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Nominations Tonight On CBS; Other Ramblings

August 14, 2011 | 0 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

So tonight on CBS, they will reveal the HoH winner, as well as the nominations, but the real stuff has been happening on the live feeds.   The veto has been played, prizes handed out, and fiber being added to protein shakes by Porsche.

  • Adam won the PoV, and will take himself off obviously, this will likely allow Daniele to keep her plan of backdooring Brendon alive.
  • Many other prizes were handed out in the challenge, a full list can be found here.
  • This may be a pretty interesting week in the house for the sole reason it’s going to making the ‘sides’ more clear.
  • Daniele is confident that Shelly has the votes to stay, but unless Brendon and Rachel really piss people off this week, I don’t think so.   Porsche is still playing both sides and is telling Rachel she may vote for Brendon to stay, J/J will probably do the same, which will force Adam to follow the pack.  Daniele is likely going to have another pissed look on her face this Thursday when things don’t go her way.
  • Despite what Brendon feels, the only people who are having a good game this season are Jeff and Jordan.   They are mastering the good cop / bad cop routine, and someone convinced Shelly and Adam to basically follow them like lemmings despite having zero chance to beat them in the end.

It didn’t take too long for Brendon to start hammering down on Rachel as they sat outside today.  He was giving her a nice lecture about pretty much everything that comes out of her mouth from her being close with Porsche to talking with Shelly to who she’s going to vote for if/when she hits jury.   “You need to just keep your mouth shut” was repeated about 50 times from his mouth to her.   I do agree with him, but it’s tiring to hear him talk himself up while at the same time talking down to her.  He is probably the only person in the world who could make people feel bad for Rachel, perhaps that’s why they stay together?

Brendon can actually make people feel bad for her

While live blogging can be fun at times, but when they show Brendon and Rachel talk game, I’d be more amused with an endless loop of someone just slamming their head into a wall, probably because that’s how I feel.   Here is a typical Rachel and Brendon conversation:

Rachel:  But I hate the way <insert female here> treats meeee!
Brendon:  That’s because you have a big mouth
Rachel:  She’s so mean to me, everyone is mean to me
Brendon: You’re playing a horrible social game, unlike me, who has been voted out already.
Rachel: I know but I just get soooo mad at <insert female here> talking such shit about meeeee!
Brendon: You’re such an awful player that’s your problem. I’m a doctor, you’re not.
<Rachel cries>
Brendon: Oh I’m sorry baby, I still love you even though you’re dumb to me
Rachel: I love you too my baby fiance, I can’t wait to get married
Brendon: Me too, I love you so much, but screw Daniele that bitch!

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If anything interesting happens on the feeds I’ll update this thread and post it to my twitter or facebook so make sure you’re following!

Update 3:10 PM –
I made some twitter posts about Brendon talking to Shelly, but honestly Brendon talking to anyone is so incredibly boring, even when it’s supposed to be interesting, I don’t feel like repeating it.  Basically, he was playing his fake “good guy” act while Shelly goes on and on about how messed up Rachel is.  In so many words saying she’s insecure, how Rachel treats the house like domestic abuse where she’s nice one minute then crazy the next (For those who actually went through domestic abuse would probably rather her be called what she is, bi-polar, than to use their situation).  Whatever, that’s Shelly for you.

The funny part, before Shelly came, Brendon was getting mad at Rachel for sitting at the edge of the seat and looked anxious.   Easy, bro.  I’d love to have him as my doctor.  “WHY ARE YOU ON THE EDGE OF YOUR SEAT, DON’T YOU TRUST ME??”

So anyway, once the lecturing was done from Shelly, she decided to go have a chat with Jordan in the pool, and like clockwork every time they spoke game, a freakin plane flew overhead.  Did LAX re-route their airplanes to fly directly over the BB house on Sunday’s or something?

What I did pick up is that Shelly is fully expecting Jordan and Jeff to vote her way this week, and honestly that’s not something I really considered.  Jordan sounded like she was going with it, and she claims she plays a truthful game, so this should be a good test of her character.  I’m sure Rachel will approach her with the same thing, so it’ll be interesting to see how Jordan takes this.   She can either side with the fiery red head who will keep the heat off her, or stay good friends with Shelly and keep her in the game.


3:21 PM – Brendon to Rachel “We’re not making new friends in the house.  By we I mean you

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