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Nomination Updates – Has The Snake Returned?

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It is the final 5 in the Big Brother house, and that means any alliance larger than a duo pretty much means garbage – and Victor/Paul are about to learn that today. Is the final 4 going to stick together and ‘battle it out’ next week?  No.

Now, people will look at this move as another Nicole ‘snake’ move where she flips on her alliance once again, and they’re probably right, but this is Big Brother. There is only one winner, and 17 seasons of data to learn from that you trust nobody but yourself in the game. Late last night, the pair had a talk with James and told him they want to bring him to the final 3 with them, and that’s pretty much what James expected to happen when he was coaching Natalie. He told her not to pout (she did), and to understand that this week, people are going to need her vote rather than need her out. This will give her the opportunity to go further than she expected.

Rather than listening to him, she went up to throw him under the bus, but that’s old news. The fact is, what turned out to be James as a sure bet to leave the house last week may result in him playing in the final 3 competition for a chance to sit in the final 2.  Will he have earned it?  No. He’s a Victoria with much better personality. However, that personality could actually help him float all the way to the extra 0 on his payday if he’s sitting in the final 2.

Long story short, the plan is to put Paul and Victor on the block today and just deal with the backlash that will come with it. It will come off as a shitty move in their eyes, but it’s probably the best move Corey and Nicole can make. Getting James out means that Nicole has to face both Victor and Paul in the HoH next week with Corey watching from the sidelines. Not smart, and they know it.



  • 10:45am – Nicole and Corey are sitting at the table talking about what to do
    • Nicole mentions how she threw the competition last night, and even had to do a few falls to make it seem real. Corey doesn’t believe her, but she told him to watch her DRs when he gets out
    • He wonders if she would have beaten him if she didn’t throw it. That may be tough because Corey was cruising.  Plus, it doesn’t make sense for her to throw it
    • They talk about how Paul and Victor are going to be angry at the results today
  • 11:15am – Talks have broken up, and Corey is listening to music in the HoH room
  • 11:50am – Paul and Victor head up to the HoH room and ask what kind of bullshit sandwich James fed him last night
  • 1:00pm – Everyone is in the HoH room. James lets them know he was once broken up via Facebook status
  • 1:20pm – Paul is relaxing in the bath while everyone else hangs out in the HoH room
    • paul-bath
  • 4:00pm – Check-in. All is quiet in the house. Paul and Victor are still speculating on what happens when they’re on the block with James.  Things may be interesting tonight.
    • On a side note – If anyone has any connections for Green Day tickets in Boston, let me know!
  • 4:20pm – Paul and Victor are talking and speculating on Nicole and Corey turning on them. They said they wouldn’t be too happy about it since they’ve been loyal in return.
    • I should run out for dinner real quick so I can be back before noms actually happen
  • 6:30pm – Back from dinner.
    • Nominations have been back for 30 minutes, and as expected, the bromance has been nominated
    • paul-victor-upset
    • Victor and Paul are not too thrilled about being betrayed. Victor doesn’t plan on being buddy/buddy with them any more.
    • Paul thinks they can salvage the situation – Victor doesn’t.
    • Honestly, this was the best game move by NiCorey. It keeps the power in their hands. The only way Nicole ends up on the block right now is if James does a flip and saves one of the two with veto (he won’t). Victor or Paul can save themselves, but the other is certain to leave because Corey has the tiebreaker.
    • Victor suggests pairing up with James, and Paul gives him a reality check that it will never happen.
    • The two are realizing they’re screwed
  • 6:40pm – Paul went upstairs to talk to Corey and Nicole, but when I switched feeds, the browser froze. Trying to get feeds back up
    • Feeds still having issues.  Reloaded the page 10x
    • Seeing as I can’t access the feeds right now for whatever reason, I should bang out some homework. Be back in 30 or so
  • 9:15pm – Finally have the feeds working again.  Paul is in the bedroom having his pity party with Victor. I hope they don’t make me create another photoshop image!
    • Sounds like Paul is going to be taking away his halloween party invites
    • Victor said he didn’t want to be the guy who pops up at the end of the season to win comps.  Right, but that’s how you win
    • Paul says he doesn’t feel bad about shitting on Corey this season
    • Victor is not bitter at James because James is still playing the game, and he respects that.
  • Ok, looking back, around 7pm, Victor chatted with Corey, time to flashback and blog that
  • 7:00pm – Nicole, Paul, and Corey are in the HoH room about how upset Victor is and how he won’t even look at them
    • They call Victor in the room and Corey tells him that it would be stupid because this risks Nicole going home
    • victor-group
    • Corey is trying to pull the strategy card, while Victor disagrees and says up next, Corey and Nicole are targets
    • Victor says outside teh house they can be friends, but inside they won’t. He’s hurt because he thought he finally had a group, but has been backstabbed 3x this season now
  • 7:10pm – After a brief discussion, Victor clearly hurt by it all, hugs it out and leaves.  Paul continues to smooth things over
  • 10:15pm – Back to the present…
    • Paul and Victor are calling it a night. Nicole and Corey appear to be getting ready for bed as well

Good time for me to go to bed.  What I thought may have been an interesting veto comp tomorrow is basically a dud. The only thing it will alter is whether or not Victor or Paul goes to jury first. So much for some crazy scenarios of Nicole possibly end up on the block.  Not happening. I have a birthday party in the afternoon, but veto comps are typically long anyway.  POst in the morning


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