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The Nominations Have Been Revealed

July 23, 2011 | 1 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Big Brother 13 Rachel In HatWhen we last left Big Brother: Rachel’s Return, our red headed “beauty” was winning the Head of Household yet again, on a question that made me think I’m out of touch with how America thinks.   Julie asked, “Which house guest would they rather see spend the entire summer in a bikini – Daniele or Porsche“.   Adam, Dominic and Lawon picked the big (fake) boobed blonde, Rachel and Brendon picked the thin brunette.


Now, don’t get me wrong, I think Daniele is better looking than Porsche and if I had to choose, it would probably be Daniele.  That being said, if this were 10 years ago, Porsche would have won in a landslide simply because the fake boobed blonde always wins.   Needless to say the answer shocked me, but on a personal level, I’m glad the natural bodied girl won the question, but I’m not glad the unnatural bodied girl picked the correct answer.

Speaking of which, it was a little shocking the girl with fake boobs AND her boyfriend both picked the natural one as America’s choice.    Just sayin…

—spoilers after the jump—

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Now, before we get to the Rachel ass kissing segment that will take place all week, it was time to reveal the mystery surprise guest that will be on Sunday’s episode.  At first I thought it was a former houseguest returning, even just to host a competition, but then rumors swirled about someone from the show “Same Name” coming in and promoting their show.  CBS is a big fan of cross promotion, and with Same Name premiering Sunday after Big Brother, this was likely the case.

Sure enough, after feeds went to trivia for a little while, they returned and we got to hear that it was none other than…

david_hasselhoff on big brother 13The Hoff!

Personally, I’d rather see Mike Tyson, but I guess Hoff’s episode is going to be the one to air first, so it makes more sense for him to be the shows publicity whore.

After the taping, the houseguests were wondering if he were on something, like xanax, but really that comes as no surprise.   To really find out, they should have given him the hamburger test..



Enough of our drunk cheeseburger eater, let’s get back to the game.   Based on the reaction after the event, it sounds like Jeff and Jordan won, or at least were able to pick one more person to enjoy the reward with them, and they skipped over Brendon and Rachel, naturally pissing them off.    (btw, the reward sounded like everyone sitting in the HOH room watching the show Same Name.. pretty weak reward challenge if that’s all it was)

Dominic decided to take advantage of Rachel’s bruised ego and tried working with them on forming some type of deal.  I’m not sure they still really trust him, but they were certainly entertaining the possibility of it.   That was until the nominations were revealed, and once again they were…

adam wearing a dominic backpackThat’s right, Adam and Dominic are up on the block once again, but I’m not sure of their real target yet.  It could be Adam, it could be a backdoor Jeff/Jordan attempt.  I’m going to have to dissect the feeds to see what I can come up with.

I can say one thing for sure, I am glad this team thing is going to come to and end Thursday.  As it stands right now, the game is basically being played like it’s the final four.  Because of their alliance with J/J, there was a 50% chance of Adam and Dominic on the block.  There is also a 50% chance that Jeff and Jordan will be the team to play against Adam and Dominic in the power of veto again.   It’s just silly considering there have been only 2 evictions so far yet it feels like it’s the final week of the season.   Once the teams split up, I really hope the game turns around.

This forced partner shit hopefully is a one-and-done experiment by the Big Brother team.   Partnerships are cool, alliances are good to see, but they’re only good when they’re formed naturally, and the chance is always there for partners to end up going against each other in challenges.    This “double trouble” theme was probably thought up by the same person who felt putting the old players against the young and super fit players would be a good idea on Survivor.

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