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A New Person Tops The Big Brother Power Rankings For Week 5



Well, it was only a matter of time until Vanessa took the top spot. She has been in control of this game for a few weeks now, but I had trouble putting her ahead when her group can easily boot her when they wanted. With Austin flaking out and falling in love, and Clay/Shelli trying to play both sides of the house, I am beginning to think her alliance simply won’t be strong enough to do it at this point. The only way Vanessa leaves if one of the floaters wins HoH and works some complete magic to have Vanessa sitting next to someone like Shelli.

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Side note – should I remove the evicted houseguests from the rankings?  It will make the table smaller at least.


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    I don’t think Shelli should be so high – if any of the other group (Jackie, Meg, James, maybe Becky) won HOH and stayed HOH, they all agreed that Shelli should be evicted ASAP. They would probably achieve this by putting Liz next to Shelli (because Julia and Austin would fight for her). If Shelli was next to Clay, I think Shelli would have the entire alliance pull through for her because she wins so many HOH’s that she could ensure that their side would have a better shot at remaining in power…

    • Rita

      Vanessa can stay on top this week but watch for a big crash next week. She may be in control now but if she thinks people trust her AT ALL she is NUTS!

      Two HOH wins and two times she pissed off “the house”.

      I hope the “other side” wins both HOH spots and puts up any combination of Clay, Shelli, Vanessa, Austin and/or the twins. I’d love to see them battle against each other.

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    I really like Vanessa, Clay, and Shelli. They are playing the game, thinking through things rather than just jumping on emotions – for the most part. The other side is just sitting around, even if they are now starting to talk game here and there, it feels like they are just watching the game from front row seats. It is interesting to me that people don’t like V/C/S even though they are just working the game

    • Jannie

      I am watching BBAD right now. I don’t like Vanessa, Clay, and Shelli. I don’t like the WAY they play the game. I really wanted to like Vanessa, I am a fan of hers as a pro poker player. But she demands the truth and yet makes up lies about people to get them out. Shelli and Clay are just disgusting to watch in general.
      True, it is the others fault that they have not stepped up to play the game. But when I compare Vanessa’s game to Derrick’s last year, I liked the way Derrick played a lot more.

    • Colby

      I believe Vanessa, Clay, and Shelli are OVER-thinking through things, which is why they are extremely paranoid, which is why they can’t make a plan and stick to it. They are having to create drama to give themselves excuses for switching things up.

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    It’s developing into a season where a minority (in terms of numbers) out-thinks and out-maneuvers the majority. Even when the other side attempts to strategize by forming alliances, a mole from the minority throwers their efforts, and controls the outcome.

    It is boring as a fan to watch that. If only Meg, James, Johnny, Steve, Becky, and Jason (6 people) could plan AND win comps to actually draw a battle line against Vanessa, Shelli, Clay, twins, and Austin (6 people).

    THAT would be the season I’ve missed for quite a while. I crave that type of gameplay instead of sheepish “house” mentality and predictable back-dooring /voting. The one thing that keeps me watching is that hope (a cunning schemer vs. an underdog….or different factions grabbing power from week to week). Ultimately a small amount of talented players are all that ever sustain my interest.

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    I wonder if the bbtakeover comes back and they reset the summer and being the 4 evicted houseguests back… Will other houseguests quit the game will they stay. Or is that too long for them to be gone frm their real lives at home?? Can someone give me their thoughts on this?

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