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Opening Night Live Blogging – Big Brother 19!


It’s finally time! Big Brother Summer is officially here. I’m sure many of you have missed my ramblings, unrelated posts, and bitching/complaining about houseguests.  If not, well, get used to it because you’re going to get a heavy dose of it this summer. Kidding… sort of.  I can guarantee I’ll be rambling, but the rest is up in the air!

I am planning on breaking down the cast much better after this first episode so I can see how they interact with each other, their true personalities, the theme of the season, etc.  I could have thrown together a list of people I randomly think will do well, but I’m hoping the list I make tomorrow will be fairly accurate (*spoiler alert* It won’t be). There are a few preseason favorites who I think will go far, but once I see them actually interacting with each other, it’s anyone’s game. Except Kevin. Kevin is screwed. Sorry.

As I write this there is less than 30 minutes until showtime, so I need to get off PC, dust off my laptop and get in front of my TV for the first episode of the season!  Keep checking back here for updates

  • 5:oo0pm – Here we go!
    • Julie talks about the temptation twist. Mentions more consequences than ever
    • Three temptations right away.
    • Former houseguest may return – Nooooooo
  • First four – Alex, Mark, Ramses, Elana
  • 5:15pm – First commercial break. Typical beginning cast with them loving the house, loving each other, etc
    • I forgot to mention how Julie said that someone may be offered $25k to leave the house
  • 5:30pm – The point where everyone sits around introducing themselves and the cast talks about how hot each other is
  • 5:35pm – Finally done introductions. First temptation after break!
    • Twists – Tempted by money, safety, and power.
    • Temptation #1 – First person to push button wins $25k. If you take it, the first twist is released.
    • Kevin presses the button
    • Two consequences – Person who claimed the money is not eligible for HoH. They have to throw it
    • Second consequence will be revealed in due time
  • Paul is back in the house.
    • Jillian, Alex, Ramses, and Megan are an early alliance
    • Paul is taking one of their places in the house. Someone is going home.
    • Second twist is in order to stay in the game, the house has to kiss up to Paul.
    • He is given 9 friendship bracelets. One is for him. The other 8 are going to be safe. He can choose who to give them to.
  • 9:00pm – So that’s where we are for the first part of this episode.  Returning player (shocker), someone is going to be leaving. Googly eyes at other houseguests.  An alliance formed.
    • The ass kissing of Paul has begun
    • Ok, after some painfully awkward sessions with Paul, it’s time to see who gets the bracelets
      • Kevin
      • Raven
      • Dominique
      • Mark
      • Jason
      • Jessica
      • Ramses
      • Elana
  • 9:15pm – Time for the eviction competition!
    • When they fall, they pick an apple.  The longer they hang on, the more clues to good apples.
      • Jillian off first
      • Megan second
      • Josh third
      • Cameron fourth
      • Christmas fifth
      • Matt sixth
      • Alex seventh
      • Cody safe
    • Apples…
      • Alex safe
      • Matt safe
      • Christmas poisoned
      • Cameron poisoned
      • Josh safe
      • Megan safe
      • Jillian poisoned
  • Christmas, Cameron, or Jillian will be the first evicted
  • One more temptation remaining.. .here we go….
    • Only offered to the nominees.  Power
    • They choose how they’d like their fate to be determined.
    • Either let houseguests vote or battle for safety.  Loser goes home
    • Jillian chooses vote
    • Cameron chooses comp
    • Christmas chooses vote
  • 9:50pm – Ok, looks like it’s eviction time!
    • (8 votes guarantees eviction)  Paul tiebreaker
    • They’re not showing who votes this week… wtf?
    • 2 votes – Christmas
    • 8 votes – Cameron
    • 3 votes – Jillian
    • Cameron evicted 

Ok, that’s it for now.  I’ll be posting my thoughts on the season soon enough.  Until then, JOIN THE LIVE FEEDS!


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  1. ElaineB

    Hi Steve….thx for letting us ride along with you once again this summer! I enjoyed reading the profiles you put together and am ready to meet the HGs. Thx for all you do!

  2. Avatar

    Yay! Welcome back!

  3. g8trgirl

    Was wondering where you were Steve. I was getting nervous. Welcome back!

  4. g8trgirl

    Is it too soon to day they’re all annoying me right now? Lol

  5. Ann

    Uumm, I already don’t care for Josh, Kevin & Ramses is on my nerves. Now that Cody & Matt are Smokin Hot!!!

  6. ShoeLover

    Welcome Back Steve!!!

    Woohoo!! FORT WORTH In the house!

  7. Avatar
    Helen (5578 comments)

    So very happy to be back!!!!

  8. Colby

    Can’t blame Kevin for taking the 25K. He has to know he is a short timer.
    Josh’s ego will get him. He even walks with his nose in the air.
    Also, thinking Jessica’s nickname will be NAT2.
    But, time will tell…….

  9. Jenny

    Can’t stand Josh. Annoyed as all heck that they are bringing back vets again. If James walks in that door I’m done. Would love to see Donnie come back, though!

  10. danmtruth

    welcome back everyone Thanks Steve for doing this again Agree Kevin should have taken the money The older people dont last long Donny not withstanding

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  12. g8trgirl

    Will you accept this friendship bracelet?

  13. danmtruth

    Nooooo Chicago watching weather watch Broke into and preempting BB ok tornado warning people in that area have figured it out Love watching weather Pope play and showoff there new weather toys

  14. Ann

    Josh reminds me of Jozea the Messiah. I don’t like him at all.

  15. g8trgirl

    Action packed premiere. Keeping Steve busy for sure.

  16. Colby

    I am sooooo disappointed. I was really looking forward to a season of no vets. And, I never did like Paul. Maybe they will be smart and vote him out quickly.
    I guess he is better than Frankie though…….

  17. Renee

    Glad everyone is commenting so I know what I’m missing. Waiting for my daughter at airport and on 4th delay. Won’t land until after midnight now, 3 hour drive home and work at 7:30, ugh

  18. g8trgirl

    Anyone heard from NKogNeeTow lately?

  19. danmtruth

    Would rather have seen Cameron stay With Jillian going But he made the mistake of coming on to strong and needy First impression are hard to change Jillian did not do anything special to stay

  20. danmtruth

    poor Camron not even an exit interview with Julie

  21. Alda

    Hi everyone! So happy to see FRIENDSHIP again! Made my night.Feel bad for Cameron.Would rather have seen Christmas go.Here’s to a great season!

  22. Avatar

    Hey everyone !
    Looking forward to this season. Looks like some good competition !!!
    I’ll stick my neck out & say Alex, Christmas & Matt as frontrunners. With Ramses as one of those: how the hell did he get to the final 3 type of underdog.
    Thank you Steve for this site !

  23. pkcable

    Not that I’m a Cameron fan but the smarter move would have been Christmas.

  24. ElaineB

    BB did more this first night than most of the season last summer. Well done! Hope the temptations and rewards/consequences continue. Challenge those HGs! Am glad to see Cameran voted out. Sooo tired of those Ian-types getting on the show….plus it took out one of the annoying ones for me! Lol.

  25. Ann

    If Frankie had walked into that house, I would probably have blown fire out of my ears & nostrils. I cannot stand that man.

    I wonder if the next consequence to the next temptation that will be offered will be another vet.

  26. Avatar

    Are we really supposed to believe Paul is on because Kevin was tempted with the $25 k ?
    Paul obviously had to clear his summer a while ago to be there. And if nobody took that bait, then Paul would have been parachuted after a different temptation.

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  28. Avatar

    Y’all!!! I’m so excited to be back and to see y’all again! I started watching from about the middle,of the episode so I’m gonna have to watch when it gets posted. I’m so heartbroken for Cameron. They will regret keeping Christmas. I’m hoping BB weeded out the dum dums and got some people who know the game! I’ve said this since interviews, Cody is gonna be Monte 2.0, I think I’m right so far. I liked Monte,but I’m not much on this Cody dude. Can’t wait till next episode and finally, feeds!

  29. NKogNeeTow

    HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY! {{Elaine, Okay, G8tr, Angie, Pkc, Shoes, Helen, Colby, Jenny, Dan, Dm, Renee, Alda and Welcome Hunny!}}. And last but not least, our fearless leader Steve and his second in command Melinda 🙂 Where’s Gerardo?

    It’s been a long winter and I’m really happy to see you guys. I signed on before the show started but got sidetracked on FB while watching the show. I took a little time to read over the comments before responding and also to put together my opinions of the HG (now you didn’t think you’d get away without one did you?).

    Okay, here goes…and this is only my first assessment, which we all will change as the weeks go by:

    Alex: The mouse that roared. We’ll see if her staying power is as strong as her confidence.
    Christmas: Killer instinct with a negative vibe. Wasn’t she the one who asked everyone what they were
    clapping for when Paul was introduced? That maybe why she didn’t get a bracelet.
    Cody: Lost me when he said he hated Paul (you know nobody messes with my Paul (sorry Dan, Elaine and
    Colby :-).
    Dominique and Elena: On the fence about them
    Jason: To damn loud. They’re going to put him in a rodeo barrel and roll his azz right on outta there.
    Jessica: Umm….NO. Something about her reminds me of Natalie.
    Josh: Cocky, but he might be loyal to Paul to attach himself to a vet.
    Kevin: Sorry to say I’ll be surprised if he makes it. He’s the oldest and the younger ones will be chomping at
    the bit to pick off the weakest link.
    Mark: Maybe more brawn than brain, but to early to tell.
    Megan: NOPE, something kind of Meechy about her.
    Ramses: Hell To The No! Something ookie about a grown man dressing up and running around as a cartoon
    Raven: Trying to be the perky, lovable sidekick in the house. Reminds me of Meg. Will probably hide behind
    others, stay out of the line of fire and coast to the end.

    There you have it. My first night impressions. What do you guys think, what are your assessments?

    The opinions expressed are solely of the commentor and Management disavows any responsibility 😉

    • Gerardo Chen Moonves

      Gerardo is in the houuuuuse! So happy to be back with you guys for another fun summer!

      As for the HGs, I don’t have a strong feeling about anyone just yet (but I’m sure that will change soon enough). I am a bit annoyed that BB has once again fallen back on the tired old “bring back vets” trick, but I agree with @lindsayb that if it had to be anyone I’m glad it’s Paul. But based on what I’ve seen of the HGs so far, I am a bit worried that perhaps bringing back Paul is their way of covering up yet another bad casting job.

      Hopefully I’m jumping the gun though and this will be an exciting season filled with amazing strategy! Look forward to chatting with all of you!

  30. NKogNeeTow

    I missed Matt. Now how did that happen.

    Matt: Low key and kind of laid back. I like him so far.

    • g8trgirl

      I agree with most of your assessments. I don’t see Paul making it too far. What do you think?

      • AIO_7

        I know that Cody is out to get Paul; probably Christmas too.

      • NKogNeeTow

        I think Cody and Christmas take the lead with wanting Paul out but I’m sure most of them want him out as soon as possible too. You know they figure that he already had his chance to win the money and with him there, it diminishes they’re chances. I believe that it was Christmas that mumbled “why are you clapping for him, he cuts down our chances” (or something similar to that). I may be wrong, it might not have been her but I think it was.

    • LindsayB

      I agree. I wish there wasn’t a vet but glad it’s Paul. I do love him dearly. Holy Matt tho. I like him. I like him a lot. Yum.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Lindsay! Hey Sweetie! Glad to see you back.

        I know, right? That little salt and pepper is a cutie (we sound just like those love starved girls in the house…lol).

      • Ann

        Yeah, that Matt looks Magically Delicious !!!

      • Mello_One

        I with you on that one…I LOVE PAUL, but I wish they would have brought him back maybe in 1 to 2 seasons, & not right away?! Because he deserves a come back, but BB should have waited Longer!

        I also would like to see Victor come back as a House Guess, maybe on a future Season.

    • Avatar

      Paul was amazing last season, but I don’t see him making it too far either. It has to be tough with an automatic target on your back.
      And everyone saw a brilliant social game last year. How can you trust such a brilliant player knowing you are probably in his radar ?

  31. Mello_One

    Helloooooooo my Fellow Big Brother Junkies!!! Mello_One is in the house, & ready for season 19 of Big Brother! It’s good to read all of y’all, but especially the familiar faces on here…

    Here’s hoping that these House Guest will not be Boring, One Person will “not” control all the House Guest, & there will be plenty of Excitement, aka Backstabbing!!!

    NKogNeeTow, big shout out to you, good to see that you will be Moderating this Season!

    • NKogNeeTow

      Hello my little Mello! Glad to see you again too! I look forward to seeing more new faces here but I look even more forward to seeing the Regs. I still think this is the greatest group on the internet. Hopefully everyone from the old group, as well as newbies will join us again this year.

      Are you getting the Feeds this year? I thought about it but decided against it. After a summer of BB, then BBOTT, I was like the walking dead for about 2 weeks when it all ended. I’ll probably stick with BBAD because I’m TO nosey to miss anything. Besides, that’s when they do their best plotting, planning and debauchery…after dark…lol.

      • Alda

        I agree with you about BBAD.Now,a question.Have you heard the rumors that Frankie-cough,puke,cough,is ringing that doorbell tonight? Please,let this just be a rumor!!!

      • Mello_One

        I agree with you! I will watch BBAD, read Joker Updates, & along this website (TY Steve Beans), I get all the info I need.

        I just hope this is a “Real” good Season of BB. I am liking that they Cast a lot of Older People this Year!

  32. danmtruth

    so nice to see so many familiar names
    Alex ; a lot of big talk another claiming the Supper Fan (SF) label only time will tell Did not commit to the alliance but was smart enough to listen
    Paul ; up to his old games Will play the SF players to his advantage but not sure if he can fool people to avoid being a target soon It might take two or three weeks but his act will wear thin some people might feel its a badge of honor to be the one to get him out
    Christmas ; will she be seen as too aggressive and a threat Strong physical and mental player Might have a hard time with the other women
    Cody I like that he is not rushing in to trying to be ever ones friend But might be to laid back Also a bit quick to speak his mind His downfall might be his alpha dog personality
    Dominique why oh why must BB insist on casting a black women who praises Jesus all the time Nothing again est religion Just seems so unimaginative Can someone say Jocosta and Bow Ties Only surprise is no black guy for her That being said i can see her sticking around
    Ellana she is trying to stay low key I think she sees herself as a Heller That she can get people to do her bidding Need to keep an eye on her
    Jason you will hate him or love him Me ,,,just dont care for him A bit to loud Paul will be able to play him big time
    Jessica body by science wants to be the next Natalie Only time will tell Looks like she is used to people ie men doing what she wants
    Jillian can you say floater What else has she shown
    Josh The next love him or hate him Thinks WAY to much of himself His ego is as big as Paul Now that’s saying something
    Kevin Stop acting like a sub character from the movie The Town Your Boston am i a connected guy aint going to fly in the house His time is numbered
    Mark everyone’s fav meathead Let’s see what else he can bring People will want him to be a shieldfor their alliance
    Matt might be the most interesting to watch shows just enough to be notice but not over baring
    The big thing will be how much production influences the game The first night was good with the money Glad Kevin took it But looking at the lights It seemed a few others also hit the buzzers
    i do hope they take a page out of the British Canadian and Aussie shows With some of the temptation being two people coshing So much fun to see who cracks first Another thing is after a contestant takes a reward for them selves telling the other house guest the punishment they are getting is because of that person
    So yes production will be front and center
    sorry for the length ,grammar errors , miss spelling

    • NKogNeeTow

      No need to apologize for the long post Dan. Who the heck is more long winded than me…lol. Don’t worry about the grammar and spelling either. You should see me sitting here half the time, trying to figure out how to spell certain word.

      I like your take on things. I missed a few people but you got them all (goes to show you how much they
      DIDN’T interest me). I hope more people will post their thoughts on all the HG. I love reading them. It’s nice to get a different perspective of them and others might catch something you missed in their characters.

  33. Shivani33

    Hi, everybody! I’m late to the party, having eaten too many rice crackers during the show. I became a thoughtless, stuffed belly. Cody is a serious kind of party pooper. I’d like to see what Christmas is able to do, and I think Kevin is highly amusing. 6 daughters and one son. And 100% Boston, saturated and full of life. The blue-haired dog walker might not be as tricky as she seems to think she is. The Miami guy is a riot, flamboyant. And what a strut! Matt is like ice cream. I’ve got a spoon handy. My favorite pretty girl is Jessica. The scenery on the BB set looks marvelous, colorful and lively. All this and Paul. Rollin’ with Paul. It’s quite a mixed bag.

  34. NKogNeeTow


    You can FRIEND members of the board. Just click on their name and click “Friend” to send them a Friend Request. Once they accept, you can send each other private messages, even during off season (all year round). I’ll try to post this reminder every so often, for those who are late to the party or don’t know it.

    With that, I bid you all a goodnight……Zzzzzzzzz

  35. Avatar

    Thanks to all of you for all the posts it’s great to see you again. Once the feeds come on tomorrow I won’t be 3 hours behind and can enjoy all of the fun in real time with you all !

  36. Shivani33

    Oh-oh, not done yet. Raven, the graceful, seemingly naive eccentric. Will Paul protect her? She doesn’t look to be brazen enough to last long on her own. And “Jesus, take the wheel” Dominique. In what fantasyland is Jesus just standing around looking for a gameshow cast member so He’all can help her make decisions? Get out of town.

  37. Avatar

    Hey guys, just to let y’all know, I’m seeing a lot of people voting for Kevin for the temptation thing. It would keep him safe for 3 evictions, people are trying to keep the oldie in for a little bit. Of course, vote how you want, just letting y’all know!

  38. ElaineB

    If the HGs are smart they will get Paul out quick. If he stays in too long, he will make those friendships, and then he will become an ally of many, and thus move on down the track. He is a slick one. Hope there are no more vets!

  39. LindsayB

    I don’t think I’m going to vote on this first temptation. I don’t know who the best recipient would be at this point. I want to give it to Paul because I heart him but I also feel like he may need one later on. It’s just too soon.
    I think I like Christmas. I’m saying that knowing my mind could change 52 times by next week. I actually like her decision to do a vote versus comp. A vote was more of a challenge and gave her an idea of where she stands. She also needs to not stand out too much in comps and she would’ve blown those two away. With that being said, all it takes is a pair of working eyeballs to see that she will be a comp beast. I hope she doesn’t spend too much time trying to pretend that she’s weak because the HGs will start taking shit about it and deem her an untrustworthy diabolical beast. It would be better to embrace her physical strength and play a dumb-ish ally that her alliance think can be used.
    I want Matt. I mean I want Matt to do well. I really hope he doesn’t turn out to be a complete idiot.

    • ElaineB

      I agree Lindsay. Though it might have been wiser for the HGs to get Christmas out over Cameron, this first vote was about first impressions, as some of them said, “I don’t see myself working with this person.” I didn’t want another Ian-type, so I like Christmas better anyway. I thought she showed confidence to choose the vote over competition (have you seen those arms?), to see where she stands with the others. Cameron was dumbfounded that she didn’t choose a comp. Lol.

  40. Avatar

    Feels good to be back. 😉 I’m definitely with you all that Josh needs to go. But alas, what would the show be without the token d-bag? If anyone came back, I’m glad it was Paul, but I would like to see an all new cast also.

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