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It’s Official, PoV Used; New Nominees

I was fully expecting this to happen when the feeds went down to trivia, so much that I changed my header to the results before it was official.  However, last week I wasn’t expecting the feeds to turn on with Porsche reading her Pandora’s Box card instead of nominations revealed, so you never can be sure.

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Now, you can.   Adam and Shelly are officially on the block, and barring any twists with Shelly’s new best friend, the fortune teller, one of the two will be going to the jury house this Thursday.   There is like a 96.9% chance that Shelly will be evicted this week, so this may be the most predictable week in the season.

I said what the vets needed to do in order to get back in the game, and one has been complete.  Next step, win the HoH on Thursday

Getting Rachel and Jordan back in the game:

  1. Win the Power of Veto
  2. Win The Head of Household

If this happens, it will be Jordan, Rachel and Adam vs Kalia and Porsche, and barring any twists or flips, Jordan and Rachel will be the final 2 because of that.

Thoughts?  Let’s hear them…

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  1. Comments (11)

    Well, I would love to see Jordon or Rachel in the finals, would help if there were 3 vets on the jury, but if they both made it that would be good, at this point in the game you have to win and you have to be partnered with someone that wins. Hope Adam stays true to R & J….but if he doesn’t I wouldn’t mind if Porche wins…But not Kalia or Shelly.

  2. Comments (19)

    The HOH competition should be something physical so Kalia has no shot at it. Maybe they can come up with something Adam is good at.

    Shelly took a shot and it backfired on her, with a little help from Porsche. I can’t wait to see the video of Shelly walking into the jury house.

  3. Comments (6)

    That’s going to be priceless, can’t wait……

  4. Comments (6)

    Now one of the vets needs to win HOH….go Rachel and Jordan!!!

  5. Comments (3)

    OMG!!! I will b so disappointed if anyone but Rachel wins. She is like the little engine that could. She had to fight from the minute she got in the house to stay off the block. She is such a good competitor. The others cant hold a candle to her!!! Go Rachel!!!

  6. Comments (7)

    I never thought that I would be rooting for Rachel. I have to say that looking at the big picture, she has been fighting and competing this entire game. Porsche skated by with the golden key to get this far, Kalia rode on Dai’s know how and strategies, Adam has been floating back and forth, Shelly will probably be evicted, and Jodan I love her but she really isnt IN it like Rachel. I think Rachel deserves to win at this point. I just wish she wasnt such a spoiled sport, that would make her more endearing to the fans

    • Comments (1)

      I agree…Racheal was annoying at first..thought she was just riding Brendons coat…but when Jeff was voted off…she really showed more of herself..instead of the “hot girlfriend” she loves to hide behind. Rachel has fought hard for this…put on the block before..Public enemy number one….and she has come thru what appears to be some Class….rachel a classy woman..laughing as I think about that one

      • Comments (1)

        I was not a fan of Rachel at all but I totaly agree she showed her true self having Jordans back when Jeff was voted off. Hope they remember how slimy Shelly is that women showed how 2 faced she is during the HOH comp that P won.

      • Comments (1276)

        I think that might be where she really started to win me over. She showed that she really cares about Jordan. She might just be the best at this game so far. Like her or not, she’s played a good game, and still cares for people. She’s moving up in my book.

  7. Comments (6)

    I totally believe that too, Rachel is the one with the most drive and really wants it more than anything, I really believe all the others are just jealous.

  8. Comments (1276)

    As nuts as Rachel can be, I have to admit, I’m starting to root for her. She does try, and I think she really has been trying harder then the rest to play all parts of the game. The whole following Dani around nonsence and how tacky she constantly was to Dani is what keeps me from really rooting for her. But after all we’ve heard SM has been saying, what Rachel did doesn’t seem so bad.
    I would love to see the final three be either R/J and Adam. I would say Porsche, but I just really think she didn’t even start trying to win until last week and I don’t think she needs the money, at all. She keeps bragging about how much she makes as a “VIP cocktail waitress”, and how she can make more in one night then she will being on BB. I think Rachel and Adam need it the most, but I can’t help it, I still want Jordan to win it.
    I do have one question, did the fortune teller do anything? Or has it just lit up, but still not talked?

  9. Comments (11)

    vote out adam thursday and jordon or rach can beat kalia or shelly for hoh.adam is sandbagging and now is the time to get him out. best for jordon and rach.shelly can wait. go after porsch and kalia next.

    • Comments (26)

      I’m to nervous leaving shelly in the game, the snake that she is watch her make it to the final 2 and get 50k, I dont’ want her to get anything

  10. Comments (5)

    I just can’t understand why everyone hates Kahlia so much!!! I don’t like to pull the race card but its starting to look like it!! Is it because she is annoying?? Hmmm no Rachel is annoying but everyone wants her to won. I hope someone can help me with this. Go Kahlia be the first BBB winner!!

    • Comments (14)

      well I personally cant stand Kalia from her personality to the way she shuffles her feet as she walks. Im sure she is a nice person however, she is one of those people you would either like or cant stand. She talks way to fast and kind of mumbles, she drags her feet as she walks, she trys way to hard to find common ground to relate to with everyone! Any story anybody tells she has a better one. Kalia says “like” every other word. For all of the reasons I personally do not like Kalia I know these reaons are silly but they are traits I cant stand…Im sure she is nice and a good person but just not someone I would want to be around let alone watch. I cant stand “the Race card” either Its not always obvious why people arent liked but alot of people dont like shelly and no ones wondering if its because she white. People just dont like her and they dont like shelly. everyone on that show has haters somewhere can I assume its because they are white?

      • Comments (5)

        I understand if you don’t like someone traits but if they are playing the game that they are suppose to be playing then why want them to lose. It’s a game. I NEVER pull the race card and have actually not even realized on several occassions when have been discrimination has occurred. I am very educated working on my PhD. I was just curious to why no one wanted her to win. I hated Will for all the lies be told his season but thought he played the game well and earnest a win. I don’t like some of the things Shelly does but commend her for making her first big decision season in the game. I was wondering what is it about her that makes everyone not want her to win. And the “traits” you states you didn’t like about kahlia started to get redundant. I was asking a question you did not have to get anal and comment on discrimination against a white person because everyone knows that is nonexistant. So please do not insult my intelligent. Don’t get so offensive if you know its not true.

      • Comments (14)

        Thats right they are playing a game so why would I want someone who I cant stand to win? You ask why people didnt like her thats what I dont like about her. Those traits may not anoy you but they do me. I dont really see what your education status has to do with anything you dont have to prove to me how you live I couldnt care less. Im not being anal about your comment but you implied most of the people that didnt want her to win we maybe racist. I am not so i explained to you why a nonracist viewer wouldnt want her to win. Why would I want her to win when their were 7 other people I like that I would rather have win? The only discrimination going on right now is in your head. You have insulted your intelligence enough for the both of us.

      • Comments (16)

        One would not insult your intelligence if you did not point out your aspirations for PhD, then write & spell so poorly. (This is my pet peeve.) I am a non-Caucasian person who has an advanced degree, FYI.
        That out of the way, Kahlia is playing the game but not for herself. When she tried to placate Jeff early on, she ruined her own game by listening to Danielle instead of following her own mind. Later, Porshe point-blank stated “…Dani would want this…” when she did not invoke the POV. None of Kahlia’s moves had anything to do with race. If YOUR personal desire is to have her be the first “BBB winner” so be it, but don’t make it Kahlia’s agenda.
        This BB season is strictly Newbies, against Veterans, against Danielle (who is on a team of her own).

    • Comments (11)

      It has nothing to do with race, she is just so full of herself, she already thinks she has won it and talks and talks and talks, i fast forward through my BBAD recordings, she just says the same things over and over. She trys too hard…Rachel annoys me too, but she has calmed down, the way she eats drives me crazy, she sticks her tongue out and lunges at her food. It is crazy. I think Rachel has figured out why she was so annoying to people. I think J & J rubbed off on her a little bit. Less DRAMA, we will see. But for me, it has nothing to do with the color of Kalia’s skin.

      • Comments (5)

        Makes sense to me. I don’t see all of this i guess because I don’t subscribe to the live feed. I don’t like arrogance either.

    • Comments (26)

      this is a load of hog wash. you’re the only one bringing out a racial comment. Why even go there, I don’t see anyone else, that’s just an excuse everytime someone doesn’t like another person, oh they are racial

      people don’t like her because she never shuts her motor mouth

  11. Comments (65)

    White Male here who loves and respects Kalia.. I think she is a great player .. and has been targeted and is still fighting it out + plus she didnt do any stupid moves like Luwon and NOw porsche… Adam? he has done nothing, he is useless….
    Rachel? still annoying.., mean, an mentally ill. Jordan? also useless and a floater who just floats to Jeff and yes she won already!! it matters. Shelly got my respect when she starting talking about keeping Danielle – and got ratted out by Adam and she still stuck to her guns, I am now on her side too.
    Go Kalia !!! you should win it all.

    • Comments (5)

      Glad I’m not alone. :)I still love Jordan but she has become what they call everyone else in this game. BB is suppose to be about who is playing the game not who we like personally. If they keep doing these twistto benefit the vets I will likely not watch it again because it has became a popularity contest as oppose to playing a game to win.

      • Comments (65)

        Temica these people clearly are uneducated and/or are related to either Rachel or Jordan..

        or in love with Big (bully) Jeff.

    • Comments (1)

      What are you talking about, were you watching the same episode I was??!!Yes adam tattled but Shelly was trying to say it was all Adam?!The reason I dont like Kahlia is because she is horribly mouthy, she doesn’t ever shut up, the shit that comes out of her mouth is abnoxious, shes arroganet, rude and has been playing Dany’s game which Dany basically said herself in the DR (one of the episode’s that Kahlia was HOH). I am not white! and I really dont like her at all, she’s so undeserving! If anything at this point I would rather see Rachel win! not because she’s white but because SHE has actually played her own game!

  12. Comments (65)

    NOT KNOW OR EVER WILL ROOT FOR RACHEL – SHE IS A DISGUSTING HUMAN BEING – I only hope this is really an act and she is faking it…..

    BTW – GOOGLE her fiance Brendon Villegas – click on images – nice shlong pic.. yea he is gonna be faithful

  13. Comments (5)

    I personally feel this is the worse BB season ever. Right from the first night it has all been in favor of the veterans. Why were these people even brought into the house. They had all had their chance to win ( 2 of them did) so why bring them back for a second chance? The cards were stacked against the newbys from the start and it is quite clear they want Rachel or Jordon to win. I say why not let someone who has never had a chance win.

  14. Comments (1)

    Big Brother is always full of twists! Therefore, it would be nice to see Big Jeff leave the jury house and return into the game. This could be done by an “America Votes” or by way of another “Pandora’s Box”. What do you think?

  15. Comments (65)

    If JEFF comes back in any way shape or form and I hear that dumb chicago accent say anything except I vote for Kalia and/or wow I really F’ed up, I am stupid stupid stupid, then I will sue CBS.

  16. Comments (65)

    Bueltrain that would not be a “twist” that would be fraudulent misrepresentation.

  17. Comments (65)

    For the record, Kalia appears to be the most educated of all of remaining cast members. She is the only one without a distinct regional blue collar, white trash, accent.

    • Comments (1276)

      Good lord, do you have something about people from the South? You seem to have some major issues with these girls, and Jeff for that matter. The whole trash talk is getting kind of old, don’t you think?

      • Comments (26)

        I agree what is he talking about, every word out of Kalia’s mouth is Like Like you know Like

        She’s educated, she follows everything Danielle tells her to do and that makes her educated. She’s a motor mouth idiot.

      • Comments (65)

        Umm like, her shirts are from Spellman, that is like a college you know?

        its not Spell , Man, spell!


        what trailer do you guys live in ? Glad to see you get television and the interweb

      • Comments (11)

        We know what Spellman is, we watched Oprah!

    • Comments (11)

      August 29, 2011 at 7:13 pm

      NOT KNOW OR EVER WILL ROOT FOR RACHEL – SHE IS A DISGUSTING HUMAN BEING – I only hope this is really an act and she is faking it…..

      So Mike, when you said Not know, did you mean not now??? Were you trying to show all us “trailer trash” how educated you were?

  18. Comments (65)

    sure soon as you haters trashing on Kalia.. She has done nothing wrong.

    • Comments (26)

      Kalia is just one of those people you love to hate on.

      She talks to fast, she’s all drama, she swishes when she walks, she’s not physically fit and trys to dress like she is. I don’t care if she’s 500 lbs, but she shouldn’t wear what she does.

  19. Comments (1)

    How do you know this information? Just wondering since it doesn’t air till tomorrow?

    • Comments (1276)

      From Big Brother After Dark on Showtime and/or from the Live Feeds you can get online. Most of the comps and such happen between Thurs-Sat, so by the time it hits the air tons of people already know most of it. One of the only things you never see in advance is Diary Room sessions and obviously the “Live” parts, such as the evictions.

  20. Comments (1)

    shelly needs to go, she is a snake and she is going to stab them in the back again if they keep her. she doesn’t deserve finally two the only thing she has done is lie through the whole game and has won no comps.

  21. Comments (1)

    I think big brother is rigged. Why is it that Brendan came back and now with Pandora Box Rachael can take her self off the block. Just when all the house guest get the hardest people out they alway find away to bring them back. Jordan has floated in between people most of the game Jeff and Rachael she really has not had to work hard.

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