re right. There have been more interesting houseguests than this “crappy cast”. Yet, as to what you’ve laid down re: Corey and James, we can say creepy cast. We are all diehard BB fans. Upset sometimes–that we are. I thought I’d never ever watch again after the finale with Evel Dick and Daniele ( two odd creeps) but … I’m still here.

      • Mell
        Mell (4692 comments)

        Me too Jude. Evil Dick scarred me for life. Lol

    • caRyn

      Corey is 25, not 22.

  42. Mell
    Mell (4692 comments)

    I know it isn’t up to James but does anybody else think it would be better for him if Vic stayed this week? Neither is a perfect set up for James but Vic is willing to work with him. Paul isn’t at the moment. Even if James’ preference is Nicole and Corey, having Vic seems better than Paul as a back up plan. This is one example of why James has never impressed me. (The evidence is there for James to pick up on but he doesn’t.) Comps tend to be more mental towards the end except for the final 3 endurance one so Vic may not have a huge advantage going forward. The people who usually are in the best spot at 3 are the ones who have a chance at BOTH the other 2 possibly taking them to the end. I don’t think Paul will. I don’t think Corey will and I’m not convinced Nicole will. (maybe , I can’t tell with her)

  43. Avatar
    DingDong (92 comments)

    Instead of “reality tv” they should call it ” situation tv” then cbs could just do whatever they want to. Have comps with prize money attached to the comp but then manipulate the house guests the rest of the season as they see fit. Oh wait they already do that. But this way the viewers could just enjoy the players as they twist and turn in the wind at the whim of production and writers.

    • Mell
      Mell (4692 comments)

      Good point. I end up very invested in players sometimes (not so much this year) with so much money at stake. Maybe I could stop doing that if I could accept from the beginning that it isn’t set up to be fair from the beginning.

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