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Over the Top Friday Feed Updates; Finishing Up HoH

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Who is this cast, and what have you done to the people who stay up all night and sleep all morning??  It’s Friday at 9:15am and about half the house is already up and about.  I think the official wakeup call is at 10am, so this is crazy to me.

I gotta say though, I’m liking this season. I’m not just saying that because I want to push the live feeds. I am more than happy with people just getting updates here (but really, you should join the feeds).  My problem is that so many are missing out because it’s feed-only, so I offered a suggestion that they at least make the daily 10-15 minute recap episodes free to the public so we can embed them on our blogs.  This way you guys can get a video highlight reel, which helps people actually see and hear the houseguests rather than just read about them.  Let’s hope they listen.

What I like about the season is that they force people to stay awake during the day (no more Michelle sleeping 16 hours a day), America has influence – but not complete power – over the nominations and evictions, a large majority of the cast is familiar with the show, and the competitions (so far) are different and unique.  I summed up the HoH competition here, but an even smaller summary is they are passing around a necklace every time an alarm sounds. If someone gets the necklace, they can’t be HoH. Simple, yet strategic. Required no blackouts and no 2 day lockdowns. The best part is that it’s still going on.


  • 9:30am – Neeley is outside talking with Jason while Shane was nearby.  A few others in the kitchen
  • 9:45am – Morgan, Alex, and Whitney are up now.  I think that makes just about everyone – before the wakeup call.
    • morgan-alex-white
    • Morgan is telling the girls how Jason approached her and asked not to get the spider because he feels certain he would be going home
    • They’re a bit surprised he approached her
    • Meanwhile, they’re talking about how they expected all night for the horn to go off, but it never did. That screwed up Morgan’s sleep, and Cornbread wanted to put on coffee last night. I think it’s accepted she is giving ig to him next
  • 10:05pm – Neeley asks Whitney about her lips and if they’re natural or not.  She didn’t ask her in a rude way
    • Whitney says everyone on her mother’s side of the family has full lips like that.  Neeley jokes how Kylie (Jenner) paid good money to have lips like that
    • whitney-lips
  • 10:15pm – Morgan passes off her crabs to Cornbread
    • morgan-cornbread
  • 10:20pm – Shane is in the storage room talking to Scott the virgin about Jason.  Shane has him doing recon with Jason
    • Scott tells him that Jason wants to keep Shane, Monte and Danielle around for a little while because they’ll eventually be a target
  • 11:00am – Running a few errands. By the time I should be back, we should be down to 3 without the bug. Early indicators are that Cornbread will use it on Jason next
    • My guess is when I return, Jason will still be in this seat, just wearing a different shirt
    • jason-smoking
  • 11:12am – They went quick this time.  I didn’t get a chance to leave yet.  Cornbread didn’t have crabs long, and just like I said….
    • jason-spider
    • Meanwhile, Jason throwing shade at Andy (BB15 winner) saying how he wasn’t nearly as good a player as he thinks is. He was carried by Amanda and McCrae, but backstabbed them.
    • Jason talks about the girls that season, and says they said horrible things, but doesn’t make them horrible people.  Maybe so, but GinaMarie really is horrible
  • 12:35pm – I’m back, and it looks like Whitney got hit with the bug.. and Jason moved!
    • whitney-crap
    • I added a page dedicated to the player rankings which I will be updating weekly and showing how they change throughout the season
    • Click here to vote for week 1 players
    • (note: should I remove evicted players each week, or keep them in the poll to see if evicted players are still popular than active?
  • 1:00pm – We have an HoH!
    • Monte is the first HoH of the season
    • monte-hoh
  • 1:30pm – Not much changed after the HoH.  Unlike regular seasons of sitting around awkwardly on Thursday nights waiting for a 1am HoH room, people are outside in the pool casually waiting for the room
    • Scott has never been to a strip club.  This is only slightly less shocking than learning he is a virgin
    • I’ll be monitoring the feeds, but need to read some of my meteorology book.  Fun stuff
  • 2:20pm – Jason is back in his spot.  If I was in the house with him, I would take his spot just to mess with him
    • jason-samespot
  • 2:50pm – Morgan, Alex and Whitney are talking about their little group.
    • They don’t have a set alliance, but the three of them are trying to form one. They are debating if they should include Shelby, but she’s kind of a wildcard.
    • morgan-alex2
    • Morgan leaves, Whitney enters, and Alex tells Whit how Alex is cool with the alliance and thinks about adding Shelby
    • Neither of them trust Cornbread because during the HoH comp, Cornbread looked like he was seriously considering giving it to her or Alex
  • 3:05pm – Morgan is outside working on the Shelby aspect of the alliance. She has mentioned Monte, but Shelby isn’t sure if she can work with him because they’re so different
    • They are talking about the guys. They think Scott isn’t really a debt collector. They also notice how he sits off to the side and could be listening in and relaying info (he is)
    • Shelby jokes to Morgan about how someone, maybe Danielle, could have a secret twin or something.  Oh Shelby, you’re talking to a secret sister
  • 3:30pm – I’m running out for a little while. Friday night fun.  I’ll be back, and the HoH room should be open by then
  • 7:15pm – Alright, ran down to the local Halloween thing. Fun time riding a hayride in the rain.
    • It appears King Monte has his HoH room.  I have noticed pictures of all the cast members on the wall. That’s weird. It has buttons on them that Monte said not to press. This means, press them!
    • buttons-wall
  • 7:48pm – Monte is doing rounds in the HOH room.  Right now he is talking to Alex and running the idea of getting Jason out
    • She already used the ‘cut the head off the snake’ line and agrees. Boom
    • alex-monte
  • 8:30pm – Monte is now chatting with Cornbread on what to do. He really wants to get Jason out and is trying to secure the votes for it.
  • 9:00pm – Morgan’s turn to get the Monte chat.

I’m a bit tired. On the schedule tomorrow is the havenot reveal at 1pm, and a safety meeting at 7pm. Note, I will create a page with the schedule and link to it from my box above, but you can also find it on the sidebar if you’re looking at the site through pc.



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BB24 Michael Bruner
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