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Over The Top First Safety Ceremony



Here we are, the first Safety Ceremony of the Big Brother Over the Top season. Reality is, it’s essentially an extended nomination ceremony with the old keys. Back in the day, they used to pull the keys out of the boxes to know they were safe, but they would do it all while sitting around the table. Now, the HoH just stands up in the HoH room and pushes buttons (when told) to let them know who is safe


I guess this ceremony takes place over the span of two days with the final 2 people being nominated. I am not sure how the 3rd nominee will work, or if it happens at all this week, but it would suck to be called safe only to be nominated by America.


Let’s jump right in with the feed updates:

  • 7:00pm – The announcer tells the house to get their block passes from the storage room
    • block-pass
    • Monte remains up in the HoH room and pushes buttons when told to. Otherwise he just stands there awkwardly (I love behind the scenes stuff)
    • Here is the current order of safe players
      • Neeley
      • Whitney
      • Cornbread
      • Morgan
      • Shane
    • When they are selected, their face also lights up in the HoH room
    • whitney-safe
    • And that’s it. Monte takes it upon himself to go downstairs and give a speech on who he picked as safe for the night.  Kind of weird considering he’ll have to give another tomorrow, but I guess that’s how it will go
    • He keeps explaining to people not to read into any order of selections, etc while the house gives him a pretty blank stare.  Monte, you selected 5 people, you have another one tomorrow. Don’t stress
    • Cornbread comes up to the HoH room and Monte is asking him how people reacted for each pick.
  • 7:40pm – Cornbread states the obvious “If Jason came in the house as a new person and not a returning player, he wouldn’t be a target”. Cornbread, Monte, and everyone else. Stop. You don’t need to justify doing the right decision. Every season that has veterans and the newbies don’t evict them right away, the vets end up going near the end. Evicting Jason first is smart.
    • Note – I would usually update the header with ‘safe’, but they’re not safe for the week. I reserve that for people who are completely safe for the week.  This safety is only for the nomination, and does not include the users 3rd vote, nor does it count toward the veto.  This is merely pulling the key out of the box and being safe from initial nomination
  • 8:10pm – The Jason outdoor crew is talking about the guy who speaks over the mic (the recording). I met him!
  • 8:20pm – Not a whole lot going on in the house.  Jason is in his spot entertaining people with stories
    • jason-spot
    • I’m pretty sure he’s going to pull a Michelle with Pablo with that seat cushion when he goes home.  When evicted, he’s going to run outside and grab that thing.
    • Meanwhile, Shane and Danielle are off doing boring ass showmance stuff. I have a feeling that may be the only one this season (thankfully) unless Monte ends up hooking up with Morgan
  • 9:40pm – Shelby, Cornbread and Scott are hanging out in the bedroom while a bunch are outside – yes, Jason is still in his spot
  • 10:15pm – Uh oh, Morgan and Monte chatting in the HoH room.  Please don’t make this match happen. Please just be a conversation.
  • 10:30pm – I’m going to be heading to bed. Fairly slow night. Monte is overplaying the game right now, so I don’t expect him to last very long.

Tomorrow’s schedule is the finalizing of nominations at 7pm


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  1. caRyn

    Cornbread and Monte have tunnel vision. Cornbread is out for Shelby and Monte is out for Jason. Repetitive conversations with these jokers.

    • Mel

      I know! I hate the first part of the game usually because people just say the same stuff over and over. These 2 have it really bad tho. I was also annoyed at Krissi for telling Jason how they deserve to be in the final 2 unlike some of the others since they’re playing. Nobody’s done crap yet! Whitney has repeatedly told Monte which people can and can’t win comps. How the hell does she know? They haven’t played one yet! (She keeps changing her mind) Today she said the exact opposite of what she said yesterday about Krissi and Shelby.

  2. Mel

    Doesn’t it seem like they’re all waiting on a table at Olive Garden with those things?

    I would hate to see Monte have to actually stand up and nom 2 people. With his overeaction to this, you would think he’s the final HOH and choosing who to take to the final 2 with him! I did think it was funny that when he decided to give a speech, BB was talking over him and saying this part of the safety ceremony was over. As far as his little speech….he was better off without it imo.

    • caRyn

      Yeah…And then he gave the same speech again. No friendship for the OTT Jamboree alliance. Monte is saying things are heating up now and he has a huge target on his back. WHAT?! He said he has had to think and it is not easy. Thumbs up to that!

  3. Avatar

    Wow, Monte is SUPER… not smart. Rooting for Alex, all the way. I think she is playing the best game right now.

    • Avatar

      I agree I like the way Alex is going about things

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      Monte acts as if he wasn’t running around yesterday telling people he WANTED this HOH. He mentioned yesterday that he knew he already had a target on his back (I assume he means because people will view him a potential comp beast). But then instead of ducking and dodging this first HOH (which I definitely would have done if I were him) and working on building his social game, he runs head first into this HOH and is now firmly securing his place as the biggest target in the game.

      • Mel

        I don’t think Monte can keep himself from doing that. He wants to be strategic and sneaky but is scared people won’t know he’s strategic so he has to explain his “secret” strategy to people on the off chance they didn’t pick up on it. Seems like he’ll blow his own game up in order to toot his own horn. That speech was stupid. (This is strategic but this is random) What the hell did that mean?

  4. Avatar

    Steve thanks again for all you do. This is my first time with the feeds and I am amazed at the job you do. Your transcripts of the conversations are so spot on and quick ! Your site is always my first choice for updates.

  5. caRyn

    Cornbread is butthurt. When will we see his ‘Larry the Cable Guy’ good time in the BB house?

  6. Mel

    CB needs real reasons to not like Shelby. He’s upset that she joked he would be the one not to flush the toilet. I want to like him since he’s a little older but so far, not feeling it.
    I don think Monte is liking that people like Justin. (He almost seems jealous of the laughs he gets) He says he thinks Justin is great but body language is telling me something else.

  7. Avatar

    Justin certainly comes alive at night when the more boring people go off to the bedroom. He’s funny and vulgar as hell, I think he could turn out to be our Paul. Fingers crossed, but Paul is one of a kind

  8. kneeless

    I am still trying to learn who’s, who. I think I have a name for everyone. On Fri night I fell asleep listening to Monte, it was like he was on a loop. Different person in his room but same words, over & over & over… From what I can tell, Monte isn’t going to be a favorite of mine. I do reserve the right to change my mind, hmm, Paul comes to mind. Anyway, several of the girls are drinking the Mont-aid & seem to go on & on about how honorable he is & such a southern gentleman. We’ll see if they think that as he picks them off, one by one. Can anyone tell me why they seem to be hating so much on Danielle? So far, showmance aside, I am not seeing why they dislike her so.

    • Mel

      Monte’s issue only seems to be that she may pull Shane away from him. From what I picked up with the girls, they think she’s self-centered and doesn’t want to have a real conversation with them. She listens but doesn’t give anything back.
      She has shared some info but not really with the girls. I believe she’s told a few that her baby’s father is an NFL player and a few other personal things.

  9. Mel

    It appears Krissi will be the first one to break a little. She’s already been crying and fears going OTB. Jason is getting pretty stressed himself. He was talking to himself about calling everyone out and how they aren’t nice people, etc. (his usual venom)

    * Watching Danielle lay her head on Shane’s shoulder is like reliving a traumatic experience. The casual viewer may not understand but the portion of this cast who watched bb18 should realize we are not going to enjoy a romance. I’m ready for her to go for that reason alone.

    * Monte & Morgan have been calculating how many weeks people like Justin, Shelby, Krissi and others will be safe and which week they will lose it. They have also already decided how many weeks they should be safe themselves. I’m usually fascinated at the thought process when players do this since they can’t possibly know who’s going to win which comp over the next few weeks but so far, it just seems to be annoying me.

    *I’ve feared that I was becoming a grouch because although I’m enjoying the fall season, I’m critical of everything. That usually doesn’t happen so soon. I’ve realized it’s because there wasn’t time to decompress after bb18. I’m still in complaining mode. This is an experiment for CBS and appears to be one for me as well. I’m very thankful there are some players that I seem to like so far. I need that so I will enjoy it and prevent me from becoming the middle aged woman who just bitches about everything! Lol

    • Helen

      I totally agree Mell!! I think I have already had enough of the Shane/Danielle love/lust affair and it’s only been a couple of days!!
      I like Shelby but I am really not understanding her dumb/ditzy/party girl she is trying to play? I don’t think that is her at all considering she graduated from Pepperdine with a law degree. Maybe I’m missing something?
      Justin is another one that I like…yes he’s crude and sometimes vulgar but omg he has me laughing at most of his stories just by the way he tells them.
      Monte is getting or has already gotten on my dislike side…he’s coming across to me as a poor imitation of a cross between Borey Corey and King Paulie the great.

  10. Helen

    I hope we get to vote to put a 3rd person OTB. My vote will go to put up Danielle. Only because I think it will cause a huge problem in the bromance and also some of the girls that have “sworn” their undying loyalty to the current reign.

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