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Nominations Revealed!


Good everyone, everyone!  It has been a slow day in the house today but the week is still moving along as nominations were held with Mark making his selections

We all knew he was going to put Brandi on the block, the biggest question was who was going to sit next to her, and that would be Ariadna!

Seeing as this week is virtually a do-over of last week, I see no reason why the plan to get rid of Brandi is going to be any different. Mark said he would nominate Ari because he had an excuse to (she nominated him), but barring any big changes or a miracle PoV win, I expect Brandi to leave the house next.


Who do you think will be leaving this Friday night?


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  1. Alda

    I agree with you Steve.Brandi and all of her facial lotions and creams and hair extensions will be sitting with Julie Friday night.

  2. hogwild

    Oh for shit sakes will somebody anybody put Marissa on the block.

  3. NKogNeeTow

    I really think, that if they stay, Ari or Omarosa have the best chance of winning of the girls, and James or Ross of the guys. Of course, that’s just wishful thinking. Mind you, I still don’t like Omarosa, but she is playing pretty hard and I like Ari’s personality so far (minus her always looking in a mirror).

  4. NKogNeeTow

    Everyone sitting around the kitchen talking. Omarosa looks out of the conversation. Looks like they’re trying to avoid talking to her unless she says something directly to someone. She should be use to being ignored.

  5. NKogNeeTow

    Welp, Drunken Brandi pretty much sealed her fate tonight unless she wins the Veto. She officially tore her ass with everyone in the house. Everyone was outside laughing, talking and having a good time. She said something to insult James (I didn’t catch it, I had just walked out of the room). He got mad and left and told Omarosa he was going to bed before he said something he couldn’t take back and he didn’t want the audience to see him that way. He told O that Brandi was a grown f*cking woman and is fully aware of what she’s saying and she doesn’t get a pass on the excuse that she’s drunk. He said being drunk doesn’t change who you are, it enhances it and makes you show who you really are. Earlier Brandi had been throwing shade at O and O told Marissa that she (O), should get an award for not saying anything back to her.

    When the group was trying to think of a game to play, Brandi said “I have a game. Everyone take turns saying something nasty about Julie”. Everyone cleared the backyard FAST! Or as Omarosa put it, “Brandi cleared the patio faster than you could say Les Mooves”.

    Then Brandi says “Let’s talk about how arrogant Mark is”….again, the conversation came to a standstill. Marissa quickly jumped in and tried to defuse the situation but Brandi kept insisting until she finally relented.

    Mark and Omarosa got up and went inside and Mark told her that that settled it “Brandi’s ass is going home!”

    Ari told Marissa “I don’t think we can save her now”.

    Mark and Ross were looking for James because they were worried about him (he was EXTREMELY upset).

    The entire house wants her gone now…including her “friends/alliance”.

    Now Brandi is just running around the house screaming that she wants to put on a play.

    She’s trying to get Ari and Marissa to help her. Ross and O are sitting in the bedroom talking while the 3 of them run in and out of the room.

    Omarosa tells Ross she feels sorrier for Ari because she’s tied to her.

    Brandi grabs Marissa and leave the room to make an entrance for the play.

    O asked Ari what the play was about. Ari says she doesn’t know.

    James is in the bathroom ranting to Mark. They say she’s mean spirited.

    Marissa joins them in the bathroom and James says she’s (Brandi) is just rude.

    Mark says she should give it a rest.

    James says they shouldn’t have liquor in the house.

    James says Brandi told him she saved him twice. He said he asked her how the f*ck did she save him when she’s been trying to get him out of the house and constantly attacking him.

    James says Production asked him if he’s alright.

    James says he’s tried to laugh her digs off but she makes it hard.

    He says he’s not going to engage her anymore. He said he’s there to play and be competitive, not for the petty bullshit.

    Mark and James says that if she attacked him with wit, it would be different. They say funny is funny but that’s not her.

    James says he thinks he’s going to exercise because he probably won’t be able to sleep. He said he might take a Benedryl and go to sleep.

    James is now in the bedroom talking to Ari, O, Marissa and Ross (Brandi went to the bedroom and Mark went to bed).

    James is explaining to them that he has had it with Brandi and he doesn’t want to say anything to her but he will defend himself from now on.

    The group apologizes to him and tells them they don’t need to, that they’ve been nothing but gracious and they need to stop apologizing for her.

    Brandi was in the kitchen looking for something in a drawer while Marissa was talking to her. Marissa walked out of the room and Brandi muttered “Get the f*ck outta here>”

    Marissa goes in the bedroom with James, O, Ross and Ari. O ask her where Brandi is. Marissa says in the kitchen. She says Brandi yelled at her for listening to James.

    Ross, O and James tells Marissa not to worry about it, she will be different tomorrow.

    James says Brandi has had no consequences since she’s been in the house. He says there is nothing anybody can do as long as she’s drunk.

    The group decides to go to bed. James says he’s going to take a shower and a Benadryl so he can sleep.

    BBAD is over. Goodnight to the 7 people still watching CBB. Have a GREAT day tomorrow! 🙂

    • LO1004

      I was curious to see what Brandi said to James so I flashed back and when her, Ari, Mark, and James were left outside after she made that stupid “say something bad about Julie” comment, she said she would put James and Omarosa on the block. The comment came out of nowhere and clearly pissed James off. They went back and forth and he finally called her on her bs about being nasty to him. Girl cannot handle her liquor and it’s painful to watch.

  6. NKogNeeTow

    I forgot to add one thing….When they were out on the patio, just after Brandi insulted Mark, Brandi was talking TO much. She said “I f*cked Ben Stiller and David Schwimmer”. Everybody gasped and Marissa quickly said “You can’t say that.” Brandi said “Why not, we were in a relationship.” Then we got fishes and the screen said “We’ll be right back”. A few seconds later was when Mark went storming in the house and told Omarosa that “Brandi’s ass is going home.”

    Okay, officially over and out!

  7. Avatar

    Hopefully Mark or James win the veto

  8. Shivani33

    I’ve been watching but more casually than usual. Those Winter Olympics can be pretty good! One thing I don’t know is how Brandi managed to get intoxicated last night, while nobody else in the house seemed to be schnockered. Maybe I missed the booze delivery? At any rate, she has been acting like she knows that she’s getting evicted and maybe has just surrendered to it. Frankly, I didn’t find her behavior to be such a big deal and found James to be over-amped about the whole thing. Brandi is Brandi. So what, too bad and hopefully her sons aren’t watching this shit.

    Maybe I just arrived on planet earth, since I had no idea that benadryl is used as a sleep aid and thought it was for allergies. (never had any, except as mosquito relief cream.) James was so upset about Brandi that he was worried about insomnia? Kind of a drama queen, kind of self-righteous. I just don’t think that he’s doing his own psyche any favors by blabbing on and on about her.

    On another note, I don’t think Omarosa has been feeling well physically. She seems drained. Gurl needs to go home and REST.

  9. Shivani33

    One more thing. I was watching late last night when Marissa claimed that Brandi yelled at her. My conclusion was that Marissa is an insufferable busybody motormouth who was milking the situation to get attention and to look like she was on the Good side. Screw her and the gnarly broom she rides on 24/7. Marissa is the major reason that I’ve been watching less of Celebrity Big Brother.

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